Warning!! Bitcoin Massive MOVE Incoming (Dangerous Decision Point)
In today's video, we will discuss the Bitcoin price and the most recent cryptocurrency news. We’ll take a hard look at the Ethereum chart and see where the price of ETH is headed. In the biggest crypto news, we’ll discuss the upcoming Coinbase IPO and talk about the showdown between the SEC and Ripple XRP. Don’t miss out on a sneak peek into the Bitverse as we reveal a preview of our NFTs!
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Intro 00:00
Market Watch 5:14
BTC Chart 10:21
ETH Chart 19:05
$55k Price Point 26:16
Coinbase Earnings 33:34
Crypto Council 43:57
Bitverse NFT 1:00:23
FTX Arena 1:09:34
Alt Season Fuel 1:10:50
Ripple Win 1:16:20
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