The truth... (No edits)
We started this journey on TikTok and it has not always been easy. We wanted to share our truth about being a TikTok Couple and the struggles we have faced.
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ABOUT US: Hi guys! We are Josh & Abbie Herbert! You might know us from our viral TikTok videos. We are known as that TikTok couple that is always doing the latest trends. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.
Finding out I'm PREGNANT!​​​​​​​​​​​
Asking My Husband **JUICY** Questions Girls Are Afraid Too Afraid To Ask:​​​​​​​​​​​
Asking My Wife *JUICY* Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask​​​​​​​​​​​
#TheHerberts​​​​​​​​​​​ #TikTokCouple #TikTok

  • Saule. Rauc.
    Saule. Rauc.

    Guys, you are the best !!! I mean I'm only 12 years but I'm so excited for your baby shes so lucky to have an amazing mom and dad. And I just wanted to say that if there are ANY hate comments you don't deserve them, both of you are so honest and you give all your heart to all fans and I mean your my inspiration someday I want to be like you guys. So don't stop spreading joy and positivity !!!!


    Love you guys

  • Roisin Murray
    Roisin Murray

    What is the name of your podcast

  • Isabel Sommer
    Isabel Sommer

    Guys, it has been really awesome to following you at this quarentene! You have the most amazing and light contents, I feel really happy watching you 💛 I’m from Brasil and all your dedication and love arrives here! XOXO 😘

  • Chad Cronin
    Chad Cronin

    I randomly had one of your videos pop up for me on TikTok last year. I added maybe 10 people to follow and slowly it's gotta down to 2 and only them did I follow over to SLtoos and want to see the longer videos. I watched the last month today and I laughed and related and really appreciate the content. You guys are not only attractive, but have great personalities and are good people who are trying to lead a happy life. I'm glad you put this video out so that people see you are real people and go through stuff just like everyone else and do the best you can to push through it. I defended you on TikTok today because it bothers me when people aren't nice. I'm amazed how much you nicely reply to so many people who aren't always so great. And you so so in a respectful way. I completely respect how you are going about this and I plan to keep watching your journey and the videos add value to my life. Thank You and I appreciate you guys!

  • Jackie Murillo
    Jackie Murillo

    tell me who's talking bad about josh 😡 this is so honest and real I love it

  • Rabi'atul Qaiyisyah
    Rabi'atul Qaiyisyah


  • Savannah Hicks
    Savannah Hicks

    Am i the only one who was here before she started asking for a baby👶

  • Rivka Holzer
    Rivka Holzer

    Thank you for sharing so publicly!

  • Natalia

    I’m glad you guys don’t let negativity and trolls get to you, because, as long as you’re comfortable with your own content and the process of making it, you can be sure that your fans and all the people who love you are going to enjoy it 🥰♥️. Thanks for your honesty!

  • chris fagan
    chris fagan

    Love to see couples on here i found u from tit tock u guys are awesome

  • Virginia Jordan
    Virginia Jordan

    This video just relived so much of my anxiety over my relationship that not everyone is perfect thank you guys ❤️

  • richardmontoya1960

    Thank you, always keep it real...

  • Julianne Kim Abesamis
    Julianne Kim Abesamis

    I think that you should put your kid on privacy, and when she is a lot older she's gonna choose if she wants to be involved in social media, I saying this because for privacy reasons, and Social media can be toxic sometimes

  • Katie Kohler
    Katie Kohler

    you both are great people and bring laughs and smiles to people in such an uncertain time so thank you!

  • Michelle Gast
    Michelle Gast

    Why don’t you ever answer you DM’s?

  • Abby Mitchell
    Abby Mitchell

    you guys are truly the most healthy couple out there. the fact that you can speak about these things and go through this together is an amazing feat. dont be too hard on yourselves 💗💗💗

  • Aly Beck
    Aly Beck

    Honestly, it was pretty clear (to me) that Josh wasn’t interested in making TikToks. 😕 his body language and verbiage proved that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I understand why he felt that way though. It’s sad that not many people are commenting on the mental health aspect of this video.

  • Connor Davies
    Connor Davies

    This is just a great, honest video. Would love to see more of this from content creators, because this probably happens alot! Wishing you both all the best!

  • Elakkiya Pondicherry
    Elakkiya Pondicherry

    IAM from India IAM surely addicted to this couple for a long time 🤗🤗

  • springalingading

    Please don’t make TikTok, videos and working out idols. Maybe you are searching to fill the God void. Maybe? Just a thought. Also, remember technology and smart devices give off major emf’s which are unhealthy to you and your little one.

