Amazing Inventions You Wouldn't Believe
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Amazing Inventions You Wouldn't Believe

  • Kentyus

    The way this guy pronounced these words 💀

  • BootzTV

    Viking grace which is the viking line ship with the rotorsail thing has a normal engine that runs on some bio gas thing and the sail gives a slight boost. One of the most eco friendly ships of today

  • __Last

    Did this man say Bugatti Kiron?

  • Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 946

    Hi god bless have a good one

  • Ainsley

    the thumbnail just made me think of titan fall

  • Nishad Bhosale
    Nishad Bhosale

    Bro imagine you are drunk or high and your homie just pulls out drones and now there is a swarm of them following you... what would be your first reaction

  • The Rusher
    The Rusher

    you guys are the reason my holidays felt so fast. thats a good thing and a bad thing

  • Zakai

    Should make a robotic arm that passes a drink you choose from behind the counter and let's go of the drink when you say "thanks" or "thank you" and drops it into your hand

  • Joel A
    Joel A

    5:26 JJ was amazed

  • Kuzii

    Harry’s invention should be called ”The Ass Brusher”

  • LucasMann04

    Humans are so cool, we invent such cool things

  • Lalit Dulal
    Lalit Dulal

    my man JJ actually spittin at 1:16

  • jordon briggs
    jordon briggs

    the thing that clean the solar panels are solar paneled

  • Donovan Douglas
    Donovan Douglas

    0:30 this is why you cant hate Harry 🤣🤣🤣

  • conor Clarke
    conor Clarke

    5:25 you mean a vending machine

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones

    9:25 teens will fuck this up with their gum

  • DunkdaHunk

    Harry's next level invention joke went over their heads.

  • Michael Dolan
    Michael Dolan

    We have the neek the geek and the freak


    you guys need to react to fast workers

  • Jake the Gamer
    Jake the Gamer

    The robot opens bottle it can break someones neck SPEC OPS

  • Giovanni Zarlengo
    Giovanni Zarlengo

    This is probably the best trio to do reaction videos

  • Casey Rogers
    Casey Rogers

    So there’s no way he said “hammer.” He said “Hummer.”

  • TKM

    its hard to keep up

  • justez witika
    justez witika

    for the last one have a secret self destruct button

  • banana bread
    banana bread

    What do you know simons not in the vid and no bodys hating

  • Dane Schlager
    Dane Schlager

    Note watching this while picking the balls off the range👀 where's out automated picker

  • Gasper Koren
    Gasper Koren

    Why don't you make something, where you will trying new gadgets?

  • Dakotabz

    i can't eat anything watching JJ

  • Jack Sanders
    Jack Sanders

    Makes me wanna play Detroit: Become Human again!

  • edik bazaar
    edik bazaar

    9:27 JJ is starting to get influenced by Harry

  • Jimmy Cricket
    Jimmy Cricket

    Robot that gives someone a drink Vending machine

  • Edwin Quinde
    Edwin Quinde

    I need that extra thumb when I’m trying to checkout on supreme 🥴


    “ Mallet”

  • Alex Evans
    Alex Evans

    Amazing invention Harry : the chairs that go up the stairs

  • Sufficx Gaming
    Sufficx Gaming

    13:26 looks like the sentry bot from fallout

  • Jimmy Conga
    Jimmy Conga

    Who else recognised Massa and Alonso

  • Tobias Åhlander
    Tobias Åhlander

    Instead of a robot opening a door, try automatic door

  • Shane Nolan
    Shane Nolan

    That thumb could be used for waiters and stuff

  • JulioAbel90

    Is like Harry's the only sidemen who can't afford a headset

  • Nedread

    But if the Mercedes raises up before the collision, wouldn't it be easier for it to roll over?

  • Josh Kramer
    Josh Kramer

    look at the size of jj's forehead holy shit 😂

  • Dina Kate
    Dina Kate

    Pillow thingy is on blackish if you've watched the show, so it does exist lol.

  • Potdyeng YT
    Potdyeng YT

    “Bugatti Kyron”

  • BoyDovan

    Gundams are coming world War 4 going to be insane

  • Zach Milekic
    Zach Milekic

    9:55 my man said Kairon instead of Chiron 😂 what a donut


    The funniest thing about Harry is that he answers everything with a straight face, brutal honesty and doesn’t show any intention to be funny.

    • Kraken 2
      Kraken 2

      Basically Roy Kean

  • EJstheworst

    a toothbrush that actually can brush out the cavities and floss right after in every place you need. we need that invention

  • Jack Darlo Football
    Jack Darlo Football

  • Edmund C.X.
    Edmund C.X.

