Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is happening?
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  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee

    Its like no one likes u:)

  • Lorenzo Vicente
    Lorenzo Vicente

    2:53 that phone thooo😆


    Since when u like Dragonball , and why tf you look like a rich homeless dude

  • Andre Kavaldjian
    Andre Kavaldjian

    that catch tho

  • Cabro!!

    Ahah why is jake talking like a gangster haha

  • Jay ROXX
    Jay ROXX

    It’s hard to like jakes raps even if they are good lol idk y

  • Aaron Nortado
    Aaron Nortado

    Sign the contract boy!

  • Lite XIX
    Lite XIX

    Shut up man

  • toasted Toebeans
    toasted Toebeans

    He calls himself a rapper and boxer even though he is a SLtoosr

  • Woes Wu
    Woes Wu

    Can we just drop a Cap thread. I’ll start. 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • As_511 #
    As_511 #

    All of us know Ryan will smash him if he fight with him

  • yori cz
    yori cz

    Jak ho chrani john marijanek

  • Lindsey Foth
    Lindsey Foth

    Jake Paul

  • luka trikataka
    luka trikataka

    He wants to let the numbers do the talking... Bro u have so many subscribers and nearly as many dislikes as likes

  • Susan Genade
    Susan Genade

    Beat him up Jake believe in u

  • Rikin Thakkar
    Rikin Thakkar

    SLtoos would load faster if his channel didn’t exist

  • GBdebo10 1
    GBdebo10 1

    Now your fighting Nate Robinson just fight KSI

  • Kyle Grant
    Kyle Grant

    So weird that his logo is gohan..

  • Big steppa Ethan
    Big steppa Ethan

    It’s prolly because you started smoking

  • Kushal krishnadat
    Kushal krishnadat


  • lil E gaviola
    lil E gaviola

    Mike Tyson said that Jake Paul is good at boxing

  • Hilia Iita
    Hilia Iita

    Yo Jake do youtube

  • Marc Jonkman
    Marc Jonkman

    What a toxic environment

  • Marc Jonkman
    Marc Jonkman

    The king of social media with the most average dislikes


    Did he really call himself king of social media

  • Glow Up
    Glow Up

    “Imma call ksi “ I’m dyinggg

  • X94

    U booboo Jakey

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones

    I hope this jake paul guy just gets badly hurt

  • i am oky
    i am oky

    Jake's comments section is way more toxic than ksi's reddit

  • i am oky
    i am oky

    Bruh stop checking ksi's vid's comments n check urs lmao

  • Jesse Etchell
    Jesse Etchell


  • Erik Tovar
    Erik Tovar

    It’s funny to hear jake say someone else is manipulative and than proceed to forget everything he did just sad but honestly looking at him now jake is just sad he’s on the edge and it shows he’s out of context and has to rely on drama to be relevant. He fell off

  • Sonia Garibay
    Sonia Garibay


  • Jewels Her
    Jewels Her

    nice rap man

  • Aldo Si
    Aldo Si

    Deji has even more likes

  • Sour Soup
    Sour Soup

    Jake Paul is officially an idiot

  • Xavier Castellon
    Xavier Castellon

    Let me call gervote davis😂😂😂😂😂

  • Max Rayne
    Max Rayne

    Why the f*** you challenging a professional boxer

  • BH Cilps
    BH Cilps

    Your bath to get your ass whooped 🤣

  • Fire Kai
    Fire Kai

    Jake is so f***** cringe

  • Fire Kai
    Fire Kai

    Garcia would send jake back to his ancestors

  • Matthew Hammond
    Matthew Hammond

    Im going to laugh when he gets his ass knocked out in the first round

  • Vinzo

    Jake Paul is clearly reading lyrics from behind the camera 😂😂😂

  • Dan Afolabi
    Dan Afolabi

    KSI better but ok

  • Ffion Blackwood
    Ffion Blackwood

    Why dose jake think jj cares

  • Chad Muffoletto
    Chad Muffoletto

    your so bad

  • Peyton Lauer
    Peyton Lauer

    Miss the good paul videos

  • michaela magno
    michaela magno

    o my omg ok idk

  • Labmember 003
    Labmember 003

    What happens to the arm camera 🎥🤨🤨

  • Alex Bury
    Alex Bury

    Jake pole your the best

  • Stern Saturn
    Stern Saturn

    so glad the word “cap” exists cause I’m seeing too much of it

  • Mnsnyc Family :3 Guerbi
    Mnsnyc Family :3 Guerbi

    Ryan Garcia looks like he was crying

  • Eduardo Zepeda
    Eduardo Zepeda

    This guy is a bad youtuber an all alone a terrible fighter and he thinks he can fight an actual professional

