Today imposters can place VENTS anywhere on the map in this Among Us mod!
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  • Stuart Greedy
    Stuart Greedy

    Mod idea: crew mates can play dead

  • hazel fordyce
    hazel fordyce

    Ooooh u could make a crewposter where they can vent and sabotage and some other crazy stuff!!!! 😁😁😁😁

  • Joud ElMourad
    Joud ElMourad

    Which is the best channel

  • Susan Grootenboer
    Susan Grootenboer

    Lovers mod pls

  • Angie M
    Angie M

    Dead crew mates have 10 seconds to seek revenge on killer. Revenge ideas: restart kill cool down, make imposter slow, or relocate imposter.

  • Nisha Bellot
    Nisha Bellot

    If i was the sniper i would SNIPE the Crew


    He is the best SLtoosr of all time


    Love him

  • Cameron Meloy
    Cameron Meloy

    Wait am I outside the map oh that is so broken (SSundee 2021)

  • Kryštof Chmel
    Kryštof Chmel

    How the frick can I install this?

  • Michael Melrose
    Michael Melrose

    im a big fan of you ssundee

  • mira chidambaram
    mira chidambaram

    Shout out to @kinn jamac

  • Preeth Shah
    Preeth Shah

    Put mod as crewmates can fight back

  • Past Shouto
    Past Shouto


  • Adrian Khoo FMC
    Adrian Khoo FMC

    mod idea: a crewmate can see all imposters but mute all game

  • Guarded 7006
    Guarded 7006

    make a mod the the imp can become a cod player that has a AK47 and a RPG to use! EDIT: also put in a sniper that when you use it you see THE HOLE MAP and where ever you click the person you clicked on DIES! plz and ty

  • Fernando Heredia
    Fernando Heredia

    23:26 WAS SO FUNNY

  • ArguelloWins -YT
    ArguelloWins -YT

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we were dabbing on are dads

  • Dominic Fanelli
    Dominic Fanelli

    Make a “every is invisible mod”

  • Dominic Fanelli
    Dominic Fanelli

    You are the best.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cody Frederick
    Cody Frederick

    Mario in among us

  • Diego Larez
    Diego Larez

    you should do a venom one

  • Rollie Colie22
    Rollie Colie22

    IT WORKS! The like button did turn blue!!

  • Aahil Ketekar
    Aahil Ketekar

    dragon mod

  • Lacey King
    Lacey King


  • Arc the Innovator
    Arc the Innovator

    8:07 Henwy: Can you place a vent while doing a task? Me: No because you can't do tasks as an imposter.

  • Archie Player
    Archie Player

    morph mod where you can turn into people

  • dookie vishara
    dookie vishara

    if u get this please do hide and seek or super women or man

  • Sammy Salazar
    Sammy Salazar

    You sould make a 𝕫𝕠𝕞𝕓𝕚𝕖 mode and there is two buttons one to infect and infect bomb and your videos are great!

  • Mara Quiros
    Mara Quiros

    Can you play Roblox

  • oli stoia
    oli stoia

    King has a funny face

  • Cooper Bean
    Cooper Bean

    fortnite mod

  • Sandra Sandra
    Sandra Sandra

    Spider man mode pls

  • Nitin Kothari
    Nitin Kothari

    Hi there Ssundee can u make a mod where the imposter has a sniper gun and if u dont like these mods dont dislike just tell him what he can improve

  • Sasha Page
    Sasha Page

    1 min kill

  • Sasha Page
    Sasha Page

    Do an grandma imposter

  • Deven Ramos
    Deven Ramos

    I want a dog mod with the imposter can turn into a giant dog and release a dog army

  • Aslak Potet
    Aslak Potet

    Nice game can you have a mod when you can kill two times in the same time 👇

  • mckenzie Blake
    mckenzie Blake

    you should do everyone is invisible but the imp cant see the crewmates

  • Sangeet Katariya
    Sangeet Katariya

    Do king and queen map or lovers

  • Silly Perrin
    Silly Perrin


  • Keron John
    Keron John

    The flash

  • Matthew Pourciau
    Matthew Pourciau

    My like button turns black lol

  • Blaisebug


  • Mathieu Smith
    Mathieu Smith

    What does dog water mean?

