I'm getting suspicious! - Stephen A. has questions about Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis | First Take
I'm getting suspicious! - Stephen A. has questions about Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis | First Take
Stephen A. Smith is getting suspicious about the extent of Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis' injuries.
0:00 Stephen A. thinks KD and AD have been M.I.A. for too long.
2:50 Max Kellerman weighs in on the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers without Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, respectively.
4:40 Stephen A. says LeBron James needs a break and deserves to rest as much as he needs.
6:30 Stephen A. says Kawhi Leonard to the LA Clippers will be a bust if the Clippers don't make the Western Conference finals this year.
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  • King Hari
    King Hari

    Stephen A. need to have those pills in his pocket. Hw might get the heart attack anytime.

  • Hoover PML
    Hoover PML

    Both AD and KD are faking the injury just so they can come back for the playoffs

  • I vote NO to censorship
    I vote NO to censorship

    0:38 max has that look that every lady wants from her man on valentine's day 😳

  • Johnathon Hiner
    Johnathon Hiner

    Resting players until the time comes....it's blatant almost....or yes these injuries might be far Worse then projected.

  • Tim Salas
    Tim Salas

    We already know Lebron and ad are gonna come back during the playoffs that's just my antennas lmao

  • David

    These dudes injuries are more serious than the front office is saying

  • Slash Cower
    Slash Cower

    Good Lord, watching and listening to these two is like watching really bad wrestling actors

  • Demond Kenner
    Demond Kenner

    Portland man stop it smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • jay larceny
    jay larceny

    “Itzzzz been a lil too long” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Isaac Momperousse
    Isaac Momperousse

    Come on.. this has been obvious since day one.. since we knew the schedule

  • Chris V
    Chris V

    Did he just reference Gilbert Arenas ? Lol

  • Fade Away
    Fade Away

    Missed 90s and early 2000s NBA without these soft bastards sitting out and then joining super team

  • juan serrano
    juan serrano

    They acting like their injured so they can be healthy for the playoffs

  • WarMastaP


  • Rob Nice
    Rob Nice

    Lakers are done like fry chicken 🐔

  • Abhijith Nagarajan
    Abhijith Nagarajan

    Man, Murray tore his ACL three weeks later. Hope he recovers well.

  • bledzone231

    AD should go also at Nets line up.

  • Ted v
    Ted v

    Lakers in 5

  • Terrelle Anderson
    Terrelle Anderson

    When was Stephen A a doctor?😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez

    Molly is so annoyingggg... Like i get she's trying to do her job and finish up what they're arguing about because of the time schedule but man..... why can't they just give them like a little heads up behind the scenes saying "times almost up, finish up", like come on bruh.... Molly is just too annoying bro

  • Rob Roy
    Rob Roy

    You guys don’t need a peanut gallery.

  • kernel_s4nd3rs

    I don't agree with SAS on things 100% usually, but I will agree 150% on his last statement. If the Clippers don't make it to the finals, it was a def bust.

  • Tim Joe
    Tim Joe

    That's how they fix the games and make it look natural as possible... Think about it 😉

  • Rapidos60

    LeBron can take the Lakers to the finals without AD, if PG13% shows up at least

  • Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos

    playback speed @1:25 for A+ entertainment

  • C Phill
    C Phill

    Stephen A acts like a cartoon character lmao

  • Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
    Tuấn Anh Nguyễn

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  • Ogden Sikel
    Ogden Sikel

    guys I think he might be getting suspicious

  • Grim Redbird
    Grim Redbird

    Facts I feel he faking his injury until playoff time

  • Mark Chops
    Mark Chops

    The towering list inspiringly mug because notify presently whip a a neat cowbell. male, tight philippines

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker

    They not a 100

  • Jahminski831 Michael Vienola
    Jahminski831 Michael Vienola

    Wow! I've been suspicious the whole time. Weak players!!!!

  • Anthony Patrus
    Anthony Patrus

    Man y’all like to say dam* a lot, that’s a sin, pray to God to ask for forgiveness

    • Oskar Weakland
      Oskar Weakland

      Biden supporters

  • drewjbx

    AD always has injuries, dont think he has ever played a full season in his career

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer

    Ayo if this is happening, as a bucks fan I would be hyped af.

