Finding out I'm PREGNANT! | The Herbert's

  • Taniya Ahluwalia
    Taniya Ahluwalia

    I'm here after Poppy's birth! Eeeeeeehhhh I'm so happy ☺️❤️

  • Danika_youtube X
    Danika_youtube X

    Why does it say 6 months ago for the date and your post too be 9 months

  • Mokshitha Surabhattu
    Mokshitha Surabhattu

    Who's here after Poppy was born!!!

  • Kenzie Copeland
    Kenzie Copeland

    Rewatching this today because I just found out I am pregnant Monday!😭💗

  • 𝕾𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍
    𝕾𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍

    Who's here after Poppy James was born

  • Chilouby

    You're watching this because you just see the videos when she gived birth

  • Ella McGee
    Ella McGee

    Who’s here after she had poppy James!!!❤️

  • Nailah J.
    Nailah J.

    congrats!! she's here!!!!

  • Devan Gooley
    Devan Gooley

    im just watching old videos waiting for the video that shows the baby

  • Lily Roebuck
    Lily Roebuck

    Yes congrats 🎉

  • Bella Reather not say
    Bella Reather not say

    Woah this was 6 months ago that was quick and now she is almost done with her pregnancy 🥰

  • Andrea Hart
    Andrea Hart

    The whole internet has been waiting for this baby

  • Nicole Stewart
    Nicole Stewart

    That was on my birthday!! On the 9th!!

  • Ermioni Tozouli
    Ermioni Tozouli

    Im writing this while you are 9 months pregnant and Im wondering if you knew what was coming...Covid ruined so many special moments for families with newborns....

  • Kristína Ješková
    Kristína Ješková

    me sick in bed rewatching all the older videos since 5.00 am 😂 i love u guys. i cannot wait for the baby bean ❤️

  • King MC
    King MC

    Team girl

  • Danielle Romano
    Danielle Romano

    Soooooo Random but Abbie, aren’t you an American eagle model?

  • txddy_ xoxo
    txddy_ xoxo

    I thought u were her

  • keatyn upfold
    keatyn upfold

    I was born in may the 25

  • Noa Indira
    Noa Indira

    I see one stripe and thats mean not pregnant right

  • Noa Indira
    Noa Indira

    Your so beautiful

  • Noa Indira
    Noa Indira

    Your so beautiful

  • Noa Indira
    Noa Indira

    How old are you

  • Allison Denney
    Allison Denney

    I have a 4 yr old daughter I found out 1 day before my missed period . And Iam now 14 weeks (tm) with my 2nd and found out right before my missed period again

  • Cloud Gaming
    Cloud Gaming

    Congrats u r almost at the end, and you found out u were pregnant 1 day before my b-day!

  • Ambar Beauty
    Ambar Beauty

    Team girl 👧. WAIT what if you have twins 👯

  • Dallas Woody
    Dallas Woody

    Breasts feeding is so Good for your baby. It does make a difference

  • Dallas Woody
    Dallas Woody

    My is May 6

  • LorettaTheUnicorn

    She finally got herr baby!!!!!!!

  • Gianna Castanera-Moniz
    Gianna Castanera-Moniz

    Love this so much I am team girl 👧🎊💗💖

  • Bouchra Lhadj
    Bouchra Lhadj

    Your baby is a May babyyy! That's so cute , May people are the best , friendly, nice , warm and cheerful 💓

  • Mga beshy
    Mga beshy

    Love you 💕 very much im a fan I hope you have a good health and congrats 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Aymara Treviño Sanchez
    Aymara Treviño Sanchez

    I wanted a baby but I just have 6 months being married hahaha but I have been talking with my husband about this and we both agreed that its better to wait AT LEAST 3 years, so we can enjoy more time together and I liked the idea, actually I dont want a baby now anymore 🤣 Im willing to wait those 3 years and even more. But now what I want is that my husband is the one who decides to have a baby . The one who tells me "Im ready for a baby" . I really want him to feel this.

