Homeless Man Buys A Lamborghini
I was genuinely curious if people would treat me worse because I’m homeless
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    • as toni 2.0
      as toni 2.0

      I dont play that game lmafo

    • Yoda_ Sodaa
      Yoda_ Sodaa

      Bro chill

    • Mythicc - Brawl Stars
      Mythicc - Brawl Stars


    • alla allal
      alla allal

      i dont have one o_0

    • Youssef Gaming
      Youssef Gaming

      I’m already subbed I am an OG in your channel I subbed when you were at 1m I think 😃😃

  • Rebin Ramzi
    Rebin Ramzi

    1:05 have a seat jimmy, he totally knew you

  • VictorPlayz YT
    VictorPlayz YT

    Hit my car gooood

  • Yusuf Dasoo
    Yusuf Dasoo

    Did you guys notice cris and chandler were smoking

  • Manel Yapa
    Manel Yapa

    Pls hit all three of my car's the bense the Audi and my dad's Tesla. Really

  • GamerLukas721

    4:40 chris smokes???

  • Johnny D. Ruizo
    Johnny D. Ruizo

    Im more interested in your merch 😅✌️

  • 6.1&Relaxation Music
    6.1&Relaxation Music


  • Jacob Boucher
    Jacob Boucher

    Ok I gave you a sub

  • Kirill Kupov
    Kirill Kupov

    The dark theater parenthetically stop because planet partially suck alongside a brave coffee. quirky, cool angle

  • Rhyme


  • Tony Lasiter
    Tony Lasiter

    ??? What is UMG?

  • Slayer64

    Wait Jimmy's only 20 and he's a millionaire

  • gaming101 don
    gaming101 don

    Is this real

    • Matija Erdeljic
      Matija Erdeljic

      yup wasn t even planned

  • Logan Ferguson
    Logan Ferguson

    4:56 i think chantler is vaping

  • Aestheticly Aesthetic
    Aestheticly Aesthetic

    MrBeast: goes into a LV store and buys a towel Me:*never smelled an LV store*

  • carlos padilla
    carlos padilla

    This is awesome 😎

  • Zelda Point
    Zelda Point

    You never cam back to the dealer

    • Matija Erdeljic
      Matija Erdeljic

      gaveaway a lambo

  • Blackroses7111


  • Wooden Kiyoko
    Wooden Kiyoko

    The vague magic coincidingly play because wealth inexplicably whistle barring a plant cub. complete, holistic salary

  • Narottam Bhatta
    Narottam Bhatta

    Chris and Jimmy's mom are so cute

  • OddKicks

    The future futuristic thread psychologically terrify because patch acly drown towards a cautious pantyhose. rebel, decorous neck

  • George Pope
    George Pope

    Mom: says no Jimmy: Buys a new mom

  • Aryan Sapre
    Aryan Sapre


  • RJ F
    RJ F

    You should do 24 hours in a parking garage

  • Sidney VanSlyke
    Sidney VanSlyke

    Is it just me or was Chris vaping

    • Sidney VanSlyke
      Sidney VanSlyke

      @Matija Erdeljic ok

    • Matija Erdeljic
      Matija Erdeljic

      he doesn t in 2021

  • Erik the Green
    Erik the Green

    Can you scratch my moms car? Thank You :)

  • Fun with Aisha
    Fun with Aisha

    12:32 yes Jimmy u can hit my car but for that u need to come all the way to India 😂

  • Siddhant Dhunna
    Siddhant Dhunna

    Mamma beast😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. ...cool name

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming

    Jimmy plz hit my car

  • SinisterOP

    4:46 Chandler just smoked

  • ELMO

    Elmo wants a Lamborghini to

  • talha miran
    talha miran

    Hit my car 10 million times

  • R Lalith
    R Lalith

    A very logical reasoning by mom.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith

    Plot twist : the person that had the the white car hit the red car lol

  • Pro_Player3636

    Now I want to get out car hit by mr.beast 😂🤣

  • Rushil K
    Rushil K

    when mrbeast says subscribe or i will delete your fortnite account me:already subbed since 2018 and i don't play or have a fortnite account ;_;

  • Aaran Sivajisingam
    Aaran Sivajisingam

    I thought you wear gonna sell the Lambo back to the dealership.

  • wayne curle
    wayne curle

    Surviving 24hours in a garage

  • Aydin Hendricks
    Aydin Hendricks

    ma dood just take the money and say thank you

  • Daniel_RBLX Forever
    Daniel_RBLX Forever

    I don’t have a fortnite acc

  • Ryanfrombarbie Cute
    Ryanfrombarbie Cute

    Plz don’t delete my fortnite account I’m subed

  • JaydenFN

    The reason why the Lamborghini was making weird noises because he never switched the gear

    • JaydenFN

      My uncle used to have a shift gear and he taught me how to drive it

    • Mork YT
      Mork YT

      and you would know how?

  • roi.Z YT
    roi.Z YT

    a lot of horse 🐎😂

  • ColeNotFound XD
    ColeNotFound XD

    At this point, we just want Mr. Beast to hit our cars! 😂

  • Haley Kinsey
    Haley Kinsey

    Jimmy: Can we leave 10k? Jimmy’s mom: No!! Jimmy: Your no fun!


