Gather for the Short Nite Film Festival in Fortnite Party Royale!
Fortnite Presents Short Nite comes to the Big Screen in Party Royale on Feb 20 at 2 PM ET. Info:
Grab some friends, head on over to the Big Screen and watch some great animated short films. Sit back, relax, and chomp on some JUMBO popcorn while you watch the festival. Starting the day before Short Nite - February 19, 2021, at 7 PM ET - the new Jumbo Popcorn Emote will be available in the Item Shop. The bucket’s so big you’re gonna have to take a seat for this one.

  • The Blue Bat
    The Blue Bat

    Bring back Travis Scott

  • DJ's Crazy Creations
    DJ's Crazy Creations

    Lets see ho many subs I can gain form this comment :) current subs: 29

  • GG Gabry_ 84
    GG Gabry_ 84

    Weeell after this event..............i dont know what to say anymore......Cringenite

  • Chipz

    I watched it and most of them are just disturbing. Sorry if you disagree

  • ClipZ Wolfy
    ClipZ Wolfy

    I am watching this later!

  • Leonester78 _YT
    Leonester78 _YT

    I loved the short about the 3 bears the Andrew one

  • Eren Oyunların Kralı
    Eren Oyunların Kralı

    wow nice

  • 4 Matelski's! 546
    4 Matelski's! 546

    I trulley do not know why fortnite did this

  • puffmoose


  • Peter Simbai
    Peter Simbai

    I’m not watching that

  • Electric Crew
    Electric Crew

    Not working fortnite... got any exclamation

  • Gaiming Zone
    Gaiming Zone

    Is fortnite coming back to ios

  • Mintleツ


  • Jasmin87

    Please retrun wolwerin to fortnite

  • Neal Robinson
    Neal Robinson

    mine will not work go over to big screen and its just blue im on the switch can anyone help in uk

  • Ali Gaming 302
    Ali Gaming 302

    Dont u guys think when zero point shake remember me of the CUBE when it shakes a lot in the event? Like if u agree

  • Ali Gaming 302
    Ali Gaming 302

    Will it be on day 20 only or 20 and 21 cause im on egypt and i m afraid our time is diffrent from other country

  • l3wd_5c0ff

    so was this just a one time screening? because im sure it said they keep playing on the big screen for 24 hours. its been blank for an hour now. typical epic

  • ViiSam

    I fell asleep watching it over and over again 😃

  • Xxla_pampara_Xx

    Same shorts every time....

  • Piettro Dino
    Piettro Dino

    I really want to know the name of that strange short

  • Miguy 613
    Miguy 613

    I know you said this was for teens at the beginning but you should’ve known how many kids that were going to come

  • Miguy 613
    Miguy 613

    It’s a Weird live event but it’s OK

  • Raven pool
    Raven pool

    I have a question are these all your little movies that you used to love when you were a kid?

  • Jerold Boy
    Jerold Boy

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the Jiggle Physics in the one with the time traveling music record?

    • AliendroidOMFG

      Yes its weird i noticed that, just like calamity xD

  • Rix Stories
    Rix Stories

    Im watching it right now it's getting weird

  • Vivekjeet Singh
    Vivekjeet Singh

    I really enjoy it it’s a bummer that they keep repeating same ones but my favorite was the Christmas wolf and the bird one

  • Vivekjeet Singh
    Vivekjeet Singh

    I really enjoy it it’s a bummer that they keep repeating same ones but my favorite was the Christmas wolf and the bird one

  • Savageviper

    I thought fortnite was a kids game the first animation was maybe too dark to be in fn, a monster ate another starving monster

    • Mamoru Kin
      Mamoru Kin

      its not for kids is being rated Teen

  • Infinity Plus1
    Infinity Plus1

    Does anyone know what the animation with animals being interviewed was called.

    • OutManoii

      @Mamoru Kin what creature comfort epislde

    • Mamoru Kin
      Mamoru Kin

      Creature Comforts

  • Marlene Torres
    Marlene Torres

    Que fue eso explosion de colores prossss

  • portal 2 master
    portal 2 master

    Why is it not showing up ????

  • Vyuable

    What rewards we get ?

