The coolest phone I've ever broken - Legion Duel Phone 2
Gaming phones are some of the coolest phones ever. This Legion Duel Phone 2 is definitely one of the coolest. Literally... with its two fans. Its pretty cool. Inside and outside. But is it durable? The Legion duel phone 2 is heavy, but its also oddly shaped... The only way to find out for sure is with a durability test. Remember, durability is not the only factor to consider when picking out your next phone. A good case will solve all structural issues.
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  • Omar Adnan
    Omar Adnan

    Even his shirt isn’t safe in the video

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      That justifies the "Everything" in his channel's name.

    • Silva Silva
      Silva Silva

      Lenovo Legion Fold Phone with curved screen 😂


      you broke my heart after watching this video

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    Best Manhwas

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  • Lecon Lance Widjaja
    Lecon Lance Widjaja

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  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker

    Why does Zack's voice sound all distorted and low pitch? Did he accidentally drink bleach or something?

  • SmellyDot123

    Phones like this are reallllly cool, but what mobile games even warrant buying one? Games that run like butter on this phone, would probably be just as fine on a newer iPhone or Samsung. And even if I’m wrong ab that, if I was so serious ab gaming, to the point where I’d buy this phone, why wouldn’t I just buy a console or PC instead? It’s really a shame

  • Michael Francisco
    Michael Francisco

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    Mr Dripling

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  • John Carlo Fernandez
    John Carlo Fernandez

    The faulty structural design of the phone defeats the purpose of the metal parts that should provide protection. Back to the drawing board I guess.

  • Harry Bouttel
    Harry Bouttel

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  • Kirill Bezzubkine
    Kirill Bezzubkine

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  • Robert Curtis
    Robert Curtis

    Kids get tested at school but they don't get tortured to death in snuff video! Your a vandal!

  • Robert Curtis
    Robert Curtis

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    Transmisiones FB

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  • rhondohslade

    My latest cellphone is a Tracfone unit that is branded as a Motorola. I think it is actually a Lenovo phone. It has a single 5000 mAH battery with the Turbo feature. It does a good job and charges rapidly. Even though it is a Tracfone, it is the same unit in every way as a Motorola moto G7 Power. I rather like it. That's my take on Lenovo.

  • Josue Castillo
    Josue Castillo

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    koh rong

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    Santana rabha

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    Mayukh Bari

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    Gabriel Venegas B

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    Arrow Blue

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  • k

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    Junior Ayomi

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