    Bruh Japan is making knightmares now won’t be long before brittania is formed

    • Aanya


  • Carlisle Jones
    Carlisle Jones

    4:33 Imagine watching that while drunk or high

  • Retro

    I hate that JJs camera is so good and with the sun at that angle you can see dust in his room

  • Chicken Mans
    Chicken Mans

    Sub to my channel for a water bottle

  • Chicken Mans
    Chicken Mans

    Sub to my channel for a water bottle

  • Swe Slipknot
    Swe Slipknot

    Bugatti kyron 😂

  • Judfj Jeje
    Judfj Jeje

    Jj should buy a jet pack

  • Da real Ziyan
    Da real Ziyan

    we can only see jj in sidemen reacts

  • Honey Anson
    Honey Anson

    I live close to abu dhabi I live in dubai

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    I got the bench

  • Yourboy Danny
    Yourboy Danny

    5:27 here is drunk jj’s turn to speak

  • BlinGFtW

    @7:35 i would say thats obvious how it works, its spinning a rotor in the water

  • Epico Borger
    Epico Borger

    Harry: Tooth wiper Me: Automatic toothpaste filler toothbrush!

  • Rron Elshani
    Rron Elshani

    13:20 yooo its like code geass

  • MrRHughes11

    The toothbrush arse wiper is perfect for all the people who talk shit.

  • MrRHughes11

    The toothbrush arse wiper is perfect for all the people who talk shit.

  • Rottenst3w

    I reckon ski was drunk during filming this

  • D'Angelo Jali
    D'Angelo Jali

    That Big Iron man robot made me think about titanfall

  • The Bezmen Killer.
    The Bezmen Killer.

    i like the thumbnail.

  • Joshua Vincent
    Joshua Vincent

    but now you have 2.7 million subs

  • Gaming With Matthew
    Gaming With Matthew

    the problem with robots though are people are going to lose their jobs and our economy does not need that.

  • Auxy

    This is probably my favourite trio by far.

  • Ꭱite


  • King Kiata
    King Kiata

    The last one literally look like something from an anime.

  • Cooksuckingbitch

    it took 2 fucjan mminuta just to start the video fam cmom

  • David Fullah
    David Fullah

    Imagine that jetski being in a sidemen sunday

  • BuSTerRaoR's Goaty
    BuSTerRaoR's Goaty

    10/10/10/10 stars reaction

  • Ryuu

    Video games are becoming reality. I was born in the right era, FRICK YEAH!

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez

    the wheel invention was phased out of the car world because it would fall out at random times end caused crashes and deaths

  • Harry Bedford
    Harry Bedford

    American: "Booogady Kyron" Me: " No its a Bugatti Chiron"

    • Jiraffe

      I mean bugatti Chiron is how Americans pronounce it you walnut.

  • Fizzco

    Man said Bugatti ”Kiron”

  • Joel Kalinyuk
    Joel Kalinyuk

    The absolute cringe when the narrator said Bugatti Chiron the way he did. Omg how stupid can you be.

  • ImYourDaddy-_ -
    ImYourDaddy-_ -

    JJ sniffing crack ain't gud bro. You need help my G

  • Hussain Khawar
    Hussain Khawar

    me - sees the pillow First thought: DUDE PERFECT

  • Chad A*****
    Chad A*****

    the thing on the back of the jetski sucks up water for it to use as propulsion since its out the water

  • Thomas Underwood
    Thomas Underwood

    5:38 Jj just looked absolutely smashed

  • DJ enzone X DJ RAJA
    DJ enzone X DJ RAJA

    8.09 the only problem with that is that u would get the bends. So dead

  • Just Justin 373
    Just Justin 373

    Was ksi on high in this video

  • Kenji Salome
    Kenji Salome

    harry use 1 of the condoms u got with the super milker

  • Faith_Davis

    Was jj okay?

  • Julius Zondag
    Julius Zondag

    Harry's invention idea is truly awful 😂

  • Peter File
    Peter File

    Make sure you use the right end of Harry’s stick infection

  • kellz2

    This is the best group easily


    Did anyone notice he said buggati kyron

  • Lewis Panter
    Lewis Panter

    Theres robots on the street in my home town

  • Bladex

    Why does JJ look high

  • fanaxsaciid said
    fanaxsaciid said

    4:15 Ksi sounds like a villager

  • Goatrazzi Family Tea
    Goatrazzi Family Tea

    Sidemen have no talent except of their amazing laughters

  • Edwin Carter
    Edwin Carter

    was JJ high when you filmed this??????

  • Jamie Martin
    Jamie Martin

    My fav 3 sidemen

  • Jen Butcher
    Jen Butcher


  • joe allen
    joe allen

    new zealand made foiling boats my dad was apart of it

10 mio.