  • dna .
    dna .

    Well rip it’s bugged out. And I want to die if I don’t get free stuff. Because I watched the event loop for like 3 hours.

    • dna .
      dna .

      @portal 2 master Then stop waiting cause it’s not gonna happen. It’s bugged out. F fortnite for this.

    • portal 2 master
      portal 2 master

      I waiting like 10000000000000 hours lol

  • E

    It was soook good thx for everything

  • ChristianOutDoors

    I’m here and I Watching it

  • Cocolino

    Epic games, I just want to say that this event was dark. The game is full of kids and you just showed a guy being eaten, a dog died, a bird run by a car, the cat owner also died, a woman literally turning to dust, a chopped octopus, animals being caged and some trippy stuff... That was creepy as heck but I liked Lynx and the bird. You guys went too far with this event

    • TJTXNY _
      TJTXNY _

      That’s better

    • Cocolino

      @ForeverGone yeah, I was expecting some funny animations but those were just brutal. Like the first one, i tought the big guy was gonna share his sandwich with the little dude starving but nah, he just ate him

    • ForeverGone

      Well I see that you are actively updated this comment everytime something dies Edit: clay guys head was bitten off

  • Fabix


  • Ján F
    Ján F

    Are you kidding me Epic? This is cringe as hell

  • Covid Crispy
    Covid Crispy

    That was dissapointing.

  • noodle bug
    noodle bug

    It would be better if there weren’t any tomato’s or paint

    • Amateur meme guy
      Amateur meme guy

      they gave you tomatoes so you could throw it at the screen to show epic you didn't like the garbage on screen

  • MatildaDoesZelda

    It's not working in the uk

    • Lara Thalia Petrick
      Lara Thalia Petrick

      Also not in Germany

  • cubsfanab13

    3 minutes left I’m waiting!!!😁😁

  • ItYoiBoiAlf13

    It isn't working

  • LifeofOMGS

    add back pumps now and remove lever action shoutguns

    • AliendroidOMFG

      Same lol

  • Klowdzy

    your in game advertisement says nothing about party royal, do better

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez

    What time does it start in usa

  • Ilze Bruzus
    Ilze Bruzus

    They look sick

  • Ilze Bruzus
    Ilze Bruzus


  • Gaming Trint09
    Gaming Trint09

    Fun fact: the jumbo popcorn emote was leaked In the Midas revenge trailer

    • Kitsune Drift
      Kitsune Drift


    • Master Gamerplayz
      Master Gamerplayz

      Yeah it was

  • RhysTheHedgehog

    I didn't get it for some strange reson

  • Thomas Wade History Club
    Thomas Wade History Club

    I came at 2pm tho and it didn’t happen

    • Thomas Wade History Club
      Thomas Wade History Club

      And I saw it

    • Thomas Wade History Club
      Thomas Wade History Club

      @Shrimp q I’m British

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      It’s happening in 2 hours

  • Alejandra Pelayo
    Alejandra Pelayo

    I will be there😃😃

  • Foxy Gamer
    Foxy Gamer

    I missed the event 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Parvez Memon
    Parvez Memon

    I can't my mom took my playstation

  • Barns007 007
    Barns007 007

    When does it start England

    • Barns007 007
      Barns007 007

      I seen it

    • Barns007 007
      Barns007 007


    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      so 2 hours

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      is when it starts

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q


  • Said Cabrera
    Said Cabrera

    Wow 😯

  • Leon Hembury
    Leon Hembury

    It's fake

  • Aaron Connor
    Aaron Connor

    The event not on 😭😭😭

    • Aaron Connor
      Aaron Connor


    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      It’s happening in 2 hours

  • Aaron Connor
    Aaron Connor

    The not even on I’m just sad now epic why did you do this


    Bro for real when will this event start i have been waiting for this

    • MEEP YEET!
      MEEP YEET!

      @Henry Norman estern timr

    • Henry Norman
      Henry Norman

      At 7

    • Henry Norman
      Henry Norman

      No itsmor 7

    • MEEP YEET!
      MEEP YEET!

