Why is EVERYONE buying this CPU??
Linus Tech Tips
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There are dozens of CPUs on the market for both productivity and gaming, but one stands tall above the rest - Why is everyone buying it?
Buy AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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  • Matthew Beam
    Matthew Beam

    Because it works really well 👍🏻

  • GodisReal [SmashBros]
    GodisReal [SmashBros]

    Thanks to you Linus Newegg sold out on every Ryzen 5 3600X cpu and out of stock. I totally don’t hate you for that.

  • Johnson Doberman Palace
    Johnson Doberman Palace


  • Double_0_delta

    I bought my r5 2600 in 18 I be just a budget gamer. I feel no need to swap it.

  • Uzayr Ahmed
    Uzayr Ahmed

    Me who got this CPU 2 weeks ago: :)

  • Adil Gaad
    Adil Gaad

    Linus I swear I dreamed tonight that you buy me a Samsung s10. But when I woke up I got disappointed .

  • TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing
    TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing

    3600 is the best you can get in the market :) It is such a great value CPU, that it's price gone up cause of the high demand

  • John Doeseph
    John Doeseph

    Last year around the black Friday sale I picked the 2700x Almost as good performance in games and it was discounted pretty good for the sale. There is only like a 2% in game fps difference between the 2700x and the 3600 but the way I looked at it more cores might be a little better for future proofing and the system might be worth more when I finally decide to upgrade. I'm good at being wrong though, so if I am, I am.

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers

    Why do linustechtips videos always have a massive black bar at the bottom? If it's for widescreen wouldn't there be one at the top and bottom?

  • cwli1

    Head of Intel: "Some software runs faster on an Intel because some greedy people were offered cash to write their software with the Intel compiler, the one that secretly detects who's processor it is first before deciding if top speed is needed. The benefit is that people can put food on the table. I thought it was illegal to avoid tax and bride people to only use your products. So, pay tax, be honest about how much tax we've actually paid, don't bribe anyone and stop slapping a new number on the same processors every time a tiny competitor launches a new processor. Got it. Thanks for the advice. Why oh why didn't anyone tell me this years ago? There has been a tiny whisper that someone was waving juicy college-student checks near the Dell, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lenovo dinner tables if they correctly predicted which trucks are going to deliver the wrong processors to their factories. Incidentally, the people around Germany got to see college students Media Markt (Europe's biggest computer seller) take part in the daytime television game show "Guess the Truck". A strong slow aroma drifted over the fence from a neighbour's barbeque that if Intel eliminated their competition then only the LATEST Intel SSD will work with the newest processors but it was smokey sausages. Luckily security cameras caught the students Userbenchmark and PassMark putting their greedy hands into the padlocked Intel cookie jar, again. I don't feel safe any more. Help! Police! Come and get them! Officer, help! He's got me by the neck! I can't breathe. Help! What is that? That's the biggest knife I've ever seen. Even my legs aren't that long. Help! Help! Yeah! I managed to grab the knife off him. No, no, unfortunately, he's got it back again. Helllp!!! I'm too young to die. Oh thank you, officer. You saved me! Yeah, you got him. He's walking off in cuffs now. Good work, boys. I've never been so scared. You criminals never learn. So, the moral of the story is never use deceit to steal from hard-working ordinary people. How could I be so stupid? I think I've finally figured it out: the thefts always seem to happen prior to another version release of their software. Now, they claimed it's all a coincidence. Yeah right. Coincidence my arse. But, fear not. I think our new ten-million-dollar security system will finish off their update plans. So long, guys. It's been nice knowing you. This is a private message for our fanboys ONLY: maybe, just maybe, there's a teeny tiny bit of truth to the idea that someone else might make faster processors? Ouch! Get off my leg. How do you get rid of this thing? Yes, I know, in five minutes' time its mother will need to feed it with a live alligator. Can't it just eat some pizza? I also have a famous mega family but right now I think I need to visit some of my rich uncles, uncle Googie and uncle Amazy, to pass on some of these new tips so that they don't get into trouble with the law. Some people describe Amazy as an ancient alien space coffin. This is a perfect insult. Oh and by the way uncle Amazy is the one who sells all our processors out of his garage, along with several fridge magnets. At least that's what he told me. He says that the garage is where he keeps his 1535 cars but as none of them have worked for the last 14 years he's been getting free rides from auntie Ubee's cars. I really think it's time she starts paying tax too. Oh and you can keep your money too. We don't need any more of it, thank you very much."

