you boys wanna buy some nugs?
BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
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  • leslie james
    leslie james

    Well that’s a fat brush

  • Scorching Hell
    Scorching Hell

    “That’s racist” This happens to me People say that stuff to me because I’m right True fact

  • Its Mango
    Its Mango

    10:44 The FBI agent listening to Mully's phonecalls: 🤨

  • maria bautista
    maria bautista

    You're videos are hilarious

  • Brody Thorsen
    Brody Thorsen

    jk ill respect your privacy

  • Brody Thorsen
    Brody Thorsen

    im gunna call that number after the vid

  • Alissa Dykes
    Alissa Dykes

    Do you feel when they hit you in the vr set

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    When the boys roasted mully I couldn’t breathe 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Angel Jensen
    Angel Jensen

    Dgfgffggjyirfxfxdgfrtygrdddxxdgk Iytfzd Glnikmjj’hhh🐇🍫🍪🍭🍩🍦🍨🍔🍟🍕🥪🍟🍗

  • Anna S
    Anna S

    eddie : that's racist.. the casual way he said that lol

  • NoahsInShock

    josh is so short this man falls out of the world like its minecraft

  • 21 FOXY 20
    21 FOXY 20

    What is wrong with you Mully

  • Megan Frey
    Megan Frey

    Wait what’s the number

  • morena ifran planas
    morena ifran planas

    but my taste in music is your FACE (?¿)

  • IAmTheArchBacon The III
    IAmTheArchBacon The III

    14:00 "That's racist" lmao.

  • NightLite Kat
    NightLite Kat

    *when nicacoda avacodo goes into the store, live camera*

  • Grant Adams
    Grant Adams

    Dafaq smashiboi

  • daily blues
    daily blues

    POV: Mully is so fat his weight went into the VR character

  • daily blues
    daily blues

    video purpose: free drugs

  • Annie H
    Annie H


  • ArcticFire

    Not tryin to be negative but josh and all them lost their touch, all they use now is that overused monkey avatar their content quality really dropped after they became popular, its a shame they had some good videos as well

  • d4y13n 1
    d4y13n 1

    I thought it was drugs for 2 seconds

    • d4y13n 1
      d4y13n 1

      The title

  • Adaliene Massey
    Adaliene Massey

    I have the same ringtone as mully😅

  • Jason Warren
    Jason Warren

    stop abusing the child

  • some dude
    some dude

    Isn't it called the black market? That's racist

  • Dlurp Boymanthing
    Dlurp Boymanthing

    When Mully started saying that he wasn’t a vegan, my first thought was Eddie saying “That’s good. Otherwise it would be cannibilism, cuz damn you a fuckin vegetable.”

  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens

    You know I find it really interesting that I. This age of cancel culture, you guys actively go out of your way to be as offensive as possible and no one's out there trying to gst you off youtube. But if you so much as tell osmeone to try to retard their timing on their car engine, you gst fired from your job as a mechanic. If a doctor tells you you need to lose weight theu get their license suspended.

  • sushles

    why can mully dish out the heat, but not take it? someone tell him to get out of the kitchen and his feelings. like I deadass thought the guy was a big dude until he got up and walked away one episode and i realized he was a butterface lmap

  • AJ Lane
    AJ Lane

    Why do you guys always rag on Mully? Lol, never stop.

  • Magelic

    when he said "water waight" mind said: NICAKADO AVOKADO


    I've already watched this like twenty times.

  • SoMeGuYiGuEsS101

    Poor smashing tho XD

  • Razo

    Please don’t cuss. It’s a sin

  • Animegamergirl Gamerwolf
    Animegamergirl Gamerwolf

    You know when you're teacher does this 🤫 and the does a flat line thats mully's heart rate


    “And ill a got was a cream pie!” Josh “no no, i dont think u should say that” smashin. “ I WaNnA cReM piE

  • Leonie Zottl
    Leonie Zottl

    Smashing is such a funny guy. He's so underrated.

  • Villain izuku midoriya [dead inside] [crush:???]
    Villain izuku midoriya [dead inside] [crush:???]

    I couldn’t call for some reason well back to stabbing Uraraka since senpai told me~

  • Giuliano_Mura_07

    Imagine someone called the number 😂

  • Liam Kiefer Miranda
    Liam Kiefer Miranda

    bruh i almost got arressted cuz of that number i relly calld it

  • HD-sphere

    WWE at its finist

  • Seamus Lawless
    Seamus Lawless

    Food fight/wrestle 7:53

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson

    Watch all the people with vr goin to that map

  • ceferina santos
    ceferina santos

    Hey no way to do you know jesus blood type


    Mully is so fat that the world is gonna go down

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer


  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer


  • red thunder
    red thunder

    Watch the video get removed because of the title

  • Ouija Experience
    Ouija Experience

    Ngl mully would do that in real life

  • The Shanty Man
    The Shanty Man

    HES GOT **+3 Cholesterol**

  • Carter Kruse
    Carter Kruse

    When you try to hit Braun strowman with a chair: 7:27

  • Kevin Joshua Alipan
    Kevin Joshua Alipan

    I feel bad for smashing for getting smacked a lot 🤣

  • Toasted Bread
    Toasted Bread

    Now I want to actually call the number.

