Who Knows Me Better? (Sommerray vs Girlfriend)
Who Knows Me Better CHALLENGE featuring my Ex-girlfriend and my current new girlfriend
ft. @HanRidge @Sommer Ray
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  • Brayden Zellars
    Brayden Zellars

    He never dated any one of them

  • SL1C3R !
    SL1C3R !

    Jarvis went from Sommer to Hannah total downgrade

  • Ranger Plenty
    Ranger Plenty

    The cringe at the end

  • RC blastz
    RC blastz

    What she say at the end tho ow jarvis I can?

  • jeremiah hendrick
    jeremiah hendrick

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M.

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bru

  • Lik Hard
    Lik Hard

    I'm surprised they don't fight i mean ex sitting bye current gf my mind went woosh

  • Mari Issa QT
    Mari Issa QT

    Jarvis be getting some of summers cake 😳 Which cake 😳🤤

  • Jose milanes consuegra
    Jose milanes consuegra

    damn the one in the hat is showing hate ok girl

    • Jose milanes consuegra
      Jose milanes consuegra

      not hate sorry shade

  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey

    Now everyone just send him mangos

  • Roland Villarreal
    Roland Villarreal

    Bro if Jarvis gets back with sommer I like Hanna better than sommer I’ll feel bad for Hanna Hanna is better

  • -Black wolf Manz-
    -Black wolf Manz-

    My fav color is blue

  • Al Al
    Al Al

    8:02 Jarvis thinking 2sum 🤣

  • Spade

    Jarvis was being kinda disrespectful like somer was his girlfriend but he’s calling her cute in front of his gf🤦‍♂️

  • Adrian Blanco
    Adrian Blanco

    She mad af

  • JJ H
    JJ H

    bring back Jarvis and Sommer

  • Jaden Alipio
    Jaden Alipio

    We saw that peek at the end 😏

    • Iker Cruz
      Iker Cruz

      I saw it

  • JJ H
    JJ H

    8:01 JARVIS BRO

  • Still Ant
    Still Ant

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  • Nallely Nevarez
    Nallely Nevarez


  • xDvddy

    Hannah jealous on sommer


    They go be smashing tacos

  • Chalkiethepanda

    08.03 He’ll Jarvis what do you mean

  • Lionel Taylor
    Lionel Taylor

    i hate how he doing questions his ex girlfriend know already

  • Omar Aarone Zaatiti
    Omar Aarone Zaatiti

    I play black ops 3

  • Nolan Fraley
    Nolan Fraley

    Neither one was or is his girlfriend

  • Skippiefn

    When summer said fotball wr8ng she said it right in swedish

  • Bradox Hits
    Bradox Hits

    The end tho 😂

  • Jair Guerrero
    Jair Guerrero

    2:00 lmaoooo

  • Pxwer AJ
    Pxwer AJ

    i like that jarvis is 18 and both of them are 24 xddd

  • Qt Clinix
    Qt Clinix

    Right if I gain 100 subs from this comment i will make a yt vid of me shaving my head

  • Kyookumbur

    8:03 Jarvis at the end tho 😂


    Black ops 2 is the boom I am 10 I play it

  • Sebastian Filchev
    Sebastian Filchev

    #free jarvis

  • Sebastian Filchev
    Sebastian Filchev

    #free javis

  • Boruto Dandrea
    Boruto Dandrea

    My middle name Nicholas

  • Sultan Siza
    Sultan Siza

    There back together at least

  • Jant D
    Jant D

    Why did she say d**k? So stupid

  • Dana Hanna
    Dana Hanna

    You should get back with sommer

  • LetJohnStayLit

    I really hope hannah isnt dating jarvis it’s obvious he likes sommer

  • Marcus Cruz
    Marcus Cruz

    When did they start dating?

  • Joey Capalot
    Joey Capalot

    sommer 100

  • Stol3n_Potato x
    Stol3n_Potato x

    5:07 😮

  • Cid Coronia
    Cid Coronia

    Hi Jarvis I hope you're doing OK and can you please help my remove my channel thank you thank you


    The ending kinda sus tho


    R.I.P Juice Wrld

  • Yajur Gupta
    Yajur Gupta

    at the end hannah fell on jarvis at the perfect spot

  • OCE blynx
    OCE blynx

    Where's the aimbot

  • alvagose

    Give me one at least 😡😡🔪

  • Fly Jhy
    Fly Jhy

    hold up how yo girl don’t know your middle name

  • NotTfue4951

    6:48 he says a fact and that is black ops 2 is the best cod

  • ArrowJLC *
    ArrowJLC *

    Dude that end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tiki YT
    Tiki YT

