Stealing Logan Pauls New Bird!
Stealing Logan Pauls New Bird!
I went to check out Logan's new bird, my friends threw me crazy 20 000 000 subscribers party and my dog Thor is looking for his wife!
If you have a dog that'd be a good match with Thor, please send us a short description and photo of your dog at:
text me im bored - 310-870-3349
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  • Kenna Reis
    Kenna Reis

    ok i have he same dog but a girl

  • Uncle Barry
    Uncle Barry

    Tbh I just came for the bird

  • Microwaved Meme
    Microwaved Meme

    Jake shouldn’t make jokes about dogs eating birds after maverick

  • FamilyFun Izzy
    FamilyFun Izzy

    I had a dog but she is spayed now

  • Dev7cool 7
    Dev7cool 7

    I have 1

  • Jonathan the vlogger Cartagena
    Jonathan the vlogger Cartagena

    He blurred out Eric’s face DAMN BROOO

  • Jerimiah Hernandez
    Jerimiah Hernandez

    Jake u are bad Lol jk

  • Catherine Wathen
    Catherine Wathen

    I have a 9 year 🐕🐶

  • She d Hehd
    She d Hehd

    Where’s Apollo

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

    I have a golden retriever

  • Maxwell Lenczowski
    Maxwell Lenczowski

    Water dog that’s golden retriever

  • Squidward Dabs
    Squidward Dabs

    The intro was pretty funny

  • Noshin Hoque
    Noshin Hoque

    MyNeighbor has a dog

  • Tino oo
    Tino oo


  • Video Waves
    Video Waves

    Bro love your videos I've watched your every single video ...... I think😂 Love u bro Love from India:)

  • Carter Dorsman
    Carter Dorsman

    Bro your such clickbait you said you were going to steal the god dam bird

  • Rebecca Short
    Rebecca Short

    My cat likes to watch videos

  • Akeel Miah
    Akeel Miah

    Where a polo

  • ur mum Vill
    ur mum Vill


  • Corey Alm
    Corey Alm

    were is anthny

  • Alaqmar Chawalwala
    Alaqmar Chawalwala

    “big tecca” had me laughing

  • •Pink Milkshake•
    •Pink Milkshake•

    I like when he says”WhAt ThE Sh!T”

  • 3rod3reels Yo
    3rod3reels Yo

    I have girl dog shes 4 years

  • Jessica Fairey
    Jessica Fairey

    My bro has 2 dog one is 1 years old and her name is skye but she is a German Shepard sos if I can’t help you

  • Jessica Hicks
    Jessica Hicks

    I mean cant

  • Sonya Squad
    Sonya Squad

    We will find ur dog wife I have a dog name lily she needs mate let me come to ur home

  • Fluffyed

    This is click bait in action

  • Luxurie Lola
    Luxurie Lola

    Who else thinks Jasper is a bad influence on Jake???

  • Damon Batson
    Damon Batson

    What da f u c k is that beard

  • gamer freddy from nottinham
    gamer freddy from nottinham

    I love you

  • It’s Sugerbean
    It’s Sugerbean

    Who else thinks African grays are adorable is it just me because I have one

  • Mamie Harris
    Mamie Harris


  • Mamie Harris
    Mamie Harris

    I got two of them they like doing it to their brother

  • jac sly 2087
    jac sly 2087


  • Ells Astro 2
    Ells Astro 2

    the title is clickbait DONT WATCH THIS ITS A WASED OF TIME IM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amil McIntosh
      Amil McIntosh

      No one will even see your comment stupid

  • Home Boys
    Home Boys

    What happens to Apallo

  • World_of_Eviz


  • MR. Blue
    MR. Blue

    How about James Charles dog shall be Thor wife they look good together

  • angelfx


  • Luke Ficociello
    Luke Ficociello

    I have one

  • Shady Girl
    Shady Girl

    Who has been here since the first team 10 house

  • Olga Hernandez
    Olga Hernandez

    I had a dog thatIs that what is a girl but she’s pregnant right now

  • my fingers smell like cheese.
    my fingers smell like cheese.

    I think it's a better idea to just spay Thor. Overbreeding is serious. Leave it to the people who are actually professional breeders and know what they are doing.

  • Dashiel Hingley
    Dashiel Hingley

    Hold up at 4:32 to 4:35 Brandon said the n word.


