Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.14
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch Cycle 14 of Americas Next Top Model makeovers! We had some really cute makeovers this cycle and some very lame ones but as always I shared every last thought and opinion I had about each makeovers :)
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Leni Klotzkowski
    Leni Klotzkowski

    Omg please react to the makeovers from Germanys Next Topmodel, your gonna see toooooo many tears haha

  • Diane Lynn
    Diane Lynn

    Poor Brenda. It's a SHOCK to get your long hair cut like that. I did it to myself when I was 20 and I cried for months because it was a completely impulsive decision just to accompany a friend to the salon and deciding 'Oh, let's cut mine off'. I would have slapped that hairdresser too.

  • D S
    D S

    First of all: what’s with the Joker Cupid’s bow lip liner look the makeup artist did on almost every girl? 😂

  • Karin Bran
    Karin Bran

    I always taught that most of the "make overs" were horrible....I hated when they cut girls hair short...specially if they clearly are upset by it.

  • Jenna Zavoyna
    Jenna Zavoyna

    "john and kate plus eight" sent meeeee

  • Hannah Carson
    Hannah Carson

    My 2 favorites were Jessica and Raina's they were both blondes that went brunette

  • TheWaterMarbler

    The redhead looked like Peter Pan when they were done with her.

  • Merri Cat
    Merri Cat

    The first girl look good but that didn't look edgy

  • A.d.V_WolfGirl

    Brad really looks gorgeous in that look + outfit! I love that deep red suit! Looking SNATCHED! (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

  • Backyard Buddies
    Backyard Buddies

    All I could think about after seeing the thumbnail was “DAMN son that JAWLINE!”

  • J'nae Omiss
    J'nae Omiss

    5:30 They really just gave her the Erwin Smith special

  • Isabelle Rodriguez-Acosta
    Isabelle Rodriguez-Acosta

    First thing I saw was the dog being in a head lock

  • Tifanie Mericle
    Tifanie Mericle

    Honestly, Tyra likes to think she’s the shit but she ain’t😂 like who allowed her to make decisions about hair🤦🏻‍♀️ especially with Brenda, poor Brenda

  • lydhiia _
    lydhiia _

    why does Tyra love giving everyone karen haircuts-

  • livelyblueyes

    On Simone they did not take it up quite high enough. Had they gone up a half an inch or so with a bit better of a fade/blend it would have looked so much better

  • ananya

    The before pics are not taken properly and the after pics are taken from professional cameras with good lighting...

  • Ay Vi
    Ay Vi

    Their make up is the most hideous I have ever seen

  • Ay Vi
    Ay Vi

    They all look 40!!! WTF !? They all look so so bad....

  • SarahMariePardy

    How about Australia's next top model, or Britain and Irelands?

  • Neel A Duggal
    Neel A Duggal

    A lot of this cycle's makeovers are good examples of questionable early '10s fashion trends

  • emm cee
    emm cee

    omg please do australia's next top model

  • Josie H-R
    Josie H-R

    I just need to- ok- Why does the girl at 5:12 look like Leonardo DiCaprio like I'm sorry but she does right

  • Lucy M
    Lucy M

    I want Brads outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sealedneji

    Brenda’s haircut was so bad that later in the season Sally Herschberger cut it herself again and it looked much worse.

  • Sunny

    watch the germanys next topmodel makeovers next

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    So cute puppy.

  • Alysse Grigas
    Alysse Grigas

    got that dog ina headlock lmao

  • megbro

    Awww your doggie is so cute 💗

  • sandra graves
    sandra graves

    Today's time? This was only 7 years ago dear

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    The makeover part of the show makes Tyra seem like an evil B. Lol

  • Some Random Lady
    Some Random Lady

    When this show was new, I used to want to be on it. I was the right age and I have model bone structure in my face, but I'm SO short! My closet doors were mirrored so would watch it in my apartment and model in the mirror, and think "Why not me?" So cringy 😆 I'm 5'1😆

  • Kim van der Slik-Verspuij
    Kim van der Slik-Verspuij

    The auto-captions crack me up. At 1:02 it says 'if my uterus smells good' 😂

  • Olivia D
    Olivia D

    Not going to lie native deodorants suuuuuuck, I tried them because everyone talked about them and they didn’t live up to their hype.

  • Esther Gagnon
    Esther Gagnon

    They should just do an episode where they all shave their head to 0. Without telling them. Just like that. Everyone on the same level.

