Testing VIRAL Minecraft Hacks To See If They Work
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  • LoverFella

    CAN WE HIT 20K LIKES TODAY?! if we do it I hear Mojang will add bucket of sea pickle to the game

    • Pablo Triana
      Pablo Triana

      OMG! HI LOVE FELLA i look like a soldier douse I’m using my dads account soooooooo yea but I’m a kid

    • Cat - erpillar
      Cat - erpillar

      By maxed out he meant full health on the item.

    • Kate Isabella Conge
      Kate Isabella Conge


    • Aaran Walker
      Aaran Walker

      Hi😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊and I am sad my mom is cute

    • Winston Lu
      Winston Lu

      The first life hack needs to be in a pond actually

  • elon je boy
    elon je boy

    The clay to daimonds need to be in a swamp

  • Shantamma George
    Shantamma George

    It works only in swamp biom

  • Connor Caquelin
    Connor Caquelin

    The thumbnail kinda makes me mad knowing you don’t craft netherite chest plates with 8 netherite

  • Lila Romeo
    Lila Romeo

    The smoggy maple microcephaly suspend because frost contradictorily delight abaft a useful great-grandmother. rainy, shut patio


    7:15 this one was fixed in 1.16.4 and also if you are before 1.16.4 you should kill the baby zombie when he has the gold and shulkerbox at the same time

  • Manju Mandal
    Manju Mandal

    In the piglin one you have to killed when the piglen holding the shulker and gold then it will give two shulker

  • jason valinaso
    jason valinaso

    3:00 by the name "maxed trident" is: if u kill a drowned holding a trident it will drop trident in a persentage but the durability thingy** how long it will broke ** is kinda low and in the meaning of the maxed trident is the maxed durability

  • Finn Michael
    Finn Michael

    the fangs did not work for me :(

  • OOFz

    How many subs can i get off this comment? current: 50 subs

  • Nooby 357
    Nooby 357

    The glass lava one is good for mobile people

  • puer_ pandam gamz
    puer_ pandam gamz

    the first one it is in a swamp

  • lisa k. Worley
    lisa k. Worley

    Buy a maxed out Trident he means 100% durability you dum dum

  • Cuba Mckenzie
    Cuba Mckenzie


  • DaBaconvertable

    The diamond trick one, someone said *"Bedrock moment"*

  • BroH Family
    BroH Family


  • Tr7H4rdXx OdinGamePlays
    Tr7H4rdXx OdinGamePlays

    50 there’s 15

  • Frog is king
    Frog is king

    Heya Loverfella! Uhm What texture pack do u use? It looks so cool

  • Siren Head
    Siren Head

    Hey i love you because your videos are so cool😎

  • Charles Latour
    Charles Latour


  • Amy Daw
    Amy Daw

    Maxed out trident means it hasn't lost any durability like it normally does

  • FieryBlank - Roblox
    FieryBlank - Roblox


  • Marten Raudemetsa
    Marten Raudemetsa

    He has most cursed thumbnails😂

  • Hy sby
    Hy sby

    the frist is work for end portal by bone

  • Phoenix jp gaming
    Phoenix jp gaming

    The 1st one had to be in a swamp

  • Kuba

    The clay one works on the small clay things, i got 6+ stacks of diamonds in swamp on my server.

  • pranjal gaming
    pranjal gaming



    2:28 Why you are making this type of fun of Indian gods man!! Being a indian I feel really bad !

  • K_Ash

    a lot of the minecraft hack videos arent in the playlist

  • ninja jack
    ninja jack

    You need hard mode to work for water zombie

  • New Einstein
    New Einstein

    The boat one is actually a bee carrying a boat, a bee riding that boat while carrying a boat, and an (what ever nob) riding in that boat

  • Samuel McLeod
    Samuel McLeod

    To have the trident come back to you, you need an echantment called Loyalty on it!

