Score a goal, go DOWN a rank in Rocket League
Score a goal, downgrade your team's rank!
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A new Rocket League game mode called downgrade where your team's rank goes down every time you score, with playstation players vs xbox players!
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  • Jarne boxed u
    Jarne boxed u

    Why am i plat 2 and better then the diamonds

    • GrandmasToes

      because you're definitely not

  • Blurpie

    That xbox gold was actually so trash lmao

  • Weird Mysteries
    Weird Mysteries

    Well playstation are better

  • Classified 13204
    Classified 13204

    All the people who participated seemed one rank lower than they were tbh

  • Lackynborn Games
    Lackynborn Games

    As an Xbox player that gold was horrible. Even for golf he’s horrible

  • Matthew Garcia
    Matthew Garcia

    I can beat the plats I'm only gold

  • Brendanette1

    Ps forr lifeeee

  • Nash Turner
    Nash Turner

    Xbox gold trash disappointing that what he is

  • Cristian Vasquez
    Cristian Vasquez

    xbox players are bad ,case closed...

  • Zomhackbie

    Bro the gold is so boosted I’m in plat rn and that looks like some sliver shit lol

  • C Bell
    C Bell

    Xbox bronze and gold were shitter than my nan with Parkinson's and dementia

  • Crispy- Stixx
    Crispy- Stixx

    Can't we just say that the GC on ps4 was better than ps4 SSL edit: btw I'm on console and I'm gold and how are the golds I face against better than the high level players in this vid? 😂

  • Drew Hall
    Drew Hall

    I will 1v1 a PlayStation silver 3 and I am on Xbox let me try it

  • Olle

    1;20 diamont 3 im only gold 3

  • Baylee Stroud
    Baylee Stroud

    Xbox gold was trash

  • chip broo 63
    chip broo 63


  • v2. xres
    v2. xres

    The Xbox gold was so shit

  • Venomgaming YT
    Venomgaming YT

    Yeah! PlayStation

  • L L
    L L

    Please do this with oce players, because I swear oce players are overall more sweaty compared to other regions

  • fortnite guy
    fortnite guy

    The ps4 Dimond is trash I’m silver 3and I’m better

  • Yokel

    Dang those gold suck

  • Nik Blanchard
    Nik Blanchard

    Please do this more

  • Bray Ril
    Bray Ril

    Do this 2 freestylers vs 2 gc


    The plats are the worst I swear

  • Lillian Cowen
    Lillian Cowen

    In all honesty just bc ps won this fight it’s probably bc of Xbox’s gold but also if different people were in this the turnout might be different


    That xbox gold is not good im im gold and that is not a gold player(no offense)

  • GioRockett

    Do this but switch and pc

  • Mellisa Elsworth
    Mellisa Elsworth

    ps4 is better wooooo.

  • samuel lock
    samuel lock

    Omg superfly🤣🤣🤣

  • Okay Boomer
    Okay Boomer

    That one silver was prolly a smurf

  • Dagan

    Le-bronze james

  • XDEthan DW
    XDEthan DW

    Let's go PS but gg Xbox

  • Hamad Hamad
    Hamad Hamad

    The gold is worse than the bronze I swear

  • Rich_Days

    Superfly is cardboard 3

  • EJ_Cycle

    That’s right suck it XBOX!!!!

  • CahleW FN
    CahleW FN

    Switch would have a battle with cringe itself

  • Angel Ballesteros
    Angel Ballesteros

    Playstation better either way

  • ᴍᴋ

    Those diamonds were so trash

  • Πάρης Καραλής
    Πάρης Καραλής

    The x box gold was the worst gold all over the platform

  • UberTraffic

    They have to make a rank lower than bronze for that gold player on xbox.

  • NoProblem 23
    NoProblem 23

    This video is great!

  • Spencer O'Shea
    Spencer O'Shea

    Yeah boo the better console shall win

  • Brendaliz Texidor
    Brendaliz Texidor

    Bro the xbox lost bc the gold lowkey trash im bronze and im better than him

  • Dr. Gaming
    Dr. Gaming

    4:45 "I would make a joke about plats but I do that all the time" -SunlessKhan 2021

  • Caleb Leese
    Caleb Leese

    The PlayStation diamond didn't even want to score

  • Joel Hites
    Joel Hites

    If that guy is a gold than i should be plat3 Cause im 10x better than that gold and im a gold 3 div 4

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S

    I’m rooting for the PlayStation team as a PlayStation player myself

  • Anonymous .0
    Anonymous .0

    Xbox gold out here disappointing the Xbox community ffs

  • Martin Bascuñan
    Martin Bascuñan

    the worst gold ive ever seen

  • Ranch Sauce
    Ranch Sauce

    I don’t want to be toxic but the Xbox gold was absolutely trash

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez

    There's a problem with the Gc Xbox player

  • Ojb 123
    Ojb 123

    I could clap the Xbox gold and I’m silver 2

  • Marcia Costa
    Marcia Costa

    PlAstaTuon Betar tan xboyyyyyyy xboy trahhhhhhh hya :) PlAstaTuon Trihardy

  • Marisa August
    Marisa August

    the gold that xbox is so bad im xbox and in gold 2 hes dog water

  • Stop Motion Pilot
    Stop Motion Pilot

    Can I just say, superfly does not represent all golds

  • Korrupt x Hxpe
    Korrupt x Hxpe

    that gold sold us xbox players, man got scored on by a silver and a bronze LOL

  • Jack Nicholson
    Jack Nicholson

    THE XBOX GOLD IS TRASH (im plat 2) don't make me fight him ill clap him

  • Advit Gaur
    Advit Gaur

    winner of this vs keyboard and mouse

  • Billy Hook
    Billy Hook

    PS4 r still bad

  • winther_RBX

    The xbox gold is a bot

  • Skully

    Dude that gold sucks so bad!

