grandma accidentally tipped me $1,000
she did an oopsies

  • IAmBadAtStuff

    Plot Twist: That was MrBeast’s grandma

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      Flamer Gamer


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      The crazy house !


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      Summer A

      How did you know

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      Minecraft Gamer


  • gamer boi
    gamer boi

    New question is your job fun on a daily basis

  • Muhammad Ammar Khan
    Muhammad Ammar Khan

    Yikes 😱 wow

  • unknown-

    Plot twist: the grandma did this on purpose to be famous


    You are a great young man. A hero.

  • sky

    plot twist: you gave grandmass pin number

  • Zuri's Fun Review
    Zuri's Fun Review

    Let’s have you be the honest Abe you can be

  • OffiMoo9

    Plot twist: She thought it meant pin and her pin is 1000


    999l view

  • TikTok Unlimited
    TikTok Unlimited

    She's a grandma what do you expect

  • Dunno Why But Ok
    Dunno Why But Ok

    There are no accidents Master Oogway

  • Michael Shirvani
    Michael Shirvani

    what meat do yuo reccmond at subway

  • Alvi Matin
    Alvi Matin

    Thank god u r nice

  • legend

    Atleast he was honest and did not do as if she did not do that

  • Maria Ali
    Maria Ali

    EID SUB!

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    sally laurencelle

    Oh my god lol

  • Annie Faraz
    Annie Faraz

    Hi milad

  • sxmmer pxnda’s
    sxmmer pxnda’s

    Can I just say you’re a really good guy for doing that. You could have EASILY gotten away with taking that 1000 dollars, but you went through all that work to help her. Nice job.

  • ice

    What is the exact tip aswell as the credit card info? (No scamming here just a... uhmm... school project)

  • Kaptin Kai
    Kaptin Kai

    Would've done what you've done AND give a free cookie (to make them appreciate subway)

  • Ligi Jayamohan
    Ligi Jayamohan

    That should be MrBeast's grandma

  • Go Hitler! 卐
    Go Hitler! 卐

    Bro his stories are fucking fake

  • Lemar Ghazialam
    Lemar Ghazialam

    bruh did u just leak her pin number?

  • Get outa Hereee
    Get outa Hereee

    Yall bless the sandwiches my subway be skimping me

  • FK Tebre
    FK Tebre

    "Shee did an oopsies"

    • Finnegan Childerhose
      Finnegan Childerhose


  • NightGaurd

    What is that yellow and red stuff he puts on the sandwiches-

  • Draw

    I watched a 2m 30s ad FULLY

  • Zack Leithauser
    Zack Leithauser

    Milad you’ve restored my hope in humanity. Thank you.

  • pool

    so her pin number could be 1000

  • your dad has 11 toes
    your dad has 11 toes

    Her pin is 1000?

  • Srijani Bandyopadhyay
    Srijani Bandyopadhyay

    You're a good human, Milad. May God bless you. :)

  • JSarine

    I would've kept it LOL

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    How do you know its a grandma

  • Aditya Creations
    Aditya Creations

    Keep it up !

  • Aditya Creations
    Aditya Creations

    Hello ! Nice videos !

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    Adam Ali

    Haha LOL

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    Lawrence kid2


  • Mark Antonio
    Mark Antonio

    This is my favorite sub bacon cheese lettuce and tomato last but not least mayo

  • Ampilix

    Wait sense the lady thought that the tip was the pin area and put in her pin doesn’t that mean her pin is 1000?

  • Eran Waxman
    Eran Waxman

    LOL 😝

  • Sheikah Shadow
    Sheikah Shadow

    ur a good person.

  • Stormy MidnightOceon
    Stormy MidnightOceon

    Plot twist: that was mr beast's grandma

  • CraziMayur Gaming
    CraziMayur Gaming

    man!! posting at 4k takes an eternity to render!!!!!!!

  • JJJ Love
    JJJ Love

    When you think about it, it's probably not the first time she's made the mistake but maybe others weren't so honest about it. You're an upstanding young gentleman for correcting it.

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja

    (•‿•)(・∀・)◉‿◉。◕‿◕。(◔‿◔)(θ‿θ)ʘ‿ʘ(✷‿✷)(◔‿◔)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)(◍•ᴗ•◍)( ╹▽╹ )(≧▽≦)(☆▽☆)(✯ᴗ✯)ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ(ㆁωㆁ)(*´ω`*)( ꈍᴗꈍ)(✿^‿^)^_________^(◡ ω ◡)( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)(。•̀ᴗ-)✧(◠‿◕)(◠‿・)-☆✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧(人*´∀`)。*゚+(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

  • TR1G

    lok @ dat cokie

  • Fatima Adreeta
    Fatima Adreeta

    You probably my new favorite vlogger right now

  • Henry Perry-Friedman
    Henry Perry-Friedman

    Cool to see that people can be nice and sweet even if they aren’t American

  • script moflehi
    script moflehi

    man made 1k in this vid

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    Squeaky I

    Milad is such a chill dude you should really sub and like 👍😁

  • Panda Man
    Panda Man

    Somebody needs to @ Gus Johnson Milad man of Subway just removed the stems!!!

  • Melissa Farmer
    Melissa Farmer

    What has been your favorite Subway cookie?

  • Yusuf Bhula
    Yusuf Bhula

    Where in Jersey are you?

