holding myself accountable

  • Advocate Samina
    Advocate Samina

    Are u doing ASMR "sister" speak louder can't here u

  • wosh

    mans hair looks like a mushroom

  • deivyd nieto
    deivyd nieto

    Americanos menos mal son un país más avanzado que los demás, ósea no me imagino tener que pedirle él documento de identificación a una persona con la que esté ligando por redes es absurdo, nadie lo hace, James eres un idiota no debiste grabar este video no eres responsable de nada son cosas que pasan, las personas mienten sobre sus edades, las personas que te juzgan son unas idiotas!

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon

    why is this so quiet like ???

  • Nick Fontaine
    Nick Fontaine

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Charlotte Whitford
    Charlotte Whitford

    APrIL FoOlS

  • Elwin Nicholas Pagon
    Elwin Nicholas Pagon

    Whats with twerking? I don't understand xD😅

  • _ PaJaMaS
    _ PaJaMaS

    I really look for ur vedios

  • _ PaJaMaS
    _ PaJaMaS

    James pass make more videos u haven't posted for a month

  • Andrea Grujoska
    Andrea Grujoska

    Bro this sounds like its a joke because its on littealy APRIL 1 or APRIL FOOLS but its fine

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant

    You are seriously a fucking fool dude. You need to look at yourself and see how you have completely fucked yourself up

  • lav3nd3r t0wn
    lav3nd3r t0wn

    What the fuck is that cowpat hair

  • jd_pz

    April fools

    • I don’t have a name
      I don’t have a name

      It’s not a joke

  • MrFlopyFlo

    LT95 3250 0491 0719 4594 BIC: REVOLT21 SHARE SOME DOLARS WITH ME thank you

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    *twerks in spanish*

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    Claire Real

    where na u?

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    Czesława Sałata

    no ❤️

    • mixer0408 Nacula
      mixer0408 Nacula



    If you removed the liesin this video, this whole video would be James Just breathing. 🌝

  • Brooke Arbuthnot
    Brooke Arbuthnot

    I am now asking for proper identification from every single guy that has reached out or that I’m talking to... how many people are u talking to???

  • LuckyParim

    Am I the only one who don’t now what he did?

  • simone

    bestie can you please speak up🤨☝️

  • YardenBarden

    Good for you man. Don't let the haters affect you. Taking responsibility (and facing the consequences) is a great virtue. Thank you for publishing this ❤️

    • Aarin Yusuf
      Aarin Yusuf

      He literally just made excuses this entire video

  • Glassoella

    Bro you can't get out of it anymore

  • weaponhxndle

    Hon this isn't it lmfao

  • mea 0-0
    mea 0-0

    damn. his whole career on the line 🐷🦾👣🤺👨‍❤️‍👨🦷🧞‍♀️🕸👥🧠🎗🎎✨

  • jnin nuyda
    jnin nuyda

    why does his hair look like that

  • Ateeq

    I have no words tbh

  • Kaibryn Tunley
    Kaibryn Tunley

    Sorry isn’t saving ur ass now

  • Kaibryn Tunley
    Kaibryn Tunley

    Bro u can’t just keep saying sorry then do it again

  • Yonny Mcgee
    Yonny Mcgee

    EDP Charles

  • Extramite

    I love to hear him breathing

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    Thestoopid Bacon

    *confused twerking*

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    Sultana Rajia

    No videos uploaded twerking 👁️👄👁️

  • Ashley Stabile
    Ashley Stabile

    Hi James you are awesome and it wasn’t right what you did but I am saying sorry to you I am saying this because you have the whole world watching you and honestly that’s hard to have to be judged 24/7

    • Requiem

      Are you crazy in the head?

  • Big Nose Cyndy B
    Big Nose Cyndy B

    i know the volume being set too low is planned.

  • Yllona

    *romanian communist twerking*

  • DARKOZZ 17
    DARKOZZ 17

    LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ekko808

    Is this an anime character?

    • LuckyParim


  • KimFid

    James...please post something. It's been 1 month already

  • Sheyla Rivera
    Sheyla Rivera

    Te apoyo siempre James 😭 I miss u in my social media

  • 《Itz Midnight_FoxxYT》
    《Itz Midnight_FoxxYT》

    Yet you still have 25M Subs😃🤚

  • aesthetic girlie
    aesthetic girlie

    Me trying to explain why I got a F on my final exam:

  • Bigmommy Milkersinmyface
    Bigmommy Milkersinmyface

    4:37: Me when i snitch on my sister because i didn’t wanna take the blame alone

  • Dicey Beagle
    Dicey Beagle


  • Nam Breaker シ
    Nam Breaker シ

    Ok I’m unsubbing

  • tamar nathan
    tamar nathan

    wait but it was on april 1

    • tamar nathan
      tamar nathan

      @I don’t have a name why would they want people to think it’s a joke?