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson

    I really like the amd 5 3600, pairs really well with a 20 series gpu

  • David Ober
    David Ober

    Linus: The best there ever was. The best there ever will be.

  • BlackSkull

    Do i need a CPU cooler for it or the one that comes with it is enough??

  • Petros Skate
    Petros Skate

    i prefer 2700x

  • Hassan Rehman
    Hassan Rehman

    Take my advice, just finished my first build with a Ryzen 5 3600, it's the best decision I ever made

  • teippiviritykset

    Yes, it's a bummer to have bought intel and then after 5 years see that can't really change cpu because need also new mb. Now in the ryzen boat all is more dandy!

  • Phu Dao
    Phu Dao

    I'm using the 2700x


    got mine about 5-6 months ago for $125 brand new...i barely beat the market rise!!!!

  • Will

    I'm glad I got mine back in early March. Only paid $157 USD for it.

  • Rodrigo Cortés
    Rodrigo Cortés

    sltoos.info/for/r5il3remeZqQqKA/video It seems there is a mistake in that picture because B550 chipset is not compatible with 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen processors as shown in www.amd.com/en/chipsets/b550

  • Kotsos Chess TV
    Kotsos Chess TV

    After many years of using Intel cpus i switched to amd by buying ryzen 3600 for my personal video editing pc. Best decision I ever made. It is so much better and cheaper from what intel has to offer.

  • Israel Berrios
    Israel Berrios

    I'm actually using a 2600 on a B350 board, do someone know if it's getting a bios update for Ryzen 5000 support? If not I'll have to buy this 3600 CPU

    • Israel Berrios
      Israel Berrios

      @Itz -xRhino in that case I'll buy the 3600 instead and save the windows reinstalling, the MoBo money and buy a better graphics card

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      no bios update, you can get b450 and run 5000 series- January 2021 though.

  • Tyler Cobb
    Tyler Cobb

    Because intel chips were delayed ...😏

  • Bean Man
    Bean Man

    Bruh now that he made this vid it’s impossible to find one of these and when you do they are like $60 more than they were before

  • Miki Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän
    Miki Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän

    The R5 3600 is okay, its not enough for my editing requests tho. Im going to buy the 5600x when its in stock.

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka

    How about Ryzen 7 ?

  • Benjy Huburt
    Benjy Huburt

    And here I am stuck with an Amd A8-9600 :,)

  • jkistaesexual

    i have a 3600x lmao

  • PsycheYT

    RED 💉 AMD•Coke•GOP•BofA•Netflix/SLtoos•Verizon/T-Mobile• GREEN 🦠 Nvidia•Dew•Green•TD•Hulu•Cricket BLUE 🌎 Intel•Pepsi•DNC•Chase/CITI•Disney+/PrimeVideo•AT&T Everything’s RGB!

  • Karunungan Channel
    Karunungan Channel

    Now im convince i will finally buy Amd Ryzen 5 2600 for my 4k video editing

    • Rj mb
      Rj mb

      My 2600 still kick ass after 2 years. I think i wont need to upgrade

    • kalef1234

      @Karunungan Channel I have a 3600 and want to go to a 5900X for Resolve. 3600 will actually do you fine, but I would NOT get the 2600

    • Karunungan Channel
      Karunungan Channel

      patel shrey why bro? Im wont use it for gaming. In all for editing only in da vinci for color grading and fusion

    • patel shrey
      patel shrey

      I had it don't buy it. Try getting at least ryzen 5 5000 series or ryzen 9 is recommended!!!

    • Qubk0

      2600 is much slower than 3600

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva

    Guys I have a AMD ryzen 5 is it good ?

  • TacticalManiac

    It just went up to 275😪

  • Daniel Yeh
    Daniel Yeh

    My Ryzen 5 3600 is being shipped right now, and I haven't started the video... Am I gonna regret this?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Intel is scamming people once again, forcing them to buy a new expensive $200 motherboard just to upgrade their CPU.

