tydus got into a fight at school...
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tydus got into a fight at school...
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  • Marisol duran
    Marisol duran

    Pov your here in 2020

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  • Soliton

    Why did he got into a fight at school

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    Kai grieve

    Hi dummy

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    Hi Asil


    whats rhe lego on the wall

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    Yo ksi better than you

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    Linda Mitchell

    Is this a joke because I'm really scared oh my God

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    All the haters Of jake Paul are stupid

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    Hfir Or

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    Jayden Toh like this video

  • Paisley S
    Paisley S

    omg how did they find out.

  • ixxzyh

    He is saying he got in a fight at school while he hit him with the basketball.

  • Lilly Bautista
    Lilly Bautista

    I ‘ m. sad naw. you. sed hses. leven. sow. sad. naw

  • kitty corn 4 life
    kitty corn 4 life

    He acts like jojo at times hint: begging of the video lol,♤♡◇♧

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    ezekiel nagy-mendivil

    you cool

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    This is emotional

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    Kids are watching

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    love yo vids allso shop at the jake paul store

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    tydus is so cute

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    hi i like your video from joshua

  • Katey Carberry
    Katey Carberry

    I would love to see Tydus as 16 years old and what he would look like

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    Razel Arabit

    where jojo ryry

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    Beth Fisher

    Hey Jake Paul love you your channel anti-racist town that love you guys so much you’re my favorite SLtoos or ever🤍🧡❤️💛💚💙💜🖤💕❣️💔💞💓💗💖💘💝

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    I sub to you

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    Y’all make a channel called jake and tydus gaming

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    Jake u said the s word

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    he cursed around tydus

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    Jared Hunter

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    Jared Hunter

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    Jared Hunter

    What is your own problem

  • Chitra Fernando
    Chitra Fernando

    even though i new it i felt so bad for him

  • Ingrid Winn
    Ingrid Winn

    Titus definitely is one great actor. Give him a mini toni award!

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    Rebeccs Dimech


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    Loreto Cousino

    Jerika or jana

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  • Nancy Weeto
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    Nooooooooo so sorry

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    Garrett Blake

    I love tyty I care about tyty

  • Khaja Mohiuddin
    Khaja Mohiuddin

    So scary prank

  • Khaja Mohiuddin
    Khaja Mohiuddin

    Extremely pranks

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    Jamison Girdlestone

    Hi Jake Paul

  • dipak sapkota
    dipak sapkota

    happy birthday to the world 🌎 and my wife my birthday in the best birthday you played the

  • dipak sapkota
    dipak sapkota

    Ji part is savage and his bunny in the right does need to pull a key Titus dressed up where do you you don't I said to

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    Suharti Abood

    Give me your lambo

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    Tan Hiep Nguyen

    He is so......................

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    HIE JAKE I am a big fan from zimbabwe

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    Muhammad sarwar Fazal

    tydus is so good

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    hajira nazir

    The thumb nail looked so real

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    Seng Sumlut

    its like having a scar on a eye

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    suzy Arnold

    Hey jake it's every day bro with the disney channel flow

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    Makayla Knighten

    owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u shud call your ex- girlfriend

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    Fgteev Mason

    2:45 your welcome

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    you tube

    ashton road

  • you tube
    you tube

    name paul brown you are so funny tidus when you slip onthe floor pog juce

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    I like you

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    Matt 7

    He he I am Matt’s sister by the way

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    Can I get a jake pole

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    I want to see you😛

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    Ayden Morris

    tydus; oh my god my eye hurts

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    I love you

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    Christopher Ross

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    Ruari Thompson

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    Tempa 09

    Title:tydus got into a fight at school.... Video:playing basketball

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    Leave Titus alone

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    Finally said basketball

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    Tydus is gay

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    Jill Royal

    Why do you say football it’s a basketball

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