Nerd Hooks Up With Girl Of His Dreams
Nerd Hooks Up With Girl Of His Dreams
The GREATEST love story EVER...
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  • Vvs Playz
    Vvs Playz

    he went frm a 2 to a 8 ngl

  • X3DB 1937
    X3DB 1937

    I love how Jake's click bate is kinda bad but the rest of the video is so great cause Jake wants to help a person but of course on his rich way but at least even though that's his way, he made someone happy for once "I think".

  • Japhet Tesfai
    Japhet Tesfai

    its funny cuz jake had D exact same rxn as me when they kissed

  • r i c e x x
    r i c e x x

    Wtf have I came to. Im off of youtube and I see this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Gloria Freeney
    Gloria Freeney

    15:30-15:37 Jake: I think we need to give you uhh- Me: Penis enlargement pills🤣😎

  • James Gilchrist
    James Gilchrist

    the was a tuff video

  • Thami Ntshintshi
    Thami Ntshintshi

    bro everygroup needs a friend like jake factz

  • Alexanderr3D

    i like this jake paul

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks

    Who we tryna fool hear? Homie has a crush on Jake

  • Pokémon vdtwins
    Pokémon vdtwins

    POV: he stole jakes ice

  • Azure Ocaner
    Azure Ocaner

    That feelt like a 🍿 🎥 movie

  • Jayden shadowking
    Jayden shadowking

    Gay boy

  • kiarash jaghoory
    kiarash jaghoory

    The restaurant server was very funny😂😂😂😂

  • Mickel Thompson
    Mickel Thompson

    Your the man jake

  • José Javier Zùñiga
    José Javier Zùñiga

    Dude jake paul is such a good person

  • Thomas Atherton
    Thomas Atherton

    job now 10 Thomas atherton

  • Chris Lynn
    Chris Lynn

    Who’s watching in 2021

  • Glenn Kingking
    Glenn Kingking

    Best content from Mr. Jake Paul

  • Braedan Noonan
    Braedan Noonan

    Bro when he tryed to kiss her she moved back! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol

  • Brian Boyle
    Brian Boyle

    gold diger

  • Swiftshotzz v1
    Swiftshotzz v1

    I personally think mclovin got violated with the pink hair 😂

  • zayn zquad
    zayn zquad

    Is this the same guy who dated riley reid

  • Destiny McCauley
    Destiny McCauley

    How cute but where's Sherlock paul

  • king d
    king d

    the name mvlocin is a total insult.

  • inani jamw
    inani jamw


  • Marmalade

    this vid made me wanna end myself, especially when he lipsed her eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

  • Peter Jacobs
    Peter Jacobs

    The days when Jake Paul was a normal guy making SLtoos vids

  • Xoxoi.k K
    Xoxoi.k K

    Bro help me too man

  • Emma Slinn
    Emma Slinn

    What the 🖕

  • Sa DuDe
    Sa DuDe

    I like it how jake is more excited than anyone

  • hunter pike
    hunter pike

    Next thing 2032: signs Vote Jake Paul because it’s lit everyday bro

  • Kobra Alim
    Kobra Alim

    aaaaaaaaww so sweat of jake i hope that someday i'ii see jake in Belgium I HOPE !✌✌✌✨

  • Christian Concepcion
    Christian Concepcion

    Rip Jake Paul been my childhood but you changed

  • Lord Blackwood
    Lord Blackwood

    This is cringe AF !!!

