Last to TALK Wins $30,000 Diamond Chain - Challenge
If you talk, you're out. Super easy right?
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    If you talk today you have to subscribe

    • Samuel Nardone
      Samuel Nardone


    • razyabeigh

      Hi Faze Rug love the video!!!

    • Jay Minecraft
      Jay Minecraft

      @DannyX we know you won’t do shit, why can you just stop lying

    • Astronaut Brown Boi
      Astronaut Brown Boi


    • Astronaut Brown Boi
      Astronaut Brown Boi


  • XxxFANTORxxX 12
    XxxFANTORxxX 12

    Noah goes to hub to see Lana Rhodes

  • Nicolas Vazquez
    Nicolas Vazquez

    Does he watch that stuff or what

  • Zerodes

    Noah says lana: i love ur content Like busted

  • Valdemar Gliese
    Valdemar Gliese

    JR and Noah is fans of Lana??

  • Melody August
    Melody August

    Uhhh did no one notice when he was taking the phones one of them said “ wanna fight?”

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace


  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres

    I wish I was in this challenge

  • Sakhi FullerAikens
    Sakhi FullerAikens

    Wait theres only 3 people in this challenge that means... Gimme that mf camera

  • y

    *”Noah is a huge fan of Lana Rhoades”* 😳

  • 再ゼロRezro


  • Kathy Pellegrini
    Kathy Pellegrini

    Does this cont hugely utter

  • Saachan Kang
    Saachan Kang

    Bro the ps5 get needs some rest

  • Jayden Is lil bro
    Jayden Is lil bro

    Rug is going hard on Noah

  • slqx

    isnt lana rhoads a ph actor? Or am i tripping

  • Mubarak Al Khayli
    Mubarak Al Khayli


  • Kouper Palmer
    Kouper Palmer

    I love lyrical lemonade

  • the kid bes
    the kid bes

    Big fan hmmmmmmmmmmm😳

  • Josephine Rodriguez
    Josephine Rodriguez


  • Messiah Singleton
    Messiah Singleton

    J talked"wanna fight"

  • PeiceCTRL-Dominic


  • Mikael Strömberg
    Mikael Strömberg

    Nour tho..👀👅😏

  • Bluestation 121
    Bluestation 121

    2:19 he talked, and he won and he talked from the beginning

    • Rion Guraziu
      Rion Guraziu

      It wasnt him

  • shaky family
    shaky family

    Very interesting game

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Such creative content 😂😂

  • Phoenix blade
    Phoenix blade

    Rug: Lana Rhodes Noah: LANA RHOADES Junior: ......... junior has left the chat

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts

    I really want to be in one of your challenges

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts

    Why are you prank Them It’s already hard enough

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts

    Somebody talked do you want to fight he said The one who didn’t want to give them the phone

  • Abhimanyu

    Last to talk part 100,000 be like iF yOu DoNt TalK u WiLl WiN $100,00,00

  • Diamond Valor
    Diamond Valor

    it's been 3 weeks this fast my god I thought I watched this yesterday

  • Dior Bandzz
    Dior Bandzz

    not rug saying you wanna fight like he don’t want no smoke 😂

  • xion on 60fps
    xion on 60fps


  • Simple TNC
    Simple TNC

    Gta online characters be like

  • Lillyourgirl YT
    Lillyourgirl YT

    0:00 keep playing this back nice dance there Rug

  • Audrey Crean
    Audrey Crean


  • Binod Tharu
    Binod Tharu

    Who is lana rhoads

  • Leo Thelion
    Leo Thelion

    Noah is a huge fan of lana Rhoads 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Noah all ways put hes hand on hes hair in the intro.

  • Jordan Lawson
    Jordan Lawson

    The symptomatic algeria neurobiologically please because bibliography preferably treat after a demonic class. drunk, shaggy regret

  • ClanSythe Rl daily
    ClanSythe Rl daily

    i mean NO RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bhavya Gupta
    Bhavya Gupta

    Faze Rug I have watched almost all your videos and subscribed to your channel can I get a shotout ? Please !!!

  • Cinderyghost

    Noah is hilarious he’s like Karl of mr beast

  • AntiQuake

    4.5 gpa lol the top is 4 gpa

  • Jayden Coulthard
    Jayden Coulthard

    I haven't takes

  • Na08dya Ash
    Na08dya Ash

    I. DId. This at school and couldent. Breath

  • Brytton Alwell
    Brytton Alwell


  • Doc Rajkovic
    Doc Rajkovic

    Hey rug i found a video from 6 years if you go in your channel you can find it its at the very top

  • Graciela and Helder Mosqueda
    Graciela and Helder Mosqueda

    I don’t need to subscribe because I, already subscribed! 😊😊😜😜❤️❤️🖤🖤

  • Marc-Alexandre Dubuc
    Marc-Alexandre Dubuc

    Give me back my 15m11 of life

  • Daniel Veleda
    Daniel Veleda

    Bro your so drepstrit for content that your playing a childern game to

  • Sarah Schenck
    Sarah Schenck

    “I like your content” Noah would you like to explain what kinda of content she makes?