  • KatxHeart

    Not trying to hate, really, I'm happy for you. I just also feel sad that there's people who get pregnant immediately after quitting birth control and actually trying.. It took me 6 months after quitting birth control to get pregnant. I immediately lost it. Took me another 5 months of actively trying to get pregnant for it to happen again. It's just crazy how absolutely unfair these things are.. :(

    • KatxHeart

      Come to think of it, I got pregnant the same month she did and lost it a couple weeks later..

  • Grnt Canoe
    Grnt Canoe

    I hope her birthday is May 24th because that's my birthday

  • Grnt Canoe
    Grnt Canoe

    I hope her birthday is May 24th because that's my birthday

  • Grnt Canoe
    Grnt Canoe

    I hope her birthday is May 24th because that's my birthday


    Gosh I teared when she cried

  • Minduni Fonseka Amarasinghege
    Minduni Fonseka Amarasinghege

    OMG I am so happy for you two congratulations 🎉 and I know your guys going to be great parents 👨‍👩‍👧

  • Rajani Verma
    Rajani Verma

    Love from india

  • Freya Sumner
    Freya Sumner

    Who else is watching this 5 months after it Apia’s posted thinking how different the bump is? 😂

  • Jennifer Slaughenhoupt
    Jennifer Slaughenhoupt

    Do my water broke prank

  • Katie Kim
    Katie Kim

    abt one more month eeeeeee sso excited

  • oq


  • Mckenzie Bloomer
    Mckenzie Bloomer

    I'm due November 19th. I'm so excited. I had a stillborn daughter. And I tried for 4 months and now I am 5 weeks plus 6 days

  • Annette Rowan
    Annette Rowan

    dam two months to go and covid is still here i really hope baby girl Herbert stays healthy and happy

  • Brie Jackson
    Brie Jackson

    Omg I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brie Jackson
    Brie Jackson

    And I’m team boy

  • Brie Jackson
    Brie Jackson

    Y’all are so cute together y’all will be great parents

  • Jonny Dickson
    Jonny Dickson

    Loads of energy from the girl. The guy is like agent Smith in the matrix...... No no no its a trick..... Jokes

  • vloging with kyle
    vloging with kyle

    Congrats lovr you guys

  • Shareefa Fatmah
    Shareefa Fatmah


  • Willow Portwine
    Willow Portwine


  • Willow Portwine
    Willow Portwine


  • Willow Portwine
    Willow Portwine

    Congrats ❤️

  • Willow Portwine
    Willow Portwine

    I love you guys

  • Ellie Williams
    Ellie Williams

    ONG congratulations guys

  • Stephanie Arevalo
    Stephanie Arevalo

    Who is here when they are having a girl?

  • Rosey

    I have pcos too :( but I’m struggling to conceive it’s been 4 years.. what did you do to help?

    • Barbora Hynková
      Barbora Hynková

      have you tried primal? it helps with pcos a lot (to me). My friend also got pregnant with pcos two months after being on primal “diet”, but its not diet at all.. :)


    Dear Abby... Your face resembles that of indian movie star..of 80s and 90 s... it ... Congratulations... It was 40 years ago we had our 1st Baby girl ... She is now a fine confident woman... Advise for Josh::: From now on...and for ever, >>>She gets served everything...including glass of water >>>She gets dropped off at entrance door.. Wherever you go.. >>>Every week one day is dinner out ..forever.. This is also her showoff day..dresses + whatever... >>>2 phone calls per day to her...with your loving message... >>>Always remember her cooking will always be best... >>>Josh will make garbage day decision for himself... >>>Abby is Queen for ever and Josh is happy serving... Josh buddy...these are the things I practiced in my marriage and fringe benefits were phenomenal !!! Enjoy what is about to arrive... And yes please help the economy !!!

