I got CAUGHT CHEATING on my wife
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I got CAUGHT CHEATING on my wife
i got caught with my ex...
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  • Joren Musi
    Joren Musi

    This used to be family friendly-

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham


  • ximena martinez
    ximena martinez

    the fact that he said we wanted to have tana’s back lol most of us were screaming being excited cuz they reunited like jerikaaaaaa all across americaaaaa lmao ✨

  • •IceCʀᴇᴀᴍ•

    You we're first a bully, then abuser then a cheater .......I wonder how terrible your child Hood must have been...😔 ..........

  • Fearless Legend
    Fearless Legend

    Best part 16:15

  • Galaxy Swirl Gaming
    Galaxy Swirl Gaming

    Jake Paul is the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard

  • B Z
    B Z

    Jake Paul seems like a very, very, very smart person. Just look at that face. It irradiates intelligence.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    Charismatic devil liar

  • Nikolas Deloge
    Nikolas Deloge

    What was on the ceiling Read more to find out It was a penis

  • Lukas Jancauskas
    Lukas Jancauskas

    he is lieing

  • Caden Green
    Caden Green

    0:00 Leave video here

  • Jab Mcsorley
    Jab Mcsorley


  • Ghulam Mujtaba
    Ghulam Mujtaba

    FAiZAN gdndskstsjehtfeudفدیgdjwfe Love you

    • Ghulam Mujtaba
      Ghulam Mujtaba

      Sa a 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😍🤑

    • Ghulam Mujtaba
      Ghulam Mujtaba


  • Yungdreadhead -Topic
    Yungdreadhead -Topic

    Check me out 🌟

  • just tania
    just tania

    He's such a wanker omg. Unsubscribed 🤦

  • Izzaiah Gutierrez
    Izzaiah Gutierrez

    can you give me a sert free

  • Ben Reid
    Ben Reid

    Jake shoots a air soft gun 5 years later Breaking news Jake Paul shot local man with a pistol

  • Ben Reid
    Ben Reid

    How many people love Jake's cute little baby beard

  • mndyleslie99

    Love jake

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello


  • Ace Gamezz
    Ace Gamezz

    This guy's married

  • Ibuki Mioda
    Ibuki Mioda

    Woah, where'd you get the coke man? You're riding high!

  • Gayle Maggi
    Gayle Maggi

    He dosent care bout the views it’s all about the money 💵 in my opinion I used to be a fan but if u read about him and research it wow you’ll be disappointed

  • Bryan Lucas
    Bryan Lucas

    Sometimes the truth is bitter but only when we choose to follow the narrow way before we can find peace ( i went extra mile to communicate some issues with @Officialhackpro on Ig Only then i knew all the truth and i didn't get to file a Divorce) Ever since then, i have been living happily with my family.

  • Sarah Reynolds
    Sarah Reynolds

    i really thought people in the comments were joking about how drugged up he was in this video, and then i watched it edit: please go to 14:52 and just watch its so funny

  • valeria valdez
    valeria valdez

    So it is you and Erika??

  • Simran Sahota
    Simran Sahota

    I think he was looking at a paper to say?

  • Gbadiyee Geneyan
    Gbadiyee Geneyan


  • Semaj Paul
    Semaj Paul

    Knocking people out now


    i am with Jake Paul

  • Kaylee Miller
    Kaylee Miller


  • Gabriella Valdez
    Gabriella Valdez

    Jack why keep on saying my wife like your girlfriend

  • Ian Poten
    Ian Poten

    I miss Erika she was nice

  • Claribel Coronado
    Claribel Coronado

    why he took jake paul grilfriend

  • Izmikai

    Wannabe weeb

  • Alohaa Farmss
    Alohaa Farmss

    he’s lying like crazy😂thats def him. once he started saying “hypothetically” i knew he was lying, he tries manipulating y’all, and why tf is he talking like that? cause he’s lying

  • Jadyn Pickens
    Jadyn Pickens

    I think he is losing his mind bc he is no longer relevant and there is no more team 10

  • Jadyn Pickens
    Jadyn Pickens

    Why does he sound like Donald Trump

  • Jadyn Pickens
    Jadyn Pickens

    My dude is ZOOTED🍃

  • Dylan Hunt
    Dylan Hunt


  • john car boss gaming
    john car boss gaming


    • john car boss gaming
      john car boss gaming


  • catboy

    this is some dumb A** S***

  • Martha Mchugh
    Martha Mchugh


  • Kaylie CoOkIeS
    Kaylie CoOkIeS

    your the worst whyd u change? ugh

  • Sia Shah
    Sia Shah


  • sissa Wilson
    sissa Wilson

    I used to watch this channel but stopped I just think that this channel is so annoying now 😂😂

