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  • johnny lewai
    johnny lewai

    That was the worst bear crawl I’ve ever seen

  • Aliitama Sooalo
    Aliitama Sooalo

    can u train me bro ' i like the come up u skilled asf and can move quick

  • Nomadic Mind
    Nomadic Mind

    Good for you Jake This is the change you needed

  • Davina Avilez
    Davina Avilez

    I Iove you Jake

  • Davina Avilez
    Davina Avilez


  • hi hi
    hi hi

    Jake is going to wipp ksi

  • Psycho C
    Psycho C

    Jake has no chance against Ryan Garcia, that dude been boxing since when he was 7 years old. No way you could take him down my G.

  • 999 999
    999 999

    Rmbr this comment when KSI gets“THAT KNOCKDOWN”

  • P4P KING
    P4P KING

    boxing makes a man out of a crazy kid. proud of you bro...im a put you on my fighter watch list

  • Marco Symington
    Marco Symington

    Jake you motivated me to work hard bro and made me beter in everything💪 everyday bro Jake you keep me busy when im bord you made SLtoos a beter plase

  • teliman pep
    teliman pep

    i wanna see jake paul vs mike tyson ahahha

  • Jamin Pena
    Jamin Pena

    tbh i look up to jake in boxing he is my motivator

  • Speellly

    fun fact! jake isnt good at boxing at all and if he fights any REAL boxer he will get smashed

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner

    jake cool

  • guillermo reyes-leon
    guillermo reyes-leon

    Remember when he said boxing is soft

  • Aqua Tiger
    Aqua Tiger

    His pain won his fight

  • Aaron Nielsen
    Aaron Nielsen


  • pintoz6ninja

    Another's I saw in the comments he is training whit the bests 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 how many belts currently 🇺🇸 have? 😂 😂 😂 😂 None all in Europe the major ones 😂 😂 😂

  • Kenneth O’Connor
    Kenneth O’Connor

    This kid can’t fight

  • DoubleT

    Maybe if you would act like this your whole life. Everyone would like you. Love this vid tho

  • Itz ibby
    Itz ibby

    I like jake Paul more now he’s a changed man


    Good job

  • oktopustrainer

    "I wanna be the best pRoFfEsSiOnAL 'influencer' boxer." You put air quotes around the wrong word, homie.

  • Unlawful Skillz
    Unlawful Skillz

    I got brought to boxing by Ryan garcia

  • brian c
    brian c

    this man is training in off white shoes

  • Joe Kalou
    Joe Kalou

    9:23 I deadass thought he was just chillin with Gib 😂

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      I know me too😂😂

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M

    Sugar Shane Mosley camp & Studying Roy Jones Jr. 🔥💯💪 All great shit man, keep it up!

  • julian cardenas
    julian cardenas

    I hope Shane is training him for this next fight

  • julian cardenas
    julian cardenas

    I'm waiting to see this video for the nate Robinson fight

  • All lives Matter
    All lives Matter

    U don’t need Shane for Nate but for Ksi u do

  • All lives Matter
    All lives Matter

    Bro u better train with Shane when u fight Ksi

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      For reals he has too

  • Arran Gill
    Arran Gill


  • timmy D=
    timmy D=

    Shane Mosely is his coach. I used to watch his fights.

  • MSX

    I’ll KO Jake.

    • Chipppa21

      no u won't

  • Jacob Sirak
    Jacob Sirak

    I wanna box jake (when I’m in shape)I think he’s a dick but it’s clear he’s got 10x the technique and skill of his brother and ksi

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      GG Blizzz he ain’t better than average real boxers but no I wouldn’t call him bad at all when u saw his form fighting on the backfire it looked super comparable to pretty good pros attempting to fight on the Blackfoot

    • Christopher G.
      Christopher G.

      If you were a boxer you would see he’s bad compared to average boxers but he does seem better then his brother and Ksi

  • ybn . Ay
    ybn . Ay

    nateeee 😎, come get the work baby ... easy dub jake

  • FoSho

    So did Shane drop Jake?

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto


  • The Martial artist
    The Martial artist

    Keep watching the greats your shite and will never be gd as them

  • Nirdesh_d1

    Damn his likes and views are just going down

  • Be3st Boxing
    Be3st Boxing

    KSI Gonna Knock Him Clean Out

    • Dark c0mmunity
      Dark c0mmunity


  • cs leoo
    cs leoo

    Just think remember we used to watch him in team 10 with the dobre brothers and the twins and look at him he is here now

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner

    If you think ksi will defeat Jake Paul or that he will knock him out... you are delusional

  • Julian 340
    Julian 340

    Fight me

  • Jean McCreery
    Jean McCreery

    Dear Jake fight ksi and Garcia then yes become a nfl player

  • L. Velez
    L. Velez

    He fought KSIs brother and gibby 🤣🤣 come on it wasn't that serious bro

  • Kunzi Dlamini
    Kunzi Dlamini

    You’re an inspiration brother 🙌🏾

  • Janicirra Stphens
    Janicirra Stphens

    I never was a fan of Jake but in this video l don't see Jake l see a complete different man👊👊👊👊👊 to read do for all gone had

  • Orbott A
    Orbott A

    I'm telling u if u keep drinking and stuff you will never reach higher ranks in boxing

  • REHM4NxXx

    Im a fan of ksi but all bullshit aside i think jake might win if he keeps training like this but if ksi changes his fight style he will win ( a non-bullshit comment) 💯

  • Calum Hughes
    Calum Hughes

    Ksi will beat jake

  • Xotiic_ Tryhard
    Xotiic_ Tryhard

    I know boxing is so fun for u but I really miss the vlogs😢😢😢

  • Play God
    Play God

    Ksi will knock you out bro

  • Nyi Htun
    Nyi Htun

    Lets go Jake Paul.

