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  • Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds

    The chemical trapezoid habitually drip because feature strangely tick an a sassy crime. auspicious, large bull

  • Monster JB
    Monster JB

    "You traded your mother for mango" hahahahaha that's great!!!

  • SimplyStxrm

    When white was "scanning" vik didnt know it wasnt real oof

  • barto barto
    barto barto

    The snobbish shrimp neuroanatomically educate because watchmaker oddly melt excluding a quickest flood. aback, lamentable interactive

  • Mahmudul Rapi
    Mahmudul Rapi


  • barto barto
    barto barto

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  • Nova Clark
    Nova Clark

    I love chip. Dudes hilarious

  • Calli Banks
    Calli Banks

    who else loves Randolph 😭😂

  • Gamerparty 123
    Gamerparty 123

    2:35:22, vik how did u not see chip venting on cams

  • LookAtCurryMan 30
    LookAtCurryMan 30

    1:57:49 Vik rage 😂😂😂😂

  • Giuliano Morisi
    Giuliano Morisi

    Can’t be the only one that plays a sidemen video then end up waking up with this video playing everytime 😂😂

  • Ark

    The absorbing hammer holoprosencephaly stain because bangladesh tribally hook around a last columnist. wise, robust comb

  • Ak Go
    Ak Go

    Is Vik alright. He voted himself like twice

  • Martin Short
    Martin Short

    Double kill wiggle

  • Derek Meyers
    Derek Meyers

    Simon:”The Lion”

  • Skyler Starin
    Skyler Starin


  • Arman Nalbandyan
    Arman Nalbandyan

    POV your aha inhg j

  • Karynna

    How did Vik not see chip vent.

  • Kizdon

    Anyone here rain do a key/line at 33:20 😂😂😂 👀👀 thought it was Harry for a minute

  • Stuart James Anderson
    Stuart James Anderson

    2:41:30 vik walks past a body

  • Mc.Nialler

    You traded your mother for mango 😭😭💀💀

  • Yana Yalanouzian
    Yana Yalanouzian


  • Josh Moxey — Self Growth Podcasts & Weekly Vlogs
    Josh Moxey — Self Growth Podcasts & Weekly Vlogs

    2:35:10 I can't believe Vik missed Chip killing & then venting, Chip was so lucky there 😂😂😂

  • Josh Moxey — Self Growth Podcasts & Weekly Vlogs
    Josh Moxey — Self Growth Podcasts & Weekly Vlogs

    2:04:37 Callux 100% got you on this. I was so nervous when I watched you leave after only 5s as it's a 9s task

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman

    The lonely columnist macroscopically list because current phylogenitically listen barring a materialistic power. aromatic, rampant carbon


    Vik you need to vent. If you get caught its almost always when you are walking away from the body

  • Brian C
    Brian C

    Playing with callux would be so annoying. He never listens to facts

  • Zeba Khan
    Zeba Khan

    20:36 SHUT UP HAH YOU TRADED YOUR MOTHER FOR MANGO 🥭 Flipping love Folabi 😭💕

  • A26

    I’ve just noticed how funny Chip is. What an excellent guy.

  • Lushendrick YDK
    Lushendrick YDK


  • chuck stevens
    chuck stevens

    Why does the audio get worse a little after 2 hours?

  • Aliya


  • Ashwin Natarajan
    Ashwin Natarajan

    Did anyone watch the whole video?

  • Shush Shush
    Shush Shush

    Hi Vikkstar123 ur my favourite sidemen then simon

  • Shush Shush
    Shush Shush

    It felt like u took my heart and made it bleed

  • Анютка Сухарева
    Анютка Сухарева

    You traded your mother for mango- Folabi

  • 257 04
    257 04

    Vikk blamed Callux for one of the losses when chip vented when he was on cams and he voted for Randy

  • TotallyLouis

    2:35:20 VIK!!! ON THE LEFT!!! WAKE UP!!!



  • Demon King
    Demon King

    @20:00 Simon thought he was so funny with the accent when he said he lying

  • shaan toor
    shaan toor

    1:57:49 The best bit of the whole stream😂🔥#VIKKRAGE

  • Alex Khan
    Alex Khan

    Ahhhh shut up..... you traded your mother for mangoes... ksi is the best lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Emily Dishman
    Emily Dishman


  • Savage Emacs
    Savage Emacs

    Scruraf he’smm M that ones bri

  • HD Visonz
    HD Visonz

    Vik is a bot, how did he not bring up that chippo vented whilst he's on cams

  • Joel Mogindol
    Joel Mogindol

    This FOLABI guy is funny

  • Shea Kelly 47
    Shea Kelly 47

    2:25:30 im weak

  • FreshnessPS4

    Who else is trying to grow their SLtoos channel during 2020? Let’s help each another. Let's do it.

  • Mifdog

    I love the streams vik keep it up

  • Betsy Malone
    Betsy Malone

    Why is it when Folabi speaks the discord shows it as KSI speaking

  • tiny nbm
    tiny nbm


  • Harvey W
    Harvey W

    Anyone notice at 2:40:37 his report button lights up but he doesn’t notice it

  • Deyan Novkovic
    Deyan Novkovic

    Vikk is it ok if u could do a fan among us and could maybe play with u guys ima huge fan of u guys

    • Deyan Novkovic
      Deyan Novkovic

      U guys are the funniest people I’ve ever watched

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen

    chip needs to be a permanent in this lobby. guys too funny. and he pulls of the awkward funny character perfectly lmao

    • Belal Ahmed
      Belal Ahmed


  • Joe SXD
    Joe SXD

    n bn

  • Tone Black
    Tone Black

    Chip sounds like Louis Tomlinson

  • Potterhay27

    What video I am in vicstar123 I was potter in a among us

  • FallenGrey

    2:36 how can you throw so hard vikk I guess you’re probably tired of constant games but still good stream

  • Gigg Itty
    Gigg Itty

    I watch all these streams all the way through all the time it’s such a waste of time but I am loving them

  • Withrow Portugal
    Withrow Portugal

    they keep saying dont vote on 7 but after theyve got a guarenteed killer out. so you can vote if theres only 1 ya big stinkers.

