Intel made their own Macbook??
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Since when does Intel make their own laptops!? And why did they wait so long? Because their collaboration with XPG, the Xenia Xe, may just be a Macbook killer...
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Lupinberg

    Completely ripping macbook design. Wish companies would stop trying to be other companies.

  • Robert Leather
    Robert Leather

    OK. The dodgeball reference made me laugh. Thumbs up for that LOL

  • Mulan Szechuan
    Mulan Szechuan

    Intel, let that light shine!

  • Ngon1420

    Hp Envy wallpaper?

  • Jolley Piper
    Jolley Piper

    I would love to see an AMD reference device like this make it to the market.

  • Scott Franco
    Scott Franco

    Think this might have something to do with Apple dropping the Intel processor line?

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat

    Can't just blame Huawei for copying Apple now.

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net

    I hate how companies never outright say what their graphics can do...its just " this name blah blah"....ffs NOW! I wanna know the number of Gigs, the tensor cores,. SPECIFICS! Aint gotta be complicated ffs.

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can

    I just hate apple for making biiiig bezels they look disgusting

  • Abu Manfred
    Abu Manfred

    0:34 He almost dropped it 🤣

  • Freddy Tables
    Freddy Tables

    Intel should just quietly go into the darkness. You simply can’t charge 1.8k for a laptop like this with the M1 MBA around.

  • Ian Lindsay
    Ian Lindsay

    PCs are just a Mac from wish

  • Tom Humphreys
    Tom Humphreys

    i have a 2 month wait time on a 10th gen i9 dell xps 17

  • wirthtowndjandfamily

    When you order MBP on AliExpress...

  • Oscar

    Intel hasn’t been relevant for years

  • TheRojam

    is this product placement from hell?

  • S4G Studios
    S4G Studios

    F’n A Cotton F’n A!

  • sami houmaira
    sami houmaira

    The Snapdragon 888 does have a technology that when you have multiple pixels of the same color, the graphics treat all these pixels as one big pixel, resulting in up to 30% smoother performance, why Intel and AMD don't use this tech in their integrated graphics? They absolutely must use it, because it will make integrated graphics this much better and this much closer to a discreet GPU, it will make them like a thousand times better

  • Rachit Awasthi
    Rachit Awasthi

    It also looks like surface book too

  • papageorge

    I was gonna say "If it's an Intel laptop why don't they use their own linux distro, Clear Linux OS"? Turns out it's fucking NUC but in a laptop form instead of a small barebones desktop, sold by a 3rd party...

  • Мент

    Me: Mom can we have a Macbook? Mom: no we have Macbook at home Macbook at home:

  • Thomas Chau
    Thomas Chau

    What do think of the macbook m1 clones out there?

  • Jean-christophe Dupont
    Jean-christophe Dupont

    Yes BRO

  • Mark Richey
    Mark Richey

    Apple move away from Intel so Intel respond in kind :P

  • David Maglioli
    David Maglioli

    So basically, Apple: ditches intel for their own processor Intel: “it’s treason then”

  • luqs 21
    luqs 21

    But, can it run genshin in ultra?

  • GafftheHorse

    Running Windows, it's not really a Macbook, is it.

  • PL

    try to install Intel's ClearLinux on it, and you'll get true Intel's laptop

  • Auna Breslin gaming
    Auna Breslin gaming

    i love it ;w;

  • OsamaBinObama

    Lol you get a desktop 4800hs 7nm ryzen 7 in the Huawei Matebook 14 including 2K touchscreen and better design than macbook for 900-1000 bucks. But of course keep chilling for overpriced american companies

  • rockersands

    LINUS I NEED YOU TO REVIEW THE CHUWI GEMIBOOK PRO 14" 2k screen, 512gb SSD, 16gb ram under 400 bucks on Amazon, i really need a full review is it a scam?!

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari

    Wait wait who is this guy, who wrote this script?! LTT is supposed to hate Macs and their design whilst praising anything that has RGB and, well, looks like a Decepticon so why are they changing gears here?!

  • Matt Spooner
    Matt Spooner

    I can't stand those huge side bezels either side of the keyboard, makes them look dated out of the box

  • Tesseract95

    at this size 1080p is great, they live in the 4k world.