  • M.Sheeraz Khan
    M.Sheeraz Khan

    In the end of the video, Jake is on cloud 9. Drugs life 🤐

  • typecharli

    Why does that look like Erika when he says go buy free chains

  • Bleeding Angel
    Bleeding Angel

    God you guys must be living nightmares to live with

  • MaKayla Evinger
    MaKayla Evinger

    Omg you are cheting on her

  • Ghost_Diyari

    When Definitely met up with her

  • Montae Henry
    Montae Henry

    Gets shot with air soft ;jake:”that was some gang s***”

  • Gwendolyn Bingham
    Gwendolyn Bingham

    He was on Disney Channel once...

  • raegan B
    raegan B

    😭😭yall remember those stupid killer clown videos they used to make 😂😂😂 omg

    • maverick tripies
      maverick tripies

      Missed that

  • AP Gut
    AP Gut

    Bro jake

  • mitchell bliss
    mitchell bliss

    It's so obvious he is lying lol idk if he thinks hes trying to convince us it wasnt him or himself idk lol

  • Gareth Spanswick
    Gareth Spanswick

    thia noob

  • samplaysroblox


  • MynameJeff


  • Jacob Parks
    Jacob Parks

    You need to shave 🪒 Jake

  • Vinny hummel
    Vinny hummel

    14:19 so tanners lesbian

  • Nathan Herrera
    Nathan Herrera

    Why is it why is your house

  • Bri Cruz
    Bri Cruz


  • Thea Rodriguez
    Thea Rodriguez

    That IS Jake!... 🙈 obvs

  • Judy Hall
    Judy Hall

    Your stupid 😡😡😡😡😲😲😲😲

  • Jamila Rasulo
    Jamila Rasulo

    who is that

  • Foxy gaming squad
    Foxy gaming squad


  • Verleen Mann
    Verleen Mann

    Team 10 uncut anyone

  • Javion Coleman
    Javion Coleman

    best vlog

  • Krista

    He is sooo high on drugs!!!!

  • Aiyana Dork
    Aiyana Dork


  • Aiyana Dork
    Aiyana Dork


  • Reza Nasser
    Reza Nasser

    That was obviously him in the pic i've seen him wearing those shorts

  • mredits3x3


  • Gustavo Baez
    Gustavo Baez

    😦😦😦 it’s the police chick see you mad with her she’s getting arrested

  • Lil javion X
    Lil javion X

    i miss the old you jake

  • Miss Green Thumb
    Miss Green Thumb

    hes fuckin tweaking

  • Moez Pierre-Louis
    Moez Pierre-Louis


  • Moez Pierre-Louis
    Moez Pierre-Louis


    • Moez Pierre-Louis
      Moez Pierre-Louis


  • Sanmoesnawi Veagan
    Sanmoesnawi Veagan

    Jake way did you break up whit JERIKA

  • Hahaha Nessa
    Hahaha Nessa

    this was one year ago- i-

  • Chunkie Wunkie
    Chunkie Wunkie

    his hypothetical is weirdly specific and detailed...

  • Xxxskycloud Xx
    Xxxskycloud Xx

    I miss jerica oh well it gone

  • Montana Bartell
    Montana Bartell

    I like you better without a beard

  • Montana Bartell
    Montana Bartell

    F jereca wtf

  • jadechanel Turner
    jadechanel Turner

    Jake paul get back with erika

  • Alsafi YT
    Alsafi YT

    How horny do u have to be to watch Jake Paul cheating on his wife

  • V2CPashaHD


  • Rubydoobiedoo _
    Rubydoobiedoo _

    Bruh he’s faded

  • Dee Boop
    Dee Boop

    Coke ain’t no joke obviously lol

  • Time for Rp Jackson
    Time for Rp Jackson

    I want to be a part of the team 10 house

  • Treveraxio

    imagine getting your house raided

  • theCoolguy113

    This video is the easiest way to lose brain cells as quickly as possible if anyone is interested.

  • miguel petersen
    miguel petersen

    You are so stressed I bet that was you

  • Hisavir

    Jake is on drugs his face like if you think that 👎👎🏾

  • Ban Man Can
    Ban Man Can

    Im just here cuz of parashockx

  • Pugz Rule2009
    Pugz Rule2009

    Came to see if he was still a dick- I'm leaving now....

  • Linda Elliott
    Linda Elliott

    Dumbest ever content. Eye roll.

  • Mxnic

    Is that a dildo

  • Zunaira Basit
    Zunaira Basit


53 tis.
53 tis.