Nerd Hooks Up With Girl Of His Dreams
Nerd Hooks Up With Girl Of His Dreams
The GREATEST love story EVER...
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  • Victoria Savage/curry
    Victoria Savage/curry

    It just me or is that limo just a jaint fu to traffic it’s like 40 feet long

  • Hector Cruz
    Hector Cruz

    Me haces forma de youtuber y Jake

  • Abigail Robinson
    Abigail Robinson

    I stopped for like 2 years and now where is the og members

  • Noah Ratley
    Noah Ratley

    I’ve never seen something so beautiful in that long right there when they kissed I legit started doing the worm on my couch

  • No

  • Mason Paul
    Mason Paul

    bruh you virgin

  • Aiden Last name
    Aiden Last name

    I think I just died inside.

  • Julio Allende
    Julio Allende

    Jake you the fucking truth !

  • 118 000
    118 000

    lil glovin looked so happy damn 😞

  • Ivan 199800
    Ivan 199800

    By any means. Get what you want.

  • Emanuel Fascio
    Emanuel Fascio

    Dude you are the greatest friend ever.

  • Deepit Bhatti
    Deepit Bhatti

    Jake is such a good friend man.... 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🤗

  • Samantha Carr
    Samantha Carr


  • mercze

    plot twist:she likes jakes money and is a gold digger



  • Eva Dooley
    Eva Dooley

    I just started bursting out laughing because at 15:00 he was rocking back-and-forth on the rail and it looked like he was going to fall backwards into the bush XD

  • Valerie Ayala
    Valerie Ayala

    This is so cute

  • The Mandolorian
    The Mandolorian

    I love that Jake doesn’t understand that he can’t make other people others decisions

  • Danny Megre
    Danny Megre

    she was so uncomfortable the entire time

  • Dayz To nightz
    Dayz To nightz

    Look MGK ins the vid

  • Slothlmao

    Haven’t watched Jake in like 2yrs and the blogs kinda better now

  • ItsOscarr

    lol i love how they were gassing out the outfit but it looked so bad and to much lol

  • Judy Gaddis
    Judy Gaddis

    That game is awful 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Ghxst

    This is stage do but still cringe as hell

  • isias Patterson
    isias Patterson

    I stopped for a year and I see him with a beard

  • Artemio Contreras
    Artemio Contreras


  • Jiewen Huang
    Jiewen Huang

    Just saying to everyone message Jake Paul if you need to find love😁

  • aiden jennings
    aiden jennings

    The thing that got me was he didn't wear socks

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    Xd Jake sounded so sinister when he finally kissed her

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    When he kissed her she’s like Omg Back off then she likes moves back and then pretends like she wanted to kiss him

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    Xd she flirted more with Jon then with mcglovin

  • Oneway_pump

    that is one of the most cringeis things in my life

  • David Wooten
    David Wooten

    bro when u guys play the music my heart melts

  • Drew Martissa
    Drew Martissa

    why would he want her back after everything if she’s clearly just using him now

  • ethan collins
    ethan collins

    Any body els cringe there ass off while watching that :/

  • Jefferson Navarro
    Jefferson Navarro

    Damn jake is so supportive

  • SYB TRAy
    SYB TRAy

    I 🥴CRINGED🥴 but im happy for yall😬

  • B Heider
    B Heider

    omfg he did it

  • Lil Float X
    Lil Float X

    she for the streeeeeeeeeets

  • taZeDamian

    dam he be looking fresh

  • SavageB1H

    Jake so inspirational

  • Liv

    Is he getting video inspiration from Wattpad now?

  • Devyn Buchanan
    Devyn Buchanan

    Mcgloven a goat no cap😂

  • LJ VOB
    LJ VOB

    at this point they just using that gurl as an object like bruh!

  • 1K Subs Before 2021
    1K Subs Before 2021

    Read My name if u steal watching this

  • x donSavage x
    x donSavage x

    After she watch this his getting dumped🤣🤣🤣

  • Out back Santa
    Out back Santa

    He kinda looks like mr beast

  • RaG3 DioNZ
    RaG3 DioNZ

    Look at his watch. Everyone: Me: DAMMMMMNNNNN

  • Prankster

    she may be a gold digger, and his outfit may look AWFUL, and jake trash talks ksi, but jake is a good person for trying this for his new worker