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986

    Loud fan Intel laptop vs silent MacBook Air M1 with high performance, that only costs $999 instead of this one that is way above. No thanks! :D

  • Logen M
    Logen M

    Idk man, I still feel like the MacBook Air with the 16gb ram option is perfect for most people. This is me speaking as a windows user. Until windows laptops can match the performance to price ratio of those MacBook airs, I am gonna recommend Apple to everyone. Unless you’re a gamer or you use graphics heavy applications in which you should consider building your own pc.

  • Alan Laiter
    Alan Laiter

    The same Intel graphics utility came preinstalled with my XPS 2-in-1. I think its a thing on all Iris laptops

  • Holger Erlands-Petersen
    Holger Erlands-Petersen

    Why the background music?

  • Alan Laiter
    Alan Laiter

    “Lifestyle gaming” sounds like people who like games but also have a social live

  • Mdj Wp
    Mdj Wp


  • Chuzz Bot
    Chuzz Bot

    Now make it a 2 in one with pen support and I'm in(terested).

  • serversC13nc3

    ehh... Nope, intel still stuck at quadcore. there's no way they can compete to even M1 MBP that already had 8 core cpu + 8 core gpu at very low power.

  • vasilis zorbas
    vasilis zorbas

    How come nobody mentions the low resolution for such a relatively hi-end model? I would expect 3000x2000

  • Zaneth Zarareth
    Zaneth Zarareth

    Linus mac tips

  • Ojas Adhikari
    Ojas Adhikari

    Is it just me or a few channels like ltt getting worse?

  • notcoolatall

    Hey at least this video doesn't have a drop 5 seconds later. This video is sponsored by DROP.

  • Gamejam

    Hope they come back with some awesome PCs and laptops soon since apple is kicking them to the curb

  • Martha Perales
    Martha Perales

    The condemned stamp prospectively search because bestseller gergely arrange excluding a obeisant thomas. watery, miniature slice

  • Mondas GT
    Mondas GT

    But the question is now: Can it run CRYSIS?

  • Joseph C
    Joseph C

    Check out the Maibenben series for "AMD "Macbooks/Razer" territory designs.

  • Duffka \\ Code tutorials and more!
    Duffka \\ Code tutorials and more!

    0:32 that was a close one

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    Intel will make there own iMac name intel Noc like the NoC in chipa and NocBook. And Mac mini name Noc Mini and low Price Noc For School. And intel HomePod name Intel Home with round Corners with Spotify And Android... and An XDR Screen like Apple one name Noc S Pro for Screen.

  • Kushal

    can anybody donate a ps5/ps4?

  • Imrans23

    Macbook Air M1 is the same price. Given that they're working on VM, I would say that the Windows laptop for mac users will still be a mac. This is a bold move from intel as they're focusing on a new segment while their core competency of desktop/laptop chips is under threat from AMD. Will be interesting to see how Intel manages

  • Chaitanya Godbole
    Chaitanya Godbole


  • 👨🏻‍💻

    How about they stay focus on making their processor instead of making a laptop no one asked for or could even buy?! 😂

  • Klaxz _
    Klaxz _

    Can ypu install hackinstosh on the laptop?

  • Dec

    If we can get laptop makers to move past ugly laptops and move towards something a little higher quality then I'm all for it. One thing you didn't cover though was repairability. That's always been the strong suit on something like a Latitude 3510 2-in-1 or other more premium windows laptops (minus the surface series) versus macbooks and the less company's making glued together slabs of aluminum that can't have any parts upgraded or repaired without a heat gun the better.

  • Jordan Moorman
    Jordan Moorman

    When do we get Linus Beard Tips?

  • Sarah Langholz
    Sarah Langholz

    Why do you like Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

  • Bob Nahrstadt
    Bob Nahrstadt

    how's the trackpad?

  • TheSystem275

    You got to let that light shine bruh 😂

  • I Agree
    I Agree

    00:10 You became immortal with this statement, the world will remember you....

  • Brent Smithline
    Brent Smithline

    Love the Thunderbolt 4/USB4 port one on each side.

  • KANG IDAY channel
    KANG IDAY channel

    very nice video by mistake, you try My videos are my values for


    Best part 0:33 peace 😘

  • Elliott Coupon
    Elliott Coupon

    The only thing confusing is your cringe clickbait title.

