Meet the new team 10... (EPISODE 1)
drama, new prospects, and some unexpected turns...
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Meet the new team 10... (EPISODE 1)
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  • Jagdish Kaur
    Jagdish Kaur

    I think it is fucked because jake literally spoke about all the stuff he went through and about how people judge him and he is just arragont like he is judging alyssa for her mental health

  • Angie Trevino
    Angie Trevino

    Bro that intro is fire

  • Marina Pascacio
    Marina Pascacio

    Well this is cringe Af

  • Kara Nos
    Kara Nos

    Jake Paul doing anything for clout. Once a bully always a bully.

  • TBC_ Stealth
    TBC_ Stealth

    Bro what is that intro music I wanna know

    • TBC_ Stealth
      TBC_ Stealth

      JHAR BLOX thx man


      Real addresses

  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D

    how did team 10 go from this to arman izadi 🤦‍♀️

  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D

    so many people have left except the one that really needs to leave *cougharmanizadicough*

  • Holly Kendrick
    Holly Kendrick

    They can “read energy easily” HAHAHAHA

  • Diane

    Never any black members

    • Octus

      Watch James newest vlog and you will see a black member

  • Your friendly neighborhood ChadMan
    Your friendly neighborhood ChadMan

    Mate the beard reeally changed you

  • Zoé Tasseron
    Zoé Tasseron

    I miss this i want him to do vids more for kids😢

  • Jess Sarro
    Jess Sarro

    I’m confused, I haven’t watched them in like 3 yrs what did he do to Tanner and Alyssa that they need an apology????

  • Icy TrickShot
    Icy TrickShot

    I’m watching this in 2020

    • Bella Little
      Bella Little

      same hehehe

  • Weixin Chen
    Weixin Chen

    Hi jake is me meng1011 on roblox can you go to roblox

  • gamer tve
    gamer tve

    Can I join team10 if it's okay

  • Gaming Girl
    Gaming Girl

    Alyssa is a pure sweetheart, you lot talk trashhhhhhhhhh

  • James Scott
    James Scott


  • Tsenam Namgyal
    Tsenam Namgyal

    Dyumm.. the comments are all Alyssa and Tanner...😳😳❤️

  • Yamilet Franco
    Yamilet Franco


  • GGGcoolG1

    I Like

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I love team 10.... Yall are the best. I am a huge fan me and my sister are huge fans we have been wathing. Jake paul for 3 years

  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    Anyone else miss the old team10??

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo



    Comments:came becouse of Alyssa and Tanner Me: came to see what happend after all that drama

  • TR JM
    TR JM

    Whi are the new team ten

  • Crimz

    Wow i have so many likes

  • Tammy Martinez
    Tammy Martinez


  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    I've only watched 4 minutes and I'm hooked they did a great job

  • Sthephen Rivera I never knew my last name lol
    Sthephen Rivera I never knew my last name lol

    Omg i miss Anthony

  • Jade Greenwood
    Jade Greenwood

    cor doesnt look happy to be there

  • EXOTIC_ACe_Jager 55
    EXOTIC_ACe_Jager 55


  • Sydney Davies
    Sydney Davies

    Yeah I can't get in to team 10 because apparently you need to have looks and I get the ages but u have to be skinny, u have to have great hair and have perfect skin or something that's great I could never get there...... That's sad, you know what its fine because I am still a fan because you help me with my life and make me have a smile everyday but its just sad that it have to be that way to be famous

  • Lil Bitch14
    Lil Bitch14

    Broo I’ve watched this literary so much Nd I just realized this was posted on my birthday😂🥰🍾

  • Brittney Moton
    Brittney Moton

    Discorso felice lucia Ma tu come va stai commercio

  • é l i s s a
    é l i s s a

    I genuinely tried to watch this but, I couldn't go past 3 mins into the video

  • Baylee Gray
    Baylee Gray

    I hated tassa

  • Aydoan Ferhan
    Aydoan Ferhan

    what is the songs name in the intro

  • Zachary Cilia
    Zachary Cilia

    2020 👇🏻👇🏻

  • John Jason
    John Jason

    What’s the intro song name

  • HONG ANH Tranova
    HONG ANH Tranova

    it stopped having sound

  • Jon Alvarez10
    Jon Alvarez10

    Ig @jonalvarez10

  • Madelyn Card
    Madelyn Card


  • Livia Russell
    Livia Russell

    I miss the old team 10 tbh

  • Crystal Lamb
    Crystal Lamb

    I would like to be a part of team 10 I will text you if you give me your number


    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  • Lil Makavelii
    Lil Makavelii

    Někdo z ČR?😅

  • ESO Fragzz
    ESO Fragzz

    Make a new it’s everyday bro song with new team 10 yo

  • Casun Vlark
    Casun Vlark

    You should have signed nava the beast ( us marien/ retired) GREAT FIT!!!

  • Starri night
    Starri night

    No one : Jake : ooo uggg so much tea * only says this so ppl can still watch *

  • Starri night
    Starri night

    WHy am I watching dis

  • Matthew Nordquist
    Matthew Nordquist

    You should make this a show

  • Me Me
    Me Me


    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo

      I feel your pain m8

  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Get The Old TEAM 10 BACK

  • Nickol Henderson
    Nickol Henderson

    She is your GF

  • sai charan
    sai charan

    The girl has breast implants and advices people to be comfortable in their own wtf

  • I’m -Dead inside-
    I’m -Dead inside-

    This will never last Cuz its like old Team 10

  • leon afk
    leon afk


  • leon afk
    leon afk



    Vanilla Ice wannabe only want ass kissers

  • Josey Banner
    Josey Banner

    Y’all need to stop twisting people’s words. You owe Tanner and Alyssa an apology.

