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  • hope_ clerveau
    hope_ clerveau

    2:38 the look..

  • Silvia Delgado
    Silvia Delgado

    Can I have some holy water pls anyone have any.....

  • Ashley Lovvorn
    Ashley Lovvorn

    Why do you think braking stuff is ok

  • Harmonie Woods
    Harmonie Woods

    Go jake

  • James Hipple
    James Hipple


  • Marcos Nogueira
    Marcos Nogueira


  • Gustavo Baez
    Gustavo Baez


  • iPremiumJayy

    ʷʰʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʷᵉ ʷʰⁱˢᵖᵉʳⁱⁿᵍ

    • Sinceresampson 100
      Sinceresampson 100


  • Fungas binguis
    Fungas binguis

    Who has the audacity to post about this topic, especially from someone who would do nothing for anyone but himself, stupid

  • Kealaula Doyle
    Kealaula Doyle

    no one likes your new girl i miss jerika

  • Kona

    what even is this piece of trash?

  • Diorite Exotics
    Diorite Exotics

    I can't believe I bought a hoodie from this man 3 years ago, absolutely regret ever supporting him.

  • FrostBite

    I haven’t watched these videos since Jerika. I actually use to want to get the merch but I’m glad my mom didn’t

  • Adrian Aguirre
    Adrian Aguirre

    I left his channel for a year and umm he changed

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    What Julia was there.

  • NatureLover482

    9:11 there are people so poor in the world that they can’t afford food or a home or anything and then we have these people . What has this world come to ? Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Calib Steyn
    Calib Steyn

    I'm a kid

  • Kianna Broomfield
    Kianna Broomfield

    I miss jerika

  • KrustyTV

    I feel bad for tydus

  • Jyseph Hiroツ
    Jyseph Hiroツ

    So Tana was a lesbian ewww🤮

  • Samuel Supreme
    Samuel Supreme

    Welp I’ve been away for about a year came back to see what is happening Yep pretty usual

  • Wolfyxses

    Okay, but why the actual hell would they bring tydus there....

  • Fearless Kid
    Fearless Kid

    I’m 15 jake

  • Carrie R,
    Carrie R,

    how we do you tube live

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    I love Jake Paul and I love sharks and told your brother who said f*** you

  • Mariam Malik
    Mariam Malik

    I think that was jack ex wife

  • Lex Cruz
    Lex Cruz

    Omg JAKE Big problem tana and julia just kiss but they are girls??????

  • Joy Mbiri
    Joy Mbiri


  • kfc hector castillo
    kfc hector castillo

    Kids jake have drags

  • Reventic

    2-3 years ago l looked up to Jake... But now this

  • Jr Godoy
    Jr Godoy

    Me seeing Julia and tana monguea kiss.I-I'm speechless...

  • Ajs924 Slow
    Ajs924 Slow

    Jake hi am 9 and love your old videos I miss how it is


    That’s hot Julia and tana

  • Alien & Turtle
    Alien & Turtle

    My lil cousin loved Jake Paul, I’m glad he doesn’t even say his name in-front of me

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Sea Sick

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Poor Jake Got Sick 🤒

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉 🎈 Jake!

  • steven capellan
    steven capellan

    Can we bring old jake back

  • Tiffany Carroll
    Tiffany Carroll

    Don't smoke

  • Ally Bon
    Ally Bon


  • Kerry Roberts
    Kerry Roberts

    Hope you took the hook out of that poor shark.

  • Mercedes Serrano
    Mercedes Serrano

    Who ever is ten and still watching like my comment

  • Mercedes Serrano
    Mercedes Serrano

    No I’m ten and stilll here

  • j x z
    j x z

    sorry but- a man like this will ChEaT

  • Rionna Rodriguez
    Rionna Rodriguez

    Am I the only one that misses apollo the k9

  • Mohamed Gamer
    Mohamed Gamer

    Jake paul in 2014: good and funny boy Jake paul in 2020: Evil and bad boy

  • James Serbin
    James Serbin

    Do you talk to chance or Anthony or anyone else

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    0:24 after he defeated ksi

