Should we kick him off the team?.. (EPISODE 7)
Should we kick him off the team?.. (EPISODE 7)
Big decisions are made on this weeks episode..
yesterdays episode:
Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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  • Jason Manuel Liao
    Jason Manuel Liao

    Cole’s friend a billionaire but probably a net worth less then a billion

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    That ....what you hear because of your own insecurities is a classic narcissist has lighting move 🤬

  • max read
    max read

    No give him a chance

  • kiki tlo
    kiki tlo

    Ur literally jojo sita in her 20

  • Zayne Pegross
    Zayne Pegross


  • Oliverpandabear Paul
    Oliverpandabear Paul

    He posted this right on my birthday 😅

  • Julian Estrada
    Julian Estrada

    You are a star

  • Bibi Mexico
    Bibi Mexico

    Yo Jake did you admit a gay in the team 10

  • Barbara Saunders
    Barbara Saunders

    How much times Jake paul said like 👇 👇

  • Harvey Hopkins
    Harvey Hopkins

    They act like its an official business but then say, " We are trying to increase communication by starting a groupchat." What?!!!

  • gamer tve
    gamer tve

    I'm a young fan well 13

  • Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer
    Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer

    Cole had a good point, if there were serious rules about behavior and divisions of labor, why wasn’t he told about them from day 1?

  • Treyton Criss
    Treyton Criss

    Love your videos

  • Original Method
    Original Method

    Why would jake paul and Cole be in the closet talking about anything 🤣🤣 COME OUT YOU TWO 😏

  • Karol Hendzel
    Karol Hendzel

    its funny how it comes from jake

  • Amine Shaqiri
    Amine Shaqiri


  • Kolley Kibber
    Kolley Kibber

    Dude is just refusing to take responsibility for his actions by trying to avert blame onto others. Really annoying person.

  • Makeup with Cece
    Makeup with Cece

    is jake on drugs or something.

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    Me:hmmm I'm going to watch the trailer of team 10 uncut and then talk to my friends 5 MINUTES LATER Me: ohhh its looks interesting I'm going to watch the first episode 3 HOURS LATER Me: ok time to talk to my friends holy smokes its midnight. Oh I watched more than 1

  • Anele dikomoki
    Anele dikomoki

    Cole looks down on others

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson

    What did cole post that offended jake and the others in the first place

  • I Like Chicken
    I Like Chicken

    I wish jake was a dud

  • Urmi Rudra Photography
    Urmi Rudra Photography

    Cole is fu@king annoying

  • travseaglestakes

    Cole wants everything to be his way and he should be kicked

  • Anthony Deering
    Anthony Deering

    yes you should

  • Jon Bird
    Jon Bird

    I what to join tem 10 I need the money 💰

  • Daeron Lee
    Daeron Lee

    why are you so noisy tf

  • Jared Rivers
    Jared Rivers

    Also, the manager is real biased.

  • Jared Rivers
    Jared Rivers

    Soooo when tana post half naked pics does she get in trouble for it???? Please let me know. Y’all making this episode for what?? Jake also needs to slow down when he’s talking because the stuttering doesn’t go a long way.


    Cole looks very gay and sounds like it

    • Mohammed Bazil
      Mohammed Bazil

      V2 Swayzz cuz he is gay dummy

  • Taze Chompercaller
    Taze Chompercaller


  • Johan On pc
    Johan On pc

    Jake paul I have erika as a girl friend. And smash with her so if you want her back leave ugly Tanaa

  • Johan On pc
    Johan On pc

    You had erika. Longer then ugly face

  • Johan On pc
    Johan On pc

    I rather have Eric has a girlfriend biggest Anna looks like she pees her pants and she's ugly please Erica can you and Jake get back together

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Hw would u handle someone with autism ?

  • Dani Hutchinson
    Dani Hutchinson

    Cole bro 😒!!

  • francisco cabral
    francisco cabral


  • Peyton Tinsley
    Peyton Tinsley

    Ew a gay person


    12 mins on the phone with this kid cole... jake Mk the drama quick short bits this shit is dragged out n boring.

  • recordx


  • Riley Drake
    Riley Drake

    Yeah because he puts on makeup

  • Vony.

    What was the song in the intro

  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮It will be more comfortable...Jake big compliment to you n others... How you can handle with all this


    Yeah and he is also gay

  • Ana Leon
    Ana Leon

    What is jerika and erika costell

  • Nui Tatom
    Nui Tatom

    He’s over dramatic

  • Muhammad Hasnain
    Muhammad Hasnain

    Is cole a girl or boy?

  • Christopher Resendez
    Christopher Resendez

    Kim hem out so that tus won’t happen again

  • Christina Maple
    Christina Maple

    Is he gay

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    I was just watching one of jakes vids and him and Cole were acting like they were best friends and hugging and tana was there sooooooo.... And that’s the tea ☕️ 🍵 -Jake Pizza Paul.

  • Danielle Baskerville
    Danielle Baskerville


  • Ron2652

    Cole is way too much to deal with, even if this kid was pulling in a lot of views him alone and had a good fan base, I still wouldn't want to deal with his shit lol.