  • Alejandra Resendiz
    Alejandra Resendiz

    Thank you for being so real and honest! So rare for people to be vulnerable on the internet and understandably so. I’m so happy you guys are working out your problems and I wish you two all the love and success ♥️

  • Shree Sutar
    Shree Sutar

    You go guys!!!!!

  • Debora Forgione
    Debora Forgione

    Heyyy you two. I watched this video at the beginning of the week and I couldn't wait to let you no following things: I'm so touched, proud and just happy you are so vulnerable with all of us. I can imagine that its not that easy. And I also wanted to let you know that its okay to say whatever is the truth. Even if its not that "nice". If we would all be that honest the world would be a better place. Because EVERYONE of us is struggling with something. And every couple is at some point. So thanks abby for telling us about how you want those likes and thanks josh for telling us that you resented each other. THANKS FOR BEING SO BRAVE.

  • Haider Alzayadi
    Haider Alzayadi

    Not to be rude she gained baby weight

    • Julia G
      Julia G

      She looks really good. Period.

  • Lexi Cacapoop
    Lexi Cacapoop

    Really enjoyed this video. Love you guys

  • Rian Morrison
    Rian Morrison

    Haters gonna hate but keep on

  • Nicole Lamont
    Nicole Lamont

    Yesss more of this! Lol you guys are great! “Idk I still wanna talk” haha you guys are awesome! Crack me up

  • Sarah Schaefer
    Sarah Schaefer

    Loved this!

  • Tina Corpron
    Tina Corpron

    Calm powdered magnesium by Natural Vitality stopped my panic attacks! Read the directions and take daily for now. 10yrs in I just take 2-4x’s weekly

  • Alexander Mauritius
    Alexander Mauritius

    Hi 🙋‍♂️

  • Carly Chinners
    Carly Chinners

    Josh your addiction to lacroix is literally adorable and Abby I watched this with my boyfriend and he said she talks almost as much as you do! 💝

  • Naava Schuman
    Naava Schuman

    Appreciate you guys

  • Donna hill howes
    Donna hill howes

    You two INSPIRE legions of folks. Please keep up with your authentic are helping so many

  • Anna Arredondo
    Anna Arredondo

    I love how abbie was honest about how she was in the beginning of her tiktok account

  • Anna Arredondo
    Anna Arredondo

    Not sure if you know this but you can actually send a instagram verification request

  • Nexhat Al
    Nexhat Al

    No one is perfect

  • Stine Eielsen
    Stine Eielsen

    I still want a relationship like yours. I really feel the love you guys have for each other

  • Pouliepupille

    Dont let social media ruin your marriage and life please... You really need to figure this out otherwise it will lead to a disaster.. Apparently it already affected your relationship and you did not fully address it so do not rush things under the carpet..

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius


  • Natyy 7
    Natyy 7

    20:16 ❤ I'm so glad you have opened up about this. I did expect this from the title but it is so raw and literally unedited and so inspiring too 🙌 Having a partner who supports you, respects your goals and helps you achieve them even if they do not quite align with their own plans and goals is really so beautiful ❤ God bless you and thank you for believing that you can make it because I wouldn't imagine 2020 without getting to know you guys! 🙏❤ Much lovee xx

  • Crystal Grice
    Crystal Grice


  • GadaLoveIt

    I've never cringed so hard

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      Social media highlights people lifestyles not what actually goes on behind doors

  • Bryan Mayorga
    Bryan Mayorga

    Thank you for this, It really helped

  • Abhi Eazer
    Abhi Eazer

    Josh you're a sassy king but these days it seems like you are running out of your power like burntout you guys said being positive and spreading positivity is good so Just don't stress about what people says but bring the whole josh Herbert in the videos plss😐😭💯

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      @Abhi Eazer you said that perfectly and that made my day so much better 😇

    • Abhi Eazer
      Abhi Eazer

      @Alexander Mauritius yes i can understand that's tough even though i never made any video on any social media platforms.. And we should continue what makes us happy not ruining our happiness because of others opinions

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      @Abhi Eazer I’m a small youtuber here on SLtoos and sometimes I get hate for being just boring but I film videos because I was bored in quarantine and I started a channel on SLtoos because it was my lifeline. I love filmmaking and entertainment that what makes me happy and joyful. Hate is small price for happiness if you can deal with it

    • Abhi Eazer
      Abhi Eazer


    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      Social media can also be harmful when it turns on you

  • Melissa Jvr
    Melissa Jvr

    I love the no edits 😃🥰

  • jubejubejubilee

    I'm so excited for baby bean!!! I'm also very happy about the concept for this video, no edits and open dialogue is very important. I will say that it feels like Abbie cut Josh off a lot through some of his shares/spoke over him. I know there's more you want to say so a part 2 would be a great idea! 👍

  • Melena Böttcher
    Melena Böttcher

    I love you guys so much & you inspire me so much as well💕💕

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      Yes always

  • Morgan Parkinson
    Morgan Parkinson

    You guys are awesome!

