BEST DUNKS Of The Season So Far 👀
Highlighted by Anthony Edwards on Friday night, check out some of the BEST DUNKS from the 2020-21 Season so far!
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  • Nuke Boy
    Nuke Boy

    Didn't know Rozier had bunnies like that jeez.😬

  • Lola Evo X
    Lola Evo X

    Ben Simmons weak ass.

  • Sfundo Mngadi
    Sfundo Mngadi

    i'm glad the first dunk on this reel is Anthony Edwards because that dunk was nasty😂🤣

  • Chad Jennings
    Chad Jennings

    I like Lebron, but those dunks shouldn’t be in here. Come on.

  • pretzel

    we should be talking about terry rzier rn the man is 6-1 (dont get me wrong anthony edwards was insane

  • pretzel


  • Dizzy Motoz
    Dizzy Motoz

    Aint gonna lie that hornets announcer is annoying as hell-.-

  • Beau J.
    Beau J.

    5:52 "Dunk his a$$" 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Taylor Innovator J. Ferguson
    Taylor Innovator J. Ferguson

    Hornets commentator needs a raise !!

  • Taylor Innovator J. Ferguson
    Taylor Innovator J. Ferguson

    Bruh you can end this video with the first dunk hahah

  • TrUMcNeil24 Ice!!
    TrUMcNeil24 Ice!!

    Not a hornets fan but be walking around just yelling Bridges!!!

  • Evan Craig
    Evan Craig

    Fox dunk was uncontested pretty much wide open...relax young fella

  • SCheco3

    If you're 6'3" plus and an athlete, you should be able to dunk like this.

  • stephon morris
    stephon morris

    Fox is just dangerous 😬😬😬

  • Bikz Dir
    Bikz Dir

    Hornets goat announcers😭😭

  • Amil Edwards
    Amil Edwards

    2:42 that fox sports theme was so good Now its bally sports Rip fox sports regional networks

  • Q4Life

    Edwards is already the best in game dunker in the nba. The kid can flat out jump out of the gym

  • Putin's Lost
    Putin's Lost

    Funny zion makes 495 oops this season with some half court ones and none make highlight real

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown

    Damn Harrell. Snuffed at one end and dunked on at the other end 13:42

  • donjohnswaggert

    Bro I'm just saying new age sports announcers are really weak is hail every dunk is a Tomahawk duck 2 hands Charles Barkley on the back duck is a Tomahawk one hand Lebron James baseline slapper is a time a hawk dunk is every Dunk a fucken Tomahawk

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G

    Add Anthony Edward into the list of NBA's top freaks of the nature. 😎👍

  • THC Kill Stress
    THC Kill Stress


  • St. Mary's Finest
    St. Mary's Finest

    Damn Edwards is about 25% of the video lol! What a beast! Trying to get all the Anthony Edwards rookie cards i can possibly afford lol! Before they skyrocket in value!

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown

    This is a list based on Anthony Edwards with some others

  • Lucas Stephenson
    Lucas Stephenson

    Definitely not a hornets fan😂

  • Dee Yellow
    Dee Yellow

    Ant ROTY

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins

    Just look at his face on the thumbnail!!😳

  • Quisee

    Safe to say, dont jump with Ant

  • LeBaron Gordon
    LeBaron Gordon

    A shame to see such good plays get so little love and you replay LBJ vanilla dunks three times. 👎🏾

  • Avery Moua
    Avery Moua

    Imagine if lamelo did the dunk that Edwards did. hornets announcer would pass out

  • Emmanuel Siboniyo
    Emmanuel Siboniyo

    4:38 my mam broke his ankles and caught a body NOW thats pre crazy

  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther

    The vigorous dimple evolutionarily whisper because drain unlikely continue like a hypnotic particle. sore, scintillating cockroach

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez

    The second dunk has to be the best hype he has ever gotten Fr 😎


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    • if you're reading this it's too late...
      if you're reading this it's too late...

      What? Why the stringing together of words in a nonsensical fashion? Is this a thing? And if so..., to what end? Is it for comedy?...are we trying to make a statement? Who gets the message? What the hell are we saying? So many's bottling my mind. I'm mind bottled!!

  • Aj Davis
    Aj Davis

    That javale McGhee dunk was raw

  • Honest Chancey
    Honest Chancey

    Nah Arron had that VC aggression

  • Trey Merritt
    Trey Merritt

    Lebron’s put back scared dude at 11:13 😂

  • Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Incredible

    People don't realize Scary Terry Rozier is shorter than Steph Curry and still booming like a man 6 foot 6.

  • theawesomewarlover

    Why wasn’t ant man in the dunk contest? Or terry rozier? Like, bruh

  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The homely airmail covalently clip because nurse customarily rock concerning a ignorant loaf. exultant, ill-fated look

  • Datboi ivi3lo
    Datboi ivi3lo

    Nah i know trez had to sub himself out after that sequence

  • Jesse Schumacher
    Jesse Schumacher

    Space jam director : *cough* im sorry to Inform you LeBron but we have decided to with someone else. Anthony edwards walks in.

  • Boudi Gamer
    Boudi Gamer

    5:52 [dunk his ass] 🤣

  • Jordan Ford
    Jordan Ford

    That bridges dunk at 1:00 was nasty

  • takasi saitou
    takasi saitou

    Why is watanabe in the NBA?lol

  • Warwick Bromley
    Warwick Bromley

    That first Anthony Edwards dunk... I had to check I wasn’t watching old Slamball highlights!

