JAKE PAUL VS. KSI’s FRIEND [Official Fight Trailer]
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On Thursday, January 30, live on “DAZN”, brought to you by “Matchroom Boxing USA”, from “Meridian at Island Gardens” Miami
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  • ANTONIO Rodriguez
    ANTONIO Rodriguez

    This video began the end


    Gib didn't even make it out da first round lmao

  • Keno Keno
    Keno Keno

    Damn I miss when they had trailers for the fight

  • Mara Eisele
    Mara Eisele

    No head guard guaranteed knockout Gib gets knockout lol

  • alex castro
    alex castro

    can’t believe its a year😳

  • Van Angelo Fernando
    Van Angelo Fernando

    KSI STILL KING!!!!!!!

  • Terrydon

    3:24 😂😂what is that face😂

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


  • Kervo Boy
    Kervo Boy

    This man really put ksi’s friend lmao I love him no homo

  • tmmtz

    Why is the trailer so better than the fight like if you agree

  • Wilton

    Notice how at 2:30 Jake showed his whiteboard and it already had "who the fuck is that" written on it. Man already knew what was gonna come and he says "Anesongib is irrelevant"😂😂 Fuckin idiot

  • Steve Davidson
    Steve Davidson

    This trailer was longer than the fight itself.

  • UltraSkeleton Gamer
    UltraSkeleton Gamer

    Ok is anyone here from 2020 after Jake wraps Nate Robinson like a basketball?

  • Trey Baxter
    Trey Baxter

    I love you Jake Paul

  • Darkness Dark
    Darkness Dark

    The fight we is ksi vs Jake Paul

  • Jayden Wiebe
    Jayden Wiebe

    Yes sirrrrr

  • Xxelitez

    Music: outside -the siege

  • team kong
    team kong

    Who's here After jake beat gib in the first round

    • Curtis Brown
      Curtis Brown

      I am now it's Nate Robinson who finna get it next

  • Mishal Ahmed
    Mishal Ahmed

    u are a clown mate

  • JJ Studios 28
    JJ Studios 28

    Ayo what’s the song?

  • D3serted

    This is just embarrassing to watch

  • Tito Gamer10
    Tito Gamer10

    Gig fights like a winmill

  • Lazar Slavkovic
    Lazar Slavkovic

    2:11 what is the name of the song

    • Jvsd a
      Jvsd a

      Outside. The siege

  • Dominator 7399
    Dominator 7399

    Jake: who the f*** is gib Gib: JAKEY IM COMING FOR YA LAD

  • Quanjo

    Woah, this was this year

  • eldanielavila

    3:24 when your you see your weird ass uncle from across the room at the family gathering and he looks at you like this

  • 2k20 kid
    2k20 kid

    Jake paul: I won yes now i get to knock ksi out Ksi: no no no he won I'm scared I didnt want to fight jake hes ganna knock me out


    Is this how many people you need to fight before Ksi ?

  • Nadine Mallah
    Nadine Mallah


  • Megan Holland
    Megan Holland

    khan academy

  • Roberto M
    Roberto M

    The Trailer was Better than the Fight

  • Pav Komljenović
    Pav Komljenović

    He doesn’t stand a chance I get it so gib was talking in some third person about himself right ok

  • DJ John
    DJ John

    It’s ok gib I still like you.

  • Fatalkombat Playz
    Fatalkombat Playz

    Gib: he dosent stand a chance Also gib: gets knocked out in the first round

    • Umar Musa
      Umar Musa

      He used the wrong technique

  • Liimo-Drake69

    Tbf to Jake he just absolutely destroyed gib.

  • Julio Alvarado
    Julio Alvarado

    People who just Jammed out 👇🏽

  • Virginia Bedolla
    Virginia Bedolla

    Jake vs gib jake won oooof gib cying 😢

  • Naveen Kumar .B
    Naveen Kumar .B

    Bro the trailer was longer than the fight😂😂

  • Luckylazar yt
    Luckylazar yt

    Who is here after jake won the fight

  • MR. JUIZ
    MR. JUIZ

    who else thinks that Gib looks like FaZe Rug



    • Liimo-Drake69

      It's very 50/50 in my opinion, but I do have a feeling that Jake is going to win.

  • JoshuaGaming - Fortnite
    JoshuaGaming - Fortnite

    Jake Paul’s Microphone Must Be Broken

  • Mrlongerfrost

    Jake Paul puts 1 ad and KSI makes a 30 minutes press conference and has no ads This guy is a money kid he doesn't earn his money

  • Carson Johnsn
    Carson Johnsn

    But little did gib know he got dropped frist round

  • Dominik

    Jake probs will beat ksi

    • King Jaden TV
      King Jaden TV

      Your weird

  • Fluxed Crxpted
    Fluxed Crxpted

    Bro why is the trailer longer than the fight

  • Codeman LoL
    Codeman LoL

    This get me pumped up for the KSI vs Jake Paul fight

  • Jeffie Jones
    Jeffie Jones

    Jake Paul Winner !!

