Thank you for allowing me another year doing what I love!
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Night To Remember: open.spotify.com/track/2vnaOpToPq93ApZuAEWZJe?si=BVrLPlk1Qsuj4KS3RXShvA
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    Things made interesting io

    No 538 ad was

  • Leighton Wynwood
    Leighton Wynwood

    May I present the true goat that is the song, and I guess Simon Nah Simon the true goat, big up the tall lads

  • sierra jones
    sierra jones

    Today: SLtoos: here's videos from channels you never watch. Also, here's one video from a channel your subscribed to that was posted 3 weeks ago..Gee thanks! 👍

  • Saad_ whoelse
    Saad_ whoelse

    we need to get him to 10 mil NOW!!

  • Ansar Tutuev
    Ansar Tutuev

    Dam you look loke sparkles

  • rafael taylor-stoakes
    rafael taylor-stoakes

    i guaranty this made your day better..

  • Noah Linneberg
    Noah Linneberg

    Damn thats sick bro

  • lianne sells
    lianne sells

    i lovee this

  • Paradox Gamer
    Paradox Gamer

    Umm why has this video done bad

    • James Phillip
      James Phillip

      since its a compilation

  • A M
    A M

    I can’t believe this has hardly any views...This is the best vid💪🏽💪🏽

  • angela

    simon is so handsome

  • Blu

    The 2015 and 2016 Miniminter rewind style

  • TJ29

    The sidemen made our quarantine way better no 🧢

  • Ruari Thompson
    Ruari Thompson

    minminter is it possible if i can come over to london and meet you some day and the rest of the sidemen crew i would love to pay a visit to visit you guys

  • kareem mohamed
    kareem mohamed

    One of the sickest videos I watched in a whilee

  • Daniel Just for fun
    Daniel Just for fun

    Who ever edit this video this a sick one

  • jg 123
    jg 123

    It’s kinda emotional

  • O J
    O J

    i hate how this video didnt get a million, fuck yall fam go rep our boy simon

  • Anne Furgo
    Anne Furgo

    This video made me fall in love with him for some reason. Wow..

  • Ariz Kamal
    Ariz Kamal

    But this isn't the clips of his channel though, good content still

  • sam hc
    sam hc

    Why wasn't this recommended do me wtf

  • Aaren Arasaratnam
    Aaren Arasaratnam

    Lol nice wondershare filmora edits ;)

  • Lolling Leah
    Lolling Leah


  • Corporate FBI Agency
    Corporate FBI Agency

    Gotta rate that he used his girlfriends music for this

  • Liam Hitter
    Liam Hitter

    Only 400k?

  • i love football
    i love football

    Montage was 🔥

  • J A K E
    J A K E

    Ah yes

  • Maxin_CN

    Whoever edited this it's wild

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin

    A sickkkkk video

  • Lerab

    We can agree they made this year SO much better

  • Nathan Buckley
    Nathan Buckley

    2020 was a goated year for the Sidemen, amazing content every single week

  • Paddy Gordon
    Paddy Gordon

    Finally your views has bin exposed after all that clickbate🚫🧢🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yung Ntag
    Yung Ntag

    this video so sick

  • Cameron Bray
    Cameron Bray

    Simon you should do a pixelmon series with vik and josh

  • tissuee

    Miniminter... you know what you've done

  • Jenisha Anilkumar
    Jenisha Anilkumar


  • Jesse Muse
    Jesse Muse


  • Giorgio Oxby
    Giorgio Oxby

    Simon makes banging videos

  • Kongzy

    goes to show that we can have fun while bad things are happening

  • Illumination


  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    i love your videos so much !?

  • Nighat Raja
    Nighat Raja

    Miniminter are u gonna v logan paul

  • Morshu

    I love this kind of wholesome videos

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams

    the most underrated sidemen

  • emran gharbal
    emran gharbal

    Sick video !!

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      We have to get him 10 mill this year

  • Rudraksh Bharadwaj
    Rudraksh Bharadwaj

    3:57 he put that clip in because it was Simon's finger

  • Caleb Moses
    Caleb Moses

    My bed --^--- after watching this

  • FBA Chilling on Youtube
    FBA Chilling on Youtube

    Not gonna lie, was expecting a deep vid, this just made me jealous and sad now lol. Be proud of yourself and ur hard work, it is hard to get that successful but sidemen and you personally work hard, so fair enough :)

  • werewolf gamerx
    werewolf gamerx

    Can we get more skits plz

  • Emily Dunning
    Emily Dunning

    such a sick edit

  • Pixelated ZMB
    Pixelated ZMB

    big up simon for using lighter in his vid

  • Aka Zidane
    Aka Zidane

    Does anyone know what was the video's name where w2s and miniminter were cycling ??

