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  • BMW W.
    BMW W.

    @2:57 the moment you realized shes the one, chugging watermelon 4 loco out of a straw

  • Arefqi Hairal
    Arefqi Hairal

    "With or without tana" BISS GET REKT

  • ePyeEye

    say ni-

  • live and let slay
    live and let slay

    That was one of the worst things I've ever seen, but I admittedly watched it all. I'm comfortable with one and done.

  • plux1x


  • Reboot Moo Moo
    Reboot Moo Moo

    *we are canceling the wedding* *we got married* WHAT THE F-

  • Bella Franco
    Bella Franco

    Tydus and his sister are legit tana and jakes kids

  • Jace Moorer
    Jace Moorer

    do you see lance at 9:38

  • Adria lynn
    Adria lynn

    Quarantine got me watching this 😬

  • Ahmad Jhairel Mazlan
    Ahmad Jhairel Mazlan


  • cordless_switch0

    When jake was having a hair cut his barber was gib if I wasnt mistaken

  • Dustin Demonetized
    Dustin Demonetized

    A staged marriage of a dumb kid and a plastic (2020, colorized)

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans

    They are perfect for each other I wish blessing upon them🙏. It almost made me cry 😭

  • Holly Doyle
    Holly Doyle

    i just want to know if the flight attendant ever turned up


    Who friggin vlogs his/her wedding xD

  • [Crystal · Berry]
    [Crystal · Berry]

    The time me and my crush got "married" in year 1 was more emotional than this

  • Emeraldmines11

    Or as I like to call it The fastest divorce in recent history


    This was posted on my birthday😕

  • Uriel Mota
    Uriel Mota

    Venia buscando tutoriales de ulices chaidez con jorge aguilera y termine viendo la boda de jake paul

  • Allie Sarah Moulson
    Allie Sarah Moulson

    “by the power vested in me you may kiss the bride” huh? bruh u didn’t even pronounce them husband and wife lmao

  • Samantha Haughton
    Samantha Haughton


  • Jadore Nelson
    Jadore Nelson

    I saw lil mosey 😭💀

    • nestor__restorations

      yo fr 😭😭

  • Pavol H
    Pavol H


  • Babbabuey


  • Jasper Bryant
    Jasper Bryant

    They do know the bride isn’t supposed to see the husband until she walks down the red carpet thingy

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    Jake: “WE GOT MARRIED!!!” Me: “Like your the only famous celebrity that even got married”

  • Weather Center Live
    Weather Center Live

    Congrats Bro just seeing this know wish I could’ve been there

  • Noelle Jennings
    Noelle Jennings

    and i came back to dislike this and never subscribe to you again and I'm NEVER waching your videos

  • Noelle Jennings
    Noelle Jennings

    jake paul says a LOT of bad words and your such a trash talking man you need to learn to STOP!!!!!!!!! THAT THERES LITTLE KIDS WACHING THIS

  • Midnight.Plushies

    Did anyone see Jack Doherty at 14:21?

  • A&m Nation
    A&m Nation

    Who’s here 2021! who ever thumbs up this video is dumb

  • A&m Nation
    A&m Nation

    Who’s here 2021 to see how jake Paul was

  • Kadi Meredith
    Kadi Meredith

    I cried by whiching this video

  • UwU luma Hernandez
    UwU luma Hernandez

    I love Arica more

  • Gi Bim
    Gi Bim

    Mn eu rodei o canal do cara, pra achar esse vídeo......... Jean Luca, qm sabe sabe, qm nou, Sorry.

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jake is your time to come home from work tomorrow morning Joel

  • FiredRBLX

    the most controversial marriage ever lol

  • Chelsey Foster
    Chelsey Foster

    Thank goodness they didn’t decide to have a kid for publicity too. These are 2 of the worst people to ever exist. Lmao

  • dior dolly
    dior dolly

    Sometimes I feel like I have done nothing in life then I wach jake pauls videos and feel Like I have acheived the world.

  • Criticoryx 56
    Criticoryx 56

    Can't believed I wasted my 16 minutes

    • Next Anvil
      Next Anvil

      @Admiral bruh a Jake Paul fan who is 6 years old

    • Admiral

      stop hating

  • Bebe Las
    Bebe Las

    Hi I'm new

  • Elias Khoury
    Elias Khoury

    OK nice facts my bday is on July 28

  • Jorge Salazar
    Jorge Salazar

    If they had a child it would be the first baby in the world to have a rare disease they would get to name it

  • Sejal Kothari
    Sejal Kothari

    Lets be honest.. Her dress is freaking gorgeous

  • Aaliyah


  • Benjamin Glogauer
    Benjamin Glogauer

    14:00 best part of the video lol

  • tsu_ streak
    tsu_ streak

    you can see lil mosey on 1:16

  • MonkeyCraft

    I swear a wedding with a blanket is better then this

  • Minghan Li
    Minghan Li

    There are two types of people here: Actual Jake Paul fans and People who want to see how bad this is compared to Pewds' wedding

  • shahrzad jazaeri
    shahrzad jazaeri

    How the fuck did Lil Mosey wind up in all of this bullshit...