  • Isaac Editzzz
    Isaac Editzzz

    I like Jake but he gonna get killed by ksi

  • Codeman LoL
    Codeman LoL

    This background song hits doe

  • ITZ cool bro
    ITZ cool bro

    When he goes “guaranteed knock out” 😂

  • Miguel Espeleta
    Miguel Espeleta

    Jake well win

  • LegendGod 350
    LegendGod 350

    Yo what's is the song on the trailer

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme

      "Outside" By the Siege

  • Test Free
    Test Free

    Jake Paul

  • prem ballerzz
    prem ballerzz


    • prem ballerzz
      prem ballerzz


    • prem ballerzz
      prem ballerzz


    • prem ballerzz
      prem ballerzz


    • prem ballerzz
      prem ballerzz


    • prem ballerzz
      prem ballerzz


  • dennis Nye
    dennis Nye

    Your my idol

  • Grapios

    Ha of course he put KSI’s name in the title so KSI fans click it LOL mind of a 6 year old

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Yeah ksis 6 year old fanbase klick on it

  • Terrydon

    Who is here after gib gets knocked out in the first round😬

  • Xxonbuds

    Bro the trailer got all of us hyped up and when fight day came gib got fucked wasn’t even a good fight even the trailer lasted longer then the fight

  • Ellie Mahowald
    Ellie Mahowald

    3:25 psychopath who?

  • Gazey 05
    Gazey 05

    Managed to get ksi's name in the title nice

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Because who’s gib

  • Rocky C
    Rocky C

    Honestly idk why everyone hates jake Paul?

  • ITZ cool bro
    ITZ cool bro

    When the trailer is longer than the fight 😂

  • saba saba
    saba saba

    Spoiler alert 🔥 Jake ko gib in the 1st round 😒🤣

  • Ninja Dog
    Ninja Dog

    This trailer lasted longer than the fight

  • Connor Larson
    Connor Larson

    The song was fire

  • Moley Drew
    Moley Drew

    What is that song

  • X Tiki
    X Tiki

    Man really changed it to KSI'S friend

  • ً

    Jake only used "KSI's friend" in the title because he knew Using "ksi" in the title will get him views 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Liimo-Drake69

      Who actually cares?

    • Hisham

      This guy used ksi everywhere in his vids

  • FLint0P Gaming
    FLint0P Gaming

    Just like

  • Nemat Khair
    Nemat Khair

    I hope you win Jake paul

  • Sarshaar Verma
    Sarshaar Verma

    Was this audio fkd up?


    Ksi has a better chance than gib

  • John DeRocher
    John DeRocher

    i went to join team 10 with you guy my name is john

  • Yeyvi Avila-romero
    Yeyvi Avila-romero

    Who's here after Jake Paul beat gib

    • 2k20 kid
      2k20 kid

      Me lol

  • Emeraldstar716

    Looking back at it Jake and Gib aren’t even close to the same level

  • stupid corna Israel
    stupid corna Israel

    Rape face 3:23

  • stupid corna Israel
    stupid corna Israel

    Jake Paul trying to be KSI by doing the rape face 3:28

  • stupid corna Israel
    stupid corna Israel

    Who had support:Gib Who had More support:Deji

  • stupid corna Israel
    stupid corna Israel

    Imagine It came out when theres a lockdown happening

  • Finley Sleight-Evans
    Finley Sleight-Evans


  • Finley Sleight-Evans
    Finley Sleight-Evans


  • ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ
    ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ

    It’s funny how the trailer lasts longer than the fight

  • Andy Lemus
    Andy Lemus

    I like this song🎧

  • Emeraldstar716

    I remember the hype for this fight

  • HEE HEE My name is REE REE
    HEE HEE My name is REE REE


  • pawandeep singh chouhan
    pawandeep singh chouhan


  • Deigo The Professional Maverick
    Deigo The Professional Maverick

    Who wants to see KSI vs Jake Paul boxing match

  • Lititle flash Syneca
    Lititle flash Syneca

    Jake Paul you are heroes 🦸‍♂️

  • Playboi Jr
    Playboi Jr

    Gib: he doesnt stand a chance Jake: hold my career Also jake: beats him in the first round

  • Jasin Ismani
    Jasin Ismani

    Now its time for KSI VS Jake Paul

  • Bjezirds

    Even though you used the name "ksi's friend" as an attempt to bring more views using KSI's name in the title you failed miserably. But hey congrats on the dub

  • UhBeans

    Sad people look up to a "drug addict". Children.

  • Darky The Evil Soldier
    Darky The Evil Soldier

    "Jakes new Profile Picture looks Cool". :)

  • jj swifty
    jj swifty

    Ksi is next Jake is going to win agents ksi

    • Deigo The Professional Maverick
      Deigo The Professional Maverick

      Yeah I think that Jake Paul would TKO KSI in the 1st round

  • jelly pink cows vlogs
    jelly pink cows vlogs

    Do you know your boy Jake Paul one

  • Green upp Yessir
    Green upp Yessir

    When He puts KSI Just to get there views 😂🤦‍♂️

    • itzjosh

      @Vastfire np bro

    • Vastfire

      GX Void prick

    • Vastfire

      itzjosh thank you

    • itzjosh

      @Green upp Yessir i liked his comment

    • Green upp Yessir
      Green upp Yessir

      Vastfire Just shut up that’s why no body liked ur comment at least I got some

  • peny soldier
    peny soldier

    what song is this Iam a fan

  • Prism Leroi
    Prism Leroi

    Whats thé name of thé song sorry im french

    • Vastfire

      満祝Leroi the siege outside

  • jeraldynes LYFE
    jeraldynes LYFE

    Who’s watching 2020 for a few months

  • trapd

    Gib: bro jake doesn't stand a chance 5 mins after the match started "we have a winner by ko jaaaakke paaaaaauuuul"

    • Krishna Sharma
      Krishna Sharma

      trapped is solo 2 minutes*

i won.
4,3 mio.