Did I Burn Her Sandwich? #shorts
you tell me

  • Austin Haig
    Austin Haig

    Fk Karen

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H

    Is he really the owner tho??

  • gamer cloei
    gamer cloei

    Pls im so glad you ate it i hate when people waste food:)

  • Claire Moyle
    Claire Moyle

    Its not burnt its toasted is she fucking stupid

  • I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
    I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

    Does look a bit dark but I'd still eat it


    Not gonna call her the k word but she’s a Karen nice 😂 also you should have burnt it

  • Safiaa Evanthe Calagui
    Safiaa Evanthe Calagui

    That ain't even a burnt sandwich bruh It ain't burned she literally is mad about tha- bruh no XD (I kinda act a karen myself sometimes)

  • Kenneth Booker
    Kenneth Booker

    I'd eat it.

  • Matt Woodard
    Matt Woodard

    When the flavorful crunch proves it was toasted to perfection at the end, just solidifies the fact the woman just was a "K".

  • Gabriela Santos
    Gabriela Santos

    It acktualy is a bit too toasted 😢. It will taste bitter..... Just make a new sandwich .....

  • Sana Al Salem
    Sana Al Salem

    that looks so good tho... bout to order a subway lol

  • Olga Alvarez
    Olga Alvarez


  • TH3MZ

    As a previous SW manager I would just given her a new sandwich

  • kemp

    i mean, to be honest it is a little crispy but i wouldn't care still looks good

  • teddy thodo
    teddy thodo

    It’s too toasted lol

  • K K
    K K


  • Shamus

    Okay, give us the real stories. I've worked multiple retail and food joints, there's better stories than using buzzwords like Karen and "let me know what you guys think". Oh NOOO she returned a sandwich cause the bread was cutting the roof of her stupid effing mouth, do better. You are doing good, rooting for you, but I KNOW, there are better stories.

  • Hunter B
    Hunter B

    yes..... it is burnt....

  • Brisa Morales
    Brisa Morales

    that was a perfect toasted sandwich :00

  • The Fourth Horseman With Ornament
    The Fourth Horseman With Ornament

    It’s definitely not burnt but a little too toasted tbh.

  • Kaelea Reeves
    Kaelea Reeves

    Id eat that np

  • Nikhil Grobes
    Nikhil Grobes

    Man, he didn’t know she spit in the sandwich before returning

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes


  • Mistaken Smile
    Mistaken Smile

    So is he really the owner?

  • Tiddles

    Yea that's burnt

  • Emily Bryan
    Emily Bryan

    All I’m saying is she’s the customer and if she says you burnt it for her, then you burnt it. People are picky, but that doesn’t make them a karen.

  • John Jameson
    John Jameson

    Looks too cooked IMO

  • D'sean Patterson
    D'sean Patterson


  • Wooligan 🐑
    Wooligan 🐑

    If the "Karen" wanted a discount on her sandwich all she had to do was use the App.

  • Anthony Juarez
    Anthony Juarez

    Bruhhh it’s not

  • T&T Squad .
    T&T Squad .

    subway is have it your way she isn’t a karen

  • Tim

    I seriously doubt you are the owner, if you are then you are pretty stupid. Publicly opening up a sandwich to prove a worthless point then eating it speaks about your maturity. It seems you are the Karen making a big deal out of a small complaint and putting it on social media like a kid.

  • McPherson Square
    McPherson Square

    That’s burnt bro

  • Ben :j
    Ben :j

    i have nevee seen his face wow

  • skellyfn

    wow just eat it. its food

  • Lucas Gaming506
    Lucas Gaming506

    I like burnt so....

  • Silly Xbox
    Silly Xbox

    Ya you burnt it on the top I would be mad too

  • Jasmine Bligh!
    Jasmine Bligh!

    It's not burns🔥

  • Blaze

    I once went to potbelly said light toast and it came out partially black on the edges. But I didn’t complain and I chomped down on my sandwich

  • DestructoDot

    Definitely not okay to eat that. Never know what other people did to it

  • MnCAlapati415

    Complaining about her sandwich being burnt!?!?!?. I bet she complains about her husband (if she has one) doing house work 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Riley Alexander
    Riley Alexander

    Looks so good not burnt may be her/his first time and they don't know if its burnt or not

  • Trevor Buttitta
    Trevor Buttitta

    No not burnt looks kinda normal

  • cwissant

    Not gonna call her the k word but she’s a karen

  • OmgDisfunny

    Does look a bit overdone

  • Ieshia Drennon
    Ieshia Drennon


  • Dianna Morris
    Dianna Morris

    No it isit

  • Adam


    • Adam

      But it’s perfect 😍

  • ChrisOnVuitton

    Its just a really tiny bit burnt but idc cause it’s crispy tho,

  • Aria Elizabeth
    Aria Elizabeth

    Nope it’s perfect u better tell her to get a grip and take the sandwich and tip ya ur a great subway worker

  • Marie Tourniquet
    Marie Tourniquet

    I wouldn't have made a scene. I also wouldn't call it burnt. But y'all would definitely remake that sandwich lol

  • Lindsay plays
    Lindsay plays

    Personally, I like bread that’s crunchy. Idk what’s the big deal.