    • I don’t have a name
      I don’t have a name

      It’s not a prank who posted it on April 1 on purpose to make people think it was all a joke but it’s real

  • Brett

    Welcome back to guess the last name of a SLtoosr. Today we have the staring James Charles Guess his/her last name I I V

    • iamjcgn

      James Charles Dickinson

  • norah

    uhh can he talk louder i fr can barely hear what he’s saying

  • elixr ・
    elixr ・

    Hi James!! 🤣🤣 love your hat loves ❤️❤️💋💋 sending tons of smooches 💋💋

  • miss ladibug
    miss ladibug

    James in 2020:hey sisters James in 2021:hey celmates

    • Yonny Mcgee
      Yonny Mcgee

      He would love it in the showers let’s be real

  • Casey Hernandez
    Casey Hernandez

    Ah shit here we go again

  • S K I
    S K I

    1 Apr 2021

    • I don’t have a name
      I don’t have a name

      It wasn’t an April fools prank. This is real

  • きさらぎ駅

    not you putting a thumb nail of you crying and you stop posting on tiktok and yt

  • animal lover
    animal lover

    The volume is so low gee I wonder why

  • yes

    i watched this whole video and holy crap this is one of the worst apologies ive ever seen in my life

  • Eulan Rick Nicor
    Eulan Rick Nicor

    i really liked james :(

  • サイバーy2k

    I swear this video was deleted like a minute ago💀🤚

  • nikola gaming
    nikola gaming

    That's what you get for bullying Mckenzie a girl is stronger than you lol

  • Hurting.Angels

    Um- 😐 alright 😀 I cant hear shit I'm hoh lmao 😎

  • JJamesgames

    James been real quiet since he posted this- 👀

    • TheWetBread Toast
      TheWetBread Toast

      @Baby Squirrel C ops lol

    • Baby Squirrel C ops
      Baby Squirrel C ops

      cry youre obsessed he was in the right

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    Kishore Red

    How does this have more dislikes than likes??

    • I don’t have a name
      I don’t have a name

      How does this have any likes at all?

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    augustina animations

    He really brought out the *hello everyone*

    • TheWetBread Toast
      TheWetBread Toast

      Ikr, but your a gacha

  • blendermily

    I remember seeing his subscriber count 25.5! Now 25.4! Lets keep unsubscribing to him!

  • Leilani G
    Leilani G

    welp there goes 15mins of my life i can never get back ;-;

  • blendermily

    Let's make this the most disliked video on SLtoos!

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    David Sastre

    Human trash.

    • D.M.Vishesh


    • D.M.Vishesh

      @hello 123 lol trueee

    • hello 123
      hello 123

      You tell him.

  • Anika Tims
    Anika Tims

    Why would you post this on April 1?

    • I don’t have a name
      I don’t have a name

      Because he wanted people to think it was a joke

  • Maddie Dee
    Maddie Dee

    ok but can we talk about how his hair is a literal birds nest

  • Eve

    10 year old me explaining why i searched up spideypool smut on wattpad

  • asia simone
    asia simone

    you’ve had too many chances.

    • hello 123
      hello 123

      He should only get 1 chance

  • 「 kqmiixo 」
    「 kqmiixo 」

    The fact that this video came out on April 1st 💀✋

  • Enle

    the russian people ar watching the americans cancel one by one> personally, I see this ofteeeeen. I go to vkontakte n again??

  • DIO

    You stoled that hairstyle from Josuke Higashikata

  • Rose

    This is literally me trying to explain to my parents why my grades are so crappy

  • Lebron Tenorio
    Lebron Tenorio

    James where r u?

    • Hogarth Hughes
      Hogarth Hughes

      In a 14 year old boys DMs

    • Sam Gutierrez
      Sam Gutierrez

      Hopefully out of YT for life.

    • hello 123
      hello 123

      Hopefully in "gel"

  • Rose

    This is literally me trying to explain to my parents why my grades are so crappy

  • Rose

    He’s just gonna comeback in a few months. He won’t be charged he is rich and famous

  • Ava Torres
    Ava Torres

    James Charles please post again it’s worse to see you like that but you don’t owe to us I want you to film a video with lemon/Larry

  • Laura Leah Olsen
    Laura Leah Olsen

    Bro can you just please tell me what the heck

  • Soibam BS
    Soibam BS

    If Satan and a succubus had a baby, he would be their child.

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown


  • Soibam BS
    Soibam BS

    **ICan'tHearYou Twerking**

  • KeiiDoll

    I think we skipped a few chapters, babe..

  • Lemuel Rosales
    Lemuel Rosales

    Here we go again James...

  • 4rm1n 2upr3m4cy
    4rm1n 2upr3m4cy

    his hair really said mondo oowada...

  • RED .
    RED .

    I wish you never back.

  • Sunshine

    Please don't come back. Go away

  • Łøł

    I’m sorry but the hair 😭

  • ArtoramaMinecraft

    James Charles kinda cute ngl

    • Soibam BS
      Soibam BS


  • Isha Bhargava
    Isha Bhargava

    This is the most quiet video in the world Anybody agree? ...

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  • Emma Koo
    Emma Koo

    Bruh- like he hasn’t posted a vid in a month🤦🏼‍♂️ oh god

    • Sam Gutierrez
      Sam Gutierrez

      Let's make sure it reaches at least a year.

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      Let’s keep it that way

    • sky_ sky
      sky_ sky

      That’s good

  • Lilly Barlow
    Lilly Barlow

    ok anyways his hair really said 🕳

  • Leah Galczyk
    Leah Galczyk

    I tuned out 7 minutes through cuz it was repetitive

  • kiti.


  • Zero two
    Zero two

    its funny how he has not posted in a while after this video.

  • Lilly

    2 years later James: sorry guys

  • Ana Helsby
    Ana Helsby

    am I the only one hearing excuses? like seriously James?!

  • Yam

    We don’t like you