  • EdrumSense

    All Intel and AMD fanboys Fighting LTT: Laughs in M1

  • Justin Gingras
    Justin Gingras

    It's a touque

  • Mv

    1080p meh

  • Deerbra

    "Put it next to a MacBook and it just looks cheaper" this can happen when you focus more on the inside than the outside.

    • Hunter Jay
      Hunter Jay

      That happens when you look on BOTH the inside and outside!

  • Luke Wilden
    Luke Wilden

    I love your channel guys, but please stop the shouting in the background, he makes himself sound like a complete wanker

  • J. Doe
    J. Doe

    I just bought a similar laptop like this. Mine is a Lenovo ThinkBook and the gaming performance is awesome for such a thin and light product. I'm even able to play RDR2 on it. Just stunning

  • fallout kid
    fallout kid

    i only know u from honey

  • Darth Fader Productions
    Darth Fader Productions

    When linus quotes Dodge Ball the movie lol

  • prazuprazu

    Intel has got balls to take on Apple. You guys wait n watch...

  • frisco1968

    one of the countless beanie promotion videos? 🤔

  • Stusel

    Great stuff Intel. Apart from making a good product for an actual audience that has been waiting for exactly something like that, I just want to applaud the integrity of getting shit on constantly in the past months and instead of lashing out against content creators like nvidia does, they just pick themselves up and try to do the right thing: Create great products that people want to buy. That is exactly what they should be doing. It will be exciting to see what they will develop in the future when it comes to dedicated gpus and Desktop CPUs after struggling against AMD.

  • The Dudelino
    The Dudelino

    Intel: Looses Apple because their chips suck and get way too hot Intel: Okay, let's copy the Apple design and piss them of a little more :O)

    • Hunter Jay
      Hunter Jay

      I don’t think this laptop is going to piss off Apple. If anything, it just adds to the embarrassment watching them try to copy Apple and fail at it, while somehow charging more.

  • Mateusz Pajerski
    Mateusz Pajerski

    Dude...invest in central heating system...

  • Jaap Relou
    Jaap Relou

    Mannnnn that logo, and the positioning on the back is way to big of a deal breaker for a Apple fan. Finally no transformer laptop look but now it shifted to the logo 🤣

    • Hunter Jay
      Hunter Jay

      You know it. 😂

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    Now if Intel would just take that effort and time and put it into their processors we wouldn't need to buy other things. LOL

  • Curbside Tech
    Curbside Tech


  • A. C. Exploration
    A. C. Exploration

    Give me a fucking break. They will not take Apple. This reaks copycat.

  • Inga Mgoduka
    Inga Mgoduka

    Who would buy this nonsense over M1 mac book which is faster & has longer battery life who ever priced this was high Intel is out of touch their greed will backfire soon.

  • OAFish

    It looks "UGLYY" though compared to the real macbook. It doesn't have right "feeelin" and the apple logo, so I can't flex it. Definitely, not a laptop for me!

    • Avrora Florestina
      Avrora Florestina

      Not an Apple fan, but I myself do think this XPG build looks a bit cheaper. Maybe the material itself?

  • Explorer

    Have you ever hear the concept of “damage control”? Well Linus is doing this in behalf of Intel in this video, what a big jackass.

  • Mitsos Tech Tips
    Mitsos Tech Tips

    Who else thought it was a macbook

  • Michael Adriane Arizala
    Michael Adriane Arizala

    Watching from the phillipines🇵🇭 Always very happy watching your videos. Hoping for the next give away.

  • timbersean1234

    Then we got AMD here coming up with a laptop

  • vidsofthefuture

    I really appreciate the sermon on the mount reference!

  • Dan Kosek
    Dan Kosek


  • enregistreur

    "Through the evening, and beyond if you're nice to it". I bet this cut has something to hide. :)

  • Mehmet Terzi
    Mehmet Terzi

    Another infomercial

  • Ibnul Bevan
    Ibnul Bevan

    I wonder how much Intel™ pays you to support and praise them every time.

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    That actually looks like a very sweet computer

  • lopwidth

    "Catching up to Apple"... But Apple wouldn't exist without intel, samsung and loads of others. Make product that does less, for same or more money, while using child labor. That's the Apple way, lol

  • Jimmy and Jonny
    Jimmy and Jonny

    "Intel don't make laptops, they make excuses" - Linus

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    But MacBook M1 is cheaper right? Then why i7 or i5 costly

  • Neno

    Resale Value=Nada !

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