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  • Vedant Khandelwal
    Vedant Khandelwal

    Yuou shuld be arrested

  • Vedant Khandelwal
    Vedant Khandelwal

    Bruh Stop With These videos

  • nicole sturgill
    nicole sturgill

    bruh the girls 19.... jake paul is 23.....i have so many questions

  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher

    I went join team10 will you guy my name is John

  • Polaahh 78
    Polaahh 78

    Can you please blur some of the bad words like fuck and stuff

  • Devon 7 pro kid
    Devon 7 pro kid

    Yo he didn't get the arm implanted hahaha

  • Xd IsPro LOL
    Xd IsPro LOL

    Team10 more like team of 10 years old kids

  • Thane Howlett
    Thane Howlett

    Hehehe they "milked" a bull

  • velvetfrvr

    So nobody’s gonna talk abt how the start of this was COMPLETELY STOLEN from David’s vlog?

  • Alicia Manyifu
    Alicia Manyifu

    What it is called

  • Johan Argueta
    Johan Argueta

    All the family friendly vids turns rated r And the rated r vids turns family friendly

  • battery savor
    battery savor


  • Sanjay nsp
    Sanjay nsp

    Super shitty

  • Blox Egg
    Blox Egg

    This video is R rated

  • Borne gaming
    Borne gaming


  • Abigail Robinson
    Abigail Robinson

    Who remembers when jake was young in the old team 10 house

  • Elliot Avila
    Elliot Avila

    I seen you ones but my mom was a jerk and didn’t let me get a atougrath

  • storiesofrizwal

    just remembered 23 song’s lyrics

  • Mykell Bester
    Mykell Bester

    Why are your vlogs so short now make a 24 hours Challenge jake

  • Faisal Serang
    Faisal Serang

    Remember when this channel was kid friendly? Me niether.

  • Chris¿

    Wow what a way for views

  • Icepick


  • More Michael Keith
    More Michael Keith

    Jasper and Jon have to be the best addition to his team ever

  • Torey 777
    Torey 777

    9 and a 5

    • fainted is my overlord
      fainted is my overlord


    • Torey 777
      Torey 777

      @fainted is my overlord the girls

    • fainted is my overlord
      fainted is my overlord


  • Descendants3 Babies
    Descendants3 Babies

    Why did the one of them look like Nessa-

  • Saeed Ibrahim
    Saeed Ibrahim

    i am tyetes

  • Saeed Ibrahim
    Saeed Ibrahim

    Hi jake


    that coke joke is atleast 5 yrs old .. fook

  • Grizzly Adams
    Grizzly Adams

    Kind of a disgusting way to talk about people with more talent......

  • Samurai seven☑️
    Samurai seven☑️

    Kids on Xbox live in 2012 be like 0:00


    Is Anthony still at the team 10 house

  • Raúl Aranda
    Raúl Aranda

    2:47 I have no idea why I laughed at that or why it was so funny lol😂😂

  • Raabh

    *These 2 🙄 GIRLS ARE 19 YEARS OLD ??🙄🙄 😉 ARE YOU KIDDING US.. WHICH ANGLE DO THEY LOOK 19 ?* they gonna be screwed together and they leaving TEAM 10 IN THE END ANYWAYS*

  • fam chan k
    fam chan k


  • Justin Croes
    Justin Croes

    Bro u have sum Fucking Hot Roommates

  • Kevin Key
    Kevin Key

    If ksi and jake fight ksi will lose and jake will win

  • Joseph Benjamin
    Joseph Benjamin

    I THOUGHT IT WAS “every day bro”

  • Logan Kirshman
    Logan Kirshman


  • xXY33TXx

    Hes gae

  • emil surlason
    emil surlason


  • Andrea Bass-Kelly
    Andrea Bass-Kelly

    hi jake paul

  • who me
    who me

    was that a david dobrik reference

  • Diart Llumnica
    Diart Llumnica

    Where is the tesla truck?