  • zakairia

    I was watching this on my roof I was so hype I almost jumped off

  • Brendon Doles
    Brendon Doles

    jake can you help me

  • Brendon Doles
    Brendon Doles

    and go subscribed to my video plz

  • Brendon Doles
    Brendon Doles

    I am learning something is the video


    whos here after Jake started dropping fire music

  • Amrit Alladin
    Amrit Alladin

    Wow best video ever 🔥🔥

  • pokemon god
    pokemon god



    jake i have been watching you for 2 years now

  • CN Frost
    CN Frost

    Imagine sounding restarted


    gold digger

  • Alexis González
    Alexis González

    Me and Matthew are the same he’s a nerd I’m a nerd I loved a girl named angeli I loved her but it was Valentine’s Day I gives her chocolate and I said I like her and she said no my heart was broken

  • Fedxx 2x
    Fedxx 2x

    This video is lit even know it’s old

  • Ethan Latouch RB
    Ethan Latouch RB

    Ayyy lmao

  • nani bruh
    nani bruh

    This man did Indian matchmaker before it even existed bruh

  • miller Sulani
    miller Sulani

    Bruh she is using him.

  • Matthew Hernandez
    Matthew Hernandez

    Dude..this is like a movie

  • JustIHop101

    RIP xxxtentacion and juice wrld

  • Matthewon

    Cringe simp

  • Sateasdale

    that one dude def busted cheeks in the limo.

  • Praise Ibrahim
    Praise Ibrahim

    jake is sweet but she is using him

  • Luca MoseVanMegan
    Luca MoseVanMegan


  • Damien Love
    Damien Love

    Where’s his socks

  • Chand Ali
    Chand Ali

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wow,the best video from Jake paul❤️🎊

  • Seto Ulaula
    Seto Ulaula


  • The Ethan Experience
    The Ethan Experience

    This girl be using him smh

  • Mohammed Ilhan Haziq Mohamed Shahrin
    Mohammed Ilhan Haziq Mohamed Shahrin

    Shluv gang🤟

  • Brenda Bae
    Brenda Bae

    Matthew is now a shluv house member but why did he work for u when ur bad?! Ur very bad and he’s better with Maiko but why did he have glasses

    • Brenda Bae
      Brenda Bae

      @Matthew Gonzalez oh lol

    • Matthew Gonzalez
      Matthew Gonzalez

      i wore the glasses for the memes

  • Shawna Carpenter
    Shawna Carpenter


  • easton sun
    easton sun

    what was the outtro song that went like l o v e l o v e

  • MikhailReid Official
    MikhailReid Official

    Imagine when she watches this video

  • Judah Sawyer
    Judah Sawyer

    Yo that ain’t real love if Jake Paul had to change the entirety of who he was to get her to date him. Let’s be real.

  • cyclo LED gamming
    cyclo LED gamming

    its his girl let him be hm

  • cyclo LED gamming
    cyclo LED gamming

    bro jake


    I need friend like u bruh

  • Smo

    Things Wrong with this Video: 1. Mcgluvin has terrible game. 2. She is a good digger 3. Jake is in his own world 4. His outfit is to fuckboy ish 5. They tried too hard 6. It was just plain out cringe.

  • Alan Martinez-Corres
    Alan Martinez-Corres

    Wow Man you great Jake

  • Game Miner
    Game Miner

    i wish i could be in your team :C

  • Just jordan Sazue
    Just jordan Sazue

    Love YOU Jack

  • knightdriven 420
    knightdriven 420

    Has he been saying "mcglovin"?

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Shit I’ll get my neck tatted was up

  • Dele7 Alli20
    Dele7 Alli20

    I think this is the best jake’s paul vidéo like who agrees

  • David Beaupre
    David Beaupre


  • Nile Sabrina
    Nile Sabrina

    LMAOOO 27:26

  • Dank Wheelies
    Dank Wheelies

    if she wants u back for changing ur self GOLD DIGGER

  • Somesh Tawade
    Somesh Tawade

    Loved it Jake thanks for bringing this to us 👍🏼

  • Olive

    she looks to nice and happy to have broken up with him and sea him again

  • FragS

    I just watched this after 10 months but you really made him look like a fu** boy but whatever works I guess. Lamo 😂

  • Maria A.
    Maria A.

    I like how jake actually is a hopeless romantic I mean I guess but that’s how it seems to me

  • Seth the Shadow
    Seth the Shadow

    by far the best wing man ever no cap...u the best Jake

  • Tshepo Sean Tsheoga
    Tshepo Sean Tsheoga

    Dude i need tips from jake paul

  • aditya rawat
    aditya rawat

    Man tried everything

A Love Story.
12 mio.