  • The Goodwins
    The Goodwins

    That is not in any way shape and form burnt

  • MaseTheAceGamer

    Nah bro just how Karen's act

  • Yo Fxlcon
    Yo Fxlcon

    that is not burned, and honestly I like burnt bread.

  • Ty Daniel
    Ty Daniel

    No like shut up and eat it little girl

  • Cori Lane
    Cori Lane

    She has a good taste in subs tho

  • Hailey marlnee
    Hailey marlnee

    Me:checks the sandwich Karen:see its burnt Also me:Karen it's not burnt its crispy you just being extra

  • Diana Trejo
    Diana Trejo


  • Shiiy Wyatt
    Shiiy Wyatt


  • Kiersten Carlisle
    Kiersten Carlisle

    Its not burnet

  • greg valenzuela
    greg valenzuela

    I mean it looks fine...

  • Samuel Wigren
    Samuel Wigren

    I mean thats not toasted enough if it was me

  • Sophie Clegg
    Sophie Clegg

    Yes he burnt it

  • Random content
    Random content

    i don’t think it’s burnt just a little crispy

  • Sloth 123
    Sloth 123

    It’s not burntat all

  • mike cal
    mike cal

    Karen is a slur, why would you use that?

  • A Hamilton
    A Hamilton

    Imagine being an owner and not being able to manage such a minute problem

  • Dustin Matthews
    Dustin Matthews

    Reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Bart request pepper on his food. Bart Simpson: more.. more, more, little more. ... It's too much take it back.

  • Declan Warrick
    Declan Warrick

    just toasty but i looks amazing

  • Million_cape 794
    Million_cape 794

    It's just a little crisp 😂

  • Dobre Cosmin
    Dobre Cosmin


  • Lalos Vlogs
    Lalos Vlogs

    Then says some “toasty” stop sugar coating it yeah if it’s a subway sandwich why would it have been so hard just to give her another one ?😭

  • Lalos Vlogs
    Lalos Vlogs

    Not burnt but I definitely never came across a subway sandwich like that 😭😂😂😂 I woulda complained to that simple cuz what is that 😭 frl tho why is it that dark, not burnt . Never seen one or got one that dark and if I did me too😭🆓💨

  • AKA_ Mo_fn
    AKA_ Mo_fn

    Wait I want I don’t want to hate but he said “I don’t want to call her the k word and then he says she’s a Karen”?😕

  • 81imbored

    I wish my sandwich was that toasty

  • Craziesgunner

    That looks nice toasted sandwich

  • Bubba Shursh
    Bubba Shursh

    He ate it 🤮

  • Darren Jenkins
    Darren Jenkins

    That sandwich is not burnt it's toasted perfectly how it's supposed to be looks pretty good to me

  • Cheryl Barnett
    Cheryl Barnett

    First of all Subway sucks and it is too toasted get that s*** right

  • Blayne Schaaf
    Blayne Schaaf

    That is a lil toasty not enough to cause a episode

  • Ÿášh Gámîñ
    Ÿášh Gámîñ

    Perfectly toasted

  • Dorei Games
    Dorei Games

    Man didn't let food go to waste. I respect it

  • James IDk
    James IDk


  • Max Ryba
    Max Ryba

    That is 100% not burnt

  • Xingxin Ye
    Xingxin Ye

    N O

  • BoredOnYouTube

    No she wanted free food lol

  • Jayden King
    Jayden King

    That’s not burnt it’s the color of the bread AND THAT LOOKS GOOD 😂

  • Monique

    Im sorry man as much as I love your videos as a picky eater I would consider this burned yes but I wouldn't make a scene about it id still eat it well most of it haha

  • Zack Gabbert
    Zack Gabbert

    The bite at the end. I like this guy

  • Loser. com
    Loser. com

    A little crispy but definitely edible

  • keon

    Ew she touched it and you ate it

  • Acool38 KhAir
    Acool38 KhAir

    I is not even burned

  • Margidda

    that’s just a good toast. Sometimes our bread at five guys gets a little more toasted then the previous or prior but it still makes for a pretty good burger holder

  • The Sleepy Craftsman
    The Sleepy Craftsman

    That's a toasted sub. Not a burnt sub.

  • Bright boy
    Bright boy

    They pay for it so it's on you

  • SirFish

    Him”you didn’t want it” him also “nom nom”

  • Chaitanya S
    Chaitanya S


  • FrugalRocks07

    Id eat that its a good amount of toast

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