  • Iasbobi

    1:16 I could swear the guy on the left is lil mosey or its just similar Edit: NVM it is lil mosey

  • Suja Jacob
    Suja Jacob

    You really made an *impact* in this world

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali

    the moment when father started beating the ass of the man who threw the drink on them

  • maya dunn
    maya dunn

    jake “i spent $300,000 on this” tana on her channel “its $3,000”

  • SSB

    4:10 The most satisfying scream ever

  • adhiksit kashyap
    adhiksit kashyap

    this is good 👍😭

  • RD Raps
    RD Raps

    More like Jana for 2 months

  • Kamil Zielak
    Kamil Zielak

    SLtoos clowns

  • Gamer111alm


  • Helives4me Andress
    Helives4me Andress

    Jeirika is better

  • amanda fuller
    amanda fuller

    is that tananas ex

  • Mohammad Anwar
    Mohammad Anwar

    Search stories of magic and sourcerer Moses and pharoah

  • Mohammad Anwar
    Mohammad Anwar

    July 2019

  • Mohammad Anwar
    Mohammad Anwar

    Play board sports

  • Mohammad Anwar
    Mohammad Anwar


  • Mohammad Anwar
    Mohammad Anwar

    Are you using we and us instead of me and you and her and him

  • Rogelio Chongko
    Rogelio Chongko

    Am sorry but this marriage is so cringe

  • suhana plays fortnite
    suhana plays fortnite

    It's jana

  • gg bb
    gg bb

    Wish i had the money to do my wedding Im just sad watching them waste the money

  • Diego Cruz
    Diego Cruz

    Song name?

  • The girl from the ghetto
    The girl from the ghetto

    Love the acting 🎭

  • AntEyeGames

    I didn't know a wedding could be this unwholesome

  • Cactuskills1149

    Shout out to the guy who threw the drink

  • ASMR with Brooklyn Garcia
    ASMR with Brooklyn Garcia

    this is why jake paul has 164k dislikes on this vid

  • Julie Chavez
    Julie Chavez

    Jake paul 2019 dad body now steroiads

  • Gavin Sparling
    Gavin Sparling

    9:56 Brad Martin🤣

  • Aadi Avasthi
    Aadi Avasthi

    That red t shirt guy lived the dream

  • Trusfrated

    Me forcing my barbies to marry is more emotional than this.

  • Greg McFarland
    Greg McFarland

    What was that “priest”

  • xxxLaylaxxx

    I just imagen tana is erika😭😭😭😭 jerika forever🤞

  • mano chaly
    mano chaly

    happy wedding JaKe pau|👏👏👏

    • vladimir putin
      vladimir putin

      Nah he is garbage

  • Rocky Fanatic 68
    Rocky Fanatic 68

    Congrats Jake

  • Chinee Bug
    Chinee Bug

    jake i loved it atleast bro

  • MJching23

    PewDiePie’s Wedding Is Better

    • Will


    • Kim Kardashi-Un
      Kim Kardashi-Un

      Much better👌👌

  • Xtreme 7
    Xtreme 7

    Shrek's wedding was more emotional than this

  • DarkenBourne

    Me: "Mom can we get Felix and Marzia wedding?" Mom: "We have Felix and Marzia wedding at home" *FELIX AND MARZIA WEDDING AT HOME:*

    • GRIM-SO-BAD :
      GRIM-SO-BAD :

      Doesn’t make sense

  • Melinda Sebastian
    Melinda Sebastian


  • Billy 147
    Billy 147

    jake paul is already bad enough tana mongoose is bad enough but the two of them combined thats just disgusting

  • midnight shine
    midnight shine

    Janna for 6 months

  • Gerardo Vera
    Gerardo Vera

    Porque esto esta en una lista de reproduccion de jorge aguilera

  • [:]xx_millxx[:]

    Jake got married on my bday July 28

  • Dejanay Dunn
    Dejanay Dunn

    Yow my birthday was on the 23 of april

  • nino

    the dramatic music in the bg pls how can u take this seriously 😭

  • Chadd Hanashiro
    Chadd Hanashiro

    4:54 is that Juice Wrld

  • thatlarien

    This is the fakest thing I've seen all day🙈

  • Shutter God
    Shutter God

    Lmao Jake dressed like fear and loathing in Las Vegas what a megadouche

  • ZEREF.D. DRaGNeel
    ZEREF.D. DRaGNeel

    1:44 best quote ever

  • Memphis Luckett
    Memphis Luckett


  • Memphis Luckett
    Memphis Luckett


  • Fried Rice
    Fried Rice

    Anyone who wears glasses and an earring like that is a brain dead TOOL.