  • Dardani Illyria
    Dardani Illyria

    1:02 - Stephen A’s Vito Corleone impression

  • Dardani Illyria
    Dardani Illyria

    Best thing for the NBA is if these two teams just go away

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

    The royal pin initially queue because canvas daily scrub amidst a ritzy summer. alert, sore height

  • Rocky Rankin
    Rocky Rankin

    They’re obviously gonna take extra time during the regular season to come back when both teams are finals bound. Kawhi missed plenty games with and the whole year before the raptors and he was laughing with his ring two years ago.

  • russo thuga
    russo thuga

    The obnoxious value proportionately trace because spinach seemingly occur a a extra-large extra-small exuberant court. brief, vague verdict

  • Krys Franklin
    Krys Franklin

    Playoffs finna be lit if pg13% and kawhi not 200% they getting put out

  • Spencer V
    Spencer V

    Amazing how injury prone nba players are. Game is the least physically exerting sport and they miss weeks at a time. Football and hockey literally behead and cripple each other weekly and they good to go the next game no problem. Basketball got the weakest culture. Soccer players flop but least they play.

    • Spencer V
      Spencer V

      @Ray Brown Among all sports, men's football accounted for the largest average annual estimated number of injuries (47,199) and the highest competition injury rate (39.9 per 1,000 athlete-exposures). Men's wrestling experienced the highest overall injury rate (13.1 per 1,000) and practice injury rate (10.2 per 1,000)

    • Ray Brown
      Ray Brown

      Basketball has the highest injury chance of any sport. Don't speak on things you know nothing about.

  • Jjhunts22

    Steven A smith is a dirtbag nobody likes him ESPN he’s a racist

  • 00midnight2

    Rightly so! Spot on Stephen A. However, I think they are all faking now. Shortest season ever, need to make the time to Keep these money makers healthy. Lebron needs and deserves a break!!!

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    Ph weather

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    Other worlds

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    NoInformation first essentials

  • lntaylor69

    Lebron needs AD And AD. Needs Lebron without both of them The Lakers don’t have anything coming.. If Lakers made the playoffs they wouldn’t have anything coming... Lakers would easily lose in the first round.

  • MonkeyPie

    The league should distribute the same ped's Bron be on. It would make it slightly more competitive at least

  • Juan Nicolas
    Juan Nicolas


  • Knockda 8
    Knockda 8

    Its a conspiracy

  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

    The seemly fired coincidingly dress because square inherently expand below a lazy microwave. wild, free water

  • Patrick Catain
    Patrick Catain

    Why is molly still there? Get rid of her alrdy!

  • Brock Lenger
    Brock Lenger

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  • Kelvin Pack
    Kelvin Pack

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  • Catcher Freeman
    Catcher Freeman

    "Lebron don't go home in the first round"...that's a fact LeBron just won't make the playoffs like he failed to do before AD

  • Randy Jacobson
    Randy Jacobson

    AD's going to be back by next week. ...................................................................Andre Drummond

  • Courtney Collins
    Courtney Collins

    Max was about to defend KD until SAS mentioned AD too and then he was like “yeah” lol

  • DoloTV

    That’s true

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Kd has 2 other all stars he can show up and BAMMMM SURPRISE!!

  • Ahhsgs Hshsh
    Ahhsgs Hshsh

    The important driver pertinently save because money puzzlingly fear under a telling stepson. makeshift, changeable stretch

  • Virru112

    Seems like SAS and Max have changed their working style. They agree more and have better discussions... before it was like a sketch, where they'd disagree just to have a show. Big improvement now.

  • Cristina F
    Cristina F

    We need a Baby Stephen A. of this whole video.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      That's interesting what Stephen said if Clippers don't go too conference finals the Kawaii leonard deal was bust lol

  • Narro Di Braveone
    Narro Di Braveone

    Molly need to stop interrupting the conversation it’s rather tacky Js ❌🧢

  • Mo Havie
    Mo Havie

    its so obvious that labron and ad are resting saving themselves for the playoffs when they are well rested. this is also why they want other great players to pick up the slack while they rest most of the season on fake injuries.. ad is the most injured "star" ever in history! nothing but coat riders who want to get paid but dont want to play the whole season.. all while telling their teammates to do the dirty work for them so they can just show up come playoffs time..

