If Among Us Had 9 Impostors
Among us in real life but with nine impostors and one crewmate 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Which person do you relate to the most?
Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! www.portlandspirit.com
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  • Borishtha Banerjee
    Borishtha Banerjee

    Please part 2

  • Helen Lockley
    Helen Lockley

    judah when elijah wins: i closed the door everyone expect Elijah: OHHH

  • ゆかわまりこ

    Can I be an impostet becuse when I run im fast so I can get the crew mate lol 😂

  • Jethro's adventure
    Jethro's adventure

    Me too

  • 주정규

    Crewmate is blue

  • Jackolad234


  • Letty Misa
    Letty Misa

    Shiloh was holding his task so shiloh and eligah are the two crewmats and so there are 8 impostors and 2 crewmats

  • Glazdy Voodoo
    Glazdy Voodoo

    Guys isnt it obvious that Elijah is the crewmate cuz he didnt show up on the screen when it says imposter.... (Not hate🥺) Btw i love these videos 🙆🏻‍♀👁👄👁

  • Aerosith _YT MCCARTHY
    Aerosith _YT MCCARTHY


  • Anya Bajaj
    Anya Bajaj

    First time Shiloh lost a game

  • Joyce Alena Tandean
    Joyce Alena Tandean

    I like micah

  • JB19

    Sup to my Channel JB19 find a Video call FNAF vs MINECRAFT

  • Zoloo Hanna
    Zoloo Hanna

    why red allways sos

  • Yessica Orellana
    Yessica Orellana


  • Liam Bryce Andres
    Liam Bryce Andres


  • Codename: Hacked
    Codename: Hacked

    Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing with my life

  • Anna Sztendur
    Anna Sztendur

    The last thing you need is a lot to go with your stuff to get you a good deal on it because it’s the best app ever for you guys/

  • Shelby Martindale
    Shelby Martindale


  • A Sax
    A Sax

    the new hi 6:38

  • CD Wilson
    CD Wilson

    The only way you can do this is if you have friends

  • Tigerbeast77funvideos

    Me too I wish I could play this with them in real life it would be cool

  • SparrowHawk 3007
    SparrowHawk 3007

    I relate most to blue

  • Stephanie DuPont
    Stephanie DuPont

    Oh hell

  • Jesse the Unicorn
    Jesse the Unicorn


  • Lemuel Mcdenz
    Lemuel Mcdenz

    Josiah: wait, Ashlynn said Elijah was the crewmate, so...... Everyone Except Elijah: (screams) Me: bruh, you are all literally imposters scared of a crewmate

  • Anaya Fatima
    Anaya Fatima

    Me too

  • Helen Perez
    Helen Perez

    I wished somebody would play with me like this

  • Vy Tran
    Vy Tran


  • Sajda salim
    Sajda salim

    Its like Among us upsidown

  • Helen Perez
    Helen Perez

    Then only one crew mate then

  • Slayer Slasher
    Slayer Slasher

    7:46 I don’t know but I kind a looks photo shopped or green screened


    I like this.

  • Atendimento Pessoal
    Atendimento Pessoal

    elijah this round: im 900 iq player motive: he first eliminate red making look them she an crewnmate, and after sayed them didnt see pink vented, and the people who can have a chance to confirm if really pink vented was red, but he was throwed out

  • Hazar Eş
    Hazar Eş

    ERROR: at 0:00 the blue is not showing up

  • hamdy bayomi
    hamdy bayomi

    what in the worde bro party bro 😍🤩😘😄😁🥰😎

  • Kristie Lallo
    Kristie Lallo


  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime

    Make a part2

  • Tong Li
    Tong Li

    I also hate download data

  • Abomb Alexander 1
    Abomb Alexander 1

    Its kinda funny to see the cast actually all act evil

  • Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov

    3:38 Even the Joker pays his taxes!

