I Arrested a VIOLENT Criminal
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I Arrested a VIOLENT Criminal
This was UNREAL
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  • nelly hernandez
    nelly hernandez

    The scribe button hit that little bell

  • Chad Pack
    Chad Pack

    I know he a bad boi but oooh u gotta feel bad for that forehead like OWCH





  • amazingfaze 4
    amazingfaze 4

    Bro you are funny

  • Daguinod Melda
    Daguinod Melda


  • Daguinod Melda
    Daguinod Melda

    Oh my gosh Jake Paul’s gonna become a cop I want to become a cop hi

  • Dee Summers
    Dee Summers


  • Chloe Shearn
    Chloe Shearn

    he looks scary you no

  • Molly Siliano
    Molly Siliano

    One question are you actually allergic to grass lol. And when jake go tazed I was crying in laughter

  • Sophie Boyd
    Sophie Boyd

    Criminals are bad they can hurt you

  • Dhanu Bhandari
    Dhanu Bhandari


  • Killian Epperson
    Killian Epperson


  • Killian Epperson
    Killian Epperson

    Gg to Carter

  • Carlos Mejia Galvan
    Carlos Mejia Galvan


  • Joe Mulenga
    Joe Mulenga

    Hahaha love the video

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account


  • Tyler Mcquire
    Tyler Mcquire

    I would like it if Jake taze someone’s head

  • Loreall Jones
    Loreall Jones

    Which one of you guys are older


    Honestly it was enjoyable for me to watch them with patty mayo


    That my kind sir is called a Chopsaw

  • Joe Tran
    Joe Tran

    Love you yids bro

  • Marru Productions
    Marru Productions

    Jake: *has taser on leg for 0.000001 seconds* Also jake: *face plants*

  • Juliet Vista
    Juliet Vista

    I regret watching Jake Paul

  • iiiberrys! !
    iiiberrys! !

    Who’s idea was to give jake a taser

  • Eldred Allen
    Eldred Allen

    Ok ok ok. Bye

  • Jon the pizza P
    Jon the pizza P


  • good luck kid tu
    good luck kid tu

    Jake Paul's is a police officer cool

  • bin chiken
    bin chiken

    You didont arrest a violent criminal thay did you tasted him

  • Josiah Richards
    Josiah Richards

    10:04 me roasting my class mates :)

  • Jay games 57
    Jay games 57

    That was with patty mayo

  • Yousif PlayZ
    Yousif PlayZ

    Hi bro

  • Gege666 GegeSpongeEr
    Gege666 GegeSpongeEr

    We’re gonna be ready for Freddy. Spongebob: I’m ready Freddy.

  • Samuel Abad-Ilovino
    Samuel Abad-Ilovino

    Hi I’m Samuel

  • Arshakta Hazael RX
    Arshakta Hazael RX

    What the fack

  • Arshakta Hazael RX
    Arshakta Hazael RX


  • Jo Ortiz
    Jo Ortiz


  • GG s
    GG s

    These guys are so funny😂

  • Nuhan Oof
    Nuhan Oof


  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    Right now my eyes are sent through from the blood

  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    Jake Paul I was was in Vegas last night drinking you shouldn't I should

  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    Jake Paul when you're ready sending the dogs

  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    You're under arrest if you don't subscribe to Jake Paul

  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    It's everyday bro

  • Nicola Beasley
    Nicola Beasley

    I'm scared for Jake and team 10

  • Vanessa Sims
    Vanessa Sims

    When jake was in the car he looked like he was high

  • Brayden 412
    Brayden 412

    I know I'm a year late but his face looks bad

  • Rozlyn Rossel
    Rozlyn Rossel

    so cool♡


    Yo jack come on u are eating at a job u joking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • HDmatt

    Who else is here? Anyone? No one? Ok.... I miss these vids 🤧😢

  • Sierra Murlatt
    Sierra Murlatt

    I’m also allergic to grass

  • Eli Koontz
    Eli Koontz

    Jake* so that for if people try to throw fire. One of Patty’s new vid* this dude got a flame thrower

