After Chad Wild Clay made "CHAD IS HURT! Finding Nicole, the New Blue Spy Ninja", Vy Qwaint created "IS CHAD LYING ABOUT HIS SECRET?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I FOUND CHAD'S SECRET... It Will End The Spy Ninjas if Revealed", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WIN in ROBLOX or else What Happens Next is SHOCKING" The Spy Ninjas have just sneaked their way into Nasal Gang's hideout and they see they Horseradish is getting Daniel to put on the leader's gloves! Also, they are trying to Transfer Chad's secret and all the other information off of the old Project Zorgo leader's mask and on to a new mask! The transfer begins and Nasal Gang leaves the masks, but they lock the door! The mission is now to get the key, get the mask, and get back to the safehouse. They spot the leak in a room and he's sitting down motionless watching some on a tv. Melvin makes a noise and the leak spots him and makes a break for the alarm, but melvin stops him and knocks him out. Melvin looks at what the leak was watching and it's some kind of brainwashing imagery! The leak doesn't have a key on him so they have to keep looking. Chad informs them the Horseradish and the chef just walked into a room and are talking. The Spy Ninjas follow and listen in, they're arguing! The chef storms off and horseradish follows. In the argument, they mention that Alie has the key so they go after her and get the key! They open the door, get the mask, and leave. On the way out they spot Daniel watching the same thing, the leak was watching! The Spy Ninjas try to convince Daniel to leave, but he tricks them and sounds the alarm! Nasal Gang surrounds them and only melvin is able to get away. Now Nasal Gang has the girls and Chad and Melvin must find help to rescue them! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Daniel Gizmo
    Daniel Gizmo

    I've been reading your comments about Horseradish hypnotizing people, I'm gonna investigate. Did he hypnotize Alie?

    • Carmen Liriano
      Carmen Liriano


    • Inertia eclipse
      Inertia eclipse


    • black _emogirl
      black _emogirl

      He hypnotized all of u

    • Labeeqah Noordien
      Labeeqah Noordien

      Yes he did hypnotize alie I live in south africa

    • rania Ouaassine
      rania Ouaassine

      Ithink so

  • Madel Zaide
    Madel Zaide


  • Pamela Wheeler
    Pamela Wheeler

    I love you now be a spy ninja!!!!

  • Priya Singh
    Priya Singh

    Chad wearing Bakugo X thing check

  • Karleigh Turnbull
    Karleigh Turnbull

    Get me in stead of the spy ninjas please

  • Yadira Rodriguez
    Yadira Rodriguez


  • Yadira Rodriguez
    Yadira Rodriguez


  • Mindy Gaidzik
    Mindy Gaidzik

    Now vy is the stalker lol


    or are they real..?


    Am I going crazy with the things I see?


    has anyone noticed that the mask is awfully similar to the hacker set they're selling? or am I just being late on things.

  • brick_alliance

    Come back Dan the one we owas had with out you were so sad

  • brick_alliance

    Wow i love your video

  • Yaiden Beaver
    Yaiden Beaver

    Daniel sub count is a very bad bumber

  • Kenny Sam
    Kenny Sam

    becase i have a party

  • Kenny Sam
    Kenny Sam

    i wont you to my home pls spy ninjas

  • Bryan Manzo
    Bryan Manzo

    Chad is so funny

  • Donald Trump knows that aliens exist,
    Donald Trump knows that aliens exist,

    The chef has a sister it is ALIE and Alie was wearing a wig and on her 21th birthday she got a laptop from someone she don't know so she had to follow u guys and when she near u the laptop beets and she don't know all about herself and famliy and parents so the GKC school is a hacker school where bunch of hackers are here and when Chad and Vy where kids they went to the GKC school so like when u defeat leader Like Chad's secret is he saved the leaders life because he gave his kidney and A lie was her name so her name was Alie ok and fav color of Alie is purple and when Alie removes the wig like the blonde wig her real hair was brown in color and it was curly and when she put her mask of she looks more pretty sooooo Alie is telling truth and that's her secret byee


    Dance like a chicken


    Ya Is the best

  • lkha sayan
    lkha sayan

    5:10 is hilliarias

  • vanessa garibay
    vanessa garibay


  • FN Hus5h
    FN Hus5h

    Welcome home I agree with Horseradish

  • Jeremiah Rhynders
    Jeremiah Rhynders

    Daniel your backk

  • Jeremiah Rhynders
    Jeremiah Rhynders

    I love you

  • Gary KB
    Gary KB

    Daniel is sus

  • Patrick Tong
    Patrick Tong


  • Lisset Rivera
    Lisset Rivera

    Daño no no

  • Janet Ceballos
    Janet Ceballos

    Pfvjs No

  • lola butterfly rainbow
    lola butterfly rainbow

    Go back to the spy ninjas is the best thing to do don't be with the stalker at you I'm break up with Ali

  • Lam Cing
    Lam Cing

    The white guy with the black show is pz squaire

  • rockin brayden
    rockin brayden

    €€aaH baA

  • Kate Audrey Dizon
    Kate Audrey Dizon

    Spy ninjas

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S

    Noooooooo idk if I can keep watching these videos 😑😔

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    Adem Celik

    Daniel ist der

  • MaxillionsChats - Chat channel
    MaxillionsChats - Chat channel


  • Adrienne Renoblas
    Adrienne Renoblas

    Daniel snap out of it

  • Ahmed Elshazly
    Ahmed Elshazly


  • ZoneITZ

    you all bring an important asset to the team. chad: one of the founding memebers of the spy ninjas, great fighter, really nice. melvin pz9: as his yt name states he is the best fighter (no offense chad or vy or regina), and really great in tight spots in battles. vy: the lock picking expert, can get into really tiny places where nobody else can. regina: the best hacker and the master of disguse. and lastly daniel: former blue spy ninja, tech guy

