Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts
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  • garry canceran
    garry canceran

    Its a loops

  • Chayadevi K
    Chayadevi K

    Who else love the sound when he eats something to make his teeth stain

  • Gacha Fantasy Yeung
    Gacha Fantasy Yeung

    That was terrible. Me it was for babies a baby toothbrush

  • fatima jassiem
    fatima jassiem

    But cool

  • fatima jassiem
    fatima jassiem

    Did not clean all

  • Koditz Aditya
    Koditz Aditya

    thats my baby brothers toothbrush...(´・ω・`)?

  • Lightning_boltz


  • Rose Magdayao
    Rose Magdayao


  • Jaynea Merritt
    Jaynea Merritt

    2 things I noticed you had glasses on and it did not clean well

  • Kevin Stefanescu
    Kevin Stefanescu

    Banana toothpaste probably tastes disgusting

  • fox Real
    fox Real


  • minecraftic mrbat
    minecraftic mrbat

    you can clean itbwith water

  • Sofia Saridou
    Sofia Saridou

    He nervs me

  • Mornoz Core
    Mornoz Core

    Where do get those things that make your teeth purple or pink

  • Vernon Tan
    Vernon Tan

    But that's for baby my 1 year old sister has it

  • Jonathan Jasso
    Jonathan Jasso

    I don’t think that toothpaste 😏

  • Cringe channel lol
    Cringe channel lol


  • Prod Alaska
    Prod Alaska

    Who likes the sound when he eats the purple stuff

  • justine orphea palomares
    justine orphea palomares

    That is what you call stupidity people because that is not a toothbrush, that is a theething toy😭

  • Maria Gutierrez
    Maria Gutierrez


  • the death
    the death


  • Chastity Brown
    Chastity Brown

    Let’s just be grateful that he is risking his life for us

  • Prabhulal Dangi
    Prabhulal Dangi

    50 million be like : I am not buying it but let's still see the results. 😅😂

  • Robert Ortega
    Robert Ortega

    He. Is. Funny

  • Angy

    wtf It is the best brush in the world I want to have it

  • Amir 806
    Amir 806

    Thats minions toothbrush XD

  • LikeAnEndergirl 18
    LikeAnEndergirl 18

    Coolest part is:that's a teething toy for babies

    • Aurey Martinez
      Aurey Martinez


  • katia rodriguez
    katia rodriguez

    Bro thats not a tooth brush thats a teaching toy

  • alyssa salazar
    alyssa salazar

    You look beautiful and your funny

  • Natalee Belke
    Natalee Belke

    Its not a bannana tooth brush its a teething toy for babys my baby sister has the same thing

  • Ralphjenuine Ledama
    Ralphjenuine Ledama


  • Racy K H
    Racy K H

    Que miedo me da pero es honesto. Thx.

  • Julia Lopez
    Julia Lopez

    My baby brother uses it



  • Omni Viera
    Omni Viera


  • Omni Viera
    Omni Viera

    You have glasses 👓

  • Mia Mathews
    Mia Mathews

    That’s not a banana tooth brush my nephew has one it helps him when he gets his tooth in and relaxes his gums

  • Keon Plaz
    Keon Plaz

    What is the purple stuff you use to get your teeth dirty

  • everett lanier
    everett lanier

    Bbgggfgg to get together and get the fuck out of the house tunnel and the kids will have to be there by here and the

  • No One
    No One

    I have a baby virus

  • Issac Graham
    Issac Graham

    OMG 😱🤣😂

  • Mona Garcia
    Mona Garcia


  • LaZ

    When it gets to the point his teeth are stained without the tablets

  • Scoopy

    This so gay

  • Midnight Core
    Midnight Core

    This was the first vid I saw y you in😅


    That's the same tooth brush my mom buyer today!

  • Evelyn Combs
    Evelyn Combs

    I've actually had that toothpaste before it tastes like garbage

    • Evelyn Combs
      Evelyn Combs

      Anyone with common sense would know that

  • Atsuma Miya
    Atsuma Miya

    Why is it always so satisfying to watch him crunch the purple things

  • Salvador Tinajero
    Salvador Tinajero

    I seen that toothbrush at target and it is a baby toothbrush it kinda a baby teething toy

  • Debra Carroll
    Debra Carroll

    My sister: goes to YT shorts and puts on dental digest* Me: iS ThAt ThE DiSClOsInG GuY??