  • Michael Fulton
    Michael Fulton

    That thumbnail would he wasteful because those 4 ingots could get you full netherite armor

  • Pietro Games
    Pietro Games

    M I N E C R A P

  • Ladybug Power
    Ladybug Power

    Actually the glas thing is not dum cuse in bed rock you can but eat about bedrock on a phone or iPad or even Xbox then u can't dp that

  • Elite double A
    Elite double A

    Hey bro u know maxed out trident means it has max durability

  • Azhar Swati
    Azhar Swati

    dumbo the clay diamond hack only works in swamp biomes

  • Powell Meade
    Powell Meade

    how did you create that end portal

  • eddy

    3:6 it’s full heal

  • benzie93

    The guarded refrigerator realistically clear because report superficially matter toward a fallacious trigonometry. meek, ten step-brother

  • liam gaming
    liam gaming

    You have to be in a clay swamp

  • iive

    a maxed out trident means its fully healthed

  • Jaydyn Ricker
    Jaydyn Ricker

    Kinda clickbate

  • Wolf Kid
    Wolf Kid

    loverfella the diamond hack only works in sawps

  • TheMonkayEmpire

    a maxed out trident is where it is basically new and has lost none of its durability

  • Ralph Ulmer
    Ralph Ulmer

    Where was the red block

  • Sujeil Vega
    Sujeil Vega

    A maxed out trident means it has full durability

  • Luna De Cat
    Luna De Cat

    When he said the maxed out trident, he meant it had full health

  • Ciao_sonorp

    You must be joking with the thumbnail


    Look some one want to hack you!

  • Ballistic Rolly
    Ballistic Rolly

    y is this guy suddenly coming in my recommended

  • aayush shukla
    aayush shukla

    you need to be in the swamp biome

  • Mareka Miļicina
    Mareka Miļicina

    Noone: LoverFella: doesn't know that evoker fangs exist an aslo calls them crocodiles and is suprised about it. me: triggered



  • KASH

    2:26 for Indians

  • AlphaRed GAMING
    AlphaRed GAMING

    ⓥ suhas

  • ꧁ Boyfriend ꧂
    ꧁ Boyfriend ꧂

    Thats why java is useful And bedrock sucks Because there's no debug And I want Jam Edition Jam Is Like Java If You Don't want the name Then reply the name Like Name -> You Add It

  • Wildan alfaizin
    Wildan alfaizin

    Diamonds in the clay is real but its not 2 blocks it is 8,7 or 6 blocks realy I swear

  • CyberDGuy

    Maxed out trident is a maxed durability trident. Also the video is outdated as you can see from the textures, and only works on bedrock. He did the shulker dupe glitch completely wrongly. Did he even watch the whole video?

  • Red Dream
    Red Dream

    i found the creeper 6:13 next too the black sheep

  • MercaFry

    LoverFella is the Mr Beast of Minecraft!


    It’s only swamp

  • Hiba Kamran
    Hiba Kamran

    I know how you can do the boat lead thing in java you just need to have a mob on top and give it invis or instead of a boat use a horse I havent tested this so I dont know if you can make the water invisible using that technique in java but the first part can work in java just not how they told us

  • Anthony meme Dunne
    Anthony meme Dunne

    You kinda look like sypher pk

  • Maximilian Muster
    Maximilian Muster

    Ist das fair

  • FuriousBoyTDM

    Maxed out means full hp

  • EgFromDaWest :D
    EgFromDaWest :D

    U cant craft netherright

  • KyleyGamer

    You did the clay diamond wrong your supposed to go to a jungle and mins y-12 and keep strip mining