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy

    Like for jake!☻🙃❤

    • DPG Meku
      DPG Meku

      𝗟𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗸𝘀𝗶

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    I went on the ski vid jake must have been scrolling for a long time

  • Amileyon Smith
    Amileyon Smith

    I just wanna realize that he got 20.0millon

  • Exile_Serpxnt YT
    Exile_Serpxnt YT

    I’m ur daddy ayoo

  • David Orpinel
    David Orpinel

    Even before getting hit in the head, you never came up with anything creative. Pretty sure those hits just made you even stupider 😂

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    If this was real jake would get fucking destroyed

  • Blasty_ ACE
    Blasty_ ACE

    I am suprase that you have 20 milo subs

  • Jelani Dennis
    Jelani Dennis

    Dang he let him self go

  • ohitschxis

    he changed so much...

  • LiNk FN
    LiNk FN

    Did you take out your arm camera 📷

  • Tyler Dennis
    Tyler Dennis

    Jake reminds me of lil peep🤣 sure would SuK if he ended up like em

  • Christopher Soltero
    Christopher Soltero

    Cringe af. Jake friends are dumb

  • Lucas Pestel
    Lucas Pestel

    Frrr tho Ryan Garcia shoulda beat his ass right then and there 😤😤

  • Tadem McDiffett
    Tadem McDiffett

    Lmao Jake's gonna take his first L and never wanna fight again

  • Tadem McDiffett
    Tadem McDiffett

    Won't sign the contract and then calls himself the king of social media lmao

  • Dimi Nares
    Dimi Nares

    Type of kid to think he’s cool for swearing in every single sentence.

  • Legy

    I want this to happen and ryan to beat jakes ass after ksi do it

  • jay dickyyy
    jay dickyyy

    And he gets features he doesn't have to pay for 😂😂

  • jay dickyyy
    jay dickyyy

    More views yet you didn't write them 😂😂😂

  • fkn fu
    fkn fu

    you would get your arse handed to you by ryan ahah seen your punches compared to him he has potential you punch like a bitch id hand it to you myself, you call yourself a boxer n you got slapped about

  • Katelyn Horton
    Katelyn Horton

    You wanna be relevant so badddd

  • Creap Reaper
    Creap Reaper

    ME: WoW that boi catch the phone

  • Chaitany Patawari
    Chaitany Patawari

    10:10 only reads comments good about him skipping others The ratio of Good comments to bad comments is 1:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders

    Ksi will end this fool

  • Jude

    Peckham yute


    Dis guy changed so much for what reason ?

  • Regan Diffin
    Regan Diffin

    Jesus Christ 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Isaiah Atkins
    Isaiah Atkins

    why is all y’all hating but you still watching the video 🤣

  • Philip Andersson
    Philip Andersson

    How tf do you have more likes then dislikes


    Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

  • Leo Barrales
    Leo Barrales

    Two egotistical dogs walk into a bar ☕️

  • uhhh

    Jake it dosent matter if you are heavier then ryan he will knock you out in one punch

  • Baha Uras başaran
    Baha Uras başaran

    I hope they actually fight cuz there’s no absolute way jake gonna be alive after that

  • R6_ LilHuzee
    R6_ LilHuzee

    I think we can all agree, we want the old jake paul back😔

    • R6_ LilHuzee
      R6_ LilHuzee

      He use to be that good even disney wanted him

  • ITSYOBOII jemenai
    ITSYOBOII jemenai

    Dude I thought this 2 are friends

  • Caleb


  • joaquin Evangelista
    joaquin Evangelista

    Jake the narcissist thinking he can destroy mayweather with a punch

  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores

    Is the no views for me

  • Ese Cuh
    Ese Cuh

    I’m a rapper🤣🤣🤣I’m a boxer💀💀💀bruh wake tf up to reality you just a little SLtoosr that 9 year olds watch

  • BaconQUO Gaming
    BaconQUO Gaming

    Hey jake wheres your robotic arm?

  • 1LEO1

    Yeaaa Jake Paul bout to see jesus

  • Kudus Simon
    Kudus Simon

    bro why is he only showing the good ones

  • Kudus Simon
    Kudus Simon

    wtf what love bro

  • Zaedyn Kalaola
    Zaedyn Kalaola

    Ryan give him a 2piece and he out

  • Joshua Amino
    Joshua Amino

    "I'm the king of social media" more like the clown

  • chimchollo 1
    chimchollo 1

    he throws the contract to fight then says he's a pro, HE JUST THREW, WHAT AN IDIOT!

  • Saran Selvaraj
    Saran Selvaraj

    This is aight

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