  • Viper Gaming
    Viper Gaming

    imo ryzen 5 5600x should be the new crze the 3600 is good but 5600x has a lot of market potential

  • jackson _
    jackson _

    i wish i bought it sooner shiiit now i have to get the 3600x which is more expensive

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes

    Ryzen 5 3600 - the Toyota Camry of processors

  • NINJA1155 XB1
    NINJA1155 XB1

    Me watching this video when the r5 3600 is $270 US now and the r7 3700x is $280: ;-; Idk which one to get can some1 help?

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      both of you are either braindead or know nothing about computers lol.

    • Austin Abrahan
      Austin Abrahan


  • JoeMo

    I always stupidly buy something and then go to youtube for reviews, thankfully this time I was right 😂 now i just need the 3070 restock

  • Ahmed A. Abass
    Ahmed A. Abass

    Dear Linus Can you show us how to build a pc below a 500$ for the average user and gamer with no more than 720p or 1080p max and the included pieces to be available in the middle east area - especially EGYPT would be so much appreciated as a matter of fact your videos are so cool but most of the shown products fall too far out of the reach of the low / middle income citizens of the area

  • prince salazar
    prince salazar

    that face when you wanted to update your cpu and got this very cpu and b450m asus rog mobo and it feels a lot better than your old i7 4790k set up, also having ddr4 might be the reason this current set up runs so smooth.

  • XxDarkSidexX

    I literally waited all the way for black Friday to buy one, and it starts rising in price smh


    Can't play anything on my 3600 without temps of 90+ no idea how to fix it

    • Doğancan Saçıkara
      Doğancan Saçıkara

      Check first your cpu cooler: is it placed correctly. Then according to your motherboard: Go bios settings, disable the core boost. It will be fixed! If it isn't fixed, probably it is about your psu or cooler ( could be havent got thermal paste).

  • Bryce Steiner
    Bryce Steiner

    Much of Adobe software still doesn't take advantage of multi-core.

  • Flex -iwnl-
    Flex -iwnl-

    r5 3600 is very good!

  • FrenchFries IV
    FrenchFries IV

    We will see all of us together here on 2025 still trying to know how to upgrade our CPUs

  • Lebron

    i’m looking to build a pc on black friday could anyone recommend any gpu and motherboard that goes well with the 3600?

    • michael dbz
      michael dbz

      you can go with the MSI tomahawk B450 max which is a solid option or with the gigabyte aorus B450 pro wifi which has wifi built in the motherboard

  • tacoguy 7654
    tacoguy 7654

    Linus, gotta say, your beard game is on point my guy. Oh yeah, and this video was fantastic too. (^_^)

  • gavin williams
    gavin williams

    Before the video starts, I bought a ryzen 5 3600x

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M

    Only one thing missing from this awesome vid, the success of ryzen cpus has forced intel to lower prices - another win! Lets be honest, Intel have always had a premium pricing structure and only ever keep things reasonable when forced.

  • Nishant is SCIENTIFIC
    Nishant is SCIENTIFIC

    linus : why everyone buying this CPU? me : you guys buying cpu

  • Matias Fernándo Moya Mendoza
    Matias Fernándo Moya Mendoza

    linus video; starts me: octo-tap

  • 11ESSE11

    349$ for 7700k basically till 2 years ago and now peoples rumbling vs r5 5600x and 299$ price

  • Chui Throwaway8
    Chui Throwaway8

    Linus: why does everyone buy this cpu? Everyone:.woah hold on, this whole operation was your idea


    When this video was released, all the 3600 became out of stock.

  • William Pierce
    William Pierce

    3:02 i9 9700K lol

  • Elio Armas-Rojo
    Elio Armas-Rojo

    I have a Ryzen 5 2600, I got a 2080TI and the bottleneck is less than 1%. I think the Ryzen 5 series was suuuuper good.

    • Politicalhipstersmustdie

      Just literally ordered the R5 2600x for my first build. The prices and demand of these CPU's are so eratic! I hope this CPU will serve me for a couple years.

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael

    Automatically liked for making me laugh 😂

  • Dave Hooper
    Dave Hooper

    I'm watching this on a pc I bought in 2014 with an AMD FX6300 CPU, It does everything I need It to. There's nothing wrong with It as It's awesome. However when I built my very own PC in the same year I decided to use an INTEL i7 4770K CPU, and after 6 years it's still fast as fuck, they are both used all day every day.

