Stealing Logan Pauls New Bird!
Stealing Logan Pauls New Bird!
I went to check out Logan's new bird, my friends threw me crazy 20 000 000 subscribers party and my dog Thor is looking for his wife!
If you have a dog that'd be a good match with Thor, please send us a short description and photo of your dog at:
text me im bored - 310-870-3349
Please be warned; under no circumstances should any activities, stunts, or pranks in our content be replicated or attempted in any capacity by any of our viewers. All activities, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not replicate anything you see in our content at home!

  • Dog videos And games
    Dog videos And games

    It’s big tecca

  • DJ McQuoid
    DJ McQuoid

    Why are you strangling me

    • DJ McQuoid
      DJ McQuoid

      Why are you strangling him

  • Lyndsey Sweeney
    Lyndsey Sweeney

    The best part is when he doesn’t do ot

  • Camden Hartmann
    Camden Hartmann


  • Camden Hartmann
    Camden Hartmann


  • Caleb Alcantara
    Caleb Alcantara

    I like the fact the title is stealing logans bird then never steals him

  • Begator Tabaku
    Begator Tabaku

    I just have a small parrot 🦜

  • Little Man
    Little Man

    My German shepherd

  • cheeseboy Hall
    cheeseboy Hall

    sorry i was mad a couple hours ago so been pissed

  • cheeseboy Hall
    cheeseboy Hall

    who steals a bird like damb

  • cheeseboy Hall
    cheeseboy Hall

    why does your vid have a like button

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    No gonna talk about the fact he has only gained 300k subs In the past year

  • MaryAnn Velasquez
    MaryAnn Velasquez

    I do

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago

    I am

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    My dog died

  • Mathew Wilson LF
    Mathew Wilson LF

    RIP Nala

  • Mathew Wilson LF
    Mathew Wilson LF

    i used to have a dog

  • BoyIIMan

    No one stole the bird

  • Derek Franco
    Derek Franco

    CC cxnZnCn

  • Ashley Lopez
    Ashley Lopez

    He looks like a big Chunga’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣Blue sweater big Chungus does he look like a big Chungus


    Bro remember when Jake Paul was a role model for kids

  • MBS11

    He gained 200 thousand subscribers in 8 months (he is trash)

  • smdownh9

    sub to airrack

  • Alexander Ayrapetov
    Alexander Ayrapetov

    I have a husky but my huskie might get baby’s with a wolf😂

  • Alex Tran
    Alex Tran

    he hit 20 mil 7 months ago and is still at 20 mil today

  • Mia Smith
    Mia Smith

    What happen to everyday bro??😭

  • Faze Sway
    Faze Sway

    JAKE: look hes falling asleep THOR: Your Choking me Lmao jp

  • Willie Burke
    Willie Burke

    i got a grey pit but she wont breed :D

  • Nevaeh Holwager
    Nevaeh Holwager

    I live in Columbus Indiana

  • Nevaeh Holwager
    Nevaeh Holwager

    I have a black European boxer that’s 2

  • Justin Vazquez
    Justin Vazquez

    Broley Logan’s dog is the best dog in the world

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Anyone else notice that he blurred out erika’s face? 👇🏻if you did

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    The only people watching him is people checking in on how the hell hes doing lmao

  • Haedyn R Desedare
    Haedyn R Desedare

    I, m Haedyn desedare I have a dog and that is 1 and her name is jazz

  • Anmol Jagadish
    Anmol Jagadish

    Where is Apollo anyways?

  • InfiniteZgamer

    Soooo Why did I like the video again?

  • Yo it’s ya boi Jojo
    Yo it’s ya boi Jojo

    Jon or jasper should make a SLtoos channel while jake is away from the team 10 house like u think if that is a good idea

  • Steven Mode
    Steven Mode

    My husky

  • Kenna Reis
    Kenna Reis

    ok i have he same dog but a girl

  • Uncle Barry
    Uncle Barry

    Tbh I just came for the bird

  • Microwaved Meme
    Microwaved Meme

    Jake shouldn’t make jokes about dogs eating birds after maverick

  • FamilyFun Izzy
    FamilyFun Izzy

    I had a dog but she is spayed now

  • Dev7cool 7
    Dev7cool 7

    I have 1

  • Jonathan cartagena Jc
    Jonathan cartagena Jc

    He blurred out Eric’s face DAMN BROOO

  • Jerimiah Hernandez
    Jerimiah Hernandez

    Jake u are bad Lol jk

  • Catherine Wathen
    Catherine Wathen

    I have a 9 year 🐕🐶

  • She d Hehd
    She d Hehd

    Where’s Apollo

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

    I have a golden retriever

  • Maxwell Lenczowski
    Maxwell Lenczowski

    Water dog that’s golden retriever

  • Squidward Dabs
    Squidward Dabs

    The intro was pretty funny

  • Noshin Hoque
    Noshin Hoque

    MyNeighbor has a dog

  • Tino oo
    Tino oo


  • Video Waves
    Video Waves

    Bro love your videos I've watched your every single video ...... I think😂 Love u bro Love from India:)

