COD Warzone NEW MAP Gameplay! ( PPSH + K31 Sniper )
COD Warzone NEW Map is here... Verdansk 84 Gameplay! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member ( Secret Discord ) - sltoos.infojoin New Poster and Tee - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner

  • Grzesiek Plawecki
    Grzesiek Plawecki


  • Acenio

    The PAPUSH is actually kinda fire

  • Sgt.gilbert

    The map rebirth is on call of duty mobile for br

  • airsofttrooper08

    they dont have enough devs obviously

  • captain saveahoe
    captain saveahoe

    Wasn't this map on cod mobile first wtf ? 😂

  • Irji IU
    Irji IU

    What is The name of the song at 1:13:27

  • Paul-Sebastian Manole
    Paul-Sebastian Manole


  • Transmissional

    Man the MW2019 cutscenes were way better looking lol.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    Way way back in the 1980's secret government employees

  • Blane Nau
    Blane Nau

    32:20 are there really sounds of casings dropping from a gun that fires caseless ammunition?

  • Blane Nau
    Blane Nau

    I wonder when we’re gonna get a new map?

  • Blane Nau
    Blane Nau

    So fucking lame

  • Blane Nau
    Blane Nau

    “ThErEs a DiSrUpTiOn In ThE sPaCeTime ConTinUum”

  • Anthony

    You get what you pay for and warzone is free. I mean f*ck I'll pay for the damn thing if they put out a new map

  • Timmy2Fingerz

    Can't do the same map for another year. I played this map for a day and that was enough. BF 6 cant come fast enough.

  • DownShifterJT

    *sigh* i stopped playing warzone because I got sick of verdansk.... lazy effort but expected honestly

  • Hastibe

    They had those tac rovers in the '80s!?

  • Bryan Reeves
    Bryan Reeves

    Wtf is a “babby lobby” ???

  • Giampiero Serra
    Giampiero Serra

    Never mind the cars, they have futuristic c130 still in the runway. They stick out so hard

  • Teddy__ Fresh
    Teddy__ Fresh

    30:35 why would you put a rug on the wall there 🥲 my Russian culture will understand 🇷🇺

  • Kazimir Jinkins
    Kazimir Jinkins

    Well...I’ll wait for BF6

  • Liam Tenney
    Liam Tenney

    The new studio ruined the game bruh 🤦‍♂️

  • Dark Meadows
    Dark Meadows

    I think id need some cocaine to keep up with so much action

  • ProbablyPat

    how lazy

  • Johnny Jawbone
    Johnny Jawbone

    They made $2 billion this past year on Warzone and spent it on what, a few new textures and one nicely modelled radar array tower?! Uninstalled.

  • stonespartan92

    Hello there

  • Pietro Sgado
    Pietro Sgado

    love the 1980 Soviet A-10, UAV and cluster strike

  • Pietro Sgado
    Pietro Sgado

    1:06:44 Feels quite COD CW is the word Id use

  • Gaboon

    I just uninstalled COD and WZ and I feel really good about it.. I am installing ARMA 3 and jumping into some King of the Hill. COD is too full of shills and greed now.

  • Rikardo

    Jack can you drop some gameplay with an-94

  • Chill Hard
    Chill Hard

    Another year another Doodie.

  • k swiss
    k swiss

    HK G12.

  • zach s
    zach s

    I personally think they are developing a nuked version of verdansk and used the "new" 1984 map as a hold over

  • Jordan Head
    Jordan Head

    The level of excitement of these boyos overshadows my excitement of reproduction by 400% 😔

  • perfected cynical
    perfected cynical

    the carv 2 is modeled after the g11.

    • Dragonborn Express
      Dragonborn Express

      Yet they also decided to combine it with an XM-25 of all things.

  • OrangeCRUSH 480
    OrangeCRUSH 480

    People surprised that the kings of rehashing maps......rehashed another map???

  • OrangeCRUSH 480
    OrangeCRUSH 480

    LMAO he said "lets go check out some new areas!"

  • Tyreece Gray
    Tyreece Gray

    The woman in the jet was Doja Cat

  • Nexus-Gamer-Nuuyoma

    Even if Jack is Disappointed, still he wont stop playing Warzone😂😂

  • Showbiz Gwoponese
    Showbiz Gwoponese

    Every time i load my lobby i have no teammates what does that mean

  • Maximilian B
    Maximilian B

    Ok how many players who quit the game were they planning on bringing back with this exactly?

  • Maximilian B
    Maximilian B

    Lol imagine getting hyped about all of this...

  • fuck u
    fuck u

    Why everyone comment here about cod?

  • Rambo Despotovic
    Rambo Despotovic

    new map ? hahahaha

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar

    That game has known nothing for years. So expecting new and cool things from that company is asking for to much.

  • Finley Stubbs
    Finley Stubbs

    When everyone expected jungles but we get flat verdansk

  • Ethan Kerr
    Ethan Kerr

    "Oooo look some new fencing has been added over here" 😂. Sums it up really

  • David Holland
    David Holland

    They've done nearly nothing... F this game until they give me something new to explore besides; Heres a new OP gun, explore a lobby with all players using the same guns... never done that, not every fucking season...

  • Porg

    so new it looks the same

  • Zachariah Bolivar
    Zachariah Bolivar

    I keep hearing jack say there isn’t a battle royale in battlefield, and I’m really confused because there is. Anyone else catch that?

  • Sebastian Bancalari
    Sebastian Bancalari

    complain about the visability, they make it better, complain that it looks weird... complain about not seeing people in the gas, they change it so you can see much better when people are in the gas, complain that you cant see the gas.... our society

  • XcluziiveTv

    call of duty did amazing on the same exact map that they didn’t really do changes to

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson

    I think what they've done to have this as a free game with millions of daily players is awesome. The map is big enough for at least 150 players to run around and play tactically. It's had It's problems, but I'd say it's easily the best FPS that you can just jump into without paying anything. It's the adult version of Fortnite or PUBG imo. Such a multi faceted game.

