He ONLY trusts me when he's Impostor..
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Disguised Toast
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  • Nora L.
    Nora L.

    Sykkuno trusts Rae sykkuno was the imposter Leslie trusts Rae leslie was the imposter... Hmmmmm

  • Hmph_ Hmph
    Hmph_ Hmph

    at 10:10 anybody else peek she did wires on beat😯

  • Marcus Carana
    Marcus Carana

    Whoa! At 10:11 the music syncs with the wires.

  • anonaaa

    10:10 the wires match up with the music

  • Morgan Harrison
    Morgan Harrison

    Hearing the British accents as a British person was very entertaining 🤣 Rae making us seem like we say bloody a lot lmao 😂

  • Jennifer Bunny
    Jennifer Bunny

    lol peters: *mom dad please don't fight*

  • Sammy Coschignano
    Sammy Coschignano

    lmao go to the time 10:11 and when she did the wires they were on beat lmfao

  • Jose Sosa
    Jose Sosa

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  • Dbzmaster159

    Rae, I love you and your vids, I would simp for you, but I'm pretty sure your accent failure offended some of the British.

  • Teresa Romero
    Teresa Romero

    Cries in arts and science degree.. 😭🥲

  • Irmak Lule
    Irmak Lule

    Rae knew because her life was being threatened and she was being chased all around the map for two rounds 😂 I think i would know if a serial killer was charging at me too

  • Chou

    Rae I'm so happy now. The wires speed up matched the background music perfectly.

  • Pulkit Golay
    Pulkit Golay

    I bloody love this bloody video and I bloody simp for bloody sykkuno

  • Wrecking Ball0
    Wrecking Ball0

    10:10 the music lined up so well with the wires it soothes my soul uwu

    • Chou


  • Ibuki Mioda
    Ibuki Mioda

    "mom. dad, Please don't fight" 0:34

  • quackay

    10:11 Watch her do wires with music on. Do you notice it? Did you notice it yet? If you didn't... THE NOISE WAS LIKE- IN SYNC WITH CONNECTING THE WIRES :OO

    • quackay

      top comment commented this and I only read it just now, sorry DJ's House

  • Michael !
    Michael !


  • Faudel Hosany
    Faudel Hosany

    3:42 best cry ever 2

  • lzl Magician lzl
    lzl Magician lzl

    21:50 Omg! 😂😂 this part is too hilarious.!

  • Jiggly Milk
    Jiggly Milk

    I freaking love the “mom, dad please don’t fight” at the start lmao

  • Haidar Ibrahim
    Haidar Ibrahim

    Congratulations your so close to 3m subs I've been a fan since you had 400k subs

  • char._.dunkinqueen 0
    char._.dunkinqueen 0

    this was posted on my bday yayyy

  • A Knopik
    A Knopik

    When the wires lined up with the music I just- 🤯

  • StarTheNight Wing
    StarTheNight Wing

    Sykkuno: Oh god she thinks I’m the killer! And she’s right..

  • chesh 05
    chesh 05

    @8:01 did she just.... start hissing at Toast?!? I'm dying hahaha

  • Brien Riley
    Brien Riley

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  • Tylko Jedno w Głowie mam
    Tylko Jedno w Głowie mam

    As a british man i feel offended

  • Dana Scarlet
    Dana Scarlet

    I love leslie, shes so fucking cute

  • Close By
    Close By

    I think we learnt a valuable lesson “never trust Rae or you’ll die one way or another”

  • Exhibit Cooks
    Exhibit Cooks

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  • Zoe Furrow
    Zoe Furrow

    People always kill her bc she has such a big brain imean 100000000 iq plays as crewmate

  • hi sisi
    hi sisi

    At 16:33 the music goes with the wires watch it or die

  • Kyra T
    Kyra T

    I love that at 10:10 her doing the wires lines up with the music!

  • F8playz

    All the Brits (including me) are dying from Rae's impression

  • Joe Waugh
    Joe Waugh

    “Mom dad please don’t fight” 😂😂

  • LazEturtle

    You can never trust rae

  • Mars Apfelnautics
    Mars Apfelnautics

    It's complicated. My feelings..

  • Gacha Leah
    Gacha Leah

    Who else saw that at 10:12 the music lined up with Rae doing wires

  • Cute Kittens
    Cute Kittens

    10:10, perfect unison with the song

  • Michelle 1D
    Michelle 1D

    10:11 when you are doing the wires it goes in sync with the music XD

  • Jensen McKey
    Jensen McKey

    The rest of them debating whether or not to kill peter Lily: HARRY POTTER (Btw time stamp 20:42

  • Priyansh D
    Priyansh D

    10:10 the wires syncing with the music is so satisfying =)

  • dailyvlogs withangie
    dailyvlogs withangie

    10:11 she did the wires on beat with the sound lmao

  • naTaLiE pLaYs CoD
    naTaLiE pLaYs CoD

    i keep going back to rewatch the part where the music and wires are perfectly aligned because it is so satisfying. haahah.

