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  • ben elder
    ben elder

    wow 2.2 million people wanted to see this guy get beaten up

  • BOE Prazsky
    BOE Prazsky

    I'm a bum and ill fight ya, name the place

  • Donnie Curran
    Donnie Curran

    I would wanna try bro lol

  • Carlos Delgado
    Carlos Delgado


  • Ashish Godwin
    Ashish Godwin

    ayo whats the songs name he used at 1:47

  • Jerelmo em sami en bink en hassan
    Jerelmo em sami en bink en hassan

    Stage lol like al his fight vids

  • Bryce Jordan
    Bryce Jordan

    Ja I you are great at being funny

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    Where is the team ten necklaces

  • richy tigo
    richy tigo

    that "Professional" mma fighter is faker than jerika

  • FNC TryharDevill
    FNC TryharDevill

    My 4 year old cousin boxes better than that "professional fighter"

  • Leonardo Lavic
    Leonardo Lavic

    is anyone going to talk about the chain go's in to hype House merch

  • Rosenelchris Matusa
    Rosenelchris Matusa

    I'm gonna vote here is jake paul because is my idol

  • little man Etse
    little man Etse

    that guy is weak

  • Bacon plays
    Bacon plays

    Guys Jake Paul is sooo rude in real life quickly un sub to him guys


    This looks familiar

  • Ellis Isherwood
    Ellis Isherwood

    Init the only time I can get a free chain it’s a team 10 one😒

  • Jay Chadwick Rugby
    Jay Chadwick Rugby

    Looking sharp, big fella!

  • boots labalan
    boots labalan


  • Kurt Sigmund
    Kurt Sigmund

    Ill.take your challenge! 500,000!!!

  • Natalie King
    Natalie King

    Jake Paul you are my hero 🦸‍♀️🤩😊

  • Mohamed Zaid
    Mohamed Zaid

    Why you always lying

  • Codey Gonzalez
    Codey Gonzalez

    I challenge jake to a fight

  • Sincere Schroeder
    Sincere Schroeder

    Why the hell is Jake playing with a dildo?🍆?????????

  • paula lolohea
    paula lolohea

    That ain’t no MMA fighter 😂😭 let me know if you wanna real fight

  • Felipe Wattenbach
    Felipe Wattenbach

    The chain is actually free you just gotta pay for delivery

  • cassidy moore
    cassidy moore

    your in texas

  • Julian Jimenez
    Julian Jimenez

    team 10 more like team 20

  • Eh99 Viper
    Eh99 Viper

    And the maze mixed martial arts

  • Katherine Cutting
    Katherine Cutting

    Jjuulliiuuss m

  • Shean Vincent Cardel
    Shean Vincent Cardel

    The man the strongest is jake paul 👏👏👏👏

  • yoFilthy

    Nice vid kinda looks like Logans??

  • Alan Aranda
    Alan Aranda

    When you copy youre brothers idea

  • Skylar Pruitt
    Skylar Pruitt

    Fight me fo 200k

  • Ligymol Purackel
    Ligymol Purackel


  • hood baby boi Freddy
    hood baby boi Freddy

    Jake Paul you're scamming people they $10

  • Luka Clavier St John
    Luka Clavier St John

    They don’t seem professional your way better

  • Kurt Sigmund
    Kurt Sigmund

    I'll box you

  • Stephanie Presley
    Stephanie Presley

    I love the videos bro

  • Harseerat Bhatia
    Harseerat Bhatia

    How did he manage to put all the siege songs in one single vlog

  • ali hussein
    ali hussein

    you sick

  • TTV_DCxSpectic YT
    TTV_DCxSpectic YT

    Bru the MMA fighter was sooooo bad


    Sup jacke

  • Limitless Music No - Copyright
    Limitless Music No - Copyright

    Pro mma fighter but no coli ears...

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford

    You are so cool

  • Juan Nunez
    Juan Nunez

    Jake i got scammed they took 500 dollars out of my account when i got the team 10 chain😭😭😭pls help

  • Janelle Cavanagh
    Janelle Cavanagh

    just beat him

  • Xochilt Castillo
    Xochilt Castillo

    For some reason this gave me fast and the furious vibes honestly 😂

  • Kylan Pike
    Kylan Pike

    Mike Tyson whad kill jake


    I wonder if he is a "pro" wouldn't defeating him making you a pro . Therefore worthy of joining the UFC . But why didn't Jake Paul join the UFC if he defeated a "PRO" .

