A Slapping Demon Has Awakened
This is the greatest slapping demon of All Time

  • Agelu Pogisa
    Agelu Pogisa

    lol... a man with a strong cheek... love that bro....lol

  • Kaczor Game
    Kaczor Game

    I Kunow 🤘

  • Andrew Jackdaw
    Andrew Jackdaw

    The Number below is better if it is lower as that number is betting odds... Lower number more possible to win..

  • canadiananim8r

    5:54 isnt the higher number bad? like youd win MORE money better for them because theyre less likely to win? im pretty sure thats how odds work

  • KimikoKiyumi

    10:42 We don't need a ring girl with those puppies.. xD

  • Obey The Producer
    Obey The Producer

    Peach down

  • mrBoopityWoop

    new sub. more slaps pls

  • *tooshy tashy*
    *tooshy tashy*

    Charlies commentary is killing me. Lmfao

  • Curly Fries
    Curly Fries

    I love the cameo from Slime in this polish slapping tournament, he’s doin what he can to keep Ludwig’s gambling addiction from breaking his channel 😌

  • YellowPeep KingSheets
    YellowPeep KingSheets

    The table is in the way, they need to move it

  • Crimson Bot
    Crimson Bot

    The separate intestine relatively request because botany formally deceive on a voracious tabletop. material, loose airship

  • JG Ballard
    JG Ballard

    Just when you think the world has sunk to a new low, along comes the next wave of stupidity. Why is this even a thing? Utter stupidity. It's two guys slapping each other across the cheek, ffs. Is there a reason they can't box?

  • P U N I S H E R
    P U N I S H E R

    9:16 Creepiest fucking face ever 🤣🤣

  • Vox populi Vox Dei
    Vox populi Vox Dei

    i want a game on steam of that

  • Brien Antill
    Brien Antill

    10:14 on the replay you can see the guy on the right reach his hand out like " Oh my God are you okay? " 😂😂

  • Don Cav
    Don Cav

    WTF? This is the dumbest sh*t ever, but proves people just love violence. Sick! To each their own

    • JG Ballard
      JG Ballard

      I know, right? Two guys bitch slapping each other. You couldn't make it up.

  • JP30th

    5:45 those odds mean the guy on the right is the favourite not the left

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard

    1:29 the ceremonial greeting of the guts.

  • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez
    Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

    That werewolf lookin ass dude was leggit scary, but he was like "are you okay bro?" After each hit, kinda funny

  • Mick DogKronK
    Mick DogKronK

    Freestyle slapping lol

  • Scorpa The idiot
    Scorpa The idiot


  • chuck guerin
    chuck guerin

    They have to fix that table width. It is ripping off a lot of guys. When I can hold your face like a lover. And opponent has to stretch whole body just to even connect. Is BULL. Fix It Or I will quit watching sport.

  • Pori Tongia
    Pori Tongia

    i dont think my man charlie knows how odds work😂

  • Ursus Gameing
    Ursus Gameing

    at some point i tryed clicking notification bell :I

  • Adam Flick
    Adam Flick

    6:13 To be faaaaaaaaiiiiiir. Lol

  • Kay Tschumps
    Kay Tschumps

    Wasnt the guy on the right favouref at 5:50 since there was less money if you voted for him

  • Bonswally

    I'd like to see a young Bas Ruten enter

  • Stefan Karwowski
    Stefan Karwowski

    its all about you

  • Lotus

    d a b i n k y less gooo

  • Jester Ester
    Jester Ester

    Come on, why did they have to dress these big ass dudes in super tight shirts n pants. That league is probably making big bucks with all those sponsors and only paying the winners 🤣

  • MacguffinsTV

    Why don't they penalize for head movement before slap? The angry dude was definitely moving his away from the slap, not a ton, but enough to notice.


    For a guy that makes a really angry face he's actually pretty caring after slapping his opponent.

  • Faiz Azmi
    Faiz Azmi

    10:15 wow, he about to say "I'm sorry" to his opponent because he hit him so hard

  • Ceviche 4 life
    Ceviche 4 life

    Jakub looks like the nice guy but after 10 years in a temple training

  • Amaterasu User
    Amaterasu User

    When Jesus likes violence. 😂

  • nkuna Ntlakuso
    nkuna Ntlakuso

    Whats kevin owens doing there 😂😂😂

  • Adam Buglyo
    Adam Buglyo

    That one guy that growls all time is a fkn weirdo

  • cleiton da silva da silva da silva da silva
    cleiton da silva da silva da silva da silva

    13:13 even tho he didnt colapse it was a pretty satisfying slap it made me happy the hand of zales did fit perfectly in that man's face like it was made for it

  • The Gaming
    The Gaming

    That wolf guy was giving angry looks, but he was really nice, and was showing concern when he rattled his opponent

  • List Less
    List Less

    zales reminds me of gru from despicble

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Why tf are they all posing so weird in literally everything lol

  • Michael in Seattle
    Michael in Seattle

    I love this show

  • Natalia

    Between 3:00 and 3:20 I was losing my mind 💀💀💀

  • LeBron Shipp
    LeBron Shipp

    I met a girl that looks just like this guy before.. well minus the face hair😂🤣

  • Johnny From Georgia
    Johnny From Georgia

    Jakub looks like an ark survival character that you made the pecks disproportionately big

  • Dakotah Steier
    Dakotah Steier

    they all look like they have severe gyno.

  • Nothing

    0:55 Vulpix is the poke's name

  • ben nichols
    ben nichols

    how is it scored , its like they guess lol

  • mR. wigleegiggle5
    mR. wigleegiggle5

    13:16 slap looks like a fucking Arkham takedown

  • sjorwen

    Dude, do you even know how odds work?