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      yeah, but are ya gaming son? 💀💀

  • S TV
    S TV

    Intel is always better. You can't play cod warzone on Ryzen processor for long time. The pc may burst because of too much heating.

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      you are on crack 😢

    • michael dbz
      michael dbz

      just throw away the cooler that comes with it and buy another one

  • Pipoy Gogorza
    Pipoy Gogorza

    my 1st ryzen cpu is r5 3600, i feel so great

  • brandon yip
    brandon yip

    LTT: 4 cores is enough Me with a 2 core computer: Yes

  • AlexTms

    Cry in amd athlon 860k

  • Will M.
    Will M.

    My AMD 5 2600 coupled with a 2060 8gb RTX is actually amazing. My 3700x is a lot better with the same GPU.

  • Lopez Shiella
    Lopez Shiella

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      danny grey

      I have traded with a lot of individuals but I have never come across anyone as good as Mrs Gabriella, just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. she is the best I'd advise any novice in investing to trade with her.

    • George Damsel
      George Damsel

      Amazing I also just started trading with Mrs Elena Gabriella, she is the best at what she does with an initial investment of $1400 i made up to $5230 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing.

    • Lopez Shiella
      Lopez Shiella

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    • Mavis Scott
      Mavis Scott

      With the consistent weekly profits I'm getting investing with Mrs Gabriella, there's no doubt she is the most reliable in the market. such a genius

    • Gomez Anderson
      Gomez Anderson

      As a first time investor I started trading with Mrs Gabriella with just a thousand bucks. my portfolio is worth much more that now within just weeks of trading with her.

  • Flierman

    I5 10400f ftw

  • koko roko
    koko roko

    Ryzen Rulzzz

  • Ken B
    Ken B

    I've always had Intel processors until I bought my first real gaming computer about 2 years ago. At the time I was building it, AMD was a little cheaper than Intel. I put a ryzen 7 1700x in it, and even today it still performs like a top.

  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV

    i can totally see myself getting a Ryzen 3600 in the near future once price and economy stabilizes and hopefully there will be more Motherboard options(especially new revisions) and ram prices drop down by then.

  • Rudraksh Rastogi
    Rudraksh Rastogi

    hey linus made a video on amd Ryzen 5 3400G please

  • fredriean gelm
    fredriean gelm

    For some reason, I never get tired of watching youtube videos telling me how smart I was to get an R5 3600.

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez

    if people weren't ignorant children with low budget influenced by paid youtubers, AMD and Intel would be considered options for a PC, available appliances and brands offering very good features and performance. But the result of clowns of internet like Linus or others... is the fanatics fools fanboys.

  • TrainerAQ

    TEAM RED! :D

  • hotballz87

    thanks, Linus, for advertising this cpu and making it go out of stock everywhere or skyrocketing prices so now I CAN'T buy one...

  • Mugen

    Is a 2600x comparable to the 3600?

    • George Martinez
      George Martinez

      read the specifics in teh AMD website... you decide.

  • Hanzo Hattori
    Hanzo Hattori

    Just as i decided to put in my order for a R5 3600, i see this. Lol

  • NomadaFirefox

    It is the funny point from marketing where probably most of the people if they had been asked 4 years ago about AMD would sold expensive products, they had told you impossible. But now and after Zen 2, everybody want a AMD CPU and it has increased the marketing expectations from AMD increasing at the time the price from all its products. Have fun because they do not go to sell most of them and at one moment from the not too far future, they will need down the price a lot or they will have problem from too many stock from everything.

  • DjPeely

    He shouldn't review pc components, nothing seems to be good enough for this guy.. not everyone is lucky enough to be sent HIGH SPEC stuff to them for 'FREE'. 👀

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      @DjPeely Epic fortnite content my guy.

    • DjPeely

      @Itz -xRhino That wouldn't be so hard kid, you just need to look in the mirror.

    • Itz -xRhino
      Itz -xRhino

      found the salty jealous kid.

  • SubaruForester2015

    Intel is why ARM SOC are ahead of desktop CPU now

  • gh15

    dude did u eat a lot of vit A or carotenoids? because u were looking kinda orange nice video too !

  • ZerN1

    2:00 Hey, I'm still using a Phenom II PC. :(

  • Najeeb Shah
    Najeeb Shah

    Because have no clue, its a proven fact gaming does fine on 4c/8t or 8 core 8t cpu like 9700k, all you need is a faster gpu lol. Gamers buying 3800x, 3950 etc are a waste of resources.