    Get back together with sommer ray

  • McFarlane Brothers
    McFarlane Brothers

    I agree with Jarvis with liking juice worlds music

  • LR x Savage
    LR x Savage

    i wish i was jarvis at the end 😏

  • Dragon Warrior
    Dragon Warrior

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  • Mr kayy
    Mr kayy

    The end part was so funny

  • SZU_ syXc
    SZU_ syXc

    Imagine having a favorite type of water and also who would break up with sommor

  • Zyrex

    Hannah deserves better Jarvis literally flirting in front of hannah lol

  • tiko8167 mendoza
    tiko8167 mendoza

    I like your video ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • JOSUE Claps
    JOSUE Claps

    999 forever

  • Rydezzz Bb
    Rydezzz Bb

    My respect when he said he Likes juice world💹💹💹💹

  • dyzic FC
    dyzic FC

    Bruh dude gets hirls

  • We3 Swordsmen
    We3 Swordsmen

    At least we know who the stalker is

  • Iconic gamer3
    Iconic gamer3

    R u dumb go back to sommer

  • Caden Orgeron
    Caden Orgeron

    so since sommer won are yall dating

  • The Legend of Kendra
    The Legend of Kendra

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

    • Teji FN
      Teji FN

      Shut up bot

    • _ Marco _
      _ Marco _

      O M G

  • Collin James
    Collin James

    Should he be calling his ex sexy right in front of his current girlfriend

  • Braden Spears
    Braden Spears

    Jarvis went from 100 (sommerray) to 0(pink hair girl) real quick

  • TMNT bro’s Julian The boy
    TMNT bro’s Julian The boy

    Your ex is cute

  • TMNT bro’s Julian The boy
    TMNT bro’s Julian The boy

    Your girl is so cute

  • Tag Boy
    Tag Boy

    Why should sky Katz look like sommer

  • Jaden White
    Jaden White

    me when i die in among us: Soo hard...

  • Red is imposter
    Red is imposter

    Why does sommer look drunk in the vid???

  • fisher the best
    fisher the best

    RIP juice

  • rlocsmon

    Nobody: Rich people: WHATS UR FAVORITE WATER BRAMD

  • Rahmir Wright
    Rahmir Wright

    The end tho

  • Clayton Spraggs
    Clayton Spraggs

    Juice WRLD 🗑

  • Jevaughni Miller
    Jevaughni Miller

    My favorite game is black ops 2 too

  • Poop jvutt
    Poop jvutt

    i hate sommer

  • Justin Howell
    Justin Howell

    Respect to Jarvis for not forgetting black ops 2

  • MJ Woods
    MJ Woods


  • Makesleymation

    R.i.p j.u.i.c.e w.r.l.d


    Get back with summer

  • S i N e
    S i N e

    I don’t think sommer and Hannah like each other after this

  • Nando de Winter
    Nando de Winter

    My name is NANDO

  • NRG JD
    NRG JD

    they got a 3some

  • XaVieR LiFe
    XaVieR LiFe

    This might be a lil chick fight for Jarvis

  • Jayson Aguilar De Loera (Student)
    Jayson Aguilar De Loera (Student)

    Stay wefe yore grilfrind


    Jarvis is like oh yeah mission accomplished

  • xXTrashBinXx 788
    xXTrashBinXx 788

    Looks like Hannah’s the third wheel

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes

    bruh idk if hannah is deadass his girl bc i haven’t been up to date but like if she is that’s kinda messed up he’s clearly giving all that attention to sommer and agreeing with her when she says she’s his favorite dessert like huh

  • ashyg456

    He should be with both because he deserves it

  • The robots Are coming
    The robots Are coming

    L girlfriend

  • I’m unlucky
    I’m unlucky

    #freejarvis 🙏

  • Chandler Brewer-Coyne
    Chandler Brewer-Coyne

    Now for Hannah’s sake I’m kinda hoping they’re not actually dating

    • Amy Leigh
      Amy Leigh


  • Jacques van Rhyn
    Jacques van Rhyn


  • staxks

    ? This is .... very odd

  • Lucas Webster
    Lucas Webster

    wow I actually didn't even know they were dating

  • Jaidyn Hodge
    Jaidyn Hodge

    He should do one where who ever gets the most points get to be my girlfriend