KSI tried to FIGHT ME backstage
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KSI tried to FIGHT ME backstage
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  • Lexie •
    Lexie •

    7:06 who are we describing? I’m pretty sure that’s ur entire Career

  • Tovi Sema
    Tovi Sema

    U kinda looked nervous idk why or maybe u weren't in the zone or u didn't switch on that killer mode /mentality

  • matthew coleman
    matthew coleman

    I wish kid would fight jake and Ksi would knock his ass out

  • Joe Mulenga
    Joe Mulenga

    Looking good jake

  • AkAlphaGaming

    You are the worst

  • Msquared

    In America you might be famous but come to England no body will even know your name

  • Msquared

    Jake Paul just shutup what the hell was the point of the title if he actually didn't fight you and you were trying to make him fight you because you were blowing smoke in his face idiot

  • Matthew Konkle
    Matthew Konkle

    Congrats on 20m Jake ur the G.O.A.T

  • ultimate gamer666
    ultimate gamer666

    fact KSI will go flying out the ring vs Jake

  • Keagan Dietrich
    Keagan Dietrich


  • Infinite Pro
    Infinite Pro

    3:24 love that maverick effect... May he rest in peace R.I.P and Kong too R.I.P

  • shaikha alyassi
    shaikha alyassi


  • youss 919
    youss 919

    why did he change his profile picture to Vegeta i think

  • Roblox Fanboy
    Roblox Fanboy

    Jake Paul was already scared of jj’s body guard XD

  • Anna silva
    Anna silva

    Bro fight the best one

  • braz

    Ksi will knock you out

  • Jason Rio
    Jason Rio


  • Twitch Sudhisie
    Twitch Sudhisie

    Faze sensie would deff knock him out no cap

  • Aldo Si
    Aldo Si

    KSI is gona destroy Jake’s ass

  • Polar Pablo
    Polar Pablo

    the only reason im watching this is to see more clips of logan's press conference

  • eHxq

    16:54.....nah he is just polite af..and his parents raised him right.

  • x_jr._.

    He was actually scared of Randolph did you see the eyes Randy gave jake 😂😂😂

  • Joaquin Hernandez
    Joaquin Hernandez

    Stop hating on Jake for real🤑💪😱🔥

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres

    Solder boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • yogidak official
    yogidak official

    lusuu kudhii

  • Savage Official
    Savage Official

    This got is most likely homophobic


    Why do you always say curse words

  • Philip Fouche
    Philip Fouche

    Ksi will beat you.

  • Santhosh 666
    Santhosh 666

    Hahahaha Jake is sooo manipulative bitch😂

  • Dean Kutzler
    Dean Kutzler

    "boobs getting saggier..." 💀

  • Spiderman Flash jrtv
    Spiderman Flash jrtv

    I’m a fan to Jake Paul

  • Casey Rouse
    Casey Rouse

    U know when Jake only has a young fan group when he cusses he takes them out

  • Casey Rouse
    Casey Rouse

    Jake is so fucking chilish, and it's sad 🤣🤣🙄

  • 25,350 subscribers challenge
    25,350 subscribers challenge

    Ksi: *Breaths* Jake: hE tRiEd tO fIgHt mE

    • Cory K
      Cory K

      And jake was so nervous

  • Darryl Douglas III
    Darryl Douglas III

    he didn't try to fight you he just walked passed u

  • FaZe Gmail 17
    FaZe Gmail 17

    You stopped yourself when you hopped in the ring and stopped your self

  • Adventure bois
    Adventure bois


  • Leani Sinclair
    Leani Sinclair

    Ksi the pp

  • Ryan Grady
    Ryan Grady

    Jake was scared by ksi, cos if he wasn't he wouldn't kept quiet he would have said something

  • Isha Khamis
    Isha Khamis

    Jake: ima call him a pussy Ksi walks passed Jake: ...

  • Isha Khamis
    Isha Khamis

    Jake gon go to sleep


    Let’s be real he does look transgender in that outfit

  • МI Ollie
    МI Ollie

    Love how this whole comment section is for KSI 🤣🤣

  • Jerry Mouse
    Jerry Mouse

    Isn’t it funny how Jake Paul did the exact opposite of what his thumbnail said?? Jake stayed a pussy and didn’t say nothing to his face while he left then he starts talking like a bitch

  • jaydin and rusty yeet
    jaydin and rusty yeet

    Touch Jake you will be hurt and crying

    • jaydin and rusty yeet
      jaydin and rusty yeet

      @Tomahawk Films thanks cuz you're right if he touches Jake he's going to get killed

    • Tomahawk Films
      Tomahawk Films


  • Em0teXBitch RL
    Em0teXBitch RL

    NO...you tried to start it YOU tried to get something riled up!

