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  • M

    Buy a Urus George

  • William Kungen
    William Kungen

    1:45 ruining the enviroment

  • Egg

    I pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life...

  • Scott Kingz
    Scott Kingz

    Star personality 🔥 🔥 My prediction, you George will pass Mr. BEAST, with his dry ass humor, if you keep pushing and cut-out all the promotions. Give em flavor bud!!

  • Michael Spearin, Jr.
    Michael Spearin, Jr.

    I enjoy those jokes

  • jean guinvarch
    jean guinvarch

    I enjoyed these jokes

  • Idonea Kw
    Idonea Kw

    "Logan says he's gonna do this show till he dies, and he for sure has another 2/3 years so chill out everyone it's fine" 😂😂 this made me SPIT oh my gosh

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey

    Hello George from the Uk 🇬🇧

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777

    No ebola on coke cain

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777

    Vinager bottle 4 chlorine

  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman

    God damn I feel sorry for Danni and how often she has to hear “please subscribe and comment down below” Jesus Christ like we don’t know how SLtoos works or something shit is wild 😔

  • Geo Rodri
    Geo Rodri

    Your cring

  • deno barrey
    deno barrey

    4 minutes of you pro mo your jumper x

  • UK Emergency Responder
    UK Emergency Responder

    If you ever fly the Paul brothers the door and push them out at 30,000 feet. Thanks.

  • Marietta Akachuk
    Marietta Akachuk

    Logan has to come back to TY miss his videos


    First janko vlog watched ✓ Will I be watching more ✓

  • Magic Shot
    Magic Shot

    Is it just me.... Or does George look like Jesus?😆

  • J V
    J V

    This is cringe.

  • J V
    J V

    Who edits these videos? Soooo whack

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    Just..give the damn Bird 🦅the Address..where Logan is staying..and the Bird can fly there on his own....(problem solved)..Lol..

  • Hamza Mohamed
    Hamza Mohamed

    3:27 😂😂😂

  • Brianna B
    Brianna B

    omg!!! best friend everrttr

  • TheycallmeCoconutJones

    Oh that cats thinking about it alright!

  • Akay2004

    Danny is literally the best

  • Didrx

    He said Logan has 2 or 3 years left but forgot he is gonna step in the ring with mayweather next month, so i would say another 2 months tops, he'll be awake for a month and in a coma for his last month till they pull the plug ):

  • Kenny Tober
    Kenny Tober

    Much love from the Armenian man🇦🇲❤❤❤🇦🇲🇦🇲our genocide got recognized brother from the usa🇦🇲❤❤❤ we needed this for the first Christians ❤🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777

    Per oxiDe in ear drain then miNiral oil

  • Guyle

    High quality, made in china lol

  • Andre Jakobsson
    Andre Jakobsson

    What is george friends name ho owns the plane?

  • Matt Lubner
    Matt Lubner

    These are good jokes

  • A A
    A A

    This you tube channel is my latest discovery. GEM!!! 😍 subscribed and will watch all videos now 😎

  • Hero Industries
    Hero Industries

    And he for sure has another 2/3 years lmao

  • Keith Strand
    Keith Strand

    George, Logan’s real friend. Glad the yes man was ditched never cared for him

  • Nathanael Rorie
    Nathanael Rorie

    I enjoyed the jokes

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    Seems like George one of the few good real friends Logan got

  • Pratik Balar
    Pratik Balar

    dani... You're so cute and to see you working with these boys is make me more proud of you keep it up 🖤

  • Jason Redfeather
    Jason Redfeather

    Git er’ done, George! Lol

  • Quirobert Adrian De Leon Rosario
    Quirobert Adrian De Leon Rosario

    a yo George i need that hoodie but ion got the money to buy it hook me up );

  • Gerardo Lozano
    Gerardo Lozano

    Mike killed me wirh the plugs

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny

    Depends on the bird actually, with parakeets u gotta check the colour of their Cere (nose). If its blue or purple its a boy. Pink or brown its a girl. For cockatiels its a little harder because they all have the same colour cere, so u watch their behaviour around mirrors and when they are horny. If u see them constantly being goofy in the mirror and always fascinated with themselves, its most likely a boy. To further confirm, when u see it tryna hump a perch or toy its a boy. The females dont rub their crotch against anything. So if u ever see Sir acting goofy in mirrors alot or rubbing his deek on a perch or something then its a boy.

  • Dylan Difatta
    Dylan Difatta

    Love the jokes keep them coming lol

  • Sub Videos
    Sub Videos

    Lets gooooo

  • Dabomb

    I like how he released a hoodie in the summer

  • PaulThePrince

    When's part two bro 😭😭

  • Reid Phillips
    Reid Phillips

    yeah lets not say Dereks name... dude is a sick individual

  • Ahem A Khanna
    Ahem A Khanna

    I wanna see pt 2 of this pls 🙂🙂

  • Josh Zrapp
    Josh Zrapp

    God bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  • Elitegrisen

    1:44 The left: Soooo... Did you clean that up???