  • Zyloxsx

    PS4 just better

  • Torsten Roither
    Torsten Roither

    PS4 bros

  • Ya boii
    Ya boii

    PlatStation vs xbot

  • Chava Kulp
    Chava Kulp

    That gold needs to do the Tutorial again

  • Gabriel Garza
    Gabriel Garza

    That gold is just so bad oh nooo 😭😭 he got scored on by a bronze he dosent deserve gold

  • Dank Man 2
    Dank Man 2

    Super fly actually sucks

  • Swegan Snuggles
    Swegan Snuggles

    I’m unsubscribing because Xbox is better than PS5

  • TimelapseGaming

    Me Being gold and being better than Diamonds

    • Rhino

      no you aren’t better 😂😂

  • michael Hallak
    michael Hallak

    Lobo1111wolf is garbage

  • Santiago Bastidas-Brecht
    Santiago Bastidas-Brecht

    how is that xbox gold even a gold, i could trash him an i'm a silver?!

  • Bailey Marinic
    Bailey Marinic

    Me, a champ who's plat because I prefer to play with my lower ranked friend seeing the gold, who's probably carried being beaten by a bronze \__("-")__/

  • Rabot7913

    Sunless how did u know im Dia 3 in dubbles

  • Steve Bishop
    Steve Bishop

    I’m gold 3 on Xbox and that gold (superfly) disgusts me with his ‘high’ skills

  • c.stew23

    nah but not tryna roast but those diamonds....... idk man i’m plat 2 and i reckon i could beat them

  • CØD

    the xbox gold is so badddddd

  • Saksham Narang
    Saksham Narang

    0:53 when se said bronze scores... i laughed out damn loud 🤣

  • galactic gaming
    galactic gaming

    I would 10 that gold

  • Vizxh

    the xbox gold is the worse gold i've ever seen im in silver and im way better

  • The Muzzled Wolf
    The Muzzled Wolf

    I want to see lightning. So get a few players in a line behind the middle of the field with one in goal. (turn off goal reset!!!) Now put one in goal. Whenever you get scored on you get 1 strike. 3 strikes your out. Whenever you save a goal the person that shot goes in goal and the next person in like takes a shot. I should add that if a person scores they go to the back of the line. And when someone gets there last strike the person that scored the final goal goes to the back of the line and the next person goes in goal. I would like to join this if possible. NRGMuzzledWolf (on xbox)

    • Will Walter
      Will Walter

      that sounds fun!

  • Iultratryhard Sweat
    Iultratryhard Sweat

    That gold sucked

  • Joel McAndrews
    Joel McAndrews

    Do another one of these

  • Pro T543
    Pro T543

    i mean that gold should be bronze

  • Jacob Soto
    Jacob Soto

    Dang I wish I was in here but I’m only gold 3

  • Shawn Looby
    Shawn Looby

    That’s gold sucked I wanna 1v1 him I could easily beat him

  • Tommy S
    Tommy S

    The superb alto optically wipe because uganda neurologically scare from a fabulous bugle. goofy, dusty aquarius

  • Alexander Hunter
    Alexander Hunter

    Every time I run into playstation players as teammates, they are over confident in anything do, they ball chase the whole time and try to do sick clips. But nooooooo when I get matched with against them, then they become god like passers and know how to air dribble.

  • Samuel Golden
    Samuel Golden

    The Xbox gold was high, I’m gold on solos Xbox and I’m way better than him

  • Felix Nisses-Gagnér
    Felix Nisses-Gagnér

    That golf is the worst player ever i can beat him and i am a silver

  • Yacoub Almatouq
    Yacoub Almatouq


  • TomLFC12 _
    TomLFC12 _

    Ok let’s be honest I’m sorry super fly how are u gold?

  • Alexandru Cristian
    Alexandru Cristian

    How are the console players so bad! * let's hope i will be in a vid *

  • lamboleon007

    from diamond they are littarly trash

    • lamboleon007

      i am plat btw ;[]

  • jamalnothing

    The diamonds are trash I wanna 1v1 both of them My ps4 account is:valcon_1997

  • Paki Scott
    Paki Scott

    My mans a goat

  • Brodie Patterson
    Brodie Patterson

    It is just x box players suck

  • Brodie Patterson
    Brodie Patterson

    We are not sweats sunless

  • West Tried
    West Tried

    That Xbox gold is trash I’m silver and I can do an airdribble

  • LokiTeeVee

    Can someone explain to me how that gold is that bad?

  • Chimken Nuggets Go Yeet
    Chimken Nuggets Go Yeet

    And you don’t want hackers seeing you are only diamond 3 in 2s *Cries in gold 1*

1,7 mio.
1,7 mio.