  • Myson Nan
    Myson Nan

    Cows have four stomachs

  • Marion Henry
    Marion Henry

    I love you sykkuno I am a girl

  • HillaryOwusu

    Rae literally laughs like a witch at 15:12

  • Artist Person
    Artist Person

    Rae sees someone : hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss

  • Scrappy Coco
    Scrappy Coco

    7:06 lily's "kill him" so cute

  • // ashley //
    // ashley //

    10:10 i couldnt help noticing the wires matched with the music lol 😂

  • Aima Ah
    Aima Ah

    5:56 xD

  • Erika Mitchell
    Erika Mitchell

    Does anyone know what the outro song is

  • REALSemanticSatiation

    Put the video on .25 speed and watch the stack kill at 13:01. You can see brown vent.

  • patrick graser
    patrick graser

    you guys are fun

  • patrick graser
    patrick graser

    spent all kinds of many for an arts and science degree ..........oh boy

  • ayush yengkhom
    ayush yengkhom

    At 10:10 the music and her task was surprisingly synchronised

  • Douglas Solis
    Douglas Solis

    i feel like rae never stopped doing crack amd kept going and the hype is not from caffeine its the crack

  • Tristan Perciful
    Tristan Perciful

    10:11 holy shit the sync with the music

  • Cheyenne Bacani
    Cheyenne Bacani

    Toast: I'm getting real sick and tired of you man... me: 0:04 creepy vibes from Toast 😥

  • Wet Ass what???
    Wet Ass what???


  • Allison Mu
    Allison Mu

    Rae: Can someone trust me? leslie: I trust you Rae. Rae: Okay, oh, it's leslie for sure. I voted for leslie. HAHAHAHA LOLZ

  • Kikx

    Capetan Jack Sparrow would be so proud off you for pirate !

  • The Game
    The Game

    are we not gonna talk about how at 10:12 the wires lined up with the music

  • Ciara Gemma
    Ciara Gemma

    the british accents sound drunk lmao

  • Shaqline Therkildsen
    Shaqline Therkildsen

    The wires and the music.. 10:07

  • Scarlet Skies
    Scarlet Skies

    Rae being hyped up on caffeine 🤪😜🤪

  • Emma Rylie
    Emma Rylie

    BRUH- everyone who is reading this go to 10:10 in the video and look at Rae doing wires- its on beat with the song

  • Berrie

    10:11 the way she did wires lined up with the music so smoothly omg

  • AstronautApples

    “Mom, dada, please don’t fight” Best line I’ve ever heard

  • Moshi Mosh
    Moshi Mosh

    I’m going for a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering

  • Saule Lisovojūtė
    Saule Lisovojūtė

    Dude... Look at 10:09 And see how she does wires.. The beat lines up perfectly

  • Chandlerson Gommers
    Chandlerson Gommers

    somtimes it sounds more like rea is playing a horrorgame


    mom dad plz dont fight🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Donovan Garcia
    Donovan Garcia


  • Ervin Russell
    Ervin Russell

    Any one else see when rea was doing wiring she did perfectly with the music

  • sammie

    11:19 "me?" no the bread hes 100% the imposter XD

  • sammie

    10:10 the music and the task sound fit together XDDD

  • anime clan
    anime clan

    10:10 was satisfying as fuck

  • Melany S
    Melany S

    Lily "KILL HIM" 😂😂 i'm crying of laugh the entire video

  • Ben Shaer
    Ben Shaer

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  • allan acera
    allan acera

    I couldn't breath for 3 minutes after laughing so hard when rae saw toast. The nerves in my neck were literally bouncing!

  • Rico is The GOAT
    Rico is The GOAT

    10:10 you cannot tell me those wires didn’t match with the sound

  • VB gaming
    VB gaming

    10:05 that was great timing

  • Isa Verdusco
    Isa Verdusco

    This is probably the funniest video I’ve ever watched on SLtoos.😂😭

  • Alexis's World
    Alexis's World

    OMG go on 10:11 when Rae is doing wires the music and the wires GO PERFECTLY TOGETHER like what

  • Lydia Mizutani
    Lydia Mizutani


  • Tamika Carpenter
    Tamika Carpenter

    The receptive fahrenheit worryingly ski because grade structurally groan vice a scrawny dibble. zany, nondescript keyboard

  • Lil Mexican 21
    Lil Mexican 21

    I feel bad for u bro

  • Li Feng Liu
    Li Feng Liu

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  • Teruya

    Peener just regretting every decision in that second game tho

  • Lanternz Official
    Lanternz Official

    Rae: I think I’m sure- Toast: *comes in* Rae: crrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Brendon Fital
    Brendon Fital

    Sykunno: she thinks I’m the killer 😈 and she’s right

  • jeplanget


  • jeplanget

    And I also laugh mostly cuz of her

  • jeplanget

    And I love her

  • jeplanget

    I live her 😘💕

  • Mr Flamingo
    Mr Flamingo

    13:11 She sasid she meant to kill.

  • Unknøwn Kennady
    Unknøwn Kennady

    At 10:12 the wires and sound matched perfectly


    OMG 10:08 SHE DOES WIRES ON THE BEAT OF THE SONG. it’s very satisfying. Also, love you Rae!

  • Abigail Frost
    Abigail Frost

    Come on it was obviously Leslie ALL signs were pointing to her

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