  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills

    In American football, they worry about concussions. In this sport, concussions are kind of the point.

  • Igen Operator
    Igen Operator

    some are cheating, they move their head when slap is coming!

  • Peter 4 2 Liter
    Peter 4 2 Liter

    13:18 you ever been slapped so hard you grab your face after to make sure its still there

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson

    Table needs to be more narrow. Some of these guys have more of a reach advantage.

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma

    We are in for a real ass greaser. Facts man

  • J. M. M.
    J. M. M.

    penguinz0: a slapping demon has awakened a demon: is that a joke or a compliment?

  • Golden Sagittarian
    Golden Sagittarian


  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    That fkn slap had me dying 🤣 "was that sound out of a saturday cartoon"

  • BigFatRillos

    Coulnd't they buy some shit that fit these guys. Like they didn't know who they invited a bunch of huge dudes. And who thought spandex pants were good at any point in time in history on a guy. Especially these guys.

  • Rezouli

    10:10 Can we just appreciate this sportsmanship king? Nearly knocks him out, but just from the stagger, he goes from Demon to worried.

    • Kaedon Whiton
      Kaedon Whiton

      You could straight up tell that he was legit worried that he knocked him out or something

  • Ronin the Troll Next Door
    Ronin the Troll Next Door

    In this episode of the anime we learn Charlie doesn't understand how odds work

  • isoldaDoesStuff

    now I get why the first furry I ever met is Polish


    Saruman Slapping Championship

  • 0123four

    *the potency*

  • Jay Walters
    Jay Walters

    Lol I love this guy

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero

    13:35 Gru's got some powerful hands

  • Sage Florentino
    Sage Florentino

    This guy’s comments kills me that’s why I even subscribed to his channel😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥South Africa 🇿🇦approves my brother keep up the good funny work😎💣💪🏽

  • FrdmCostBucO5

    The "War from Warsaw" needs a better manager lol, call him "Warsaw War". Much better

  • sugarFree

    the 3rd guy looks like the nice guy just lifted some weights and came back

  • Saul David Serrano Arcelay
    Saul David Serrano Arcelay

    Ol boy got slapped and did the home alone face😂😂😂😂

  • Bwsty Aira
    Bwsty Aira

    I felt so obligated to work out WHILE watching this video...

  • Боян Клачар
    Боян Клачар

    He doesn’t know who bets works

  • Razorsharp

    Every single one looks like they`re about to cry

  • J Dubb
    J Dubb

    This can’t be good for the 🧠. On the other hand, slap knockouts are a great way to meditate or at least get some quality sleep. Just look at the peaceful look on these guys’ faces when they trust fall backwards.

  • Tine Tannies
    Tine Tannies

    could there be a more Russian sport than this?

  • Smeg Head
    Smeg Head

    We are in for a real ass greaser best line I have heard in a long time

  • Cameron Shapiro
    Cameron Shapiro

    Clearly Da binky is YAH BABEEE

  • Casper F. Ghost
    Casper F. Ghost

    *“Fucking Yolked....Like Synthol out the Asshole”* Is by far my favourite Moist quote yet

  • blu menthal
    blu menthal

    Legendary slap demon

  • Utkarsh Anuse
    Utkarsh Anuse

    4:24 That's what she said

  • Zendekka

    If those guys are polish, and I am polish, holy shit does that mean I’m gonna be a fucking Titan?

  • GreatUnwashedMass

    Can we get the Pauls involved in this?

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    It's a wild sport anyways, but even more wild when extremely morbidly obese people squeeze into those shirts just to get a concussion from a man built like a brick shit house. I'm not saying fat people can't be strong, MANY are. But the fat dudes of the slapping world look like they have been sitting on a couch eating Doritos and Tostitos pizza rolls nonstop for decades...

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    "Why do good girls like bad guys" Charlie really just threw me back to 2012 huh

  • Max Soap
    Max Soap

    5:09 buddy in black seems to be standing a little further back when he takes slaps even looks like he takes a shimmy forward after gettin slapped

  • John Trains
    John Trains

    13:40. He got hit so hard he tried to hide from the pain

  • AntwanBeezy y
    AntwanBeezy y

    Cte slap😭😭

  • Christopher Bentley
    Christopher Bentley

    What? It looks like the nice guy went backstage juiced up and came back as Bane.

  • Ergi

    haahhahaha i lovehow charlie knows nothing about bets and how the numbers work, that's a man who knows the worth of money lmao

  • Alec Niyonkuru
    Alec Niyonkuru

    Charli really put slapping contests on the map

  • Wippity Drippity
    Wippity Drippity

    He held his head as if he was double checking if it was still on the shoulders

  • Emco Crek
    Emco Crek

    imagine the first turn being on you, you hit your opponent and after that you surrender and go home.

  • Keiko

    That guy that looked angry when receiving the slap definitely watched too many anime

  • Manuel Constantino
    Manuel Constantino

    “does he thinks he’s in a magic the gathering tournament?” Took me off guard

  • Ted Whiting
    Ted Whiting

    If I turn the volume off I can actually watch the video

  • Alex Das Liebe
    Alex Das Liebe

    @4:54 Beards protect vs impact. Bald face is at a disadvantage.

  • Tod Atkinson
    Tod Atkinson

    They need a slimmer table for the fat guys...:((

  • Lukas Znachor
    Lukas Znachor

    Greetings from Poland

  • RegClumsy

    “He looks way to wholesome to be slapping” had me dying 😂

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