  • dude _
    dude _

    'dear jake u tumbling in ur words makes me feel like ur lying👎

  • Sonny Huse
    Sonny Huse

    To much cringe I can’t watch it

  • Tyler Wick
    Tyler Wick

    Am I the only person that can't take someone seriously when they are rocking slides with ankle socks?

  • Talon Wilson
    Talon Wilson


  • Keneasha Gaskin
    Keneasha Gaskin

    Who you love more Tana=😘 Erica=😍

  • WhatsUp Dustin
    WhatsUp Dustin

    When did you get that Gay Dude on Team Ten and I think the Gay Dude Should Leave.

  • Bryanna O'Connor
    Bryanna O'Connor

    I cannot stand Cole

  • Rachel Watt
    Rachel Watt

    Your the second richest youtuber in the world

  • Soap Andskin
    Soap Andskin

    How are people this successful and they can’t even spell regular vocab

  • Soap Andskin
    Soap Andskin

    Jake talks like a 5 year old

  • Diesle Max
    Diesle Max

    This episode dragged on with Cole vs Jake disagreement, a whole 20min

  • Lori Nino
    Lori Nino


  • Jennifer Daniela
    Jennifer Daniela

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Lol who watches this stuff?!

  • war gamer
    war gamer

    No more g a y

  • Toni Foster
    Toni Foster

    Jake's content is way too inappropriate for his audience demographic...

  • Mackenzie Bottoms
    Mackenzie Bottoms


  • Karl Konrad Ranna
    Karl Konrad Ranna

    Cole is a dumbass

  • Jamal Blackmond
    Jamal Blackmond

    If jakes worried about what cole posted “messing up his brand” then why did he dedicate a whole episode to adress the thing he didn’t want destroying his name ? 🤔🤡 Also is worried about his younger fan base yet proceeds to use profanity.


    F*** the s*** out of cole F*** him

  • Brianna Woodmansee
    Brianna Woodmansee

    Did cole so dirty 😕

  • Erinne Wilde
    Erinne Wilde

    Jana could never replace Jerika 😑

  • Oikawa’s Big toe
    Oikawa’s Big toe

    Like if cole is so anoying

  • Notalex 7
    Notalex 7


  • ellie greaves
    ellie greaves

    cole was right and that’s on periodt sis 🤠

  • Why_doyoubully #roblox
    Why_doyoubully #roblox


  • Matheiu Salac
    Matheiu Salac

    It's sooo irritating AF coles voice and attitude

  • Matheiu Salac
    Matheiu Salac

    Last 5 months i unsubscribed jake paul cuz he changed from a humble boi living with real friends and strong family to a scripted shit head... But im happy for jake cuz his almost 20 mil subscribers and i know people change for views and for popularity. Thats all

  • Johnny Bonilla
    Johnny Bonilla

    Is Cole a girl or boy.

  • Katy Walker
    Katy Walker


  • iamthickaf _
    iamthickaf _

    Jale Paul in this series is the best thing ever he shows his real personality and it is great I loveeeeeeeeee him 🥰

  • Lexa Terrestrial
    Lexa Terrestrial

    and I know you have a BIG BIG heart but reiterating "we haven't made a single dollar off of you" I'm sure you haven't with most people you JUST sign that week... BUT ... that sort of implants this idea in your head like you own them... Or "i'm always right because "well i'm paying for it." And i GET IT. If you are investing $$ into this - you sort of have to lay down some rules, COACH PEOPLE. It's a tricky spot to be in

  • Lexa Terrestrial
    Lexa Terrestrial

    what i DON'T like here is that there's somewhat of a Double Standard... Jake can hook up with multiple women at once... all in the same van on their way to Coachella... like "we all fucked Jake and don't all know it...!" And the girls on Team 10 take sexy ass photos... But when it comes to Cole i feel like he's harshest on him. Women are allowed to say what he may say but he isn't...

  • Eazy Squad
    Eazy Squad

    they actually are getting money off cole they get alot of veiws from the drama

  • Alfredo Cervantes
    Alfredo Cervantes

    Dr Dre was his motherfucking inspiration HOLY FUCK

  • Benton Hughes
    Benton Hughes

    How did this all start??????


    You’re so pathetic the way you talk to people is disgusting you are the one with the huge ego and are super insecure smh

  • Shamim Khan
    Shamim Khan

    Mark go neither and you can't say I picked anyone since I didn't replie HA

  • Alayna Howard
    Alayna Howard

    Who misses Chandler and Tessa?

  • banana army
    banana army


  • Xavier Romero
    Xavier Romero

    When team 10 UNCUT Is better then his regular blogs🤣

  • Aaliyah Samsodien
    Aaliyah Samsodien

    His gay so ya

  • Parsa Kalhor
    Parsa Kalhor

    Ima be honest this series teaches people how team ten really is amazing good job

  • Erick Gasca
    Erick Gasca

    dude this is so stupid lmao

  • Jolene Ol'eary
    Jolene Ol'eary

    This week on the Kardashians

  • Tiffany Kolb
    Tiffany Kolb

    My birthday is April 28

  • Gabby Skylit
    Gabby Skylit

    they are all bullies, plain and simple. why am I even watching this?!? leaving now.

  • Kendra Cunningham
    Kendra Cunningham


  • Call of duty 90909 The second
    Call of duty 90909 The second

    Team 10 dead