  • axel blaze
    axel blaze

    Where's sugar at ur getting trash again

    • Ava Orlando
      Ava Orlando

      this is a old video xd

  • vincent p
    vincent p

    Unfortunately that dude said he was an MMA fighter but guess what probably just some random ass fucking guy

  • Zayden Ramirez
    Zayden Ramirez

    I got your chan

  • Mug 2k
    Mug 2k


  • cool gang KlopnerJR
    cool gang KlopnerJR

    I wish I could see thare cool I'm a big fan please don't stop making videos

  • Johnny Tan Man
    Johnny Tan Man

    I’ll fight this jake Paul kid for free 😂 guys garbage fighting garbage people.

  • DISE

    aye lowkey he kinda looks like kim

  • Oscar Cordova
    Oscar Cordova

    If he is pro he would have nocked jake out it was the other way around

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Intro Music?



  • Trivolin Govender
    Trivolin Govender

    Jake Paul is dopee!

  • Main Brothers
    Main Brothers

    Your better than gib 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Michael Stephenson
    Michael Stephenson


  • don'tknowwhattodoguy boring
    don'tknowwhattodoguy boring

    Its Thursday bro

  • Lil Twitch
    Lil Twitch

    Anthony Joshua is the best

  • Trinity Jones
    Trinity Jones


  • D X T
    D X T

    Miss the daily vlogs

  • UnstxbleMods Modz
    UnstxbleMods Modz

    😂😂if this dude professional mma fighter than I’m better than mike Tyson in his prime and Floyd Mayweather combined

  • Kyrin O'Sullivan
    Kyrin O'Sullivan

    I will fight you for 800k

  • Peyten Brown
    Peyten Brown

    I will fight you

  • Edith Zuniga
    Edith Zuniga

    I am a kid

  • Vince Sozio
    Vince Sozio

    LOL... I’m going to Cali this year after October to fight him too but he’s in for a big surprise 😉

  • Hugo Arreola
    Hugo Arreola

    He went easy on you

  • SWE Awesome
    SWE Awesome

    If he’s a pro then I beat khabib in a wrestling match

  • Bear Dominguez
    Bear Dominguez

    The chains are plastic I bought one

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Jake no one believes that hes an mma fighter

  • Aimee Adams
    Aimee Adams

    you are the best.

  • King Wilcox
    King Wilcox

    jake can you give a chan

  • cheezed

    He sed pro right

  • Andrew BMX ray
    Andrew BMX ray

    Jake did pretty good

  • Harnoor Kaur
    Harnoor Kaur

    The guy isn’t a pro

  • Queen Ke
    Queen Ke

    Did Jake win

  • Audri Harter
    Audri Harter

    Jaties vlog his name is josh and he said to call you out he is a professional fighter and wants you to fight him

  • Elijah Ramey-Wallis
    Elijah Ramey-Wallis

    Your amazing you inspire me to box

  • Declan Cunningham
    Declan Cunningham

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 strong fight 1:41 💞🧡 👇👇💗

  • Mack S
    Mack S

    🔥🔥🔥 real fight 1:20 💚 👇👇👇👇💘

  • jill corriveau
    jill corriveau

    Who won the Jake Paul vs gib fight Comment if u know

  • Eva Lata
    Eva Lata

    i want a team ten chain

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Good luck Jake

  • Kayden Wilde
    Kayden Wilde

    Got drip .cooooooooo

  • Gercomedy gamer
    Gercomedy gamer

    Stop paying people to make them lose jake pual

  • stich and baby shark
    stich and baby shark

    I don't know how to buy the team 10 chane

  • Apurva Singh
    Apurva Singh

    what song is this ??

  • 1b ACE on the case
    1b ACE on the case

    The team 10 chains are 15$ so make stop lying

  • wolf Houseman
    wolf Houseman

    I'll fight u just come down to ohio

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    Everyone in the comments are now suddenly pro boxers.

    • M S
      M S

      Are you one?

  • Matthew Slater
    Matthew Slater

    Never knew Jake was friends with Kim Jung Un

  • Levi Proveaaue
    Levi Proveaaue

    You're mr E

  • Skeeter Valentine
    Skeeter Valentine

    That was a waste of fast forwarding. He fought some dork that doesn’t know how to fight 😂

  • Ahmad Nidal
    Ahmad Nidal

    I want a team ten chain

  • Elias Chavez
    Elias Chavez

    Please dont fight with hands down tomorrow 🥺🥊

i won.
4,1 mio.