  • Sydney Warren
    Sydney Warren

    This “uncut series’ had so much potential, kinda sad to see it go down the drain after a few months. But expected with someone like Jake Paul

  • chele10580

    I love the American Idol type show idea!

  • Ninja tye
    Ninja tye

    Can I sign in to teme 10 please

  • Nastaran M
    Nastaran M

    jake is right

  • tinadenona

    I'm glad that Tanner ans Alysaa didn't join the team cuzz they too good for them...they made them look like shit❤

  • Geneva Welsh
    Geneva Welsh

    I watched Alyssa's video and to anyone who is thinking "the couple is so over dramatic" watch the video. Jake is talking BS!!

  • Julians Fun and Games
    Julians Fun and Games

    imma say this once. you will never replace the og team 10.

  • Dealbhan

    13:43 What an iconic speech "you know, when you know" put that on a bumper sticker

  • Jerry Ramirez
    Jerry Ramirez

    Adam: says "ive worked with kids, young adults and ACTUAL adults" LMAO

  • Kalopsia

    You wouldn't have made it here without the original team 10. Trying to make them look bad. Wow. Bs

  • slik doodles
    slik doodles

    1:00 but that crack yo

  • Kyeara ig
    Kyeara ig

    I watched this after Alyssas video and I think she deserves a apology from your crap.

  • your first love
    your first love

    Alyssa and Tanner are TOO GOOD to be in this pointless group

  • CRL Matches
    CRL Matches

    Did y'all know that Adam and Lauren left the team

  • Bella Soria
    Bella Soria

    The og was always Magcon

  • Christian Pedroza
    Christian Pedroza


  • Lucia M
    Lucia M

    I love you guys in all and all of that team 10 stuff but you really twisted up and Alyssa and tanners story. I don’t know why you and the twins wanted to make her look so bad cause you are great people and so much fun!

  • Queen Killuminati
    Queen Killuminati

    I can't stand Cole, he's too scandalous for me. Always in someone ELSE'S DRAMA. NAWW.

  • Connor M
    Connor M

    Bahaha wow those Twins are terrrrible. I love Tanner and Alyssa, they would have been the best addictions to team 10. So happy they didn’t join, because the rest of the house aren’t on their level.

  • Kirtsten Vlogs
    Kirtsten Vlogs

    ι нανє α qυєѕтιση ωнєяє ιѕ тнє σтнєя тєαм 10 мємвєяѕ

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo

      They all left

  • Alpha Wolf_god
    Alpha Wolf_god

    What was the song that played when they introduced arie?

  • Paris dale
    Paris dale

    How disgusting are the twins though 🤮

  • Jailahpeterson

    Team 10 is the trashiest group on YT

  • Daniel Brunner
    Daniel Brunner

    It's so annoying how one of them will say one word and just repeat it over and over again! Like egos! Omg

  • matea stojcevska
    matea stojcevska

    This isn't right you can't do this

  • Alexa Rivera
    Alexa Rivera

    "So you wanna be an influence" JAKE: no I want fuckin team 10 talent😈 Alyssa: I have social anxiety tanner : jake you have issues isn't that enough team 10 talent jake: no it isn't

  • presto gamo
    presto gamo

    Who ever left a diss like you suck

  • Adí Aguiló
    Adí Aguiló

    I literally could write an essay about how miserable Jake's life is lmao

  • Adam Friend
    Adam Friend

    Cole sound like lola from big mouth

  • abi

    I already miss the old team 10

  • Rogennie Dominguez
    Rogennie Dominguez

    Alyssa and Tanner are obviously cool and chill in person.. common they're Canadians! Jokes asides: mocking/disregarding mental health the way they did in 2019 in just unacceptable.

  • Allegedly Fran
    Allegedly Fran

    why the hell am I supporting this man-child?

  • Xzacter Gaming
    Xzacter Gaming

    You need a new crew cause your a sociopath

  • No One
    No One


  • Lauren Brooke
    Lauren Brooke

    So....youre telling me this guy went to the hospital for 5 days because he broke his hand????? smh YIKES LOLLL. 18:09

  • Meghan s
    Meghan s

    Cole Carrigan? Um a wannabe James Charles

  • kashkidd Ray
    kashkidd Ray

    So dirt alisa violet was your only chance in life like if you agree

  • yujibell draws stuff
    yujibell draws stuff

    Noone: Jerk paul: eGo EgO eGo EgO eGo EgO eGo EgO

  • bijo

    Are any of them still in team 10?


    I don’t understand why anyone would want to join and be apart of this garbage. Seriously y’all just care about making money off Jakes egotistical bullshit and nonsense. Why do people even watch this ? And it honestly annoyed when someone kept saying “The twins are dope” like 10 times like bro you just like them cause they’re trashy like you’re whole team. GTFO. If no one respects what y’all post believe me it’s only a matter of time when your platform will no longer even be relevant. This generation pisses me off lol I can’t

  • Zoe Tatianna
    Zoe Tatianna

    Caci twins are the most basic looking girls ever...and that’s your best lol get some diversity, actually no I wouldn’t wish that upon them to be around this type of low life environment