  • Old Chicken
    Old Chicken

    who here is a jake paul fan

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


  • The Royale Trio
    The Royale Trio

    Ericka made him a good person as soon as they split he just gave up


    u smoke

  • Homayoun Rahimi
    Homayoun Rahimi

    When i see them kiss i SAID YASSSS LESBENS

  • Yesenia Acevedo
    Yesenia Acevedo


  • Dim. Mak
    Dim. Mak

    I want the og team 10 🥺😭 I mean ...were is chnanthony ... 636 remember?😭😭😭🥺🥺

  • 100 subs In one month Challenge
    100 subs In one month Challenge

    What is this Don’t forget to subscribe, thank me later

  • kerem bey
    kerem bey

    youtube didnt demonitze the video?? (sorry for bad spelling lol)

  • DRE & BAE
    DRE & BAE


  • Gavin Webb
    Gavin Webb

    These Paul brothers different lol

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    When he was running on the causeway in Miami he was in front of the US Coast Guard barracks where I was stationed for 2 years.

  • Lisa King
    Lisa King

    Can u guys speak English pls

  • Jd Lamar
    Jd Lamar

    Hey Jake

  • Jd Lamar
    Jd Lamar


  • Krtistine Japsay
    Krtistine Japsay

    Jake please don't throw up in the sea 🌊 there's animals god will be sad 😭

  • Mystic airdy
    Mystic airdy

    jake is so nice now compared to before

  • Yongi Aclanon
    Yongi Aclanon

    hi jake had you ever had a sex?

  • sebastian 123 jr
    sebastian 123 jr

    Lol op

  • sebastian 123 jr
    sebastian 123 jr

    Why he said fuck ksi

  • Cute Pumpkin
    Cute Pumpkin

    Meanwhile there are starving children in the world, and they’re Fing up an expensive tv like money doesn’t matter. Disgusting...

  • User Name
    User Name

    What he did with the shark Is animal torture !!!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    1:35 I go in the gulag

  • Reblecks Robux
    Reblecks Robux

    Why you let them do that

  • Arash

    i don't know it doesn't make me feel good at all.

  • Kaydin Smith
    Kaydin Smith

    I miss the old Kanye

  • Anne Sharclane
    Anne Sharclane

    two of ur fans are from alaska we live in snow

  • I'm trippy gameing 17
    I'm trippy gameing 17

    Whenever Jake throws up on his yacht literally mean two months ago

  • Stephanie Calderon
    Stephanie Calderon


  • Ben's Universe
    Ben's Universe

    Please, seek help Mr. Paul.

  • Kevin Gamez
    Kevin Gamez

    Video from you a never for us again just say these video are for 18 adults

  • Alex Sanpedro
    Alex Sanpedro

    I miss the old videos

  • Pink Milkshake
    Pink Milkshake

    This is disgusting to have kids be watching this

    • Kevin Gamez
      Kevin Gamez


  • Dania Delgado
    Dania Delgado

    how do u love more your girlfriend or dog

  • mercy Harris
    mercy Harris

    Sorry god

  • WolfInGo

    Jake: kids go to Ryan's toy review Me: I'm 11 nk

    • WolfInGo


  • Sophie Henke
    Sophie Henke

    Why was he puking?

  • make me reach 100k
    make me reach 100k

    Jake paul your the best youtuber EVER

  • Liam Snyder scooter
    Liam Snyder scooter

    Jake and I are love you videos I seven can you please come to question do you know the question acts it in the greenhouse with that to “that I ask you please come please I got a mini dirtbike a little tater 5110 piece out


    He changed in a bad way

  • VR Kingdom
    VR Kingdom

    This is what you this is what happens when you have a 69 beers on Sunday morning

  • insanity ツ
    insanity ツ

    2:06 jon was just sat there like what

  • Armida Moreno
    Armida Moreno


  • Nabovy Chhay
    Nabovy Chhay

    Lol the thumbnail

  • Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D
    Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D

    I can't believe that I would have freaked out if I met him at one point in time

  • Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago
    Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago


  • Roxanne Munns
    Roxanne Munns

    Love you Jake Paul 😘😍😍😍😘

  • Joey 4Trax
    Joey 4Trax


  • Alysya Morrow
    Alysya Morrow

    you used to be my favorite youtuber then you started drinking and smoking and cursing what happend to the Jake Paul i know

  • cayla beacham
    cayla beacham


  • Vkil3r _MZ
    Vkil3r _MZ

    Wtf is he's dad doing there This guy is definitely missing Erika

  • K Dizzle
    K Dizzle

    I got the same bass pro snap back 😂

  • Its_A Dream
    Its_A Dream

    Wasn’t his fan base like 13 y/o kids? 😂