      @Henry Norman did it came

    • Henry Norman
      Henry Norman


  • Sc3pticalYT

    This actually looks cool


    0:30 SO CREEPY

  • Kai Yates
    Kai Yates

    Yo this cool

  • ThomasOderSo

    Bekommt man dießen Popcorn Tanz kostenlos

  • Lav Sumanovic
    Lav Sumanovic

    Plz fortnite plz pump

  • Henry Liette
    Henry Liette

    What time is it going to be for the west side

    • Henry Liette
      Henry Liette

      @Shrimp q oh

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      @Henry Liette No

    • Henry Liette
      Henry Liette

      @Shrimp q are you watching it

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      It’s happening in 2 hours

  • LenzixRC

    "Roses are dead" "Violets are dying" "Outside I'm smiling" "But inside am dying" I just wish people could notice my content and give me a chanc

    • JustcallmeJay208

      But ur contents bad

  • Pro. Friend
    Pro. Friend

    I'M IN big screen

  • Pro. Friend
    Pro. Friend

    Guys life event will not start

    • Pro. Friend
      Pro. Friend

      @Shrimp q whatttyty

    • Shrimp q
      Shrimp q

      it’s happening in 2 hours

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    Will we get any free rewards tho

  • Ashton Baldock
    Ashton Baldock

    epic pls add save the world to switch

  • Agent Virus
    Agent Virus

    Wait Are You Calling Me short

  • kubsu142 YT
    kubsu142 YT

    Hello epic is short nite is epic im from Poland bay bay

  • lilyリリー

    Do u need 2fa for this

  • Dripp Hills
    Dripp Hills

    definitely gonna be there!🥰❤️ ~ dripp

  • Gaming with Umar Rai
    Gaming with Umar Rai

    I love fortnite bout can you free Jarvis plas

  • gaming with clay
    gaming with clay

    Hey fortnite if your at the big screen can you disable yeeting items at the screen please

  • The Ebobola [Tip-Top]
    The Ebobola [Tip-Top]

    guys who knows what kind of music is in this video. Who knows pliz throw off the name

  • Shahanshah gaming
    Shahanshah gaming

    Biggest fan for fortnite

  • Keena May
    Keena May

    Fortnite can you add dragon ball series

  • gaming with clay
    gaming with clay


  • Mansour Alshamsi Fortnite
    Mansour Alshamsi Fortnite

    Travis Scott back I want it I have vbucks pls return it🥺

  • Berry

    When is this in Australia

    • Berry

      @the gaming doggo is it tomorrow

    • the gaming doggo
      the gaming doggo

      It starts 9 am

  • Dank Meme
    Dank Meme

    Bahahahahahah so funny and cute especially cat

  • Anthony Holmes
    Anthony Holmes

    Be a good day out in the next day delivery on orders over Orer

  • Anthony Holmes
    Anthony Holmes


  • Anthony Holmes
    Anthony Holmes


    • Anthony Holmes
      Anthony Holmes

      God bless you and your family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family and friends, family

  • Mono

    Oooo! Seems cool!

  • Alexander Arias
    Alexander Arias

    :D I play Fortnite it’s the BeST

  • Gamezar25

    It’s not coming up I can’t see the screen going onto something I can’t see anything

    • Jamey

      Dumbass it depends The time in ur country when will it start not so early

  • Isabella Lugo
    Isabella Lugo

    Es una estafa😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Reuben Figueroa
    Reuben Figueroa

    Fortnite should add this to Disney plus

  • Jacob Hayes
    Jacob Hayes

    Can somebody please reply to my comment so I know my idea is good? I spent a lot of time writing it and is was like 12:00 am we’re I’m at so it would would be really helpful if you reply to it. Thank You!!!

    • Savageviper

      I replied so what

  • Tumanako Blake
    Tumanako Blake

    What time is this nz?

  • Deadpool

    I'm gonna watch it and have some In real Life Popcorn and cheetos

  • Deadpool

    I'm gonna be there

  • red go
    red go


  • J Kh
    J Kh

    I watched the short about the octopus in school

    • Cyst1k

      My friends where talk about that. What the big deal about it ?

  • zeroツ

    Omg guys they added travis scott from fortnite to real life!1!1!1!