  • mastercube 24
    mastercube 24

    Hey milad did you ever get a french family

  • JkJoey

    Milad Mirg 1 Millon subscribers and still heart almost EVERY COMMENT Respect 4748957485789475895756897589758789576956

  • master _dj574YT
    master _dj574YT

    XD plot twist: that was joes mama

  • kKkKk _1
    kKkKk _1

    sad... i live in australia i dont get free cookies

  • Rafael Patsiyev
    Rafael Patsiyev

    So did you expect them to be rude because they didnt look like they were from America? 🤔

  • Gamer-_-Games

    Imagine if she went “OH MY GOSH!! I MENT TO TIP 10k”

  • OohDanOne

    So this happened yesterday as you started the video then you said next time it happened you did the card payments for them? So you've made this story up.

  • the real z king salsa
    the real z king salsa

    milad "the generous" "from subway" mirg

  • Just me Anna Banana
    Just me Anna Banana

    Imagine being tipped 1000 dollars at a subway... I'm so jealous lol

  • ryan steinborn
    ryan steinborn

    I like the white paper with the wrapping why don't you give them the white paper too?

  • Cool_gamer_meme_69_cool

    +10 karma

  • Nori Meshau
    Nori Meshau

    Uhm so you know you kinda just leaked her pin out then right 😅

  • ❕L I N X ❕
    ❕L I N X ❕

    Have you ever wanted a *different* job? I love your channel!!

  • J

    honesty.... well played

  • 本 Bravo
    本 Bravo

    clickbait 🍑

  • Mohammed Hanan K
    Mohammed Hanan K

    By seeing your vids i really wanna eat subway but I'm here at india which I couldn't get subway

  • D I A m O n D l I f E Xx
    D I A m O n D l I f E Xx

    What’s the red and yellow looking oil stuff ?

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

    kinda sus the people with her didnt seem to care especially since they were using her money

  • lolololol

    Ill never understand old people bro... Why would you have and use something that you don't know how to use? Just use cash

  • Raya Khan
    Raya Khan

    Peri peri chicken white cheese, ranch and Mayo....... In Oman

    • Raya Khan
      Raya Khan

      My order 👆👆

  • Sir pogs a lot The first
    Sir pogs a lot The first

    Maybe she just wanna burn money

  • Diana Childress
    Diana Childress

    Plot Twist: She Just Wanted To Flex Her Money

  • Donut Cats
    Donut Cats

    Thank u for being so nice and I have no idea who that lady is

  • Gaming News
    Gaming News

    Why is he referring the lady as they

  • Green Walrus
    Green Walrus

    One time when my family got MOD Pizza (I don't know how many people know what it is, it's just a really good pizza chain), my dad accidentally miss clicked too many zeros and he tipped $105. So we let without looking at the tip and when my dad was going over the receipt at home he realized how much he tipped. We went back to the place and they decided just to give our whole meal for free instead of taking back a certain amount of money. Super nice people, and we tipped them extra the next time we went :) By the way I'm not recommending to do this on purpose, that would be a horrible horrible thing for you to do. Be an honest person, it will get you farther in life.

  • Nucleus

    bro u got to trust me on this go man try this sandwicth it will change ur life bro its a breakfest sandwicth with a 6 inch flat bread bacon and egg with amercan chsese tosted green peaper unions olives and chipotle suase its so good

  • Moey Hazouri
    Moey Hazouri

    I didn’t understand anything you said but I was watching how you made the sandwich for the people u legend

  • rangernoah6

    2:32 what is that stuff?

  • Brother Timothy Clark
    Brother Timothy Clark

    Woh. T's crazy. No wonder why x's s easy for our elderly to wind up scammed. This video serves to show there's still honest people out there though thanks be to God.

  • xKxttyx

    You never know these days

  • Ben Diegel
    Ben Diegel

    Alternate title: Grandma gives 330% tip

  • Justine

    You are a good and decent guy! That's why I really enjoy watching your videos. But it always feels a little bit weird when I see your face because you are so young but you are at the same time a very wise. So I get a bit confused! 😅

  • gooblegobble78

    Jesus how much water did you put in the meatballs!? Good lord man! Looks like tomato soup!

  • Derpi

    Ey man, u deserve the money anyways. subway sandwiches are honestly better than any sandwich. *i guess..*

  • Jahn Gunnar
    Jahn Gunnar

    Is this video actually over 4 years old? (Not voice over, but video...)

  • Fr1sk

    You gave her password away doe

  • Doctor Tristan Peh
    Doctor Tristan Peh

    Really enjoy your story! I’m new to your channel! 🥰👍👍👍

    • Jaan McFadden
      Jaan McFadden

      @Nisar Malik Reality- it never did. 😬

    • keep smile
      keep smile

      Bruh you always copy Dental digest I mean you are videos are so boring

    • Druggyinnit

      Its disclosing time

    • JotaroKujoAnims {JKA}
      JotaroKujoAnims {JKA}

      @kayla xd

    • kayla

      fat glob moment.

  • Andris gutenberg
    Andris gutenberg

    Mrbeast's grandma was here

  • SteamFC Musse
    SteamFC Musse

    Miliad your the best ⭐️⭐️

  • dope destiny
    dope destiny

    Good man

  • Xglitchy_yt

    New subway motto/saying: eat fresh, eat subway.

  • Loïk Courchesne
    Loïk Courchesne

    these vids are making me think about working at a subway

  • detzz

    What a guy!!! Milad is the man most people would of just took the 1000

  • PC Genjin
    PC Genjin

    He’s making up stories for his youtube/tiktok.

    • PC Genjin
      PC Genjin

      @Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger yes

    • Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger
      Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger

      @PC Genjin nope

    • PC Genjin
      PC Genjin

      @Feed me yep

    • Feed me
      Feed me

      @PC Genjin nope

    • PC Genjin
      PC Genjin

      @Feed me yes he is.

  • MrRandom vids
    MrRandom vids

    Just here for the game play

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's

    Welp now we know what her pin number is.........

  • Ziiylan

    grandma just dropped a fat stack no cap

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not enough meat
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