the boys rip fat doinks
BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
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  • Bruce Choate
    Bruce Choate

    This may be inrevelavent but i just had the best organge evr

  • Saurixy

    That creepy levitating slithering man made me so uncomfortable.

  • Chicko

    what ist the MAP Name ???

  • Lemon Lover Lever
    Lemon Lover Lever

    I want to eat juicy lol but he to adorable 3:10

  • BeanBurrito

    My ela is third hour...

  • TomoBata

    Never expected them to be dissing Dream like that.

  • Robin gamer
    Robin gamer

    I vaped at the age of 18 lucky me

  • Mary Vr
    Mary Vr

    3:08 When Your Grandma Smokes Ciggys Around You 🤣🤣

  • Rickey Bledsoe
    Rickey Bledsoe

    Juicy is high

  • AKA mathers
    AKA mathers

    omg ya the best man i was high as fuck and cant stop laughing

  • Caleb Cothran
    Caleb Cothran

    no u

  • MaddCat

    awwww Burgie! XD 💖

  • Jonathon Grossl
    Jonathon Grossl

    So me and my sister have been using the word "doink" since we were little kids and we also use the word "boop" or "bop" when we take our pointer finger and we touch one of our dogs noses real quick so we have used that forever so its really cool to see JoshDub use that in his video title.

  • Elly is Danger
    Elly is Danger

    Josh:"Australia" Me: * sings national anthem

  • Chrish5764

    That into

  • pug lord 2000
    pug lord 2000

    What game are u playing because I'm getting a oculas rift soon and I wanna play that game.

  • TimeToPlay

    I love how every story ends up being fucked up

  • Ákos Tóth
    Ákos Tóth

    Me: *wakes up at 3am* My sleep paralysis demon: 8:21

  • Delvin TheGamer
    Delvin TheGamer

    all 716 people that have dislikes this video should be a shamed of them sleves

  • Delvin TheGamer
    Delvin TheGamer

    love these videos

  • CoolDude2000

    Josh could I interest you in a macaroon?

  • Reaper

    lmao I bet I could do a bigger hit

  • JetStormer44

    “Sorry Josh”

  • Concordiastudent

    6:24 when I realized this is awesome

  • Clucky C
    Clucky C

    Me when I am watching your videos I go HAHAHAHA

  • Isaac Chilson
    Isaac Chilson

    Josh:*gets ticled* “oh yeah” Vape shop owner: ... wtf was that

  • Fugle

    If this was an anti vape commercial people would stop vaping lmao

  • Benildu Changtime
    Benildu Changtime

    Juicy has smoker wheeze. Smuking to many cones mate 😋😂

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe

    Lloovvee them im gonna tell them to my daycare

  • Adalyn Meinzer
    Adalyn Meinzer

    "ThAtS dSmP fLaVoR" *My Pfp*

  • GemGirl2009

    Omg I haven’t even watched the rest of the video yet (I am going to) but I can’t stop laughing over the intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO!

  • Conroy Bennetts
    Conroy Bennetts


  • Parker Harrison
    Parker Harrison

    I think I just ate a hole bunch of Flintstones gumms

  • Ultima werewolf
    Ultima werewolf

    13:34 thats the first monster from little nightmares!!!!! Eddie calls him daddy long legs

  • Creamted Nugget
    Creamted Nugget

    Dream amp flavor should taste like L,manburg

  • ShadowPlayzGames

    The janitor from little nightmares 😫🥵🥵😫

  • Mister Vash
    Mister Vash

    Lol..doinks .. I thought he meant Mary Jane ,lol

  • Joseph Ruiz
    Joseph Ruiz

    Macdonald’s sprite flavore 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nate Rowe Studios
    Nate Rowe Studios

    what map is that

  • Richard Wood
    Richard Wood

    Haha I say doinks! Such relatable. Much happiness!

  • JimmyJohn Joe
    JimmyJohn Joe

    Juicy is just an absolute elephant herd of content

  • JimmyJohn Joe
    JimmyJohn Joe

    I love how Josh and his friends can just get together in VR and let their inner child out. Love you guys so funny

  • Babil The Kidd!
    Babil The Kidd!

    "I'm moving at 15 seconds an hour." Bro my brain really was trying to comprehend the man who can't read.

  • clevercart79mobile

    My mom loves the unicorn flavor vape

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui

    What your Vr chat name I wanna friend you :

  • Matthew Husocki
    Matthew Husocki

    Someone explain the story behind the Dream SMP thing? I'd like to appreciate a diss, but I have no idea what they're referencing.