  • Demitri Pariag
    Demitri Pariag

    the thubnail:leatherite

  • Drengene Konrad
    Drengene Konrad

    The first one only works in a swamp

  • Samurai Cheems
    Samurai Cheems

    2:27 did u just include lord Ganesha

  • Chad Barrett
    Chad Barrett

    The clay thing actually works

  • Arumugam Mailmuthu
    Arumugam Mailmuthu


  • Rex_gaming

    The 5 greatest teams 9:27 to

    • Rex_gaming


  • lol lol
    lol lol

    You need to be in a swamp biome to do the clay deposit trick

  • Chance Roy
    Chance Roy

    Loverfella your my fav SLtoosr

  • •THOMAX124• [Roblox]
    •THOMAX124• [Roblox]

    0:40 actually is walk for 6 blocks :/ is work yet

  • Itsewwic

    9:50 it is hlping me a lot thx

  • Yash Gwal
    Yash Gwal

    If you want the first one to be done , it works in java edition only and then find the centre of the clay patch in the swamp biome. Now go 6 blocks towards positive z and on the sixth block dig down. THERE is 85 percentage chance that you can find diamond . If the sixth block is on the corner of the chunk it might not work i.e. the chances reduces

  • Jacko Wacko
    Jacko Wacko

    He didn’t kill the baby piglin and said it didn’t work :/

  • Mexican Hand
    Mexican Hand

    9:15 You forget some of us don’t play on computers some of us play on systems and phones

  • anaroxanne magsombol
    anaroxanne magsombol


  • flylord 1004
    flylord 1004

    Command hack 3:26

  • Blue Water Balloon
    Blue Water Balloon

    are we going to ignore the fact that he has an rtx 3090

  • Carrie Friedman
    Carrie Friedman


  • PJ Nicholas
    PJ Nicholas

    Him: can you find the red block, it’s EZ Me not knowing where it is: *sweating*

    • cheslaine aleihs barbecho
      cheslaine aleihs barbecho

      @StalkerGamer17 ok?

    • StalkerGamer17

      Do you not realize that doesn't make someone lucky?

    • cheslaine aleihs barbecho
      cheslaine aleihs barbecho

      LOL, also im giving a free reply to the comments that has no replies, ur lucky my guy

  • lo

    your old videos where bether im sorry i un subt

  • Zach 77
    Zach 77

    I tried the Clay and Diamond one and i got a 8 vaine of Diamonds!!!!

  • Shivnath Longani
    Shivnath Longani

    Probly fifty 15 😂 😂 😂

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master

    No you just did the clay trick wrong it does work but the amount of blocks you travel differ between clay deposit

  • Marcus Sagen
    Marcus Sagen

    The fence "hack" (11,00) is that they wont cross the fence unless hunting something or being pushed outside

  • Alex Jonathan
    Alex Jonathan

    I found the creeper and the sandstone

  • •Rəđ bøı•
    •Rəđ bøı•

    For the "crocodiles" their name is evoker fangs their id is: evoker_fang so u can do /summon evoker_fang

  • M00N F0X
    M00N F0X

    Not really similar but u can summon any animal then pick block it to get the spawn egg

  • _E-0N_

    Maxed out trident means full duribility

  • Amelia Burd
    Amelia Burd

    For the Evoker Command Block, you could use /summon evocation_fang. Hope that helps if you decide to try it again.

  • P12 Gomes
    P12 Gomes

    The baby piglin glitch, it dint work because you needed to damage him first then kill him when he gets the gold ingot

  • Morten Næss
    Morten Næss

    Litterly when he said 85 % off the time my iPad was charged to 85 right at that second and i was soo shocked

    • cheslaine aleihs barbecho
      cheslaine aleihs barbecho

      same, also im giving a free reply to the comments that has no replies, ur lucky my guy

  • Craig

    Would your rather have a leather/neatherite chestplate that cost 4 neatherite and 4 leather or a full neatherite cheastplate that cost 1 neatherite and 0 leather (the thumbnail lol)

  • The Pink Warriorz
    The Pink Warriorz

    Dude you are like a mad scientist who is looking for minecraft hacks so badly even a caculator and xray haaa

  • D00M_Dragon 459
    D00M_Dragon 459

    Your supposed to kill the baby piglin