  • Bigboi

    Bought mine for 160€ a few months ago..... Now it's 180€ in germany.......

  • Steven Fillmore
    Steven Fillmore

    Went to buy the 3600 at Memory express calgary and every store was sold out so had to spend $30 more on a 3600X

    • weeb mark
      weeb mark

      @Steven Fillmore damn thanks bro for the info, but it sucks having to pay for these overpriced cpus right now lol. i remember back in august i could of got the r5 3600 below 200$ but i didn’t think that much of it now i’m stuck getting it at 20% more of the price feels bad man

    • Steven Fillmore
      Steven Fillmore

      @weeb mark I paid 140$ for a B550M Motherboard, 150$ for (2x16GB) 32GB DDR4 3200mhz, 330$ for R5 3600X. after tax those cost me $640, I also ordered a 120mm liquid cooler (deep cool) on amazon for 55$, 3 fans 22$, and a chinese N17 case for 70$. picked up a crucial 500GB m.2 drive for $80 and had a 240 SSD kicking around plus a 1TB HDD. its not super cheap but im attempting to future proof and know that with the B550 Mobo I can go to a more hard core CPU later from the used market a few years down the road. I also picked up a used 4GB Rx570 GPU last year for 100$. its probably been abused in a BTC mining rig but its been working totally fine for my dual boot Windows/ AMD hackintosh build.

    • weeb mark
      weeb mark

      dude how did u find any good deals, im on the journey of building my first pc and I want the r5 3600 but its so overpirced currently its supposed to be only about 200$ but the prices im seeing are around $260 rip me

  • serban Turbinca
    serban Turbinca

    intel lost forever


    anyone suggest best streaming pc under 1000$ no rgb no monitor no keybord and mouse just pc

  • Email User
    Email User

    i was lucky and got a barely use r5 3600x for a good price

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble

    5:27 This is wrong. Most B550 and A520 motherboards do not work with 1st or 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs.


    It's the cpu I had my brother buy his wife alongside the rx 580 for her new computer. Runs fine and a huge step up from the 920m gpu laptop she was using.

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur

    Shut up, Wesley. I mean, Linus.

  • Doobie's Den
    Doobie's Den

    z490 Wifi 10900K @ 6.4Ghz 16'C. sooooo why would you buy Ryzen..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................?? i still dont get it!!......................... not every1 is buying that... i wouldnt !!!!

  • TechnoKid79

    because the heating in their home doesn't work?... 🤔🙄🙄🙄😁🤣

    • CynicRocketjump

      Ok shintel stan

  • Simon Johnson
    Simon Johnson

    This guy lives in a bubble

  • stoner pinkman
    stoner pinkman

    And why do you look like Sid the sloth

  • vrtxte

    Linus: Why's everybody buying this?!?! Everybody: Welp, I'm broke.

    • Obese Stain
      Obese Stain

      Me:Cries in R3 3100

  • BrigzLobz

    what gpu can I use? Im using 3600 with b550 ds3h. Im torn between rtx 1650 super, rx 5500 and rx 580, Help

    • BrigzLobz

      @newbie lol I do. And it gives a lot of head aches

    • newbie lol
      newbie lol

      @BrigzLobz but you should definitly watch some benchmarks on youtube instead of listening to someone random on the internet

    • newbie lol
      newbie lol

      @BrigzLobz for the 3500x ill recommend a 1650 super

    • BrigzLobz

      @newbie lol like between 190-200 dollars

    • newbie lol
      newbie lol

      @BrigzLobz whats your budget for the gpu

  • Darko Luketic
    Darko Luketic

    Look at you all grown up with a beard :D The voice is still young though

  • Drino Zhao
    Drino Zhao

    Intel always goes for the bragging rights while AMD goes for the average user. Best bang for the buck is not just a cute saying, it's a real reason to buy.

  • Mihin Tai
    Mihin Tai

    If you says Ryzen 5 3600 is not good then.. Donate me some money.. I'll buy better one..

  • Rayanial

    Actually let's say that the people buy all Ryzen 5 except for the the apus! (Well actually i don't know about the Ryzen 5 5xxx and from the lowspecgamers side)

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