  • P W
    P W

    Damn, Westie just can't shut up can he?

  • How Will
    How Will

    1:08:36 G11

  • GnomeyGomey

    I need to start playing CoD again... loved all of the older MWs

    • End Racism
      End Racism

      Your not missing our man

  • Ram Poonye
    Ram Poonye

    You talk more than you play. Wtf your killing me

  • Creeper Gaming
    Creeper Gaming

    Why does the ppsh icon have the Mac

  • SystemCrasher113 dlp
    SystemCrasher113 dlp

    They could have at least made a different region or season! Fucking Pathetic and boring!

  • Drakoshi

    New skin. You complaining about hackers? What if we take away some modules from the map so you have no where to hide and hackers can shoot at you from across the other side of the map? Sounds good? Let's do that.

  • Logan McRoy
    Logan McRoy

    Idk kinda feels lazy

  • Luciano Arebalo
    Luciano Arebalo

    They’ve changed *a few things*, so disappointing

  • Luciano Arebalo
    Luciano Arebalo

    This was terrible, fuck call of duty

  • Juanelo Godinez
    Juanelo Godinez

    CoD Warzone and BF6 need a kernel-level anticheat software, totally with Jack on that one

  • Tommy Ymmot
    Tommy Ymmot

    COD devs just reached a whole new level of laziness with this “new” map...

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph

    Jack's not bored of Verdansk? I'm bored of Verdansk and I haven't played the game since December.

  • satnav1980

    When BF6 comes out we're gonna need another CoD vs BF rap battle.

  • Taylor Shearsmith
    Taylor Shearsmith

    Can you even call it a new map?

  • ZeuZ

    So where is the new map?

  • mk Andy
    mk Andy

    Literally the fucking dream team

  • ludsat1

    All that time on a menu I would have giving up ....Back 2 BF5

  • مہٰيلٰر 'ۦ 'ۦ
    مہٰيلٰر 'ۦ 'ۦ

    very good

  • the unfriendly Canadian
    the unfriendly Canadian

    I was able to play it thankfully, but my buddy who was trying to get in just couldnt get in at all it took us forever to group up

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer

    Lol, pathetic

  • Louis Kölschbach
    Louis Kölschbach

    39:30 its just for me


    Aim bot repetitive boring . Elite dangerous star Citizen PC power is the future

  • firecorn1

    New map? Really? It was hard listening to them try to say how so much had changed when they first dropped in

    • Night Hawk#4831
      Night Hawk#4831

      It's a reskin

  • Mark

    I don't really have an issue with the "new" map. But I find the fighting to be the destroyer of Verdansk thing completely stupid. It's overrun with zombies so everyone fights to be the one that launches the nuke to destroy it? Ok, because that makes a lot of sense 🤦‍♂️

  • Recon Smith
    Recon Smith

    Truth is these game companies outsource the work and get back garbage that they just put into COD and say pay for it. I'm done with cod and uninstalled it.

  • Recon Smith
    Recon Smith

    So done with this game boring😂

  • Noluv-_- Nuke.
    Noluv-_- Nuke.

    Warzone took a fall like fortnite

  • Kaden DeBell
    Kaden DeBell

    God damn the chat does nothing but complain

  • Leo Y Hoong
    Leo Y Hoong

    So the new weapon is a chicom,but uses AR bullets? Okay

  • Robin Loveniers
    Robin Loveniers

    I just want a reduction in the amount of players per game

  • Cauê Reis
    Cauê Reis

    if they go ww2 in the next cod and warzone goes back in time to 44 or something would be cool too

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man


  • Miles Finch
    Miles Finch

    If he mentions the bloody lighting ONE MORE TIME!!!!

  • Table

    It flash back it will flash forward for the real map

  • Ninja Hammy
    Ninja Hammy

    Why does the nuke look like a cardboard cutout? When you parachute and turn left and right while looking at the nuke, the nuke turns with you WTF

  • Austin Nadotti
    Austin Nadotti

    I feel like an ass, I just went BF6 all for myself hahah

  • Cameron Skye
    Cameron Skye

    Meanwhile Cold War is constantly putting out new outbreak/dirty bomb maps

  • NeonXXP

    "New Map" lol COD is a joke...

    • Night Hawk#4831
      Night Hawk#4831

      And people defend them🤦🤦. And people wonder why I say cod is now full of 12 year olds

  • AmirHossein Bozorgi
    AmirHossein Bozorgi

    love your videos jack, keep up the good work what did you spend your cod points on btw ? it was 15700 points last day and now its 7200 :D i'm just waiting for the next battlefield game, haven't played cod after the OG MW2 and mw3 bf3 & bf4 took my heart :D

  • Nightmare

    Very funny COD, this is a nice April fools joke! this is joke right???

  • NenoRii

    Ill just say BF6!!!!!

  • weston deegan
    weston deegan

    I don’t even play anymore but was gonna make a return for the new map experience. Not returning for this bs. Jack- thanks for sticking with the vid and showcasing the newly added re-skin

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    maps fucking terrible, such a lazy reskin.

  • gg ghostman
    gg ghostman

    jack's monologue is godly in the beginning

  • Zeyr0

    I never knew mirror's edge had a PVE.

  • Oxifiy

    Bro you guys are complaining that there is no new map but it is because we are back in time before the nuke hits because you can also see that stadium was still being built so we have to wait until 2021 when the nuke hit to get our new map

    • Night Hawk#4831
      Night Hawk#4831

      It'll be a reskin of a reskin