  • belinda tate
    belinda tate


  • Liam Perez
    Liam Perez

    Who else saw the girl smile when the guy with the green shirt got caught

  • Roland Belanger
    Roland Belanger

    Oh my dad

  • Foggydoggy Gaming
    Foggydoggy Gaming

    That was a joke

  • Foggydoggy Gaming
    Foggydoggy Gaming

    Man if you could and if you were allowed to and if it wasn’t band you should use nerve gas

  • Merchandise 2011
    Merchandise 2011

    That cut might be really deadly with all that dirt and stuff in in

  • Stefan Melchior
    Stefan Melchior

    This seems very illegal

  • Flor Sandoval
    Flor Sandoval

    Jakes leg🦵🏻to 🥖 :pretend its a leg

  • Krish_N9

    Who’s from JJ’s video lol

  • FP International
    FP International


  • loyalty bottoms
    loyalty bottoms

    Can I have a team 10 neclse

  • Lindsay Grijalba
    Lindsay Grijalba

    This is what you get for letting two dumb you tubers from Ohio do this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Frankie Cafiso
    Frankie Cafiso

    This is how many people are watching this in 2020 ⬇️

  • March

    Lmao instant karma now the man of justice himself got arrested

  • brenda berresford
    brenda berresford

    Well I Wana join now

  • Beth Davies
    Beth Davies

    Jake is so like unpredictable it’s scary sometimes

    • Gamerness 01
      Gamerness 01

      I think hes a baby learning how to abc

  • Polo G
    Polo G

    Aaaaaa F

  • Bob Daniels
    Bob Daniels

    You too lit to be on SLtoos

  • Daniel Crews
    Daniel Crews

    Get him jake

  • Ryan hampel
    Ryan hampel

    My mom was just in Las Vegas Nevada

  • Javan Garcia
    Javan Garcia

    Jake uhh your nvm just eat ur sausage and drink ur beer you do you man ur so drunk

  • Joana Sanchez
    Joana Sanchez

    I saw him he is bald

  • Libby Faulkner
    Libby Faulkner

    I'm a cop too but english

  • Michelle Toops
    Michelle Toops


  • Victoria Windsor
    Victoria Windsor

    Jake Paul dont drop the soap when big bubba is up in your butt when you are in prison lol

  • YellowBow

    "This is why you don't give a jake paul guns"

  • Omlet Chad
    Omlet Chad

    ironic how logan's house gets raided for 2 years of tax evasion then 1 year earlier he arrests someone

  • Gaby Rodriguez
    Gaby Rodriguez

    Well now your boss is a criminal and maybe you are to jake paul

  • Dragongodly pugs
    Dragongodly pugs

    U know tasing someone in the c*ck is equal to breaking 13,400 bones and deforming the tests

  • Kimiya Farzinfar
    Kimiya Farzinfar

    When jake said call Freddy it made my Siri call Freddy

  • Princess Treszura C.
    Princess Treszura C.

    I want more

  • sarah drake
    sarah drake


  • sarah drake
    sarah drake


  • sweet cupcake crumpton pretty unicorn
    sweet cupcake crumpton pretty unicorn


  • Gape Seboko
    Gape Seboko

    I wish I could be like Jake Paul

    • Daniel W
      Daniel W

      What? You mean getting your house raided by the FBI?

  • Daddy Rage
    Daddy Rage

    Jake had tooo much fun with that taser hahahah

  • Test Test
    Test Test

    Stop f*** cusing

  • Athena Miller
    Athena Miller

    This is how much jake said I will taze him 👇

  • N yaw onnomah
    N yaw onnomah

    I love your video that you did and you are the best

  • Alan Diaz
    Alan Diaz


  • Desarae Fortin
    Desarae Fortin

    I am allergic to grass

  • Hhonesty!! Logan
    Hhonesty!! Logan

    Why is Jake the test dummy😂😂😂

  • Gaming Mario Unbox
    Gaming Mario Unbox

    Was he in Oregon?

  • SRG gaming
    SRG gaming

    I love how when jake said can i hit his head patty said no thats police brutality

  • Ashton Roberts
    Ashton Roberts

    I miss this jake

  • foxyfoxy20

    I bet you people called him Freddy Fazbear when he was little

  • brenda berresford
    brenda berresford

    Me:back up back up BACK THE HELL UP and then you said The same thing

  • Jakesters1992