  • EyeEye Kay
    EyeEye Kay

    How come this vid did so bad🤣🤣🤣

  • Dillan Crawford
    Dillan Crawford

    I’m trying get my one in the ring with Jake Paul 😎💯 let’s thump it out G

  • Sad Vibes
    Sad Vibes

    You need to vs ksi show him who's boss

  • Bianka _vlogg
    Bianka _vlogg

    I don’t like this i LOVE this

  • k Cortez
    k Cortez

    i think youll beat jj

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      Yeah same here I think he will

  • aaron norcross
    aaron norcross

    you already know baldski bout to clap his cheeks

  • Ernestina Pavlovsky
    Ernestina Pavlovsky

    “Celebrities or whatever you want to call us” sweetheart, honey, YOU AIN’T NO CELEBRITY

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      He is though

    • TupacOnfroy

      Prob is

  • Aj

    Jake says Mosley is the best no weakness I got three canelo ,manny and Floyd 😂😂

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      Shane was ild when he fought those guys u have to admit

    • Aj

      Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe is Ksi fighting mosley no

    • Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
      Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe

      Ksi is neither of those

  • Dyam Salimi
    Dyam Salimi

    Where's adan

  • Exodius

    2:15 this reminds me of the movie creed

  • Rhys McEvoy
    Rhys McEvoy

    Can y I coach me every day

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell

    I'd be alot better than him if u got that equiptment,facility,expierenced trainer like if you gave that to people they'd be better than him

  • Adrian Moschos
    Adrian Moschos

    This is the jake paul, people need to see. I like this raw version of him

  • egg head2
    egg head2

    Listen to the song keke its really good

  • J F
    J F

    What kind of man shaves his eyebrows?

  • Elh Buta
    Elh Buta

    What if jake fight manny pacquio

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten

    whos watching this knowing that, without coronavirus, jake and ksi would've already fought

  • Perla Garnica
    Perla Garnica




  • cool .j
    cool .j

    Hi Jake my birthday is coming up and my wish is that you and Erica can get back together. Like this comment subscribe to Jake and Erika if you want them to get back together and also like for happy birthday.. This is how much people wish me happy birthday thank you all

    • cool .j
      cool .j

      Did your boy 2K lights for my birthday and I will literally freaking freaking cry. Come on. Come on come on come on you got this get back with Erica get back get back,

  • ImRaivon

    Bro that beard did more that just amped his look, it vigorously boosted his brain yooo.

  • Team Rust
    Team Rust

    The first minute is him just jump roping

  • LawrenceAron Ferrer
    LawrenceAron Ferrer


  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    I’m a jake Paul fan but I’m just saying Jakes cardio is terrible and his nose bleeding easily is going to tire him out. I predict ksi tkos jake in the 5/6 round

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto

      How his cardio bad?the nose thing Jake has the benefit of being used to it so it won’t affect his mental state in a fight

    • Gday Osandu
      Gday Osandu

      And you think he won't be any better of a fighter by the time he fights ksi?🤔

  • Oliphant Clan
    Oliphant Clan

    Jake made Gib famous...for losing after all that confidence and trash talk, Gib is the walking meme 😂

  • F6 Bossman
    F6 Bossman

    No one wants to get welcomed

  • Syed Mustafa Ali
    Syed Mustafa Ali

    He needs to stfu, here to change the boxing game. You would get whooped by a district contender.

  • michaelkoutr 336
    michaelkoutr 336

    What is the music playing back ground

  • mads vestergaard
    mads vestergaard

    1:20 What song

  • southpaw

    Only here for Sugar!

  • Unknown Drizzle
    Unknown Drizzle

    Whereas the LG team 10 bro

  • Stanley Young
    Stanley Young

    How he call himself a celebrity he makes shitty little SLtoos videos

  • Hendrik te Kaat Levental
    Hendrik te Kaat Levental

    Hahahaha the fact that Armani is riding with a Bike behind them 😂

  • Jalin Thompson
    Jalin Thompson

    Who misses the old Jake Paul

  • Emeraldstar716

    I remembered I was so hyped for this fight

  • Facu Estradas
    Facu Estradas

    11:38 Song?

  • Did You Expect A User Name?
    Did You Expect A User Name?

    Remember this comment when jake paul beats ksi

  • wilheim wilheim
    wilheim wilheim

    i dont like jake pool but gotta credit him with this work

  • Anastasia Golin
    Anastasia Golin

    Who Watching this after Jake beat tf out of gib

  • MMS.16

    I’m surprised Shane Mosley is actually training this joke smd he probably needed the money

  • Chris Shupe
    Chris Shupe

    He looks like Bryce Harper

  • Tiger Savage
    Tiger Savage

    Hey I'm tiger Savage

  • MobileCaptain

    Chilling in the hot tub is the most impressive training :o

  • Tyler Dean
    Tyler Dean

    I swear you the next money maywether and i say that because you have the same mind set as money maywether for the sport 💯

  • Amy Squire
    Amy Squire


  • TraGik PiG07
    TraGik PiG07

    Jake should fight Z money the champion of cheapshots.

  • Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


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