  • Yassir Scott
    Yassir Scott

    I fancy Simon

  • Nrolo Kante
    Nrolo Kante

    Underrated this video

  • Eleven

    Let's get this tallneek 10M

  • Sarthak Vora
    Sarthak Vora

    This aint it

  • 9_1_5_Chris //
    9_1_5_Chris //

    Where is ur gold ps5

  • Alyssa Couzins
    Alyssa Couzins

    the music Simon and Randy put out last year was amazing 🤩

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    We have to get him 10 mill this year

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Lighter is a lot better of a compilation song than I thought

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Me: listening to little joy by ksi Me again: swipes up and sees Simon diss track at deji. Again me: only at 55 seconds of little boy but goes to Simon diss track 😁❤️

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that simon cares enough to make videos that we can enjoy❤

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      What vid was look to the Lord clip?

  • ItsAudisei

    10 milllllllllllll thank you guys for entertaining us this 2020 it wasn't so bad

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      No.. not by a long way

  • Shaan Gupta
    Shaan Gupta

    Wholesome af

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      Who else is here waiting for Simon to release a dont play reaction

  • Nqoor

    Road to 10M

  • rangges mujiono
    rangges mujiono

    Cmon 2021 simon hits 10 mil

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      We all needed this video

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Let's get this man to 10 million this year...He deserves it

  • Nathan Joyce
    Nathan Joyce

    What about the elephant dance

  • InfamousHx

    Man, I really hope you reach 10 million subscribers this year.

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    He should have put the clip when he said “push him to the edge” Lmao that was jokes!!

  • Hari Hari
    Hari Hari

    Uncle. Help

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.. hrf

  • sienna

    Legend man 🏆❣

  • CB754

    Imagine of JJ copy strikes this video😂 They would definitely break up

  • Roberto fitch
    Roberto fitch

    Its been a journey minter, a wonderful one

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Just me who thinks jj would copy right Simon just for laughs

  • adam w
    adam w

    What vid was look to the Lord clip?

  • Aubameyang is better than kane
    Aubameyang is better than kane

    Me: listening to little joy by ksi Me again: swipes up and sees Simon diss track at deji. Again me: only at 55 seconds of little boy but goes to Simon diss track 😁❤️

  • BigMuds

    Who else is here waiting for Simon to release a dont play reaction

  • Nubie Bob
    Nubie Bob

    No.. not by a long way

  • LGSkipper

    Amazing man

  • Skrilox

    We all needed this video

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    Simon: Uses Lighter Everyone liked that

  • yahia Mohamed
    yahia Mohamed

    With only a emoji you will understand 🥲

  • Sara Glenton
    Sara Glenton

    React to don't play anne marie ksi

  • Asif Imran
    Asif Imran

    One of my favorite SLtoosrs 😍

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.. hrf

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      React to" dont play"

  • official Tj C F
    official Tj C F

    Love how Simon uses his bsf KSI song for his video🤟💥🤩

  • Holly Tab
    Holly Tab

    😭🥺👏🏻 i feel so happy and proud for all you have achieved 💙! Thank you for making my life incredible and for bringing so much joy and happiness into it, and i mean this! 😘 i also feel very lucky to have witnessed your successes alongside you all!

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams

    Just me who thinks jj would copy right Simon just for laughs

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      Anyone heard animation on spotify

  • Marlon Paz
    Marlon Paz

    Yo this video was sick

  • Lars van Bergen
    Lars van Bergen

    Damnn, almost made me cry. Thank you for all the content last year, it made the pandemic a lot easier. Cheers

  • Mini Minstrel7
    Mini Minstrel7

    Absolutely Amazing Well Done Simon

  • Elijah Joseph
    Elijah Joseph

    This was the earliest I've been

  • Smiyter

    This reminds me of those year six end of year dvds that everyone gets at the last assembly

  • BFCLukey63

    Miniminter to 10 mil guys come on we can do it let’s get our boy to 10 mil

  • Kevin Ruiz
    Kevin Ruiz

    stinker of a video

  • Beverley Vara
    Beverley Vara

    Without this content 2020 would of been a whole lot worse

  • The Jackson 4
    The Jackson 4

    This is an actual masterpiece

  • JustFantasy

    Damn this sh** FIRE!!

  • danijel121

    React to" dont play"

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