  • Doreen Okumu
    Doreen Okumu


  • Josue Potsuuee
    Josue Potsuuee

    That dose roll tho!!! Do that more often, had me rolling!😂

  • DTx23 ZXD
    DTx23 ZXD

    Noah epuals simp

  • Emily Churey
    Emily Churey

    😂😂🤣 omg


    FaZe Rug I want a ps5 or an iPhone 12 because I need one and I am you biggest fan when you hit 20 million which I think it will happen very soon and I subscribed and liked

  • Marvel Baby Yoda
    Marvel Baby Yoda

    Noah:Common it’s Lana Rhodes Me:Bros before hoes

  • MiraxulousYT - Roblox and more!
    MiraxulousYT - Roblox and more!

    Fazerug: WIN A DIAMOND CHAIN IF YOU DONT SPEAK!! Me who is usually the loudest person ever:

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed

    Yhe one with the pinnk shirt said wanna fight


    I wld win this 100 percent

  • Marco Walker
    Marco Walker

    He talk when you took his phone away

  • Official Angelito
    Official Angelito

    Bro this chain looks like Anthony’s chain

  • gWGW WwRHrw
    gWGW WwRHrw

    no one: rugs vid: 20 ads

  • Isaac Bravo
    Isaac Bravo

    Man dat just made my day one of the funniest intro 😂😂😂 into finish it off to see jjjj reaction is even better 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Glitched Pixel
    Glitched Pixel

    10:09 i watch this part ten times to see brian scared and nour angry

  • Onur Bas
    Onur Bas

    Part 4 PLEASE

  • m memes
    m memes

    you have to take Noah for a fun day

  • 300 clan On top
    300 clan On top

    Love your videos

  • Josh Pyakurel
    Josh Pyakurel

    Good job (no spoilers of who won)

  • Carson Cj817
    Carson Cj817

    I’m already subscribe

  • Ahmed Reyad
    Ahmed Reyad


  • Dre Cole
    Dre Cole

    Rug talks all video Every one doesn’t talk all video rug is out lol🤣


    yo whats up loser rug

  • Moath Ali
    Moath Ali

    faze rug be like after the vid gimme my chain

  • jay harrell
    jay harrell

    fill pool up with tarantulas

  • Real Viper
    Real Viper

    Take the cameraman to a fun day, he deserves it

  • Hannah Caridi
    Hannah Caridi

    i like theses coz u have lots of ideas that are actually really good

  • Amir Hanif
    Amir Hanif

    Pog vid

  • Bad Bruce
    Bad Bruce

    You should do a part 4

  • Manjit Brar
    Manjit Brar

    At 2:20 junior yalked

  • Adam Corvetti
    Adam Corvetti

    This looks fun bro!😛

  • Nelson Cabrera
    Nelson Cabrera

    last to talk part 4 wins live with faze rug

  • Mr pancake Is a savage
    Mr pancake Is a savage

    Ahh so funny

  • Unknown Lee on Youtube
    Unknown Lee on Youtube

    Lol nours laugh almost got her out of the challenge

  • husam alsughayer
    husam alsughayer

    your live was so nice in tik tok

  • Pythagoras


  • Sebastian Coria
    Sebastian Coria

    Noah and lana Rhoades callable?😭🤣

  • Dylan

    I didn’t talk give me my chain

  • Alex Rosamond
    Alex Rosamond

    Sick chain

  • KK Sonar
    KK Sonar

    A 4.5 GPA? What universe have I entered?

  • qt_R3tro

    The intro is CRINGE

  • Audrey and Lugia
    Audrey and Lugia

    Noah did not Singh up for that

  • ilma Siddiqui
    ilma Siddiqui


  • roblox player1
    roblox player1

    33334434567789766554444456770052113677899 dollar chain

  • Nikki Dunn
    Nikki Dunn

    I already did subscribe

    • Nikki Dunn
      Nikki Dunn


    • Nikki Dunn
      Nikki Dunn

      Why are you saying you are applying for me

  • Julian Sajuan
    Julian Sajuan

    Hi my I pad broke ;(

  • SynDuhKiddシ

    Definitely wouldn’t give up 30k for Lana lol

  • Evander Suniga
    Evander Suniga

    FaZe rug has such a great community but... You always have that one person who will type a nice comment and has the commen butt profile pic, like Mandy you seem like a sweet person but sucker you MARRIED! No hate to that person but (This is to Mandy) don't show your body to other people/ men and you already got one sitting next to you at dinner. Have a great day!

  • Halaa Baadarani
    Halaa Baadarani

    I wanna see Lola in more videos