Beef Jerky Is A Scam
This is the greatest scam expose of All Time

  • Broncobobjr

    BKH JERKY IN VANCOUVER BC. Don't waste your money elsewhere! :)

  • Justus A
    Justus A

    *Laughs in biltong* Biltong is superior by light years.

  • T W
    T W

    It’s the packaging!! That packaging is an optical illusion. You see that window thinking that the whole back is full when in reality that is ALL OF IT. You see IT ALL.


    The thing is, the Jerky is x4 bigger (literally a whole piece of stake) except they drained all the liquids out of it and dried it.

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man

    You mean they are EA games but for beef jerky it really should be illegal for them to give so little for an unhealthy snack I don’t understand.

  • treyspurge

    Pro tip: make your own jerky it’s very low effort just fill the tray with meat, put in machine, and set a timer.

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video 😨😨😨

  • Peoples38 games
    Peoples38 games

    That’s why I eat old trapper jerky

  • NyCashOne

    Look like a skinny Chum Lee

  • porson

    Over here in the UK it's 2 pound for a packet of Jack links and I think that's 3 dollars

  • Vince Rodriguez
    Vince Rodriguez

    Goto Cosco and grab two FAT bags for 15 bucks. You guys are suckers buying jerky from 711

  • Joshua Amado
    Joshua Amado

    In unrelated news beef jerky company shares plummet

  • Thomas Holland
    Thomas Holland

    Now actually thinking about it. This actually makes since

  • kspartan0408 ,
    kspartan0408 ,

    you should try Lorissas kitchen beef jerky

  • jojo dashosh
    jojo dashosh

    You need to eat R meat. Get some R Jerky at no scams over there!!

  • Ben Redfern
    Ben Redfern

    Just realized he sounds like a slightly deeper Ross from friends

  • AndyTheMany instagram
    AndyTheMany instagram

    Good hypothesis bad experiment

  • Dustin Hamm
    Dustin Hamm

    How do you classify what a 'full' piece is?

  • Dustin Hamm
    Dustin Hamm

    It's not like they're tricking you. It tells you by weight what you're getting. If you don't like the prices make it yourself.

  • Tyler Buckley
    Tyler Buckley

    Charlie, try old trapper

  • Zachary Clownphobic
    Zachary Clownphobic

    Beef is expensive, and dehydrating is a bit of a process. Then it has to be flavoured, packaged, and sent. I know its expensive but like idk what you want em to do


    I’m starting a beef jerky business and I’m doing it the right way

  • Josh Stotts
    Josh Stotts

    That's why I make my own jerky

  • The Fat Punisher
    The Fat Punisher

    The Jerky Jerks

  • TwitchCat YHLT
    TwitchCat YHLT

    If there's any VTuber fan here, you may know a VTuber called Mori Calliope and she likes Charlie's content cuz Charlie is Jesus and Mori is the Grim reaper

  • Oynlen Geymer
    Oynlen Geymer

    one bag in my local store is $40 for 500grams $40 Austral;ian

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    How do people not know this?

  • Jamie Daly
    Jamie Daly

    Jack Links is only £1.70 in UK

  • DRIP

    been sayin this for years now honestly

  • Kenny Salaga
    Kenny Salaga

    and this is why i make my own beef jerky lmao you get more than double the jerky for the same price

  • Logan Main
    Logan Main

    Five finger discount

  • B V
    B V

    Finally someone brings this to attention

  • WOLF Gaming
    WOLF Gaming

    You must be so rich’ve got like a million dollars worth of jerky there!


    Weight the jerky

  • H Money
    H Money

    Beef jerky wtf man.

  • ShitRocker

    I thought they would get scientific and at least make some of their own to see how much un-dehydrated meat goes into the process....silly me.

  • Lucas Nolte
    Lucas Nolte

    So which one of you watching this video is going to make their own jerky company now?

  • Robert Reville
    Robert Reville

    It's called dehydration

  • Austin Garcia
    Austin Garcia

    Buy jerky from hunters and that way your money is also going to wildlife/environmental conservation. Venison jerky is amazing and is actually worth the price instead of getting scammed by the big companies

  • drew poulin
    drew poulin

    Seems like 4 to 5$ per pound which is roughly 75% water, so 1 pound gets you around 4oz. So you get more with better quality making it yourself. Between employees, spices, and distribution it seems somewhat fair to charge 6+ for the store bought.

  • brian topps
    brian topps

    Beef is expensive

  • Ethan Santiny
    Ethan Santiny

    I recommend bucees jerky. Little bit more expensive but you get like over 3x the amount of jerky. It’s also some good shit too

  • PhenixSlayer

    I typically don't buy jerky unless it's $1 or less per ounce.