  • I Draw Chibi
    I Draw Chibi

    I think is a Girl ! ♡

  • Myx Art
    Myx Art

    Loved the intro 😂😂

  • nathen stahlman
    nathen stahlman

    congrats. i love your channel. i wish you would comment back

  • nathen stahlman
    nathen stahlman

    i onyly see one line at 4:23

  • it's me lakay
    it's me lakay

    Team girl

  • Hannah - Leigh Byrd
    Hannah - Leigh Byrd

    Cant rrnnnn I’m team girl sorry josh😊😊😊 but I think the name hazel 😌😌😌😌🙂🙂

  • Anno Maflo
    Anno Maflo

    You are soooooooo pretty without makup , please do most videos without wearing makeup ... You have a lovely skin without makup



  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones

    Congrats! Mom looks like a cross between Brook Shields and Jennifer Garner.

  • Baking peeps 123
    Baking peeps 123

    Team girl

  • Nathalie Hernandez
    Nathalie Hernandez

    My birthday is on September 9

  • Leah Jane
    Leah Jane

    “Why are we talking about that??” 😂😂😂

  • Leah Jane
    Leah Jane

    Thank god the baby is a girl 😂😂 curious what he would have picked though hahaha

  • nathania troy
    nathania troy

    The top at the start gave it away and the title lol

  • Claire Sutherland
    Claire Sutherland

    May babies are the best😜 just saying 😘😂

  • Kkhrr Khrrr
    Kkhrr Khrrr

    Did anyone notice that she told she was diagnosed with pcos? Can you maybe talk about it? Maybe say what you‘ve done to „get pregnant“ maybe what the doc told you what to do? I have pcos too:((

  • Shellie Mairene
    Shellie Mairene

    I cried new subscriber here from Philippines 🇵🇭 Love you both!!!❤️❤️❤️ Im following you also in tiktok 🥰

  • Haileybean12 Rambarrna
    Haileybean12 Rambarrna

    Congrats just late

  • Relaxing Sounds
    Relaxing Sounds

    Already know you’re having a baby girl and you’re really having a baby but I like watching this video so I paid you and I follow you on TickTock

  • An B.
    An B.

    you're so speciall i love you guys you're all good vibes

  • Paul Knott
    Paul Knott


  • Melissa mae
    Melissa mae

    I would of waoted a week than take anofher test

  • 1234useryes

    Hahahaha nice idea

  • PA Fishing
    PA Fishing


  • Lovely Cy
    Lovely Cy

    Omg!!! You two are my favorite couple on TikTok while I'm still on TikTok and.. just wanna say.. Congrats ❤️ best wishes

  • Peace Ifekoya
    Peace Ifekoya

    i love you guys❤❤❤❤

  • Evelyn I’m not telling you my last name
    Evelyn I’m not telling you my last name

    Hii omg congratss!!!!!🥳🥳

  • Emma Kristiansen
    Emma Kristiansen

    💙TEAM BOY💙 💙#BabyHerbert💙 Names you should choose(if you want, and if you see this): Henrik Lucas Noah Mio Marcus Liam Adrian

  • Chelsea Pryor
    Chelsea Pryor

    This is so sweet I jus found yalla tiktok and youtube.i love it so much.yall r so sweet

  • Emma Giusti
    Emma Giusti


  • A !
    A !


  • A !
    A !

    Team boy 💙

  • Meg Ford
    Meg Ford

    I watched you making the videos on tik tok asking him for a baby, so when I saw the videos I was so happy! Congrats so many times!

  • سارة عبدالعزيز
    سارة عبدالعزيز

    You’re so sweet you deserves everything good congrats!!

  • Jada Nicole
    Jada Nicole

    They r due in like 3 or 4 months now omfg

  • Abbyanna España
    Abbyanna España

    Team girl!!!!!!!!👍

  • Loviisa Elmend
    Loviisa Elmend

    Im so huge fan, so it means so much to me. Congrats!!!

  • Miguel P.
    Miguel P.

    I'm from the future.... She is going to have a girl....

    • Miguel P.
      Miguel P.

      @Don't Give Up shhhhh! We don't talk about that.

    • Don't Give Up
      Don't Give Up

      you commented it 5 Hours ago And the Gender reveal Already Post In this acc!!So no your not from the future

  • Shae Strugnell
    Shae Strugnell


  • Sofia Nobleza
    Sofia Nobleza


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