Are We SPLiTTiNG UP? | Brooklyn & Bailey's Life After College Graduation
Yes, you read the title right! Bailey and I are splitting up! If y’all follow our social media, you know that we are GRADUATING from Baylor in May, and Bailey is now engaged (this video was filmed two weeks ago) with a wedding planned for later this year, which means... WE WON'T BE LIVING TOGETHER ANYMORE!! Be sure to click the video to hear all the juicy details of what we will be doing!
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We promised a quick proposal-related video for today, but there were miscommunication issues with the editor. The video will be done soon, and a longer BTS video about the proposal lead up come the week after that!
So after our #college #graduation, Bailey will be staying in Waco for the next year while Asa finishes up college. She'll also be adding a new baby puppy, and more about that soon! Bailey will also work for our family business, splitting time between Waco and Dallas working on creative and operations for our own next HUGE project... meanwhile, I’ll be heading to Utah and taking additional professional certification courses for the same project!! I am SO excited to return to Utah near our huge extended family, get reacquainted with old friends from elementary school and junior high, and make new friends.
I am sure a lot of y’all are asking this question... HOW will you keep up with your SLtoos channel and videos living seperate???
Bailey and I commit today to KEEP PUTTING OUT WEEKLY CONTENT for y'all! We'll bulk film when we travel to see each other, which will be fairly often, and in the off weeks... you'll get independent videos from us and what we are doing in our own lives. Bailey's videos will likely be wedding prep related in the near future, and mine will be likely be about this new project and navigating the dating game as well as similar content as we've always uploaded.
We are SO EXCITED for our separate journeys to start, yet super sad that we won't be together as much... I mean, we can't live together forever! Asa would probably not like that! lol We can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of us, and hope you'll continue to follow along!
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  • Brooklyn and Bailey
    Brooklyn and Bailey

    So what do you think of our news??? COMMENT BELOW! 👇🏻 Also, don't forget that Bailey and Asa's proposal video will be going up here NEXT week (since the editor couldn't get it done on such a tight turnaround) with a proposal BTS video going up the week after! 💋's - Brooklyn

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      @Zainab Khan they were both just at different points in life and so they decided it would be best to break up. however they are still good friends.

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    Anna Sims

    I have twin girls who are your age and started following you due to so many twin similarities. For the 1st time this summer, they will be going in different directions, so East coast/West coast. It is very exciting and challenging for both. Boyfriends are great and sisters are forever. Praying the bond stays strong. Blessings to all

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