  • Matthew Burgner
    Matthew Burgner

    They sell it by the ounce. You price it by the ounce. Bro for someone as well versed as yourself, how do not understand how food works?! I used to look for jerky that was around $1 per ounce, could only find that price on the big like $11 bags you know? How much do you pay for steak? Someone cooked this shit and put it in a handy little bag that you can take anywhere and you're too stupid to find a decent deal so you're mad at the whole system. Hahaha this is the most ridiculous concept 😂

  • jackcbr600

    Each bag is about two pounds of steak before it dehydrated. You pay more for the water in steaks

  • Mj Jones
    Mj Jones

    Have you ever made jerky though.... I mean you can start with 5lbs of meat and end up with like nothing

  • Low Hz
    Low Hz

    An 8oz steak runs around 15 bucks. So you dehydrate that same steak and lose almost 80% of the volume of the meat your left with 2oz of dried meat. This is why jerky is so expensive...

  • Interstellar Celestial
    Interstellar Celestial

    Bro I love jerky but lowkey they're is literally nothing in the bags, and they are so overpriced for how little is in there.

  • princesspumpkinpanty

    You were lazy and paid for convenience, you're only mad at yourself.

  • InfoScholar

    This sounds like discussions I heard during Grad School, in certain *ahem* circumstances, in group discussions, in the wee hours...cough cough.

  • Maurio Moseley
    Maurio Moseley

    i worked at walmart n i never complained about the jerky prices .... ... Because i stole every bag of jerky i ever ate from walmart

  • Zachary Whiters
    Zachary Whiters

    I got a 15$ bag I’ll buy and send to you guys that Ik you wouldn’t be dissatisfied with 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • carlovesyou

    why beef jerky

  • Zombiecraft

    you should make your own.

  • The Bloody Talker
    The Bloody Talker

    Make your own. I spend $30 on 5lbs of london broil and have 2 gallon bags of berkey when I am done. Also it is way better than the store shit.

  • Neuro Hack
    Neuro Hack

    Go to your local jerky manufacturers! You can get double that which is the actual value for money

  • digiprez77

    Mike's Country Meats from Tigerton, Wisconsin. You can find it online. $26 for a pound of the best jerky in the world. The Hot Jamaican is my favorite. Blows all this crap out of the water.

  • Jessica Amanda
    Jessica Amanda

    You gotta buy wholesale jerky Charlie

  • DieZel Mayweather
    DieZel Mayweather

    Near me in Illinois we have a place called Reams Meat Market they make their own in house beef jerky you get waaay more jerky per dollar.

  • Pizza Pizza
    Pizza Pizza

    Well as someone who makes jerky homemade regularly I have a few explanations. one pound of fresh beef shrinks by over half when dried. it takes about 2.5 pounds of beef to make one pound of jerky. it also takes quite a bit of time and patience to make good jerky. not to mention we are in a pandemic and the price of beef has gone up. generally if I have to buy the meat and all the seasonings and sauces to marinade the beef it can cost upwards of 40 dollars for 1.5 pounds of jerky if the meat is not on sale. even more expensive if you buy a better cut of beef. So you have to think logically here. if I spend 3 days on a batch of high quality jerky I'm going to charge for it plain and simple. its not very cheap to make, it takes time if you make it right, and it is freaking delicious! not trying to be a Karen here but conspiracy theory debunked. oh and the reason they have a monopoly on the jerky game is because there is a million restrictions and guidelines you have to follow to sell dried beef. I have looked into it as a possible business venture but sadly I don't think its worth it unless you have millions in the bank account.

  • Rudy Soto
    Rudy Soto

    I love jerky honestly make ur own 6 dollars can make u the whole pound and it tastes way better or go to your local Mexican meat market usually have fresh jerky 14 dollars a pound half pound is like 8 bags of jack links

  • Jeremy Gaug
    Jeremy Gaug

    Make it yourself and save lots of 💰 And you can season it however you like

  • Sven H.
    Sven H.

    The beef jerky you buy required 3 times the amount of quality beef to produce. So a 3 oz bag is 9 ozs of premium beef. Which explains why it's so expensive - sorry, not a scam.

  • grnsgottaM

    One thing to consider, regarding jerky is that half the weight of the meat is lost in the drying process. It’s still expensive, but worth mention.

  • Kevin Bahri
    Kevin Bahri

    nobody tell him about potato chips for real though, you can buy good homemade jerky vacuum sealed and shipped to you from ebay. I got 10 lbs for $70 really good stuff too

  • CrazySmash Vlad
    CrazySmash Vlad

    My germophobic inner self is screaming in pain watching this video.

  • waldo coetzee
    waldo coetzee

    You must order you some south African beef jerky (biltong)its also dried beef with fucking nice spices on its fucking good to eat🤤 you pronounce biltong like bil like bill the name and tong like thong without the H or 🤣 i just don't hope you roast me for any English mistakes i speak afrikaans ,its like the dutch language just a bit different but we have very much english words and similarities in our language for people that is afrikaans its easy to learn English and for English easy to learn afrikaans sorry if i bore you lol give me a thumbs up if you find this cool me and my son freaks out on your videos fucking hilarious and interesting

  • Grandzilla

    We will rise against Big jerky!

  • Mike Giorgianni
    Mike Giorgianni

    Ive stopped buying it for a good few years cause its too expensive.