  • Tej Woodley
    Tej Woodley

    I'm laughing so hard

  • oksana Odnorih
    oksana Odnorih

    Bye bye well you have to go back with you I love it thanks bye love it bye thanks for your Christmas

  • BENJAMIN Gaming
    BENJAMIN Gaming

    Good i Love you Among us

  • Vanja Vladi
    Vanja Vladi

    Aj molim vas prekinite

  • K Squad Play
    K Squad Play

    Sorry i am texting late bit you guess are my number 1 fav youtuber

  • KV-44 KB-45
    KV-44 KB-45


  • Salman Ali
    Salman Ali

    Thanks for among us 8

  • Gabriella


  • Dark Kommissar
    Dark Kommissar

    I wish I could call Shiloh it would be a dream

  • jelly slogo
    jelly slogo

    Blue do visual task

  • Truly Blessed
    Truly Blessed

    Hello Kitty

  • YKW_DJ

    If there’s nine imposters wouldn’t they already win

  • malak T
    malak T

    My favourite is purple she is really smart

  • glitchyboi yt
    glitchyboi yt

    5:10 that was insane

  • GGKEK9999

    I am the task junkie, so I relate to the crewmate

  • Stevi Belanger
    Stevi Belanger


  • Stevi Belanger
    Stevi Belanger

    Ha Y- yeah


    did you guy clean the mess

  • Sclamp The THICC
    Sclamp The THICC

    6:37 Josiah: William? William: Poppin?

  • 2021 AndrejGamer
    2021 AndrejGamer


  • milan breebree Cobourne
    milan breebree Cobourne

    Me too

  • En jay oh’s Space
    En jay oh’s Space

    Wiat the imposters should’ve camped the tasks

  • Jules Horrox
    Jules Horrox

    Weird very weird but good

  • AJpenguin712

    You should make a part 2 this is funny

    • AJpenguin712

      Thanks for hearting :)

  • Life with Arya
    Life with Arya

    He always say red sus

  • Life with Arya
    Life with Arya

    I do not like judah

  • Lix Rubys
    Lix Rubys

    Heh I never become imp

  • Bill Hale
    Bill Hale


  • Venom Gaming
    Venom Gaming

    Who else waiting for the next part?

  • Tyler Tyler
    Tyler Tyler

    Oh yeah

  • Kitten Gamer
    Kitten Gamer

    That so funny lololol

  • lailanie batisla-ong
    lailanie batisla-ong

    Wait a minute black said three task left but he did four Task

  • Yalaa boy
    Yalaa boy

    The true greatest crew mate is definitely Elijah

  • youssef salloum
    youssef salloum

    This video make me scary

  • Juan Ernesto Zachrisson Mini
    Juan Ernesto Zachrisson Mini

    the impostors would've won by telling everyone to vent!!!!looolllllv

  • Sondos Issa
    Sondos Issa

    Can u plssss do the new map for among us 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Cheesecake Patel
    Cheesecake Patel

    So basically the crewmates switch with imposters

  • Cheesecake Patel
    Cheesecake Patel

    Man your vids are fun to watch

  • AssasinsShadow

    I'm not a tomato 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • V. Murali Varshith
    V. Murali Varshith

    Again please 9 imposter

  • Jannes van Rossum
    Jannes van Rossum


  • Kriti Mishra
    Kriti Mishra

    Can you pls creat part 2

  • David Nicolas Mihart
    David Nicolas Mihart

    Brittany is Judah but Brittany is red and Judah is orange

  • David Nicolas Mihart
    David Nicolas Mihart

    I like this guys

  • Jay 19
    Jay 19

    Can u do all imposter

  • Dhruv Mishra
    Dhruv Mishra


  • dastickman

    "this is more stressful then going to the dentist" -a intellectual

  • Deeptastic

    Oh my god the dance Elijah does in the end is so hilarious

  • SunsetYT Xx
    SunsetYT Xx

    I am your biggest fan!!

  • SunsetYT Xx
    SunsetYT Xx

    Can you do more of 9 imposters??


    Judah, Daniel and josiah got William they thought Elijah was there and Judah just close the door and chasing Judah


    how can 9 impostors lose with 1 crewmate!!!

  • Thinkhian Tju
    Thinkhian Tju

    Or that can be a download

  • Thinkhian Tju
    Thinkhian Tju

    When Josiah say only 3 task left Elijah do 4 task HOW ON EARTH

  • Suelayla Dya
    Suelayla Dya


  • Florena Noelia
    Florena Noelia

    bravo blue

  • Your local Anime simp
    Your local Anime simp

    This vid to cool it made me cry me wanted friends who played among us but me have nu friends I hope we meet

  • Annika Beatrice Singarimbun
    Annika Beatrice Singarimbun

    This is like a reverse of 1 imp and 9 or 6 crew mates but instead 9 imp and 1 crew mate

  • Fiona L.
    Fiona L.

    This is the type of thing that will make u have a panic attack

  • Céline BRETON
    Céline BRETON

    You can make arship map