  • Noah Dinmore
    Noah Dinmore

    When he said napkins are for customers only have you bought something yet. I'm about to buy something, someone should have said make sure there is stuff left for all of us

  • le big funny706
    le big funny706

    7:25 mully used absorb

  • Marie Bonnie
    Marie Bonnie

    mexican Man GIve Me AlL uR taaCooaos

    • Marie Bonnie
      Marie Bonnie

      Ik his name is Eddie

  • Mechagodzilla _
    Mechagodzilla _

    7:51 Me and the homies at a sleepover

  • Austin Boyce
    Austin Boyce

    What's the map and the purple character based on?

  • doggosnipe360

    These never fail to make me laugh

  • Drazan Juric
    Drazan Juric


  • Samantha Butler
    Samantha Butler

    I ALMOST CHOLED BC ITS SO FUNNY!!!!(edit : choked*)

  • ElijahWitcher

    This is all your channel is now. it’s really gone to shit i’m outta here

  • ColTon 77 Play Minecraft
    ColTon 77 Play Minecraft

    VIP JOShdub

  • Shadeau Little
    Shadeau Little

    Fun fact: if you say fun fact people will read you're comment.

  • Plush Island Network
    Plush Island Network

    Mully: Green, fat, orders WAY too much food. Did anyone else get flashbacks...? I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45’s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • JimboGaming

    mully so big he could deflect an asteroid coming to earth

  • Albert

    I didin't watch ur vids 2 years AM BACK


    Lol now I have mullys phone number

  • Hell Blaze
    Hell Blaze

    Lol i love how u did mully

  • 4cs Cooking!!
    4cs Cooking!!

    This should’ve been titled “They boys beat each other half to death with fast food trays”

  • Anthony Hardy
    Anthony Hardy

    They should make a podcast

  • Julien Lopez
    Julien Lopez

    Mully want to make some good tic tok!?!! Get the boys and reenact the food fight in Real life 🤣🤣🤣

  • D 7 M _
    D 7 M _

    What the name of these game

  • Cheetah179

    mmm chimkem muggers

  • Te Ja
    Te Ja

    Xbox one

  • yeet boi
    yeet boi

    Why is smashing the one that gets abused in every video?

  • Gabrielle Smith
    Gabrielle Smith

    I just wanna know what is dis app called 😂

  • TAG_Potato Man
    TAG_Potato Man

    People who called the number thinking they would call mully -_-

  • مضحي البصمان
    مضحي البصمان

    I felt like they are nick avocado😂

  • The Outcast
    The Outcast

    I feel bad for smashing because of all the torture he goes through but keep up the good work

  • William Howell
    William Howell


    • William Howell
      William Howell

      Moore he needs

  • Adam Dalesio
    Adam Dalesio

    Lol dont call that number. Theres a good chance that its not in ur country. When i called it my phone told me its out of country, long distance. Ur gonna uave to pay for an out of country call. Oof

  • Sanicrog Boi
    Sanicrog Boi

    Well that took an unexpected turn Edit: but all of there stuff is weird so this was a pretty normal video

  • Johnnie Black
    Johnnie Black

    Mully : you won’t like me when My heart rate is racing Eddie: I don’t like you now

  • Idkhowtousername help
    Idkhowtousername help

    the amount of children that are actually gonna call the number in the video because they really think it's Mully's phone number

  • Zayne Martin
    Zayne Martin

    That went down hill fast

  • gokuto gaming
    gokuto gaming

    Me: NANI!

  • Redstone_Guy_YT

    Me when I realized that narrator just speeddailed mully since he called way too fast

  • The Koda Wolf Gaming
    The Koda Wolf Gaming

    This was delightfully dark I loved it the whole "MORE" bit was amazing

  • Jason Kizer
    Jason Kizer

    The reason smashing has brain damages because you guys keep hitting him so much

  • LyDDa

    Is it a game? Or what is this?

  • Brother & sister
    Brother & sister

    I’m trying to watch this and it’s buffering

  • thunder-fox

    around 8 minutes in you can call it attack on titan and would not be wrong

  • Candice Sanders
    Candice Sanders

    Me laughing and nearly spewing myself

  • Griffin Stacy aka ZeahGoat
    Griffin Stacy aka ZeahGoat

    "Should have listened to the mid-wife" LMFAO

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan

    Joshdub: Xbox Mully: PlayStation Narrator: PC Eddie: Samsung Smart Fridge Smashing: Switch

  • Tobias Burnell-McCulloch
    Tobias Burnell-McCulloch

    I CANT STOP LAUGHING MY FAV PART WAS WHEN THE WHALE STARTED BEATING SMASHING WITH THE TRAY btw ik the whales name is mully it just seems right to call him a whale

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    I need to stop binge watching the boys and go to fucking bed

  • Katsuki Bakugou!
    Katsuki Bakugou!

    This makes me both uncomfortable and makes me laugh

  • Sammy The Squid
    Sammy The Squid


  • Hudson648

    I think mully is a Karen