  • Dc Sc
    Dc Sc


  • Jason Wren
    Jason Wren

    You can do better just making your own beef jerky. The price of beef round is not much more then a price of Jack Link's and you can make 10 times as much jerky then what comes in the pack of any these.

  • Essence Dreamer
    Essence Dreamer

    get old trapper beef jerkey

  • XCarter_CarsX

    I’ve always thought this but never spoke up.

  • Matt Emmick
    Matt Emmick

    Make it yourself. Lol.. it's still expensive to do it yourself too.

  • youssef khaled
    youssef khaled

    real niggas don't buy jerky they jam it like mans used to make them restock that shit so much and we never bought it

  • Shadow Spider41
    Shadow Spider41

    It’s way better in the uk, you can get like half a kilo for a pound

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston

    It's so expensive because of the large amounts of meat you need to make the jerky and how little you get from all the meat. As well as all the stuff they use to make it. We all wish it was cheap. $7 is like... Probably $2 profit a bag. If that.

  • IntelNitrouse


  • Michael Loyd
    Michael Loyd

    I thought you were the guy that knew everything. It’s an expensive process. For one, 2.5 pounds of meat makes 1 pound of jerky. And god damn, I didn’t know I could have gotten away with making this video and getting that kind of views. Lucky asshole.

  • lord simpus
    lord simpus

    the reason why its so expensive is because jerky shrinks A LOT during the whole drying process, there's a bunch of videos about it if u just look a little. those bags are probably about a whole beef filet dried each. and beef is not a cheap product either. its just a bad combo, just eat sun dried apples instead.

  • Aussie Aussie
    Aussie Aussie

    This is why I eat biltong from South Africa or go to a deli and get proper beef jerky I don't know who eats 6 pieces and goes well that was worth my money

  • FutureLaugh

    dude you got youtube money, just make and brand your own beef jerky and price it accordingly

  • Matt K
    Matt K

    Okay I agree the price is too high and it’s deceptive packaging. But y’all know it takes like 10oz of meat to make 2oz of jerky? A pound of round steak is (Feb/‘21) wholesale is $2.80/lb (probably cheaper for Jack links) that’s $0.175 an oz, so $1.75 for 2oz of jerky (from 10oz). Let’s add another $1.25 for processing, packaging, labor, shipping, marketing, management and executive management. That gets us to $3.00 min. There’s the wholesaler’s markup which is like $1.00 (min) and the final retail markup which is like $2-4 depending on a lot of factors. So $7.99 looks like a fair price once you factor in what it took to get it to the gas station. But thats capitalism baby. Go to your local butcher or make it yourself.

  • A J
    A J

    There is a local butcher joint down the road from my work, shout out to B&D Meats in Green, OR. It makes straight up mouthwatering, fucking amazing jerky. $20 a pound, worth every penny. It did shits on any store bought jerky. Besides that place the other manager I work with makes some really, really good stuff from home, too. He makes it from London broil he cuts himself, puts all these seasonings on it. It isn't dry as hell, moist and so flavorful. Wish I could get these guys a batch of each, they'd LOVE it, I'm positive.

  • xRoSkii

    You want to know why, THIS IS WHY, beef jerky is priced BEFORE the drying process occurs. Beef is over 60% water so imagine after being dehydrated, it becomes MUCH smaller of course. It takes 2.5lbs of beef to make 1 pound of beef jerky. Then factor in all the extra processes that go in making dried meat over just a normal steak. Then you have each brand that can mark it up for their own brand. I agree it's expensive, but there is a reason why and most people have no clue why you get such a small amount.

  • Thanos


  • Thanos

    In Japan, I can grab a whole bento-box meal for like ¥328 which translates over to about $3.20. 🍱

  • josh bishop
    josh bishop

    If you're buying jerky right, 25-30 dollars gets you 1lbs

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long

    Just make your own....Super easy and a lot cheaper

  • Sannie

    Inflation is a hell of a financial instrument

  • Boats

    "you bunch of jerks"

  • BoBo

    Charlie looks like a beautiful girl with a beard 😂

  • Boats

    6:10 what a freaking score

  • MycLo

    Damn. These jerky companies out here slanging dubs of beef jerky.

  • Neurot1c Studios
    Neurot1c Studios

    That's more that $36 a lb! LMAO What are these, fkn' filet cuts??

  • MarGuy Thatguy
    MarGuy Thatguy

    If you want a good amount of Jack links, get their "sticks" they’re usually 1 dollar or so and it’s honestly the same amount of meat but *stick format*

  • Daniel Meisenheimer
    Daniel Meisenheimer

    This video symbolizes the feeling of getting old.

  • C C
    C C

    I really appreciate this, because the price of beef jerky outrages me.

  • Ashtonmo_2002

    Well beef is 75% water so if you make beef jerky out of 10oz of beef you will get 2.5 oz of beef jerky so technically your paying for 10 oz of beef but because it doesn't have much water in it you are getting 75% less

  • Henly Park
    Henly Park

    Not gonna lie this made me have cravings for beef jerky