  • skeptical_islost

    Why is abby not wearing her ring...?

  • Adolfo Rios
    Adolfo Rios

    Can someone give me a summary

  • Kayla Pederson
    Kayla Pederson

    There's a podcast? What's the name and where can I find it?

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    How much longer till baby bean

  • Nicole Morelli
    Nicole Morelli

    I really love you guys, I’ve been following since abbys baby hungry vids and you guys are amazing for being completely honest and open and putting your truth out there, please ignore the trolls and don’t ever let them get in your head!❤️❤️

  • Ashley Adler
    Ashley Adler

    Who is so excited for the new intro with baby Herbert

  • Savannah Wooden
    Savannah Wooden

    My bf has a following on tiktok... and trust me.. I do not want to make vids with him lol but then again... he makes the views 😌

  • Savannah Wooden
    Savannah Wooden

    It’s crazy that Abbie had a niche and feeling that this would help with $ and trying to convince josh, yet at his expense at times.. but because he trusted her and they compromised.. now they are able to support their growing family. Awesome

  • Christina & Josh
    Christina & Josh

    thank you so much for this vulnerability! it's really awesome to see the behind the scenes:)

  • Ella Yeackley
    Ella Yeackley

    I am commenting this because this video is amazing! You guys are not perfect, nobody is, but this video was perfect. If you guys see this, please reply!! I love you guys! Love the no edits, and do you have a name for baby Herbert??

  • Ally Vorman
    Ally Vorman

    Love you guys so much ❤️🙌 Thanks for your honesty! We appreciate it ❤️ P.s Abbie’s laugh and smile are amazing & so viral 😄

  • Josie Haley
    Josie Haley

    me singing the intro...”happy and young and full of fun the Herberts are here for everyone aHhHHhH”

  • Avery _Galaxy
    Avery _Galaxy

    House tour soon???

  • Madison Mello
    Madison Mello

    I love watching your videos they always make me smile and laugh especially when I need it

  • Lisa Tanguay
    Lisa Tanguay

    Thank you for being so real ❤️

  • Adam Mackey
    Adam Mackey

    "To love someone is to live for someone" Wise words for Josh

  • MinecrafterBoi Andrew565
    MinecrafterBoi Andrew565

    Them: no edits Also them: puts intro Me: wait I thought you said no edits

    • The Herberts
      The Herberts

      Hahaha we just added the intro! We didn’t cut or edit the 20 mins of us talking 😊

  • Linda Miller
    Linda Miller

    I'm so proud of you!! I love y'all so much and I'm praying for you!! God bless you!

  • Crystal Hawkins
    Crystal Hawkins

    I was watching the Couple things with Andrew & Shawn East . You guys are great!

  • Tommo 919
    Tommo 919

    ommggg. you guys are such a power couple😩🥺 love the way you guys you didn’t take a break and went through everything “together”😩♥️ and now you opened up to us. your family iloveyouu both. also thankyou for making these wonderful videos that help us a lott

  • Eleonora Setaro
    Eleonora Setaro

    I have to say that I really understand Josh. When I first saw your contents I actually felt the struggle from him. I think that what you do can really inspire some people and you already know it, but I also think that some moments should be just for the two of you. Sharing feelings and reactions with your followers can be beautiful and funny and all but you should put the limit between what you want people to see and what you want to just live. I feel like filming something when you already know that it's going to be posted decreases the authenticity of that moment. But I also think that you are cute and and I'm happy that you wanted to clarify that you are not perfect as you could seem. I also wanted to tell you that Abbie, you interrupt him all the time ahahaha, but I know that you don't do it with arrogance, you are very sweet! I'm sorry for my English, it's not my first language. I hope you understand what I'm saying and just know that I'm saying it without criticism but with affection. A kiss from Italy!

