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  • TNT Scott
    TNT Scott


  • Tako’s Lifestyle
    Tako’s Lifestyle

    I have feelings for you!😉😌

  • Rudy Plays
    Rudy Plays

    while he was running why did he say FUCK KSI

  • Aileen Cortez
    Aileen Cortez

    Yo this is so disgusting bro I'm a girl bro jake

  • L Waller
    L Waller

    WHy JAKE

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali

    Bro stop u have kids watching you

  • Samuel 12 Perez s
    Samuel 12 Perez s

    F*uk you make ksi is better

  • nalupe ageshe
    nalupe ageshe

    was that tessa

  • [•Miśs Dørky Duçk•]
    [•Miśs Dørky Duçk•]

    Does anyone remember when jake paul was child friendly? He didn't swear in his videos or make it 18+ :(

  • Gabriel Sorato Laru-an
    Gabriel Sorato Laru-an


  • Dru Givens
    Dru Givens

    If it was his ex’s why would they want to go there

  • Vanessa Michel
    Vanessa Michel

    Ok I will call him when

  • Tyion Boyd
    Tyion Boyd

    What fuck

  • Jayla Belle
    Jayla Belle


  • Cinamatic playz
    Cinamatic playz

    That’s messed up

  • Amir Naim
    Amir Naim


  • -___________________________- I’m bored
    -___________________________- I’m bored

    Btw tho, is that urus your’s

  • Evan Gallardo
    Evan Gallardo

    I am 10 and I am watching this

  • Makhai Jules
    Makhai Jules

    they're shaking their boobs and everything being gay what the fuck

  • snatzox313

    God forgive me for this disgusting intro

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    How many wives has he had-

  • Katt Vlogs
    Katt Vlogs

    Now it's Tana did hook up with your current gf 😅🤭

  • T Joffe
    T Joffe

    It’s funny how he’s calling tana his exact wife when they were literally married for three days

  • ldeax

    2:08 lmaoa


    Did anyone else notice how his videos have gotten much more dirty

  • Ashleigh McCorvey
    Ashleigh McCorvey

    They gay

  • Petr Cimbolinec
    Petr Cimbolinec

    What's name is jake girlfriend? Or ig? Pls

  • Brody Alexander
    Brody Alexander

    I wateched this mans 1 year ago and was scrolling through his vids and i saw this... old vine jake was 100% better

  • Janael Guerra
    Janael Guerra

    Then the flags get your girl

  • Master Chimichanga
    Master Chimichanga

    Is this that same d-bag from a while back?

  • The One
    The One

    Lmfao when he saw them make out his reaction killed me

  • Gregory Saili
    Gregory Saili

    So Jake's wife is a lesbian

  • Gregory Saili
    Gregory Saili

    How is this notdemonitzed

  • BYGHcoop

    Bro u are one of the most freaks in the world my guy

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers

    No I wont

  • It's Palyn
    It's Palyn

    At the beginning mini Jake Paul is there and he looks up to Jake Paul and I remember when he made dolphin noises now he doesn't and he makes sexual videos when 9 year olds watch his channel

  • Elias Does Stuff
    Elias Does Stuff

    Him and hhis friends are disrespectful

  • TheBarbOf _Roblox
    TheBarbOf _Roblox

    How many times this guy goin be divorced already?

  • JakeIsMyN4me


  • Blanca Dominguez
    Blanca Dominguez


  • Andrew McNeely
    Andrew McNeely

    2:58 best clip of his career 🤣 lmao


    So Julia and tana prank him or no

  • Aries Thorpe
    Aries Thorpe

    U know that u have kids on ur channel

  • gaming Legend
    gaming Legend

    emagine jakpaul vs undertaker in WWE 😂

  • NCNIX Never Broke Again
    NCNIX Never Broke Again

    The girls are gay they kiss

    • NCNIX Never Broke Again
      NCNIX Never Broke Again

      14 years old

    • Collin Finoulst
      Collin Finoulst

      How old are you?

  • MjM Miller
    MjM Miller

    My dad was like Jake Paul is fighting I said wha - I’m otw and came up stair to watch him fight (He won) then thought abt checking on his SLtoos and this is the first thing I watch after 3 years I miss Erika

  • mini Cyrus dobre
    mini Cyrus dobre

    When jake was about to go to the sea and he said nine foot long the first thing ever.. I MEAN EVER in my mind was a foot long from subway....