  • wanda b
    wanda b

    Dcchhghbhhbmjb,hhbhvkbbmm 9 6 and the new year and the big family 👪 ❤ I 9 the first

  • Balisong Ballistics
    Balisong Ballistics

    How do you get this on vrchat

    • Connor McDonald
      Connor McDonald

      No I was wondering because I don’t know

    • Balisong Ballistics
      Balisong Ballistics

      Do you need to buy it

    • Balisong Ballistics
      Balisong Ballistics


    • Connor McDonald
      Connor McDonald

      Did you find the name of the world

  • Star The Ink Fox
    Star The Ink Fox


  • iliketoast

    here here here we go not funny didnt laugh not funny didnt laugh not funny didnt laugh

  • satchels

    Hey josh might be getting an oculus on birthday do you have any tips?

  • Slavik400

    14:22 LMAO

  • PlusDelta

    His reaction is accurate to my own about blueberry flavors

  • PlusDelta

    I feel attacked😂😂

  • Dylan Wiegert
    Dylan Wiegert

    whats the name of this world?

    • Connor McDonald
      Connor McDonald

      Did you figure it out

  • beat nation
    beat nation

    The funny thing is I'm using a rainbow I-priv and rainbow morph 219 while watching this

  • Sunny Baudelaire
    Sunny Baudelaire

    When he drank the nicotine he should have turned into the fat lady skin

  • Door Jam
    Door Jam

    Drugs are bad for bananas don’t u know

  • Tyler Burton
    Tyler Burton

    McDonald's Sprite do hit different

  • Reece W
    Reece W

    Is this vr chat


    Nices vapes

  • Sebastian

    Little nightmares 1

  • Tabz VR
    Tabz VR

    What is this world called

    • Tabz VR
      Tabz VR

      @Connor McDonald no

    • Connor McDonald
      Connor McDonald

      Did you find the name

  • Ndwrd

    Very family friendly pg clean

  • DendTheAuto

    the way he moved 7:40

  • Jacob Myers
    Jacob Myers

    u do know a doink is a joint witch is weed

  • kpopkenzie.

    *im moving at fifteen seconds an hour*

  • Mark Spoerl
    Mark Spoerl

    Mama just killed a man

  • ᗩᒪᗩᔕTOᖇ Manifest
    ᗩᒪᗩᔕTOᖇ Manifest

    What world is that and is it on quwst

  • bendy nightmares
    bendy nightmares

    Wot the fuck

  • Gen3-snowy


  • Eileen de Jong
    Eileen de Jong


  • Zach10

    What world is this and is it for quest

  • The Man Behind The Slaughter
    The Man Behind The Slaughter

    Juicy was right about McDonald's Sprite Flavor. ITS F*** ING DELICIOUS. Either that or I'm having a stroke because I'm vaping too much... (this is joke btw I don't vape)

  • iwanitall

    What game and what map

  • Cxkafrosamurai #
    Cxkafrosamurai #

    got a vr headset cuz of the purchase

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    What is the name of this world

  • Ducky Is Lucky
    Ducky Is Lucky

    just amy: this video sucks >:(

  • Ducky Is Lucky
    Ducky Is Lucky


  • Christian Irwin
    Christian Irwin

    T H A N K. Y O U

  • JJ Matresky
    JJ Matresky

    How come juicy called Josh dub Adam

  • oi bruv
    oi bruv

    There was a anti vape ad after this

  • Sarah Sawyer
    Sarah Sawyer

    The tea party in the back corner 😂

  • It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
    It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    The thing all of us wanna know after this video: "is there a flavor for trauma?"

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown

    Juicy: “Can I interest you in a macaroon?” Josh: “AAAAAAAH!!!! AAAAAAAH!!!! AAAAAAAHHH!!!! AAHHH!

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown

    No No, Don’t Touch Me There, This Is My No No Square!

  • Derin Jimenez
    Derin Jimenez

    Glizzy gobbler and the ending was hilarious

  • Sosuke Aizen
    Sosuke Aizen

    that last sound josh did lmao twink energy all of sudden

  • CoreyZek

    Me to my valentine: let me test this on u. No popcorn lung xD

  • Gazvids

    Juicy I call this one the glitzy gobbler Josh why

  • Tafia Havard
    Tafia Havard

    I love juicy scream😂

  • Marc Stewart
    Marc Stewart

    josh: hot dog flavoured water, mullys cock juicy: *vapes the mullys sock flavour*

  • TheFluff77

    What the world called

  • Trustnull

    I am sick with COVID and this made me laugh so hard snot came out of my nose

  • Im Potato!
    Im Potato!

    what the fuck in in 3rd period english no shit

  • łowkey v
    łowkey v

    world name ??

  • Lord Bowser
    Lord Bowser

    If u smoke u stupid af

  • Chris Falkman
    Chris Falkman


  • Melissa Spaulding
    Melissa Spaulding

    Flying snake man coming thru

  • Amrdasavage 987
    Amrdasavage 987

    Can I interest you in a macaroon had me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥲