You won't believe who is COMING to our WEDDING..
You won't believe who is COMING to our WEDDING..
Things got way more exciting..
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  • Addison Kelley
    Addison Kelley

    My favorite part is 14:03 because you can literally see Nikita’s boob through her shirt

    • Addison Kelley
      Addison Kelley

      Why is no one acknowledged this????

  • Troy Hacker
    Troy Hacker

    Tana can be used to control jake as you can see how she beats him

  • Mialeigh Stewart
    Mialeigh Stewart


  • Diana Wood
    Diana Wood

    omg taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vanessa Lucas
    Vanessa Lucas

    i have the necklace it is sooooooooooooo pretty

  • manuel martinez
    manuel martinez

    “JACOB!!!!” - Tana Mongo

  • the Queen of Halloween
    the Queen of Halloween

    This must have been a while ago there in the old house

  • Olive


  • Olive

    5:36 i think its time to cancel the wedding

  • Olive

    hey just checking everyone got dat drip

  • J V
    J V

    lol they getting merried but dere gonna be strippers and gold diggers

  • lazy_couchpatatolol lolXD
    lazy_couchpatatolol lolXD

    Its 14.99 for shipping

  • Donnetta Brown
    Donnetta Brown

    Hey Jake Paul you’re my favorite SLtoos or ever


    For some reason, I wanted to watch this video and I didn't even intend to watch it exactly one year after it was uploaded.

  • Haylee Hayls
    Haylee Hayls


  • 100 subscribers with no video challenge
    100 subscribers with no video challenge

    Who else is watching this in 2020?? Like if YAS QUEEN!!

  • Sara Hinrichsen
    Sara Hinrichsen

    And I know it’s a little late to be posting this but I’m still doing it if anyone is new and watching this

  • Bonnie Jury
    Bonnie Jury

    the "mini" horse is called a shetland pony u should get one

  • munkbo1


  • munkbo1

    1v1 me

  • Daisy Mcclanahan
    Daisy Mcclanahan

    Sooooo did they ever solve the solution with all those people who ordered those necklaces that never got their shit??

  • xxxsophia _potatoxxx
    xxxsophia _potatoxxx

    who els is here when nikita and tony are freinds

  • Kolley Kibber
    Kolley Kibber

    free chains lol, do they go around the world 3 times before delivery, I would hope so the amount it costs

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez

    Jake Paul we need some me and my little sister

  • Erika Vega
    Erika Vega

    Is Jack coming

  • StellaPlayzGacha

    For a sec in the beginning I thought he said “today guys I’m 𝔹ℝ𝔼𝔸𝕂𝕀ℕ𝔾 𝕌ℙ with Tana” and then play backed it and was like “oh”

  • 24k_breezyjayx Yay
    24k_breezyjayx Yay

    Team10 Cage = glass

  • Landon Hicks
    Landon Hicks


  • Landon Hicks
    Landon Hicks

    yo jake i need to talk to you about something

  • HDT Tổng hợp
    HDT Tổng hợp

    ok you. the best!

  • Wiktoria Wojtczak
    Wiktoria Wojtczak

    Who came here just to see jake suprise the dolan twins?

  • Mayrlin Pineda
    Mayrlin Pineda

    Jake I want one but I cant fine it so i want it so bad

  • Jaden Hamson
    Jaden Hamson


  • JayDTOV

    Ohio bitched that boy

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    Oof the twins couldn't come because of there sisters birthday

  • Aldair Perez
    Aldair Perez

    Whos Jacob

  • Emma Deck
    Emma Deck

    Give me a like if you live in Ohio I do

  • Tracey Booth
    Tracey Booth


  • Camila Zavala
    Camila Zavala

    The first thing lele says is There getting married 👏

  • Edward Reichelt
    Edward Reichelt

    Well this marriage didn't last long

  • Dakota Green
    Dakota Green


  • Dakota Green
    Dakota Green


  • Blotbot

    Is that Blenoh with the purple hair. It looks like it.

  • Kenyan marsh
    Kenyan marsh

    Watched this but bored and did said to watch it again in quarantine

  • Just Alice 19
    Just Alice 19

    The fact the dog got drip and I don’t -

  • sky blue
    sky blue

    The twins look so sad lmao

  • Kara Barraclough
    Kara Barraclough

    is the neklace a skame

  • Akash kalal
    Akash kalal

    hey what's that jake is playing around with a ball and some wooden thing

  • Natalia Tort
    Natalia Tort

    I thought Weddings were myths of the olden days

  • Rehmat Singh Grewal
    Rehmat Singh Grewal

    The comments are more about the DOLAN twins then Jake paul

  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    Evan moves from the kitchen to that bean bag real quick 😂

  • iXimsx

    15:20 who is she ?

  • chantelle osbrough
    chantelle osbrough

    im so funny

  • chantelle osbrough
    chantelle osbrough


  • 777 EvaDe DreAd
    777 EvaDe DreAd

    Its sad they broke up but every girl he dates gets better and better

  • Karmyti Mori
    Karmyti Mori

    Wow Jake, you don't care about your fans at all in the beginning

  • Just Another Human-Being
    Just Another Human-Being

    Tana: Sorry sis. Me: 👁️👄👁️

  • Sanjana Srinath ._.
    Sanjana Srinath ._.

    i clicked cuz of the dolan twins lol

  • Gauge O'Steen
    Gauge O'Steen

    Except for the shipping.

  • Carly Hand
    Carly Hand

    Hi hi

  • Toca Live
    Toca Live


  • Daniela Mejia
    Daniela Mejia

    am i the only one that would love that invitation like i would put in on my wall

  • ahlam Lara
    ahlam Lara

    In 2019:wedding and happiness Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ 2020: quarantine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and social distance

  • rani gemmell
    rani gemmell


  • Melissa Torgerson
    Melissa Torgerson

    When you realize plus shipping it was 20$ and I can’t spend money

  • Babushka Babushka
    Babushka Babushka

    Leles mom “ i hope your guys’s marrige is for whole life” 6 months later: we got difforced

  • Kimberly Manzo
    Kimberly Manzo

    that cool

  • Blazebella

    Tana is the only other girl for Jake aside from Erika because she has as much chaotic energy is him

  • Blazebella

    Trish: Dont do it.

  • Wendy Aleman
    Wendy Aleman

    Hey tomorrow is my birthday

  • Kenmxaz Edits
    Kenmxaz Edits

    She said- sorry sis 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Harkirat Singh
    Harkirat Singh

    The second I saw that black jaguar l knew it was the DOLAN TWINS' house

  • Weird Kid
    Weird Kid

    Nice bandaid Jake

  • Flute &Narvalo feat Bhonïyh
    Flute &Narvalo feat Bhonïyh

    wtf jake look so gay

  • TwoEzy- VEGITO
    TwoEzy- VEGITO

    Yo this shit is scripted ounce per ounce 14:38 how are they both casually at the door to open LOL

  • Damaris rodriguez
    Damaris rodriguez

    Jake paul when I was on TikTok someone snoke in to party

  • ICE Clan
    ICE Clan

    Your gay

  • Chasidy M
    Chasidy M

    If you wanna watch the dolan twin part here’s the time stamp: 21:37 your welcome

  • Chasidy M
    Chasidy M

    Once I saw the dolan twins I never clicked faster

  • Kierscen Conwela
    Kierscen Conwela

    Will you thunder stomp a 11year old

  • Maria Savage
    Maria Savage

    For me to get the chain I have to pay shipping because I live in Australia

  • LE Boettner
    LE Boettner

    Wow classic Jake giving invites two days before the wedding 😂😂😂

  • Mael Williams
    Mael Williams

    16:40 Logan's reaction in the begging was the best part... omygad such a good big brother

  • Josh

    What if he invited Erika

  • qxeen nessa
    qxeen nessa

    Does anyone realize that jake and tana don’t kiss as much as erika and jake have

    • Nyasia Jacques
      Nyasia Jacques

      They do even more

  • sydney

    i know literally like almost all of the views are because of the dolan twins lol

  • game girl 1
    game girl 1

    Tana said Jacob when she was mad. is it the real name a Jake

  • Dianna Sydorko
    Dianna Sydorko

    who misses when they were still together?

  • Kimberly Diaz
    Kimberly Diaz

    Damm tana beat Jake up

  • Herbey Celestino
    Herbey Celestino

    Are they real chains

  • Taliyah Rawlinson
    Taliyah Rawlinson

    The wedding is on my birthday

  • Abby jean
    Abby jean

    loved this! Go subscribe to my channel abby jean!

  • User123xyz

    Jake: my DaY 1s !!!! E and Gray: oh hi... (extremely uninterested)

  • Vannak Ung
    Vannak Ung

    I meant short

  • Vannak Ung
    Vannak Ung

    Can kids at least meet you for just as hot time but it’s you choice

  • SerpentXL

    lil mosey went to ur wedding

  • Harley Scruggs
    Harley Scruggs

    At 8:42 why is twain there lol

  • Emma Johnston
    Emma Johnston

    Hi hake paul

  • Rose Martens
    Rose Martens

    Get Jake two20 million

  • Taleia Barnes
    Taleia Barnes