  • Lina La
    Lina La


  • Li Sa
    Li Sa

    You should react to GNTM (Germanys Next Top Model) Makeover please 🙈🥰🥰😇🙈

  • Boner San
    Boner San

    The unequaled stock sequently chop because greek intradurally pine next a fortunate pamphlet. ubiquitous, flimsy peony

  • Jamie Cordova
    Jamie Cordova

    Literally every season has at least 1 Karen or soccer mom makeover🤣

  • Stéphanie T-Gagnon
    Stéphanie T-Gagnon

    I really love your react videos you're so funny without being too shady. I love it!!!!

  • Alexis Norry Valkyren
    Alexis Norry Valkyren

    That girl who shaved her head and is now a few months into growing it again? That is me.

  • Katerina Stefanova
    Katerina Stefanova

    ‼️anybody know ren's instagram??

  • René Smook
    René Smook

    please do season 23!! with India Gants

  • Pika Eri
    Pika Eri

    Where is the episode where they bring Brad Mondo on the show? 100% need that crossover!

  • no name
    no name

    Love ur content ❤️

  • Samara Jade
    Samara Jade

    Low key Your top gives me anxiety!! Definitely waking up at 4am in a singlet boob hanging out the arm hole vibes! 🙈 if you know you know!

  • aesthete

    Is it just me or Brad keeps getting hotter every month?

  • nvrmnd

    so what's been your favorite season for makeovers, overall?

  • ꧁Ztellar Vibrationz꧂
    ꧁Ztellar Vibrationz꧂

    These hair stylists do NOT know how to cut short hair AT ALL

  • Daniela Sherman
    Daniela Sherman

    i love him hahahahahhaha kate and john 8+ plus moment

  • Mary Stombaugh
    Mary Stombaugh

    These poor girls who had to pretend to like their cuts so they wouldn't get eliminated lol

  • Madi_the_official


  • Watt The Faqameye
    Watt The Faqameye

    Ooooh my god when you clocked that one pixie cut as just an overgrown buzzcut I felt very attacked

  • Penelope Kar
    Penelope Kar

    Question: Why do the "before" pictures look like mugshots?

  • Lollita Hey
    Lollita Hey

    I feel like Tyra was jealous of alot of the girls and messed them up.

  • Chris Crisis
    Chris Crisis

    10:30 hair is amazing, lip line disgusting. That makeup artist didn’t make it happen for me

  • Ginger Hernandez
    Ginger Hernandez

    Wtf is hair being "too sexy," Tyra? She was were just jealous of her beautiful red hair.

  • Rebecca Gonzalez
    Rebecca Gonzalez

    These makeovers stressed me out

  • Clara Nadine
    Clara Nadine

    10:21 HOLD UP. Bruh the cupids bow they gave her looks terrible XD Her natural lip shape is so cool, they shoulda stayed with it

  • thisisnancybot

    OMG when they chopped off that poor redhead’s hair....

  • Amanda Sutton
    Amanda Sutton

    So I just realized that one of the contestants for this cycle, Anslee, was a girl I went to school with.... like elementary, middle AND high school (we went to large schools and never had classes together). Good for her! They did her dirty with those bad highlights, though.

  • lol123

    omfg you have so beautiful eyes, they are glowing like diamonds ♥

  • therabbithat

    5:00 tfw you're too pretty for a makeover . . . i wish i knew what it felt like ha ha

  • Buma Pech
    Buma Pech

    You could just react to other Top Model shows... for example Germanys Next Topmodel... its Heidi Klums show...

  • kittysmileyface1

    tfw he says 7 years is such a long time and ur sitting here like ooof me and my 9 years

  • Gamer_Rade

    Tara Banks really just unleashed her trauma on these girls, huh...

  • Lelia Dennis
    Lelia Dennis

    bro the dog in a headlock tho is he okay

  • Holley McGinnis
    Holley McGinnis

    as if the hair wasn't bad enough, the makeup was tragic. The eyes often looked cool, but the lips looked like someone took a coloured sharpie to the mouths

  • kaka kiki
    kaka kiki


  • dembonez19

    RE - Comments about production not liking Anslee. I definitely feel like there were some girls they just wanted to see fail, so they gave them horrible makeovers. Look at how far Jessica, Raina, Alexandra, and Krista went. They either didn't touch them or gave them great makeovers. Ren would've made it far too had she cared. Her first photo was amazing.