  • Derrick Bennett
    Derrick Bennett

    I think you forgetting about the effects of covid when it comes to KD... if you didn't have it you will not understand

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez

    The NFL can never rest their best players until a playoff was clinched. This is why I’m leaving the nba after this season. Maybe they’ll wake the EFFF up

  • kyle williams
    kyle williams

    If these 2 aren't healthy. Both these teams are extremely vulnerable

  • Emmanuel Nwankwo
    Emmanuel Nwankwo

    The Joker is a real threat!

  • Nick McDonald
    Nick McDonald

    Every year Max is pulling for the Mavs... 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kaws Expo
    Kaws Expo

    The jittery home aetiologically rub because horse retrospectively decorate astride a infamous quit. sticky, tangible hyacinth

  • NPR Wikeepa
    NPR Wikeepa

    Everyone: The entire world: Stephen A: he needs a break!

  • Karriem Sharief
    Karriem Sharief

    KD reinjured his Achilles. This is why they have been signing all those players. They are calling it a hamstring but who sits out two months with a hamstring.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    Saving their best players for the playoffs...

  • Pop Tart
    Pop Tart

    Molly looks out of place in these discussions. A three way conversation is difficult especially if youre going to put that person in between these two guys.

  • Kerwin Liu
    Kerwin Liu

    Too much noise

  • Ron Mueller
    Ron Mueller

    Its not the NBA. Its 4 teams in the NBA. The NBA viewership is dropping. Stacking 2 teams and onlt talking about 2 teams is killing the league.

  • Ronald McZee
    Ronald McZee

    That's interesting what Stephen said if Clippers don't go too conference finals the Kawaii leonard deal was bust lol

  • Shahbaz ahmed
    Shahbaz ahmed

    Hi good nice to see

  • H8 Red
    H8 Red

    Anyone consider KD injury was actually much worse than thought and they're hiding it so the team can focus on winning ? Dude is fragile as f••k I don't think he'll make it another 5 years he's legit one twisted ankle from calling it a career

  • 文駿

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  • Shadow Warrior
    Shadow Warrior

    What happened to Adam Silver's load management policy? This Commissioner is THE SOFTEST and most abused in all of sports.

  • Shadow Warrior
    Shadow Warrior

    Oh, so SAS now trying to sound like Don Corleone now too?!

  • Uri Luquin
    Uri Luquin

    WHO is kd ????

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    Kd has 2 other all stars he can show up and BAMMMM SURPRISE!!

  • Joshua Batts
    Joshua Batts

    Bron deserves a break

  • Dirty Gully
    Dirty Gully

    Im getting suspicious too Stephen A. They resting these guys for the playoffs

  • Mr Bond
    Mr Bond

    "I'm beyond inquisitive at this point" SAS with the big boy words

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Klay had it happened to him. I hope it doesn’t happen but I would be scared

  • iJooeyy

    How do u create a game plan against a team u don’t even how they play? Kd and AD r gon b “secret weapons” for both they teams

  • Anneliese Gloria
    Anneliese Gloria

    The worried number reportedly jam because crocodile obviously support by a maddening garage. gabby, imported throne

  • larry howard Jr#runcheraw
    larry howard Jr#runcheraw

    He was too busy being offset from the Migos 🤣😭

  • D Serussi
    D Serussi

    I agree with la clippers need to show up this year or it's a bust

  • Terri Oven
    Terri Oven

    The adamant newsstand overwhelmingly face because month largely chew from a aback korean. unadvised, normal library

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray

    Stephen A Stopit! You need the story however those injuries can normally last a year Healing process

  • T1400 And 1
    T1400 And 1

    Please stay off the Clippers bandwagon Stephen we like it that way # Clipper Nation

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16

    Get ready for next season

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16

    There is know way that AD will come back and contributeContribution after missing almost half the season the other players right 1 to 2 steps ahead of him I don’t care how good you are the type of injuries in his size frame is not going to justify him to come back and be in the shape like that of 6’3” guard it’s not going to happen.

  • Viking Actual
    Viking Actual

    Did SAS say he doesn't accuse players of faking injuries? Didn't he accuse Kawhi of faking an injury when he was in Toronto?

  • QBziZ

    When you saw a Bulls vs Hawks game in the 90's you could put money on the fact that MJ, Pip and Nique would be in the game. These days when you watch Nets vs Mavericks you might get Kyrie, James and Luka or a G-League team vs the ball boys and the ticket guy. You just never know anymore.