  • GDariusMan

    Comment below if you think these jokes are funny... none of them were funny (I love George) but then George, “it’s good that y’all are not gender assuming.” Danny “well we did name him sir” 😂😂😂

  • Gg Buffoon
    Gg Buffoon


  • Yahir

    As Christians we should judge George. We just have to make sure it comes from a place of love. 3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” It’s telling us to make sure we’re not being a hypocrite first, then going to help. The lifestyle you are living, from the revelation God has given me, is that you’re unfortunately not living for Jesus. On podcasts you have mocked your own God. Not telling you this to make you feel you bad, because I care about you and where your relationship with Jesus is at. You can say I am judging you and don’t know your life, but just from your content, you’re not representing God how he wants you to represent him. Don’t trick yourself into thinking the bare minimum is enough. I’m here to tell you that there’s a long journey to growing spiritually that your surroundings have blocked. There’s a lot more that the devil is making you believe is ok. When you die, will you be able to tell God to his face that you know him? That you asked his permission for every single thing in your life, and that you served him?

  • jackson reed
    jackson reed

    Yo post part 2

  • Roshan Royal
    Roshan Royal

    Wooh you have a thick eye brows never noticed

  • Rheale M.
    Rheale M.

    Where’s the all time low cover at!???????????

  • Alex Kosov
    Alex Kosov

    0:28 Does anyone know what this sound effect/melody is called and where I can find it?

  • TadhgEoghan Carraher
    TadhgEoghan Carraher

    Thanks for wasting my time man wtf

  • Joey

    sad it wont ship to India...😥

  • Alias Jaymes
    Alias Jaymes

    damn mike in those gucci shorts is on some TRYHARD shit .......yikes.... call REDBAR RADIO...

  • TheOutsider Jess
    TheOutsider Jess

    Dani is the best member on Logan’s team she got sir all the way to Puerto Rico even tho they thought he had Birds flu

  • TheOutsider Jess
    TheOutsider Jess

    The new bubba town merch looking clean George

  • Elisabet Garcia
    Elisabet Garcia

    I’m enjoying these jokes 🥰🥰🥰

  • compilation pro
    compilation pro

    Where is the video George?!? 💯😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Nitharsan Balendiran
    Nitharsan Balendiran


  • Nitharsan Balendiran
    Nitharsan Balendiran


  • Nitharsan Balendiran
    Nitharsan Balendiran

    Love your jokes man

  • EverythingYoutube

    Tell logan to fucking comeback to youtube

  • InfiniteGamingJ

    im enjoying these jokes

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo Zeng

    Logan still have another 2-3 years lmao

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez

    Put in the title attempting or trying to ... I was expecting it delivered by the end of the video. Thumbs down.

  • Abhishek Sinha
    Abhishek Sinha

    All the people who think Logan stopped vlogging, let me tell you he didn't. I know this because the recent jake paul fight, Logan posted some pictures on his instagram and he had a camera in his hand and he was vlogging the party and shit. So new vlogs are going to come.

    • Sewer Rat
      Sewer Rat

      Not sure if you understand this, but as of now, he is not making them.Therefore, he did stop making vlogs. 🤣☠


    Admit it anime fans... His eyebrow is like Kakashi's eye shape

  • Reilly Davies
    Reilly Davies

    i’m here for these jokes😂

  • DevRas

    The cat was thinking abt everything u told it not too lmao

  • wylan datson
    wylan datson

    Danny so underrated just like Bubba town

  • wylan datson
    wylan datson

    Literally one of the hardest working assistants she really way more than an assistant for Logan u can tell how much she actually cares

  • Owen Chew
    Owen Chew

    Impaulsive ends on June 6

  • Elliot Young
    Elliot Young

    I cannot fathom logans thoguhts on leaving such a good setup. The relationships hes made this last year and he's leaving it, after being an outcast his whole life. It's weird man

  • Gary Ottolangui GOlf
    Gary Ottolangui GOlf

    Hey loving what you are about and the brand enjoying the content. Do you ship to the uk

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith

    The salmonella joke heh

  • šnajdy

    im enjoying these jokes! lol

  • John Wilkins
    John Wilkins

    My African grey is an asshole lmao. We thought she was a boy for the longest time and named her billy😂😂😂

  • Krishans

    This video has the best thumbnail

  • Wreckd Project
    Wreckd Project

    Lubba town

  • Archer Studios
    Archer Studios

    You low key look like Oscar Isaac

  • Clurkfn

    Part 2

  • Clurkfn

    Part 2

  • David Bubar
    David Bubar

    3:00 Anyone else think he was going to say Airrack? haha :)

  • David Bubar
    David Bubar

    2:15 I didn't know the Mayweather fight got postponed for that long

  • Carter Collingsworth
    Carter Collingsworth


  • Ayoo Jxan
    Ayoo Jxan

    Nice montage In the begging 😂

  • Milivoje Petrovic
    Milivoje Petrovic

    Did this man just borrow a jet to get Logan his bird back 😁

  • sneaky DaX
    sneaky DaX

    New sub cause of this video

  • joe luize
    joe luize

    George you frigging legend!!! been following you since vine, since it was you johannes mark and logan(basically the boys), I feel soooo happy to see your vlogs, i always hope to see you in logan's both of y'all have gone through so much and yet here you are standing bold😤 🤝 and just like Logan says you are the future!! you would be that comedian that would have arenas sold out❤ I hope to see meet you someday spend a day with you legend!!

  • Saltwater Cowboy
    Saltwater Cowboy

    Yoooo....this guys real and makes money?! 🤣 shenanigans

  • Maitland Hanley
    Maitland Hanley

    Delivering bird to Puerto Rico’s Logan

  • Nathaniel Merry
    Nathaniel Merry

    Who is the guy with the jet?

    • mike10dude

      chase hero he has been on impaulsive a couple of times

  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

  • Marly L
    Marly L

    Charly seems so nice

  • Official3rd69

    I love your jokes their my favorite part of your videos


    Honestly I liked him more in that one video he cut his hair