  • Loke Englund
    Loke Englund

    Your audience is kids

  • Evie Wallis
    Evie Wallis

    i love you gies

  • SlurpEssence 407
    SlurpEssence 407

    Where's tydus or are you have you changed to much for them to live there

  • DanielJK

    bruh I did that. that manager be a OP

  • Just a Random Channel
    Just a Random Channel

    God up above there is really regretting sending The Pauls down

  • Intensify

    Shut up

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs


  • Johnnie Parker
    Johnnie Parker

    Found jakes 2 new wife’s

  • Tk Gaming
    Tk Gaming

    elle so damn fine bruh

  • RG Shots
    RG Shots

    they cow jokes

  • Adner Encarnacion
    Adner Encarnacion

    on 8:04 why he look like the guy from tiktok that says yea yea alot



  • ABG Vukan
    ABG Vukan

    Ella Dan jean is kinda cute tho

  • EpicCreator D
    EpicCreator D

    Jake Paul what is your phone number

  • Jennifer Thomason
    Jennifer Thomason


  • Moiz Ahmed
    Moiz Ahmed

    Everyone who watches jake paul is either racist or fortnite kid

  • Shakeem Brown
    Shakeem Brown

    10 bich

  • Amanda Guzman
    Amanda Guzman

    Them 2 girls are so lame

  • telegrafony

    why the hell are the likes more than dislikes here huh

  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray

    Hypericum - good and Rebecca Samola I was there anything done glitch📲🥺📲📲📲🤣😆💍🤣💍🥺🥺💍💍🥺🥺💍💍🥺📲🤣🐽😻😢💍📲🤩🤓😑🐨😭😱😨😰🤭😥🥶🥶😓🥶 🥶

  • OjTheJuiceBoy

    19? Wtf

  • Holland Wethington
    Holland Wethington

    my name is hollee

  • B9ylee

    who are these people

  • the terminator
    the terminator

    Somebody try convince thos woman to get a hotel

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez


  • Martel Evans
    Martel Evans

    Jake what the f*** is wrong with you for the boy roommates like s Natsu challenges that's once find a cow and get milk out of it what are they talking about ❤️ Emoji cry face emoji why did that have to do that you're my favorite SLtoosr is that latest SLtoosrs but she moved into a new house

  • Abigail Ridgel
    Abigail Ridgel

    Hey that girl is bryces ex her name is Elle danjean

  • Life and video games
    Life and video games


  • Diogo Sousa
    Diogo Sousa




  • Mochiii Bunz
    Mochiii Bunz

    "I have a slight Starbucks obsession" bruh-wha?

  • EnderCraftKid

    Airrack looks salty/ annoyed lol

  • Sotiris Kyriakou
    Sotiris Kyriakou

    I'm sorry this is cringy af idk how anyone could watch this

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Intro is such a classic gag.

  • Missy Thomason
    Missy Thomason

    Why did you leave the team 10 House

  • Slushy Vt
    Slushy Vt

    Man ur so cool 8 year olds are giving u money

  • Autumn Cates
    Autumn Cates

    wut the fuk

  • Kati Mangwane
    Kati Mangwane

    The cow jokes

  • ToxicAlan YT
    ToxicAlan YT

    He got me dying when he said it’s just a bunch of coke

  • XO_Athlete XO_what
    XO_Athlete XO_what

    Yuck you look that ugly

  • Frog Taco
    Frog Taco

    But Jake, arent you gay?

  • kani lewis
    kani lewis

    Hi what you doing😍😘💯📞

  • Michelle yumbla
    Michelle yumbla

    U are setting a bad example for your fans by saying bad words

  • peaxchy peaxchy
    peaxchy peaxchy

    I feel sorry for the dogs I wish they could have a better family

  • ramen sinha
    ramen sinha

    8 miss old jake

    • ramen sinha
      ramen sinha

      I meant i miss old jake

  • Kierra Peekaboo
    Kierra Peekaboo

    This seems like a miserable life tbh

  • effe chavales
    effe chavales

    are they really 19??????

  • Marie James
    Marie James


  • Baby Tokyo
    Baby Tokyo

    FBI OPEN OUT hold up boys that jake Paul we can’t go in there or will get stds

  • Mylie

    i miss the old jake 😭😭

    • Lizzy Edwards
      Lizzy Edwards

      U mean the old jake who abused his girlfriend 🙂

  • Mylie

    i used to be his biggest fan then the money got to him

  • Aspen

    Dude your viewers are legit 8 year olds

  • chanette robinson
    chanette robinson

    Jake people Paul I’m big fan

  • GøøB


  • H4omies

    No wonder Jake Paul's channel gonna turn into porn hub v2

  • Chase Rowe-Gleeson
    Chase Rowe-Gleeson


  • Extra Tom
    Extra Tom

    love Island USA has entered the chat