  • Carter Dorsman
    Carter Dorsman

    Bro your such clickbait you said you were going to steal the god dam bird

  • Rebecca Short
    Rebecca Short

    My cat likes to watch videos

  • Akeel Miah
    Akeel Miah

    Where a polo

  • ur mum Vill
    ur mum Vill


  • Corey Alm
    Corey Alm

    were is anthny

  • Alaqmar Chawalwala
    Alaqmar Chawalwala

    “big tecca” had me laughing

  • Xnxnndnd Dkejwmen
    Xnxnndnd Dkejwmen

    I like when he says”WhAt ThE Sh!T”

  • 3rod3reels Yo
    3rod3reels Yo

    I have girl dog shes 4 years

  • Jessica Fairey
    Jessica Fairey

    My bro has 2 dog one is 1 years old and her name is skye but she is a German Shepard sos if I can’t help you

  • Jessica Hicks
    Jessica Hicks

    I mean cant

  • Royal Ali Jabari
    Royal Ali Jabari

    We will find ur dog wife I have a dog name lily she needs mate let me come to ur home

  • Luxurie Lola
    Luxurie Lola

    Who else thinks Jasper is a bad influence on Jake???

  • Damon Batson
    Damon Batson

    What da f u c k is that beard

  • gamer freddy from nottinham
    gamer freddy from nottinham

    I love you

  • It’s Sugerbean
    It’s Sugerbean

    Who else thinks African grays are adorable is it just me because I have one

  • Mamie Harris
    Mamie Harris


  • Mamie Harris
    Mamie Harris

    I got two of them they like doing it to their brother

  • jac sly 2087
    jac sly 2087


  • Minnter Vr
    Minnter Vr

    the title is clickbait DONT WATCH THIS ITS A WASED OF TIME IM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amil McIntosh
      Amil McIntosh

      No one will even see your comment stupid

  • Home Boys
    Home Boys

    What happens to Apallo

  • World_of_Eviz


  • MR. Blue
    MR. Blue

    How about James Charles dog shall be Thor wife they look good together

  • angelfx


  • 21 savage boi GG
    21 savage boi GG

    I have one

  • Shady Girl
    Shady Girl

    Who has been here since the first team 10 house

  • Olga Hernandez
    Olga Hernandez

    I had a dog thatIs that what is a girl but she’s pregnant right now

  • my fingers smell like cheese.
    my fingers smell like cheese.

    I think it's a better idea to just spay Thor. Overbreeding is serious. Leave it to the people who are actually professional breeders and know what they are doing.

  • Dashiel Hingley
    Dashiel Hingley

    Hold up at 4:32 to 4:35 Brandon said the n word.


    My dog is 11

  • Captain Taco
    Captain Taco

    When you clickbait

  • demonic tamer
    demonic tamer

    Stop stealing your brothers animals

  • Anthony Pacheco
    Anthony Pacheco

    i doo jake

  • Anthony Pacheco
    Anthony Pacheco


  • Aleira Hartmann
    Aleira Hartmann

    My dog is like you’res and she is a girl she is 3

  • Aleira Hartmann
    Aleira Hartmann

    I do

  • Frightz UK
    Frightz UK

    Qlove the part where he takes the bird

  • Fin Nagle
    Fin Nagle

    When SSSniperwolf has more subs then jake

  • Cr2_Smalzz

    Can you please stop saying the cuss words

  • mrtackled67_ gaming
    mrtackled67_ gaming

    The bird dub was way funny

  • Schleich Horses
    Schleich Horses

    I have a five year old dog but she’s a chuaua

  • Santos Chapa
    Santos Chapa

    I thought you were supposed to take the bird ha ha

  • Calli Kerwood
    Calli Kerwood

    I live west and i have a small dog and a grate dane

  • Jayden Barrios
    Jayden Barrios

    lol Erika s face is blurred

  • rip xxxtentacion
    rip xxxtentacion

    Jake please shave beard I miss team 10 hose that make me sad

  • Alexia Linzie
    Alexia Linzie

    Uhh. He didn't steal the bird.... And he clickbaits once again lol

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @IplayMooncraft I'm asking how would you know, its a simple question.

    • IplayMooncraft

      @Alexia Linzie ummm are you saying I am a lier!

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @IplayMooncraft Well if he didn't film it, then how do you know?

    • IplayMooncraft


    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      @Edward.L.H oops, thanks!

  • Qw4ck4M0ly

    When did he steel the bird

    • Alexia Linzie
      Alexia Linzie

      He didn't, he clickbaited.

  • Orlando Ocasio
    Orlando Ocasio

    Guys make sure to get Jake a b**ch

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