  • Scorpion

    Why is king sound so depressed every vid

  • 123letsgo boi
    123letsgo boi

    How do you get mods in among us

  • Albanian. pro
    Albanian. pro

    Do heroes mode

  • SHAURYA 91680
    SHAURYA 91680

    stop saying dog water there are kids watching

  • Jacqueline Chaplin
    Jacqueline Chaplin

    I love that mod😂I wish I was playing with yll😭😂it look fun

  • Rena Klein
    Rena Klein

    The like button will turn black

  • Hg Slime
    Hg Slime


  • Lauren Frazer
    Lauren Frazer


  • Lauren Frazer
    Lauren Frazer

    The like button turns white SSundee

  • Natalie Roberts
    Natalie Roberts

    do a light head mod were you can trap peoploe in a cage and burn them and blind them

  • hankoldenburg

    New mod mega ultra imposter god basicly every mod ever

  • Jeff Pasma
    Jeff Pasma

    Every time you get a kill as the imposter a new ability appears and same for creumembers but when they vote out the imposter

  • Irish_EnderMan

    Ok but what the fuc is "dog water"?!!??!?!!?!

  • Mallory's Adventures
    Mallory's Adventures

    I like how they are still voting out Henwy even though they heard the noises

  • Arya Nuhan
    Arya Nuhan


  • Paul johnson
    Paul johnson

    Hide and seek

  • Kayla Warren
    Kayla Warren

    Why does he repeat everything he says

  • Eric Metzger
    Eric Metzger

    My like button is black when I like 😭😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😡

  • Jessica Millersville the same
    Jessica Millersville the same


  • Kinsey Zieman
    Kinsey Zieman

    iron man mod

  • Erica W
    Erica W

    Spider mode

  • John Tracey
    John Tracey

    I like this video

  • Mr. Hannan 's VIDEOS
    Mr. Hannan 's VIDEOS

    Hey lol why is King has a human face😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Fatal error
    Fatal error

    SSundee.....SSundee.....SSundee, say this and do it in the dark in the bathroom, with candles. Try the ritual, good luck.

  • Marcello Figueroa-Tallarico
    Marcello Figueroa-Tallarico

    Nico is always first

  • Christy Werner
    Christy Werner

    My like but did not turn blue but I hit it

  • anthony Phung
    anthony Phung

    The nosy step-daughter rarely step because brace undesirably plant off a shy deal. undesirable, uppity father

  • Tim Lunn
    Tim Lunn

    It turns black

  • Maidah Islam
    Maidah Islam

    His face a 0.0 hahhahahahahah oh Ssundee

  • Gina Kaliabakas
    Gina Kaliabakas

    Ban and invisible crewmates imposter can ban other players plz ssundee

  • sawfiler1

    do among us but your slow

  • Minecraft and roblox
    Minecraft and roblox

    I want to monster Mod

  • Lillian Ritchie
    Lillian Ritchie

    The like button for me turns black

  • Roisin Smith
    Roisin Smith

    I have a mode Idea, Where The Imposter has a 2 min cool down And The Crewmates have 50 tasks :>

  • Molly Danni
    Molly Danni

    Pls go subscribe to @Unicorn Unity

  • Simeon Ileka
    Simeon Ileka

    Flash mods

  • Navigator Kid
    Navigator Kid

    broooooooo i could not stop laughing when ssundee just wented outside and palsed a went there like bruuuuuuuuh loooooooool XXDD

  • Jonathan Bellville
    Jonathan Bellville

    nooo it 14:59

  • Viper_skit Vp
    Viper_skit Vp

    eVENTually that’s a joke

  • Peter Alexander
    Peter Alexander

    Make a sonic mod form among us

    • Delia Padilla-Perez
      Delia Padilla-Perez

      Form What is form its for

  • vikram sekhar
    vikram sekhar

    Among us people is can you make dead and be still alive but the inmposter can still kill the dead body??????.

  • Charlotte Salmon
    Charlotte Salmon

    The family mod

  • Khaotic TTV
    Khaotic TTV

    Jesus Christ luvs us all. ❤️

  • John Michael Rabe
    John Michael Rabe

    mod is ant man pls

  • Tess Jeffrey
    Tess Jeffrey


  • NoobyBooby

    13:24 Loooooaaaaff

  • the gordon donuts
    the gordon donuts

    do one so the spy can place cams

  • Vasilisa Kutuzov
    Vasilisa Kutuzov

    Luv u SSUNDEE

  • Neda Lakic
    Neda Lakic

    Can u do for the imposter a horse and the crew mates are cowboys and cow girls and they have to watch out for the horse

  • xd Roshi
    xd Roshi

    Credit bakbak

  • Joshua Emanis
    Joshua Emanis

    Sigils is a bot

  • Joshua Emanis
    Joshua Emanis

    Your vids are hilarious keep making them!

  • Joshua Emanis
    Joshua Emanis

    Wait the like button turns blue !? I totally didn't know that.

  • Dawah Al Tawheed
    Dawah Al Tawheed

    U Kiko

  • Margaret Holden
    Margaret Holden

    I think you should do spiderman