  • nxdovtipa

    hello, no one here knows me, but i'm practically disabled and my balancing isn't good at all. this evening, i walked along a balance beam for the first time to turn this off.

  • Liam AA
    Liam AA

    Why is jake tired when he didn't do amything

  • Ahmareann Smith
    Ahmareann Smith

    Can you come down to Orlando Florida please I live in Rosemont

  • A2 Exotic
    A2 Exotic

    I'm 9 years old watching this

  • Anabela Baloghova
    Anabela Baloghova


  • mena Bautista
    mena Bautista


  • Sathi Mohandasan
    Sathi Mohandasan

    I am 15 so it's no problem 😂

  • Anthony McDonough
    Anthony McDonough

    U are my best friend to my Heart

  • see صادق
    see صادق


  • Tf Toxic
    Tf Toxic

    burn in hell

  • Berry _yt
    Berry _yt

    Its it me but isnt it werid to party with ur dad i mean i would like my dad their at a party kinda embarrassing.

  • lil baddie {kitty}
    lil baddie {kitty}

    havent watched him in years and i came back to see this lol

  • weirdthings

    There are no fan comments cause he has none. I BET half of his subscribers are just old fans who forgot to unsub

  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher

    I went join team 10 with you guys my name is John

  • Nekooツ

    God what the actual hell

  • hope_ clerveau
    hope_ clerveau

    2:38 the look..

  • Silvia Delgado
    Silvia Delgado

    Can I have some holy water pls anyone have any.....

  • Ashley Lovvorn
    Ashley Lovvorn

    Why do you think braking stuff is ok

  • Harmonie Woods
    Harmonie Woods

    Go jake

  • James Hipple
    James Hipple


  • Marcos Nogueira
    Marcos Nogueira


  • Gustavo Baez
    Gustavo Baez


  • Jayyify

    ʷʰʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʷᵉ ʷʰⁱˢᵖᵉʳⁱⁿᵍ

    • Buff helpy cool
      Buff helpy cool


  • Fuwo binguish:333
    Fuwo binguish:333

    Who has the audacity to post about this topic, especially from someone who would do nothing for anyone but himself, stupid

  • Kealaula Doyle
    Kealaula Doyle

    no one likes your new girl i miss jerika

  • Kona

    what even is this piece of trash?

  • Alan

    I can't believe I bought a hoodie from this man 3 years ago, absolutely regret ever supporting him.

  • FrostBite

    I haven’t watched these videos since Jerika. I actually use to want to get the merch but I’m glad my mom didn’t

  • Adrian Aguirre
    Adrian Aguirre

    I left his channel for a year and umm he changed

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    What Julia was there.

  • NatureLover482

    9:11 there are people so poor in the world that they can’t afford food or a home or anything and then we have these people . What has this world come to ? Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Calib Steyn
    Calib Steyn

    I'm a kid

  • Kianna Broomfield
    Kianna Broomfield

    I miss jerika

  • KrustyTV

    I feel bad for tydus

  • Joseph Lalliansanga
    Joseph Lalliansanga

    So Tana was a lesbian ewww🤮

  • Qwert Y
    Qwert Y

    Welp I’ve been away for about a year came back to see what is happening Yep pretty usual

  • Jade

    Okay, but why the actual hell would they bring tydus there....

  • Fearless Kid
    Fearless Kid

    I’m 15 jake

  • Carrie R,
    Carrie R,

    how we do you tube live

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    I love Jake Paul and I love sharks and told your brother who said f*** you

  • Mariam Malik
    Mariam Malik

    I think that was jack ex wife

  • Lex Cruz
    Lex Cruz

    Omg JAKE Big problem tana and julia just kiss but they are girls??????

  • Joy Mbiri
    Joy Mbiri


  • kfc hector castillo
    kfc hector castillo

    Kids jake have drags

  • Crxvz

    2-3 years ago l looked up to Jake... But now this

  • Jr Godoy
    Jr Godoy

    Me seeing Julia and tana monguea kiss.I-I'm speechless...

  • Ajs924 Slow
    Ajs924 Slow

    Jake hi am 9 and love your old videos I miss how it is


    That’s hot Julia and tana

  • Alien & Turtle
    Alien & Turtle

    My lil cousin loved Jake Paul, I’m glad he doesn’t even say his name in-front of me

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Sea Sick

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Poor Jake Got Sick 🤒

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall

    Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉 🎈 Jake!

  • steven capellan
    steven capellan

    Can we bring old jake back