    My dog is 11

  • Captain Taco
    Captain Taco

    When you clickbait

  • demonic tamer
    demonic tamer

    Stop stealing your brothers animals

  • Anthony Pacheco
    Anthony Pacheco

    i doo jake

  • Anthony Pacheco
    Anthony Pacheco


  • Aleira Hartmann
    Aleira Hartmann

    My dog is like you’res and she is a girl she is 3

  • Aleira Hartmann
    Aleira Hartmann

    I do

  • TJN Remixes
    TJN Remixes

    Qlove the part where he takes the bird

  • Fin Nagle
    Fin Nagle

    When SSSniperwolf has more subs then jake

  • Cr2_Smalzz

    Can you please stop saying the cuss words

  • mrtackled67_ gaming
    mrtackled67_ gaming

    The bird dub was way funny

  • Drawing Tutorials /w Sophia
    Drawing Tutorials /w Sophia

    I have a five year old dog but she’s a chuaua

  • Santos Chapa
    Santos Chapa

    I thought you were supposed to take the bird ha ha

  • Calli Kerwood
    Calli Kerwood

    I live west and i have a small dog and a grate dane

  • Jayden Barrios
    Jayden Barrios

    lol Erika s face is blurred

  • Artemio Mendez
    Artemio Mendez

    Jake please shave beard I miss team 10 hose that make me sad

  • Alexia Linzie
    Alexia Linzie

    Uhh. He didn't steal the bird.... And he clickbaits once again lol

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @IplayMooncraft I'm asking how would you know, its a simple question.

    • IplayMooncraft

      @Alexia Linzie ummm are you saying I am a lier!

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @IplayMooncraft Well if he didn't film it, then how do you know?

    • IplayMooncraft


    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @Edward.L.H oops, thanks!

  • DanTheKiller-xX

    When did he steel the bird

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      He didn't, he clickbaited.

  • Orlando Ocasio
    Orlando Ocasio

    Guys make sure to get Jake a b**ch

  • Paige Little
    Paige Little

    He can’t be talking because he looks like ksi

  • Brody Rappoport
    Brody Rappoport

    How did u get that Damascus tennis racket 🤣

  • Arturo Sanchez
    Arturo Sanchez


  • jethro clyde aguilos
    jethro clyde aguilos

    can u beep those bad words

  • Nathan

    So he's out to steal Logan's bird and get his dog a wife

  • アビゲイル

    I remember when Thor was so small

  • Krish K
    Krish K

    I saw the tennis ball tik tok before i saw the vlog

  • try not to laugh bits
    try not to laugh bits

    get thor markipilers dog chica

  • Od Lt
    Od Lt

    shape with your beard it looks ugly

  • Kayden Daddy
    Kayden Daddy

    House number101

  • Kayden Daddy
    Kayden Daddy

    Jake Paul can you please live in Easley you should see our Dodge

  • Kayden Daddy
    Kayden Daddy

    Live in Easley

  • g0lden jxckie
    g0lden jxckie

    Jasper is funny

  • Mallory Papin
    Mallory Papin

    Whar is apollo

  • deanna wray
    deanna wray

    that’s a AFRICAN GREY they need a WAY bigger cage and more toys

  • Chloe Fordman
    Chloe Fordman

    Is no one talking about the fact that the white dude said nigga 4:35

  • Ella Ward
    Ella Ward

    Your dog's 14-in dog years

  • Marlee Schureman
    Marlee Schureman

    Hey fr blurred out Erika's face hahhahah

  • Bash The Llama
    Bash The Llama

    You technically didn’t steal his bird.

  • JamesJackson1

    Why’d u blur Erika who misses old Jake

  • Gucci Pancakes
    Gucci Pancakes

    Blurs our out erickas face 😂

  • Julianna Leyva
    Julianna Leyva

    My dog is a a poodle mix with cocker spaniel and she’s cute and she 2

  • Emily Curry
    Emily Curry

    So he’s replaced maverick 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • matthew fortuin
    matthew fortuin

    : jake pulls the toilets trigger then :shazam ksi is s÷*t

  • oax boi
    oax boi

    Get read of the beard

  • cneuhauser1

    That bird deserves much better...feel bad for it.

  • I've Seen Things
    I've Seen Things

    Imagine wanting to steal a 3,000$ Parrot which can be very very attached to a person

  • Noah Dominish
    Noah Dominish

    Hell no im aussie

  • William Oneil
    William Oneil

    My dog but I’m in uk

  • Louis Percic
    Louis Percic

    Shave your beard

  • Lightning Balli'n
    Lightning Balli'n

    Yo he was roasting the phuck out of everybody

  • Liberty Rae
    Liberty Rae

    I have a chocolate lab that’s a female and I think they would make a great couple. Her name is Carly. She is the most wonderful dog I have met and I think that they would be good together!

  • Dr G
    Dr G

    Where is Apollo?

  • Sylvia Villarreal
    Sylvia Villarreal

    I got a germam seperd

  • Rudy Puebla
    Rudy Puebla

    I do call3619449720

  • Nina Pineda
    Nina Pineda

    Did you see he blur out Erika face when he showed the video when they got Thor

  • Jake Breaux
    Jake Breaux

    Me I