i lived the day in the life of a 13 year old and got a FULL makeover. my mom exposed me and told her thoughts about Brent... enjoyyyyy!
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music by Joakim Karud
has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

  • Wolfa Playz
    Wolfa Playz

    Why Pierson is so funny

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    Cooking with Lilia

    Bierson ❤️❤️

  • Kenna and Claire!
    Kenna and Claire!

    When Pierson said “I’m on a diet hot girl summer is coming up” that just broke my heart🥺 Pierson is beautiful

  • Rowan Rattray
    Rowan Rattray

    Hey person I love your videos your so amazing

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    sophie hovington

    Bierson bierson bierson

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    Anthony Bejide


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    Raegan Sidebottom

    Okay...5:50 I literally thought that Beni was a opossum 😂😂😂

  • Grace's Crafts
    Grace's Crafts

    im turning 13 days it should have been sooner so i could be in the video

  • Grace's Crafts
    Grace's Crafts

    me - *who turns 13 in 13 days* clicks on video for advice on how to be 13 -

  • Munaiba Raja
    Munaiba Raja

    *13 year olds dont go on diets* I do.....

  • spicy stuber
    spicy stuber

    who else is about to turn 13 and is watching this like bruh

  • Avinashswager


  • Estrella Perez
    Estrella Perez

    Prison love Brent

  • Jazzapizza

    I love about pierson that she does not care that she embarrasses her self in front of camera and i also love her funny intros

  • Sequoyah Taylor
    Sequoyah Taylor

    Pierson: Are you hinting that I should buy you guys food? Teen who's name is unidentified: I'm telling you. Me: OH SNAP

  • Princess Crooks
    Princess Crooks

    Pearson my brother is 13 too well you maybe be wrong because being a little toddler actually I do not think that thirteen-year-old act like that

  • LilBean

    Bruh i'm 15 and those 13 year olds dress wayyyy more like adults than i do oop

  • Angel Jackson
    Angel Jackson

    Can u be 9 for a day

  • Danielle’s Horsey Life
    Danielle’s Horsey Life

    i think pierson is running out of intro ideas lol

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    Megan Heineman

    Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment

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    Rominator's random stuff!!!🦄🍕🍩


  • Rominator's random stuff!!!🦄🍕🍩
    Rominator's random stuff!!!🦄🍕🍩

    omg person no cadence but I don't like that make-up your videos are really good

  • caramelwatson

    U should make a channel called brierson and it’s like a channel when u like hangout and do like couple stuff

  • stephen buchanan
    stephen buchanan


  • Eli DeHoyos
    Eli DeHoyos

    U always bring a smile to my face! Ur just like ur mom!! ^-^ ฅʕ•ᴥ•ʔฅ ✞シ☻︎♡︎ ^ᴥ︎^ ☮︎︎𓃰 𝚞𝚛 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚕-𝚊𝚠𝚎𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎!

  • Izabel Martinez
    Izabel Martinez

    I wish this is how it is. Im 13 and I watch my sisters every day all day and clean the house every day the whole house! Plus tons of homework. Having no responsibilities is a dream come true

  • Blanca Mayo
    Blanca Mayo

    shes so fnny im chocking!!!

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    Elise Cameron

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  • Elise Cameron
    Elise Cameron

    Your my hero

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    Cuppie Cupsters

    Is it just me or do those girls look 16?

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    Caidee Hawkins

    This is so funny about person

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    Philip Baerg

    i fell bad for you

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  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Me still being 12 👁️👄👁️


    Pearson just looks like black pink jiso

  • Farhana Rahman
    Farhana Rahman

    In the first part when peirson walked I saw some thing black in her teath Mam I am a fan of yours and mam please brush your teeth well 😂😂(I am kidding, you are perfect in the way you are)

  • Duana Kadriji
    Duana Kadriji

    Iam 13 years old 😂

  • Lynapoke Montenegro
    Lynapoke Montenegro

    LOL you posted this on my birthday and I TURNED 13 LOL

  • Saiful and Amani Hassan
    Saiful and Amani Hassan

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Saiful and Amani Hassan
    Saiful and Amani Hassan

    I can't wait ✋until I watch this love 💘you and your videos I have 👍liked this video peace ✌out

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    Zume Lhamo


  • Jada Ashman
    Jada Ashman

    Be 22 next omg

  • Sofia Ermisch
    Sofia Ermisch

    0:34 OMG, I LOVE Seinfeld. P.S I'm 11 Prof: Kramer, Jerry, Eliane, Geroge!

  • Erinn Sequeira
    Erinn Sequeira

    I really felt sorry for you Pierson.

  • aditi bundhooa
    aditi bundhooa

    lol she is so cute and funny

  • Nikki fab and Famous
    Nikki fab and Famous

    am I the only one that is thinking of bersions kids and the teens are in the vid I can just see it now

  • Anant singh
    Anant singh

    I'm 13 year old but mature like 60 years old

  • Syn Sumaiya
    Syn Sumaiya

    Honestly I just wanna be like Pierson!😊

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    Audrey Wilson

    yay I’m turning 13 tomorrow

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    Sara Gray


  • Tsukikageshipper And getting bullied for it
    Tsukikageshipper And getting bullied for it

    Ok if I was one of the girls to do your 13 year old transition I would have actually tried hard to make you look nice And by the way this 13 year old was on a diet so 😤 And um not to be rude but if you think that outfit looked good your style is really different then What I thought it was not in a good way not in a bad hehe 😅

  • Fxrnweh group
    Fxrnweh group

    Perison and the rest of ur fam are stunning!!!

  • XXtiktokloverXX


  • Summer Pettinato
    Summer Pettinato

    I feel so bad pierson only my ister does that to me and she is only a year younger but I would also like to be older

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    Autumn Claborn


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    Strawbo Nadra


  • Rikard Thomasson
    Rikard Thomasson


  • Rikard Thomasson
    Rikard Thomasson

    Pierson you are really not afraid of being weird

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    117079-17 Royce Johnatan Widaja

    your so cringe

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    Gameingwith_EverJ YT

    How funny is Pierson

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    Perlita Puringuez

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    R360 TV

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    19-BI-144 Gurusoorya.P

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    i am an ARMY and BLINK

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    Bani Chhawchharia [Borivali]

    benji like: can i be in the video

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    Beth Fabin

    your mom looks so young I thought she was a friend

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    XxSpaghetti Fox

    Pierson is honestly the cutest thing ever

  • Peachy _gachaxbears
    Peachy _gachaxbears

    Brent watching this:why just why my crush is teamed up on 13 yrs:(

  • Malise Eid
    Malise Eid

    I wish 13 y o dont go on a diet when i was 7 i started diet & i am 13 and still on diet

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    ugly sheep

    Im here from an internet meme

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    Rian Danielle Alcala

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    Lomd 2.o


  • Lomd 2.o
    Lomd 2.o


  • Lomd 2.o
    Lomd 2.o


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    Saz Attack

    I’m 13!!😭🤚

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    Sheetal Maida

    I can't imagine Brent's reaction 🤣🤣

  • Sheetal Maida
    Sheetal Maida

    Pierson' s mom is fun. 😄😄


    Dang even tho I don’t know Pierson I wanna give her a make over lol

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    nicole hensler

    I saw your snap story did you go blonde

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    Reyhaneh Ghorbanpour

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    Anusha Srivastava

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    Marilyn Lara

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    Syisyi Hylton

    Piersons videos or one of the best on youtube her videos always have really funny funny jokes😂😂love u Pierson🤩

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    Nana Kwame

    I think Pierson's a mini-version of her mum!♥️

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    Refreshment pro

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