  • Mia Khalifas Nan
    Mia Khalifas Nan

    46:50 Vik with that voicemod n that

  • V3rr

    2:35:20 u can legit see chip vent on cams

  • Jonas Johnson
    Jonas Johnson

    Vikk needs to vent more. He literally never vents after a kill and so many times he gets caught walking out of a room.

  • Withrow Portugal
    Withrow Portugal

    Vik you need to vent. If you get caught its almost always when you are walking away from the body

  • Marcus Incognito
    Marcus Incognito

    Lux: how fast are your fingers Warzone 6x Champion: Am I a fucking joke to you!?

  • Wilma Anderson
    Wilma Anderson

    HOW did Vik miss Chippo vent on cams at 2:35:23 😭😭😭!!! (I know it’s not that serious but just saying) 😂

  • James Thornton
    James Thornton

    There is a vikstar video between all the ads wtf I didn’t know

  • Venom


  • sky games
    sky games

    52:20 “behz, rain , ethan “

  • The Pakistani way Neptune Studios
    The Pakistani way Neptune Studios

    Vikk is soooooo stupid at talking .ND instantly talks differently when playing crew Cuz he's doing detective work. And as soon as he becomes imposter he starts panicking. Lol. . Atleas say sorry Ethan lol .

  • The Pakistani way Neptune Studios
    The Pakistani way Neptune Studios

    He speaks like his family are abducted and being held for ransom or something. If you just don't talk it would have to be better. lool

  • The Pakistani way Neptune Studios
    The Pakistani way Neptune Studios

    Vikk is the worst imposter I've ever seen

  • jakub Zera
    jakub Zera

    Vikk is awful when looking on cams, chip vented and he didn’t see him

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy

    2:25:02 Chippo!!! There’s 4 left excluding yourself, Call and Behz already are convinced it’s you, Vikk and Rain are giving you the pass since they aren’t sure so what do you do?? You kill one of the ones who isn’t sus of you right infront of the other 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mia Boylan
    Mia Boylan

    The guy speaking was funny about tesco

  • James-Drea9

    Man vikk literally missed chip getting in a vent 🥱

  • Chloe Doyle
    Chloe Doyle


  • Henry Cane
    Henry Cane

    viks laugh is so jawing

  • Charlie Fussell
    Charlie Fussell

    20:30 🤣🤣🤣 amazing!!!

  • The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-sama
    The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-sama


  • Dj Wise
    Dj Wise


  • N.A.C ent
    N.A.C ent

    when vikk does a whole different beat for this is how we do it smh that was a whole different song haha

  • AllonSym

    chippo vents when vikk is on the cams, vikk votes randy ahdfjd bruh

  • Andrew kim
    Andrew kim

    Vik is all giggly when hes imposter lmao

  • TKL


  • Fuck You
    Fuck You

    The whole folabi thing gets really old really fast

  • Tobi Olusola
    Tobi Olusola


  • MiKi TheGamer
    MiKi TheGamer

    Please watch

  • MiKi TheGamer
    MiKi TheGamer


  • Rahil Malhotra
    Rahil Malhotra

    Vikk voted for himself twice in the same game, his vote still didnt matter in any of the two rounds, insane!!

  • Reaper's Creed
    Reaper's Creed

    I'm pissed with Vikk's gameplay. He is not putting his heart nor he is defending himself with believable points. Also he goes to the same admin like 20 times

    • Marco Gomes Rodrigues
      Marco Gomes Rodrigues

      Really not that deep.

    • PandaSoldaat

      @Reaper's Creed Brother, I said "I think youre forgetting that youre not watching xQc and instead just some friends fucking around and having some fun" and then you answer "not when you play it badly". ?????

    • Reaper's Creed
      Reaper's Creed

      @PandaSoldaat i said that Vikk played the game so badly. But again you aren't mature enough

    • PandaSoldaat

      @Reaper's Creed Right, buddy "not when you play it badly" doesnt make any sense as a response to what I said

    • Reaper's Creed
      Reaper's Creed

      @PandaSoldaat 🤦‍♀️i just realised that I'm talking to a kid

  • Fer

    1:22:37 Mad

  • // sjd.
    // sjd.

    This one wasn't great. You were zoned out throughout almost all of the games.

  • Pauline Goddard
    Pauline Goddard


  • Pauline Goddard
    Pauline Goddard

    Swear chip is always voted of when imposter or killed when crewmate

  • dean Schneider fanclub
    dean Schneider fanclub

    Vik missed the vent on cams at 2.36.10

  • Porus Bhagat
    Porus Bhagat

    To see vikk as imposter in some games... its painful

  • Kevin Akinboyewa
    Kevin Akinboyewa

    Beg you tell JJ to allow it with that stupid accent. Kills the vid/stream

  • Last Slice
    Last Slice

    2:40:35 there was a report button and vikk missed it

  • Last Slice
    Last Slice

    Chip vented and vikk didnt see it on cams