  • Sara Allen
    Sara Allen

    I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you so much for talking about this and I have also been married for 17 years and there are highs and lows and I couldn’t be happier for them💗

  • L.

    I have been following your guy’s’ story since day one and I love your content and I love your story and most of all your real talk that you don’t avoid. You don’t try to be hypocritical and that’s what amazes me the most! And don’t get pressured by tiktok or your followers that you have to post something every day! Take your day off, or two or three or even a month it doesn’t matter! It’s important you put yourself and your mental health and your guys’s’ relationship first! Nothing is as important as that!

  • Kiki Kenny
    Kiki Kenny

    It sounds like you need a divide. Like a separation from work and life. It's definitely challenging since you started in quarantine

  • Lisy C
    Lisy C

    You guys are so kind.💜 keep it up and put your relationship first.

  • Jan Perry
    Jan Perry

    I thought tik tok was stupid, except I like to see how others live their lives now.

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth

    off topic but I just saw one of your pictures at the outlets and it made my day!

  • Michelle Comley
    Michelle Comley

    Love you guys!!!! Love seeing you guys be honest and transparent with your followers!!!! I’m a loyal fan for life!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kim Lleno
    Kim Lleno

    Thank you, Abbie and Josh! Been a subscriber once I saw your videos from tiktok. Thanks for this honest video, did not know what u were going through. Excited for baby herbert!! And the videos with baby herbert ♥️

  • Adina G
    Adina G


  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson


  • Molleen Schoemer
    Molleen Schoemer

    Abby to stop your addiction with TikTok is to only film one a day and then do I every two days and then that should help love you guys ❤️

  • Preppymayh

    Who thinks he can be a therapist

  • Taelor Hocking
    Taelor Hocking

    I’m so glad everything is getting better! You guys take your time if you need to... if you guys get stressed at all it’s ok for you to take a break! I love you guys! Can’t wait for little bean! 😘

  • Jayrald Zulueta
    Jayrald Zulueta


  • Joni

    Thank you for being so open. I think this is important. No relationship is 100% perfect

  • Lizzie

    This is great but I think that this will help! I think that josh should get his vaccine then when the baby comes Abbie should get hers! Because my dad is crazy about COVID and keeping save but now that both my parents and my two older brother and my sister have theirs we don’t have to be as safe and now we can go see people and go places!!! Love you!❤️❤️

  • Agalya Arul
    Agalya Arul

    Omg we never know what ppl r going through. I didn't know they had these many struggles. I really admire them how they came through all of these together ❤😍

  • Beatrice Cecchetto
    Beatrice Cecchetto

    I never though about all this underbellies, but I could imagine it was stressful and therefore I always admired you strongly. You are obviously giving us a great and positive message, just a matter of fact. Just sharing your ideas and problems shows how sensitive you are and how much you care. If you don't enjoy making those videos, you feel lost, stressed, sad, just don't record them! I mean, I love watching them but your health goes before anything. As it should be. Lot of love🥰

  • Vincent Mendoza
    Vincent Mendoza

    What is the title of the song??? Happy and young? Haha

  • Hannah

    I can’t be the only one who didn’t come from Tiktok, can I? (My sister was watching the SLtoos videos and I got hooked)

  • Isabella s.f
    Isabella s.f

    Who Else have been here and been a fan since before abbie started to ask for a babyyyy

  • Rita Restom
    Rita Restom

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life too. Many bloggers/influencers do not share the "normal" parts and struggles of their lives and it gives parents and couples a lot of hard time just for being normal. ❤️❤️

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa

    Josh and Abbie i love your videos

  • Hryssa H
    Hryssa H

    Thanks for talking your truth guys!! It's really great that creators/influencers start becoming more and more real and honest on social media!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Rowena V.d. Heijden
    Rowena V.d. Heijden

    I know you guys via Abbie's Instagram haha

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    The reason Abbie gets anxiety if she doesn’t post each day is cause she could be scared of not being able to pay rent so instead of worrying directly about that she stresses about tiktok

  • Fimi DaHiAz
    Fimi DaHiAz

    Remember abby... You need to get into a healthy lifestyle before you get more health problems after labour

  • Pennsylvania Jack
    Pennsylvania Jack

    Nice couple and nice 👍 video

  • Eugene Palmer
    Eugene Palmer

    You guys are awesome and love all your videos. Are Josh really such a Sass King or is it only for the videos?

  • KASH

    Boring bro

  • x itz me gracie x
    x itz me gracie x


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Senidah - Replay
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