    • Debra Carroll
      Debra Carroll


  • Skylar Perry
    Skylar Perry

    Ewwww🤢🤮🤐 this is bull shit

    • Skylar Perry
      Skylar Perry

      Shut the hell up too

  • Suraj Ciuca
    Suraj Ciuca


  • Natasha Thomason
    Natasha Thomason

    Dude that is horrible

  • Jeremiah Aucoin
    Jeremiah Aucoin


    • Jeremiah Aucoin
      Jeremiah Aucoin

      нврвго рвмчнуи жэда бюичмве рулашивд воикугви гвиговшшшу овичогу гвурчгнунвовг ово 3оаталтв з лвововтвтв шатал8во шалаш шаоазцщаташ лкшатал

  • Alan Herrera
    Alan Herrera


  • سدونه S
    سدونه S


  • Hakatadine Dela Cruz
    Hakatadine Dela Cruz

    Not the tooth paste

  • Hakatadine Dela Cruz
    Hakatadine Dela Cruz

    I want all of the things u have!

  • Jamieson Waters
    Jamieson Waters

    That for babys dumbaass what do you expect

  • Robby Robot
    Robby Robot

    This is Why we shouldn't use Fruits to clean our Stained Teeth!

  • Amanda Bullock
    Amanda Bullock

    My baby sister has one of those banana things but that is a baby tow she is 5 months old but she does chew on the bannana

  • Overlead

    Bro no mames mala elección de herramientas Xddd

  • luigi Livingston
    luigi Livingston

    "What the heck?" *taste kicks in* "Ohhhhh"

  • evlcvic o
    evlcvic o

    Isn't that toothbrush for babies that are teething?

  • ItsRay

    The banana toothbrush isn’t a toothbrush it’s actually a teething product for babies lol 😂 hope you had fun making this vid

  • PugGamer Vlogz
    PugGamer Vlogz


  • wonderrxo シ
    wonderrxo シ

    When he crunches I feel like I’m supposed to say something to the screen.

  • R a d I o a c t - I
    R a d I o a c t - I

    The toothbrush is made for babys- for real tho it’s for them since they still have baby teeth

  • Alice Sullivan
    Alice Sullivan

    Someone copied u on yt.

  • Nathaly Shino
    Nathaly Shino


  • Rhea Mendez
    Rhea Mendez

    More purple

  • coni things and randomeness
    coni things and randomeness

    Ok but it's funny but it's also cute because he did not know it was a baby teether

  • Juan Vega
    Juan Vega

    Okay this guy is know my dantice forever I'll watch all of his vides😄😄😄

  • Zoe Propp
    Zoe Propp

    Him: says it’s a small tooth brush Me: THATS FOR BABYS!!!!!

  • tawnia adams
    tawnia adams

    thats for babys

  • Juanita Arriaga
    Juanita Arriaga

    It’s for baby’s

  • Dash

    why do i find the banana so sus

  • Freddie Moses
    Freddie Moses

    My girlfriend is brushing her teeth with my banana whilst I watch this video

  • Lexie Howells
    Lexie Howells

    if I did that in public they wuld think"what the fuck"

  • Yani Morales
    Yani Morales

    Its not for brushing teeth its for babys

  • Cow

    He sounds like Flynn/Walter Jr

  • Dweam

    Him: Eats a crayon Brushes his teeth with a teething toy Everyone: Interesting very interesting

  • LediMan Ferati
    LediMan Ferati


  • Charli Plays
    Charli Plays

    Remember Jesus is coming soon and he loves you ❤️✨✝️

  • ?

    Lmfao who forgot this was made on April fools

  • da huntin buds
    da huntin buds

    Anyone else think this is a little sus

  • Tejas Khurana
    Tejas Khurana

    This guy brushes his teeth with different toothbrushes and toothpastes and called himself a dentist.....

  • Marko Stojanovic
    Marko Stojanovic

    Congrats on 50 mil views!

  • Monica Forrest
    Monica Forrest

    The people who made that toothpaste watching this 👁💧👄💧👁

  • thaisbianca2008 Yt
    thaisbianca2008 Yt


  • Alysha Marietti
    Alysha Marietti


  • Valerie Madden
    Valerie Madden

    You have glasses like me cuz I'm Isaac hi Donald I just I want to Tik Tok

  • Carmelo Grant
    Carmelo Grant

    That’s a baby teething toy

  • Ava Calderon
    Ava Calderon

    Told ya

  • Ava Calderon
    Ava Calderon

    It ain't gonna taste good 😌

  • Arlando Burns6
    Arlando Burns6


  • Chad Perry
    Chad Perry

    It doesn't look like a to brush to me Skyler

  • Familia Morel Placido
    Familia Morel Placido


  • Rachel Dewsbury
    Rachel Dewsbury

    the only reason why you can’t do this it was

  • tweety B
    tweety B

    My 1 year old baby sister uses that to brush her teeth :/

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