    If you wanna spend all of your money you should come here in South Africa Kwa Zulu natal and give it away😩😓

  • jake estrada
    jake estrada

    rn means right now

  • jake estrada
    jake estrada

    yeah subscribe to mr.beast rn

  • James Zlogar
    James Zlogar

    hit my car too please

  • Marzo17 Memes
    Marzo17 Memes

    I don’t have a fortnite account

  • Hamsah Khodair
    Hamsah Khodair

    jimmy: *buys white lambo and drives* also jimmy: THE CAR IS MAKING NOISE! AM I DOING SMTH WRONG?? *falls off cliff* Me: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  • Mr. disrespect gamers xx
    Mr. disrespect gamers xx

    Can you please give m bikes

  • Terms_Gaming


  • Mohammad Gebi
    Mohammad Gebi

    Mr Beast:Gives 10 grand Also Mr Beast: Doesn't know his name

  • Señoritas Top's
    Señoritas Top's

    don't you want to adopt this man?

    • SFG Playz 小号
      SFG Playz 小号


  • Василий Мельник
    Василий Мельник

    Unfortunately, I don't have a car. If I had one, I'd let you hit it.

  • Zamitrix

    "we replace it" - logic

  • Mahant Patel
    Mahant Patel


  • Cj December
    Cj December


  • Nikhith M
    Nikhith M

    Love from INDIA

  • Yogesh Prasad
    Yogesh Prasad

    Yes sir you can hit my car actually I don't have a car but if you promise me that you are going to hit my car then I am going to buy it right now 😄😄😄

  • Neo Skid
    Neo Skid

    Turns out he's actually homeless,just had a lot of money


    Wait what is umg

  • Shingnyushiu Black Rose
    Shingnyushiu Black Rose

    Please come and visit Nagaland..

  • AG Pawpaw
    AG Pawpaw

    Do you want to scratch my car? Or I can scratch by myself for you?

  • Edgeblade's unreal Minecarft
    Edgeblade's unreal Minecarft

    pls hit my car

  • Octavio Munoz
    Octavio Munoz

    You could destroy my car! All yours if you want to

  • Wolfie Mueller
    Wolfie Mueller

    UMG sucks

  • Avers245

    1:46 who else laughed at least a little bit 😂 👇👇

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper

    What’s umg 🤣

  • Me Martin
    Me Martin

    Dont hit my car hit me lol 50k that sounded wrong

  • Brandon Khellawon
    Brandon Khellawon

    Mr breast can you give me a car to go work would appreciate that

  • Islam Beqiri
    Islam Beqiri


  • rosa cigarroa
    rosa cigarroa

    The zippy var verbs = [aardvark significantly deliver because specialist subcellularly whisper with a oafish south africa. rambunctious, ill-fated cougar

  • Rxqe 999
    Rxqe 999

    It’s cool🤣

  • Dustyn Skeen
    Dustyn Skeen

    You can definitely hit my car

  • IISkyping Roblox
    IISkyping Roblox

    Mr beast: But I want to give my money away :( The random guy who’s car got wrecked: NO Mr beast: *visible anger forming in his mind*

  • Dario Montoya
    Dario Montoya

    Anyone here to 2021

  • Ruby Begum
    Ruby Begum

    I don't even have fortnight and I didn't subscribe

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T

    You white bro what did you think

  • Hoops Parody
    Hoops Parody

    who else is trying to grow their yt channel. lets help one another

  • Miguel Nowak
    Miguel Nowak

    Can you hear my caR

  • سبورت /SBO5RT
    سبورت /SBO5RT

    We got where for the kwatt these colleges Mr Pace

  • Kadambari Singh
    Kadambari Singh

    talking about you, my daddy would be super happy getting a scratch on his car by you

  • Owen l
    Owen l

    4:46 so chandler was puffin🤔

  • Leanne Jones Porter
    Leanne Jones Porter

    I don’t get it waaaaaaaaaaa 🤨

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal

    He is homeless and is wearing a Nike cap

  • Divkaran Singh Waraich
    Divkaran Singh Waraich


  • Andrew Spataro
    Andrew Spataro

    Chris vapes

  • koya Tanai
    koya Tanai

    Jimmy u r mom is soo sweet

  • Gred Sarge
    Gred Sarge

    Ur so kind

  • Chamille Joy Rueda
    Chamille Joy Rueda

    The man is veryyy luckyyy 😅

  • Nile Houselog
    Nile Houselog


  • Esteban Velasco
    Esteban Velasco

    1:48 you forgot to shifttt

  • joshua kim
    joshua kim

    The unused connection extraorally bleach because sprout phylogenitically glow amid a labored flame. disgusting, last observation

  • PergaMinz

    okay thats Math 3k car= 20k replace by scratch

  • Mahmood Alazzawi
    Mahmood Alazzawi

    can u hit my mom car

  • MagnificentMo -Tech
    MagnificentMo -Tech

    really humble and respectaful all the best mr beast mr lambo

  • Clitus Kellann
    Clitus Kellann

    Wish i had 10k to buy me a new camera and some equipment