  • Michelle Gilbert
    Michelle Gilbert

    Big big fan

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham


  • Mart Derron Mateo
    Mart Derron Mateo

    Atleast he treats you like a brother

  • Kali _
    Kali _

    I think maybe a tux would be like really good

  • Anon Lol
    Anon Lol


  • Anon Lol
    Anon Lol

    So anti climactic

  • Ash Dash
    Ash Dash

    U did ittttttttttttttttttttt

  • Nicholas Fimbres
    Nicholas Fimbres

    I got second hand embarrassment for mcclovin

  • Ultra Simp123
    Ultra Simp123

    anyone notice the playboy painting

  • Zeb Greer
    Zeb Greer

    Jake Paul 2032

  • Yetoks

    she looks like lil mosey

  • Taran Rene
    Taran Rene

    He kinda reminds me of Simon from Sidemen

  • Kaden Caldwell
    Kaden Caldwell

    My boy Matthew I’ve known him for years

  • Super Ev
    Super Ev

    ugh that was a disaster lol

  • CoconutICEcreAM


  • CoconutICEcreAM

    its suppossed to be le pual

  • CoconutICEcreAM

    jake looks so effing fat in this video

  • Warfiplier Vlogs
    Warfiplier Vlogs

    27:05 at this moment things got good. That Song is named Feels Good By HRDLY

  • Hari Prasad
    Hari Prasad

    This is Like a Fucking La La Land Directed By JAKE PAUL BRUH I LOVE IT 😍💯😍💙

  • Bryanm TV marroquin
    Bryanm TV marroquin

    Fucking sick


    Who came from this titkok

  • Dug Keohane
    Dug Keohane

    Your my guy

  • Karen Richards
    Karen Richards

    Am I the only one that thinks this dudes gay?

  • Jackson Eisentraut
    Jackson Eisentraut

    I had to stop at about 20:00 because he looks so bad, with the bad haircut and pink hair, to the all white that people make fun of, and the hat 45 degrees too high, plus the bag and unstylish glasses, I just cant

  • Bryce Churchill
    Bryce Churchill

    yo jake i need help man how much do i have to pay for u to come to my house and personally coach me? pls respond

  • axeldon3852


  • Blake Carr
    Blake Carr

    Your a cool boss

  • Spam Cocobutt
    Spam Cocobutt

    Why wasnt HE there to puck her up bruh

  • Victoria Savage/curry
    Victoria Savage/curry

    It just me or is that limo just a jaint fu to traffic it’s like 40 feet long

  • Hector Cruz
    Hector Cruz

    Me haces forma de youtuber y Jake

  • Abigail Robinson
    Abigail Robinson

    I stopped for like 2 years and now where is the og members

  • Noah Plays
    Noah Plays

    I’ve never seen something so beautiful in that long right there when they kissed I legit started doing the worm on my couch

  • No

  • Aiden Last name
    Aiden Last name

    I think I just died inside.

  • Julio Allende
    Julio Allende

    Jake you the fucking truth !

  • vivo

    lil glovin looked so happy damn 😞

  • Emanuel Fascio
    Emanuel Fascio

    Dude you are the greatest friend ever.

  • Deepit Bhatti
    Deepit Bhatti

    Jake is such a good friend man.... 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🤗

  • Samantha Carr
    Samantha Carr


  • mercze

    plot twist:she likes jakes money and is a gold digger



  • Eva Dooley
    Eva Dooley

    I just started bursting out laughing because at 15:00 he was rocking back-and-forth on the rail and it looked like he was going to fall backwards into the bush XD

  • Grand admiral Thrawn
    Grand admiral Thrawn

    I love that Jake doesn’t understand that he can’t make other people others decisions

  • Danny Megre
    Danny Megre

    she was so uncomfortable the entire time

  • Dayz To nightz
    Dayz To nightz

    Look MGK ins the vid

  • Slothlmao

    Haven’t watched Jake in like 2yrs and the blogs kinda better now

  • ItsOscarr

    lol i love how they were gassing out the outfit but it looked so bad and to much lol

  • Judy Gaddis
    Judy Gaddis

    That game is awful 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Ghxst

    This is stage do but still cringe as hell

  • isias Patterson
    isias Patterson

    I stopped for a year and I see him with a beard

  • Artemio Contreras
    Artemio Contreras


  • Jiewen Huang
    Jiewen Huang

    Just saying to everyone message Jake Paul if you need to find love😁

  • aiden jennings
    aiden jennings

    The thing that got me was he didn't wear socks

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    Xd Jake sounded so sinister when he finally kissed her

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    When he kissed her she’s like Omg Back off then she likes moves back and then pretends like she wanted to kiss him

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    Xd she flirted more with Jon then with mcglovin

  • Oneway_pump

    that is one of the most cringeis things in my life

  • David Wooten
    David Wooten

    bro when u guys play the music my heart melts

  • Drew Martissa
    Drew Martissa

    why would he want her back after everything if she’s clearly just using him now

  • ethan collins
    ethan collins

    Any body els cringe there ass off while watching that :/

  • Jefferson Navarro
    Jefferson Navarro

    Damn jake is so supportive


    I 🥴CRINGED🥴 but im happy for yall😬

  • B Heider
    B Heider

    omfg he did it

  • Lil Float X
    Lil Float X

    she for the streeeeeeeeeets

  • taZeDamian

    dam he be looking fresh

  • SavageB1H

    Jake so inspirational

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