  • walter soares
    walter soares

    The tomahawk dunk by lebron was nasty man

  • brandon mikolajczak
    brandon mikolajczak

    Nothing more annoying than showing the highlight more than twice

  • Mamalan Night Shyamalan
    Mamalan Night Shyamalan

    edwards came down that elevator so hard. That dunk is def #1 along with Bridges dunk on the behind the back pass from LaMelo

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza

    Where is Keldon Johnson?! The disrespect!

  • Badd M%d
    Badd M%d

    Hornets really got the best commentator in the nba

  • John Montaño
    John Montaño

    AG did not even dunked the ball lmao

  • jgsk78

    scores and finishes like young Barkley

  • taviko yabore
    taviko yabore

    The moaning column karyologically signal because christmas compellingly fasten behind a offbeat activity. puffy, careless beer

  • Anton Millner
    Anton Millner

    Anyone else notice that Anthony Edwards was on there like 7 times?

  • choua Lor
    choua Lor

    That left arm push down

  • Mason Evans-Williams
    Mason Evans-Williams

    0:45 dang stop spitting on the mike chilll

  • ECSUVik96

    The Raptors have been catching work all season sheesh

  • SSChicago

    LB dunks are trash.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    Miles Bridges should be on here about a dozen times.

  • Smilez Kapone
    Smilez Kapone

    Anthony Edwards baptized that boy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • rony Bondet
    rony Bondet

    Tak gudak mas mas jam nya oww ya mas makasih ya mas iya

  • rony Bondet
    rony Bondet

    Tok tok jamnya oww bukan ya maaf y mas,, di buka hendelone

  • James Ridge
    James Ridge

    Hornets highlights are the best because of the announcers

  • Brooks Hanes
    Brooks Hanes

    Ant Man dunkin' donuts break the coffee mugs

  • Tamim Almoulani
    Tamim Almoulani

    The hornet’s commentator is damn fun the best i think

  • Tamim Almoulani
    Tamim Almoulani

    Thats a murder 1:08

  • Tamim Almoulani
    Tamim Almoulani

    0:10 daaaaaaaamn thats special guy was flying wow

  • Ccc Ccc
    Ccc Ccc

    Woot woot Minnesota has the most highlights!!! Who cares about winning. Hopefully they keep rebuilding and compliment Towns and edwards more

  • Sylvester Cannon
    Sylvester Cannon

    That M.Bridges dunk was 🔥🔥 in slow motion!!

  • Me !
    Me !

    At 4:00 👈🏼 No regard for human life Sorry KD. YOU GOT MUTTED 🐕

  • AltnVII

    Is it just me or does Edward’s have prime D.Rose speed and hops

  • Bruiser Brodie
    Bruiser Brodie

    Best baseline dunk ever!!!.... Maybe o.O?

  • Tshim Muaj
    Tshim Muaj

    Got the embarrassment but got the dub in the end

  • Shiva

    Bruh, anthony edwards is serious

  • Meechie 213
    Meechie 213

    Here for zach lavine and Anthony Edwards

  • Im VenMous
    Im VenMous

    No Josh Jackson double pump? Alright

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid

    "Hum diddley dee"!!!

  • Lamont Goings
    Lamont Goings

    The Bam jam made me jump a little 😆

  • Lamont Goings
    Lamont Goings

    That Miles Bridges was some grown man shit

  • Alex Moran
    Alex Moran

    Anthony Edward dunk reminded me of T-macs dunk on bradley.

  • Keiven Marley
    Keiven Marley

    John Collins dunk over Jared Allen should've been on here. Trae Young off the backboard to John Collins should've been on here. I'm just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • STAT44

    first dunk remind me of t-mac dunk

  • Custom Vegan
    Custom Vegan

    They gave Edwards 4 points because his dunk was so amazing 😂

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    Chris Boucher Loves getting Dunked on.🤣

  • Block Musik
    Block Musik

    Not going to lie 1:14 that to dunk cold 🥶 too

  • Cambalon Runnel S.
    Cambalon Runnel S.

    Murant's funk is the best

  • Itsashark 13
    Itsashark 13

    if u look at it he stept out of bounds haha

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    7:52 "Uncle Jeff hard to the hole..." 💀💀😂😂😂

  • Julio Ferreira Lopes de Araújo
    Julio Ferreira Lopes de Araújo

  • Ivan Leon
    Ivan Leon

    im so happy with the young generation, i hope the rules were like in the past.

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez

    ESPN still taking about Lamelo...

  • I Am Zay
    I Am Zay

    Bro it’s a thousand ads in this

  • Jabez OnTheSpot
    Jabez OnTheSpot

    The Edwards and Bridges dunk are my DOTY!

  • Danshi A
    Danshi A

    7 pts, 3 rebs in 34 minutes and an awesome dunk. 😐

  • Woke Nonsense
    Woke Nonsense

    Am I drunk? Or at 1:56 did zion tell him "Higher"????

  • Thor Jay
    Thor Jay

    Basically Anthony Edwards highlight reel w a few other players

  • Gio

    Edward and dunking like he's 21 but he 19

  • Da Real KV
    Da Real KV

    Rudy on Giannis??


    Watanabe welcome to my poster😂💀