  • FaZe Crystal Kay
    FaZe Crystal Kay

    Chad can walk perfectly fine, as you can see in some of the clips. 😂

  • vin93640

    Don’t put that on you will get your mirror me weird food and you’re not gonna be a spy ninja

  • MH Family
    MH Family

    oh no daniel run

  • Andrew Rosales
    Andrew Rosales

    andrew daniel Gizmo you to by

  • Nashwa Saber
    Nashwa Saber

    I heard that Chad break spy Ninjas apart

  • Nashwa Saber
    Nashwa Saber

    Hello Daniel

  • Nashwa Saber
    Nashwa Saber


  • ella love
    ella love

    I fell really bad for chad because of his broken leg 😔😔😔😔😔 poor chad

  • ella love
    ella love

    Ummmmm are you ok chad

  • Miel Pryia Aseron
    Miel Pryia Aseron

    ugh daniel why are you evil now the spy nijnja fan are sooo mad of you ali is evil now

  • projectzorgo


  • michaela aseron
    michaela aseron

    OMG DNIEL IM SO SO MAD why are you soooo evilughhhhhh

  • wxvy_spxdz

    I need to tell me why you don't do 24 hours 24 hours with the binder for for 10 days okay for one one million days 1 billion million days 1 billion million hits 😡😡😡💔💔💔

  • wxvy_spxdz

    Able don't trust don't trust him by ninjas Hebrew yeah all the time now and I love movie I love v Chad Melvin Medina

  • Alvina rahman
    Alvina rahman

    Knock knock whos there fighting command center fighting command center who fighting command center is the spy ninjass

  • Alvina rahman
    Alvina rahman

    Its very funny when chad keeps popping up

  • Niall Mc Andrew
    Niall Mc Andrew

    Spy ninjas forever

  • Mohamad Mater
    Mohamad Mater


  • jaydon chua
    jaydon chua

    Daniel should have a punishment

  • Taleen Nabhan
    Taleen Nabhan

    He literally called the leak the freak

  • Leisha Hintta
    Leisha Hintta

    You change Daniel

  • Ariely Velasquez-Canas
    Ariely Velasquez-Canas


  • Jon Garmon
    Jon Garmon

    Daniel like Allie

  • Cynthia Sande
    Cynthia Sande


  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    if you mak me mad i am evo ok

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    Af you mak me mas i am evo ok 0

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    Yes he did 😈😈😈😈😈 hahahahahaha💔💔😱😢😭😈 i am mas so i am evo

  • Cambo Marvel
    Cambo Marvel


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  • Amelia Castro
    Amelia Castro

    you suks you not the best fighter

  • Amelia Castro
    Amelia Castro

    I ever suscribirse your SLtoos channel

  • Michael nieves
    Michael nieves


  • Tomas Ferko
    Tomas Ferko

    Chad seacret is magick or he like s allie

  • Yasser Saleh
    Yasser Saleh

    Daniel when they say w-e-l-c-o-m-e home you get hypnotized even mor

  • felicia egbert
    felicia egbert


  • Raphael Lopez
    Raphael Lopez


  • Amiyah Price
    Amiyah Price

    Melvin it was not using the voice morpher because my leak was talking his mask was moving on his face

  • Kamil Morgano
    Kamil Morgano


  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen

    Why Did chad need crutches

  • Pat Dawe
    Pat Dawe

    Can all the spy ninjas have there comments on cause I want to tell you how great they are

  • Akilah Brooks
    Akilah Brooks

    Every why do you have pogo sticks

  • Tianna Aguilla
    Tianna Aguilla


  • Mazen Nader El Refaei
    Mazen Nader El Refaei

    aile. I. Love you

  • Kimeyko Sahie
    Kimeyko Sahie


  • Kimeyko Sahie
    Kimeyko Sahie


  • Jayne Burnham
    Jayne Burnham

    Come back Daniel the one we always (had) footlong

  • Laura Stoll
    Laura Stoll

    Yes Daniel you have ya REAL BEST FRIENDS to help you to be NORMAL we all want the OLD DANIEL BACK please let all ya best friends help you out and u are back home to chad vy and regina and Melvin ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nolan George
    Nolan George

    yes alie is hypnotize

  • asma firdous
    asma firdous


  • PZ100


  • Ofelia Diaz
    Ofelia Diaz

    Daniel come back to the spy ninjas pleasse come back daniel the one that we use to know

  • amer gamer
    amer gamer

    the chef sounds ilke russain not gonna lie LOL

  • Fluffy The cat
    Fluffy The cat


  • gυммувєαя

    Guys it’s his choice stop being bratty he can choose to be with Allie or spy ninjas.

  • Chloe Spence
    Chloe Spence

    Daniel needs help

  • San Sokpheng
    San Sokpheng

    Daniel why lie the spy ninja and u are in big trouble

  • Maryssa Butler
    Maryssa Butler

    AlliDon't like how we don't like you

  • Within 5
    Within 5

    15:20 was funny 😍

  • Within 5
    Within 5

    10:22 1:19

  • Within 5
    Within 5


  • Within 5
    Within 5