  • Unique XaZy
    Unique XaZy

    It 2020 and I'm still waiting for the KSI vs Jake Paul fight (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  • ItzJasmine

    Your dumb. He just went past you

  • XMX iADen
    XMX iADen

    I accidentally clicked the subscribe button, I became half my size

  • Don’t Click on my Profile picture
    Don’t Click on my Profile picture

    He dressed as a Tesco’s employee

  • Justin Gooden
    Justin Gooden

    All of you all get in the ring together

  • Haribo 244
    Haribo 244

    Jake:KSI got famous off fifa also Jake:gets famous off vine

  • Chaddy 74
    Chaddy 74

    Jake you made cringe vines

  • Mosuss

    I love how he walks in all swagged out to prove something and when he sees jj his brain just shuts down like a windows xp computer

  • Finlay Simpson
    Finlay Simpson

    Wrestling is diffrent to boxing

  • NiGhTmArE

    Notice the dislikes anyone lol

  • Shivaan Soobrayan
    Shivaan Soobrayan

    70 000 likes and 60 000 dislikes I really dont like this guy

  • Humayd Muhammad
    Humayd Muhammad

    KSI all the waay

  • Tyrese Hewitt
    Tyrese Hewitt

    Jakes thumbnail too ksi:you a pussy Ksi walks past him n jake doesn’t have a clue what too do or say,why? Because he’s shook of him🤣🤣

  • f in chat
    f in chat

    Ksi:walks pass Jake Jake:He TrIeD tO fIgHt Me

  • Itz Solarr
    Itz Solarr

    Any jake paul fanboys looking at this comment You’re a terrible person

  • Oscar Tomlyn
    Oscar Tomlyn

    He has no uk fans

  • Jamin Pena
    Jamin Pena

    your music is lit


    man you would have died if he did punch you don't be a dick! 😂

  • Supreme5k

    Jake big gay that's on beerus.

  • Ryan Butterworth
    Ryan Butterworth

    Leaching of your brother is even worse

  • Jayseedjones21

    Just face it jake your gonna get twated

  • andre montes
    andre montes

    9:53 “ he knocked out alex wasabi in sparing “ jake he knocked down a guy half his weight..

  • PeKa Rio
    PeKa Rio

    16:27 is it me or does KSI look like a badass walking

    • Sirisaacnewton3


    • Jack Usam
      Jack Usam

      Are u a jake paul fan


    no offense jake but ksi would be the shi* out of you

  • Canadianlu sksksksks
    Canadianlu sksksksks

    You should fight Jeff

  • Luke Elborn
    Luke Elborn

    No one likes you jake fight ksi

  • Boruto

    Who’s here when ksi fucked up jake One day I assure you this Will make sense

  • Esteban Chávez Frias
    Esteban Chávez Frias

    16:56 u walked away😂😂

  • ApilashTV

    ahhahahha my man pissed himself , KSI rlly scared you kid

  • Ryan hector Sepulveda
    Ryan hector Sepulveda

    For everyone who deslike the vid you parents will have bad 20 yearaa

  • RamisZuk2011 Zuk
    RamisZuk2011 Zuk


  • Uti Hemopo
    Uti Hemopo


  • Jake


  • Roll My
    Roll My


  • Roll My
    Roll My


    • Roll My
      Roll My


  • Dom Playz
    Dom Playz

    Don’t listen to the haters man

  • mz vibe
    mz vibe

    Ksi didn’t do shit to you 😂

  • Second Side Films
    Second Side Films

    Bro he was shittting himself

  • Badman Shah
    Badman Shah

    Jake you probably won’t see this but if you and KSI got into a fight KSI would kill you and you would shit 💩 yourself in front the press

  • Katt Vlogs
    Katt Vlogs

    7:33 Jake has officially gone insane...

  • Landon Lauer
    Landon Lauer

    9:20 he is kinda spitting facts tho

    • Landon Lauer
      Landon Lauer

      Itz Solarr i’m being serious barley anybody in america knows who gib is😂

  • aus ヅ
    aus ヅ

    Jake was fs sipping sum before the press conference

  • jœrn

    its funny in the thumbnail he made it look like he was hard. but got nervous

  • hippo DDj
    hippo DDj

    Ooo I'm HaRd BeCaUsE IM sPoKInG A CiGArEtTe

  • Chip56

    Jake was so shook😂😂😂

  • Joseph Han
    Joseph Han

    lol i like how he put you’re a pussy in the thumbnail but jake was too pussy to say it to his face

  • Demy Figueroa
    Demy Figueroa

    you should fight bryce hall

  • Sam

    Jake: Why would I be nervous Also Jake: Deep breathes

  • Sayed Arif
    Sayed Arif

    Jake blew smoke in his face then ran

  • Sayed Arif
    Sayed Arif

    Dont be nervous

  • Mary-Anne Dewaele
    Mary-Anne Dewaele

    soldier boy please

  • Monica S
    Monica S

    I agreed

  • NJNP

    Hilarious..Jake got punked

  • Fearne Christian
    Fearne Christian

    well this didnt age well😬

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