  • Angelica Del Sette
    Angelica Del Sette

    You are the funniest. Love your videos

  • 86upsmaya

    So.... chop off long hair to a pixie cut, and give short hair girls long hair 🤣

  • kattelyn92

    Is the premise of this to make them look as bad as possible to add to the challenge of the show? Wow

  • PixelCat43

    14:33 Professional Karen cut.

  • Zofia b
    Zofia b

    ainsley (or however u spell it) looked SO mad in the final look pic pls

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill

    I know you arent but looks like the dog is getting choked out

  • Samantha McMillan
    Samantha McMillan

    you should make your own model/hair model show, Brads next top Model, you would be amazing at it! :)

  • Yandolito

    As a girl w 4A hair who's sported a buzzcut and a TWA several times, the way they shaved the sides of Simone's hair was painful... Please learn how to properly shape the short hair when you shave it off... there's a reason people who do this are barbers only or take extra classes after they have their regular Hairdresser certification...

  • Rose Groshek
    Rose Groshek

    Tyra literally admits to fucking girls up because they are too pretty or sexy. That is so sadistic

  • phemyda94

    It would be so fun if before they did the reveal you told us what kind of makeover you would give each contenstant!

  • Daniela C Ferreira
    Daniela C Ferreira

    Why am I feeling that Anslee looks just like Uma Thurman in the crying scene?

  • Eksynyt Molekyyli
    Eksynyt Molekyyli

    Yeah, the deodorant that is available only to residents of 10 countries for some surely "good" reason. Fortunately I found another one where the company has no issues to ship worldwide.

  • Lindsay French
    Lindsay French

    Bergamot has exfoliation. You can burn a hole through styrofoam with it.

  • emmamaria

    I really like how you talk about your sponsor's product! You give all the information without making it sound lifeless and just like an ad. Excellent work! Also enjoy your humour

  • Rawan Basil
    Rawan Basil

    Brad: i will literally slap the hair dressed 🤣🤣 Same bruh

  • Eliza Carrie
    Eliza Carrie

    Brad mondo: Concerned a model hasn't gotten a professional haircut in 7 years me: 20 and never gotten a professional haircut *ever*

  • Catapillargirl 20
    Catapillargirl 20

    Tyra seems like shes on drugs and really happy torturing these girls 👎🏻

  • Not me Not me
    Not me Not me

    12:10 the after looks like Lilly reihnhart

  • Marley Peace
    Marley Peace

    I can’t with the weaves. Ma’am come to the projects I’ll hook you up

  • Kaitlyn Moul
    Kaitlyn Moul

    Lmaooo that Angie girl the girl with the square jaw and fudged up short hair low key looks like spencer Reid season 1 of criminal minds... except one of them pulled it off and the other didn’t, and it wasn’t Angie for sure....

  • Mariel Davidson
    Mariel Davidson

    Are we not going to talk about the makeup they put on those girls bc whats up with all the eyeshadow?!

  • Kay


  • lily

    They really made her look like a Karen

  • sapphirejynx

    I never in my life clicked on one of your vids SO FAST than I did when I read "Next Top Model" in the title and saw a KAREN cut in the thumbnail. They did her SO dirty!! LOL

  • Marie Slhok
    Marie Slhok

    Is it just me or do they all look like a bad version of early 2000s?

  • M N
    M N

    The make-up was awful. The hairstyles terrible or well ya.... They should sue them. Let Brad Mondo do their hair.

  • CorruptedDivinity

    I remember when they aired that episode I loved Raina's makeover, she looked so ahead of the time and you still can't go wrong with that look these days. Loved her 'wolf face'. Too bad she got scammed and didn't win.

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha

    Looking back, I’m surprised Kayla didn’t get crap for hating her hair cut. Seems like every time a girl feels anything other then loving/owning her haircut. You could hate it and still work it. Seems like anytime someone hated it, they set them up by asking their feelings and then being like “you need to suck it up.” Why’d you ask then if you’re just going to shut down their honest feelings?

  • rat baby
    rat baby

    bruh these makeovers be which 8 grader boy haircut shall we choose

  • Kim Boyer
    Kim Boyer

    Tyra is psycho!

  • Mona L
    Mona L

    How about reacting to the makeover of Germanys Next Top Model? 😂

4,9 mio.